Latest Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Latest Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing field, so it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. If you are interviewing for a digital marketing job, here are some of the latest digital marketing interview questions and answers.

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Compared to a couple of years back, more and more people are realizing the worth of the Digital space and are taking it as a mainstream education and a career. Where in the past, most people from other streams with creative knowledge and passion for the field ventured into Digital Marketing, but now, people are specializing in various niches of Digital Marketing and acing the market.

The demand for skilled marketers has increased and seeing the immense scope of the industry, more and more people are diving to get their hands in a career that is selling like a hot cake. But the field is relatively new, not many people know what it takes to secure a job in this field. So here are a set of interview questions that are most commonly asked in any sort of Digital Marketing agency interview anywhere. For convenience, the questions are divided into Non-Technical and Technical ones to cover a broader spectrum.

Non-Technical Questions

1. What is Digital Marketing?

To be with, one has to know everything basic and introductory about the field itself. It’s only natural that the employees would go for candidates who have their basics covered about the field they are about to venture into. So have a thorough idea of what is Digital Marketing and how the entire process works out. When was it started, who are the notable names in it, how does one begin what the end vision in the field, and every other thing that revolves around it is.

2. The different categories of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad umbrella term for various specializations that it is made up of. So if one says that he/she is into digital marketing, it doesn’t really give away what is their niche specialization. So be aware of the various niches that make up the Digital Marketing industry, some are mainstream, and some work behind the scenes to make a brand’s presence more prominent in the online space. These categories include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Copy Writing, Content Marketing, etc.

3. Basic Understanding of Marketing

Over the years, the style of approaching a business has changed. With the advancement in technology and trends, the focus of the business has shifted from traditional to digital as well. Despite the shift, the underlying marketing psychology of the consumers is still the same. Be it digital or traditional, the customers are still the center of all the activities, and the objective is more and less making money.

So if you are in a Digital Marketing agency interview, have the basics of marketing principles in your hand, they will help not just in the interview, but in your career in the long run as well.

4. Different platforms

There are various digital marketing platforms, and social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram offer a wide range of scope for business on the internet. Any internet tool like Google offers the best place to promote your business and keeps you updated with growing trends. Facebook helps in the advertising aspects of business, LinkedIn offers customized ads that target specific individuals and keeps track of their professions, Instagram is an influential platform that helps in targeted marketing, and much more. Blogs also act as a better tool for promoting your business online as relevant content is searched by people a lot.

5. Digital Marketing Terminology

Just like every industry, the Digital Marketing world has its own set of slang and lingo that is relevant to people working and practicing the same. How well you know your terms, the abbreviations &the acronyms is what can be tested in an interview.

A good practitioner and an experienced practitioner in any field can foresee the trends beforehand and capitalize on them. This ability comes only when a person is immersed in a field long enough to read the situation properly.

In an industry like Digital Marketing, trends can change dynamically. And hence one should have the ability to read the trends accurately.

7. Go Practical

Fresher or experienced, a Digital Marketer is made by some practice beforehand. So a fresher can be asked to present his freelance or personal work to be adjudged, and an experienced marketer can be asked to show the previous work and the performance report the same.

In addition to that, every company and agency has a different set of requirements and client base. So be prepared to be asked to write content, come up with post/campaign ideas, and any other on the spot task based on their demands.

Here’s the List of the Latest Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

