A Guide to Choosing a Niche for Blogging


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Writing is an art. It involves practice, patience, perseverance and creativity. Writing the right thing is essential. You tend to write more when you have a topic of your interest and choice. This, in other words, is called a niche. Writing regularly on a virtual page and sharing it with others or maintaining it for personal use is called blogging. Most people write about topics of their interests in their blog. Bloggers write about their experiences, journey, hobbies, and other things that interest them. They keep their blog going for their readers. There’s this wild passion and enthusiasm that keeps them going. Some people just want to share their ideas with others. While some others use a blog to educate people about various topics. If you are in a professional field, it is easier to figure out what to write about in your blog. This is because you already know what your centre point is. While in other cases, for people who want to take you blogging as a hobby, find it difficult to start. All that you need is a push.

Finding the right niche for your blog is extremely important as it will define your skills and the way you portray them to your audience. Choosing a niche can often be a difficult task.

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Here are some of the tips that you can stick to, to find the right

niche for your blog :


Categorize Your Interests :

You might have a lot of things on your mind. What helps you is to write them down. This will provide you with clarity on what you should focus on. Writing down your topics of interest can help you narrow down your niche. It is okay if there are even ten categories. All you need to do is grab a paper and a pen and jot them down. Do this as the first step of finding your niche.

Ranking Your Interests :

Let us say you have ten things on your mind. Surely, not all of them have some level of interest. You might like three of them more than the other seven. Rank them from backwards. You can even write your reasons as to why you want that category the most. Think of all that comes to your mind when you see that topic. This will help you to understand your niche in a better way. It will help you declutter your mind and reduce the burden of always thinking about one thing.

Finding Your call :

A niche is all about how positive you feel when you think of it. It is a calling. If you find something and make you want to write right away grabbing a pen and paper, then that is your deep interest in that subject. Sit and analyze what interests you most about that subject matter. It is anything that makes you jump out of excitement while looking at that subject. It is okay if something doesn’t interest you. You can always re-visit it and analyze it again. This is the most crucial step in finding your niche for blogging. Never miss this step.

Understanding The Reason :

Answering yourself as to why you want to write about a subject is vital. There might be a number of reasons. But what ultimately draws to one thing is that one core purpose. If your purpose is justifiable, then you are good to go. Taking a random subject and sitting down to write will drain your energy in the long run. This will not only drag you down but in a way, you will also not be doing any justice to your writings. Once you find the reason, it is a sign that you found your niche. It’s time to pat your back.

Keep Writing :

Once you figure out your niche, the next exciting step is to write. Writing back and forth can drain your energy. However, writing helps you keep your passion to go. As a writer, you should be writing down all that comes to your mind. If you are blogging, every idea counts. A better way to deal with this step is by jotting down all that comes to your mind in quick notes. Take time later and sit down to write. This way, you will never run out of ideas.

It’s okay to Make Mistakes :

You made a mistake? It’s alright! Everyone has their firsts. You cannot expect great results in your very first attempt. If you have posted a blog with some mistakes and someone has pointed it out, instead of taking it as an offence, work on it and respond to the comment subtly. It is okay to strike off a lot of writings. Remember, sometimes, out of chaos is born great ideas.

Fresh Starts Are Okay :

Once in a while, if you feel so drained, take a break and start fresh. This will help you brew new ideas. Take a nap or take a stroll, or you can also do another hobby to distract yourself. But remember, always keep a note handy. It can be virtual notes, or if you are old school, a notepad will do as well. This is because you never know when will a lightning idea strike you!

We have seen how you can find the right niche for your blog. Also, if you want to make blogging your hobby. However, if you’re going to make your hobby, a business, there’s a whole different approach to it. Blogging in a digital world means much more than just journaling or gathering information and putting your ideas together. There are other things to work on. If done right, blogging can fetch you a lot of money. It is one of the best ways to earn money online. Here are some things that you should keep in mind. 

Research Online :

Before you start a blogging business, you have to research thoroughly online about it. There are a lot of  competitor websites to analysis and platforms that can host your writing. There are paid as well as free platforms. To start, get enrolled on a free website and start writing. The next step is to do market research for your niche. Let us, for example, say that Vegan Recipes are your niche. Check with the tool – Google Trends to see how well this topic is doing online and what is its current demand. The graph on the screen will show you the number of people interested in this subject which can help you form other requirements for your blog. This will also let you know the kind of traffic you will have if you choose this subject.

Take Small Steps :

Do not get excited and jump right in the beginning. Narrow down your niche to one particular relevance. There might be so many Vegan Dishes on google. Maybe you can start with ‘simple vegan recipes’ or ‘easy to cook vegan recipes’. This will help you target a particular set of audience – say, the beginners? Gradually get to more significant areas to cover, and this is how you can create a market as well as make sure you drive enough traffic for your website.

Check Its Demand :

If you are keen on earning money through blogging, you have to check its profitability before taking up the topic. Check for good advertisers for your keywords. This will help you target them and put their ads on your platform that will earn you a margin. You can also check for affiliate marketing and add those products to your blog. 

Learn Google Ads :

Google Ads is one of the significant ways to earn money online when you are blogging. Tie up with brands and let them advertise their products on your page. Google AdSense works on an algorithm and matches your content and visitors to your website. The advertisers put their ads on your website that help you earn some money by being the host for those Ads.

Collaborate :

The best way to blog is to collaborate with fellow bloggers. Writing reviews for them and asking them for one, more like quid-pro-quo. This way, you can increase the number of visitors to your account through visibility. Join hands with other bloggers with similar interests. You can even write for them or ask them to link one of your blogs in theirs. This is also called hyperlooping. This is an added advantage for both parties. 

Engage Your Readers :

Writing alone will not fetch you good traffic. You have to be more creative with your website. Host webinars and sessions. Respond to your comments and never lose cool. Another way to engage your audience is by writing regularly. 

Who says you should only write on your webpage? You can also organize webinars. From our example, let us tell you can have a webinar on how to make simple vegan dishes or tips to make vegan recipes easier. Initially, you can also conduct free webinars to attract visitors. Once you earn the right place, you can take up paid webinars and people would enrol to it.

Affiliate marketing has been the new trend and a smart way to make money. In this, you will earn a commission to what you refer toC. In this case, another company’s product. Amazon Influencer program is one of the best affiliate marketing to start with. You see a product; you buy it, you write a review or refer the product on your website and provide a buying link to it. Each time a person clicks the link to buy that product, you earn a commission.

Make your Website Attractive :

People walking out by the way your website looks is the last thing you will want. When you design your website, pick a theme that is attractive and relevant to your niche. Keep it simple and understandable than putting multiple colours and other fancy designs. If required, have a word with a website designer for better suggestions.

These are some of the best tips that you can stick to, to make a better career in blogging. Follow these steps to find the right niche to your blogging platform once you decide your area of interest; then there’s no turning back. You just made the most significant decision. However, writing exceptional content is something that you have to master and that comes with practice. It is okay to take some time and explore your options. There’s no better career than blogging if done right. So, what are you waiting for? Work on it and make the best choice!

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