🆕 Technical Questions

  1. Why is online marketing preferred over Offline Marketing?
  2. What are the latest trends in Digital Marketing?
  3. What is SEO? What is a keyword and how important it’s in SEO?
  4. How will you make a Chatbot?
  5. What is on-/off- page SEO?
  6. Why and how do you do competitor analysis?
  7. Can you make a content bucket for a given brand right now?
  8. What are the ways can we improve our Digital Marketing Activities?
  9. What are the top tools that you have worked on?
  10. Do you think online marketing will overtake offline marketing? How? Why?
  11. What is Google AdWords Retargeting?
  12. Why do you want to change your field?
  13. What are your strengths and weaknesses in DM? And how do you plan to work on your weaknesses?
  14. A number of likes vs engagement numbers? Which one is important?
  15. What is the best Social Media platform to promote a B2B company?
  16. What steps need to be taken if your ads are disapproved?
  17. How can you improve conversion rates?
  18. What do you know about AMP?
  19. What is the best way to get natural backlinks for your website?
  20. Ways to improve traffic to your website?
  21. How do you evaluate PPC landing page is good and attractive?
  22. How do you stay updated on Digital marketing trends?
  23. What are the key metrics to measure the success of paid search campaigns?
  24. How do you write a great call to action?
  25. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
  26. Mention some PPC tools?
  27. How to improve the page rank of a page?
  28. What is robots.txt and how do you find conversion tracking in Google Ads?
  29. How should you use social media as a tool for customer service?
  30. How do you use Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn& Facebook for business development?
  31. How does PPC work?
  32. Is social media marketing suitable for B2B or B2C marketing?
  33. Is YouTube important for marketing and how?
  34. Suggest a digital strategy for the B2B brand?
  35. General tips for social media success?
  36. What are the best marketing automation tools? Describe.
  37. Are branding and direct marketing the same? If yes, what do the terms mean? If they are different, explain how.
  38. Do you know how to generate traffic on a website? Tell me some of the ways.
  39. In your opinion, how should a business use social media as a tool for customer service?
  40. What are some common Social Media Marketing mistakes that businesses tend to make?
  41. Suppose you have created a new website. Tell me the best way you will get a natural backlink to it.
  42. What do you understand by the term Content Marketing?
  43. How Should Companies Measure Their Social Media Marketing Success?
  44. Does My Company Really Need A Blog For Social Media Marketing?

🆕 HR Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Why do you want this Job (Internship / Full-Time)?
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. What are you passionate about?
  5. Why this company?
  6. Tell me a moment when you had a sense of accomplishment in your life wrt a task
  7. Why do you want to switch your career to digital marketing? ( If they have a different career before)
  8. What do you do when you are not working?
  9. Last book you read?
  10. Last movie you watched?
  11. How do you deal with politics inside an organization?
  12. Do you have a growth mindset?
  13. How good are you with your time management skills?
  14. Where do you see yourself 2/5 years down the line?
  15. What is important for you? A place with a good salary or a place with a lot of learning?
  16. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest digital marketing trend?
  17. The key takeaway from your internship experience/ previous experience?
  18. Who are your friends?
  19. How do you deal with your personal issues and work pressure?
  20. Hobbies?
  21. Why is there so much a jump in the companies? ( if the person has worked in different companies in a short span)
  22. Are you time-bound? How often are you ready to stretch?
  23. Do you have any questions for me?

🆕 Social Media Executive Questions

  1. You are the brand manager of a REAL ESTATE brand which sells luxury apartments starting from Rs. 1cr. Following is the comment you receive on one of the ads. What would you do with such a comment?
  2. “Your apartments are extremely beautiful and it’s my dream to live in them but the only problem is the cost is very high.”
  3. New Year campaign idea for a Gym.
  4. What are the brands that you follow on SM? And what do you like the best about it?
  5. What is the difference between a personal profile and a business profile?
  6. What tools do you use to schedule posts on Instagram?
  7. For a B2B, which platforms do you think they should be on and why?
  8. If you had to tell APPLE’s story in a max of 240 characters, how would you do that?

🆕 Facebooks Ads

  1. What are the various campaign types on Facebook?
  2. How much does it cost for a lead on Facebook?
  3. What is the purpose of Facebook Pixel?
  4. What is the Lookalike Audience on Facebook?
  5. What are the bidding types on Facebook?
  6. What is CPM?
  7. Can we schedule an ad to run on alternate days at a specific time? (Eg. Can I automate an ad to run on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM)

🆕 SEO Questions

  1. What do you mean by Backlink?
  2. What is the main purpose of using keywords in SEO?
  3. Explain body content relevance?
  4. What are LSI Keywords?
  5. What is the size of the open graph image?
  6. What is Black Hat SEO?
  7. What is domain authority?
  8. Name three keyword research tools?
  9. What are the three types of SEO?
  10. What is Google Search Console?

🆕 Content Writer Interview Questions

  1. What do you do to research the target audience?
  2. How will you go about creating a content strategy for a client/brand?
  3. How do you decide what topic/subject to write on?
  4. How do you decide the tone of the content?
  5. How do you integrate SEO into your content?
  6. How do you ensure the credibility of the facts you’re procuring from the internet?
  7. How do you ensure proofreading?


As mentioned before, Digital Marketing is a highly dynamic field, and trends come and go every day. So apart from the above-mentioned questions, make sure you are up to date with the ongoing trends as well.

Is there a question that you were asked and we missed? Let us know below!

All the very best!

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