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"Marketing Automation Course: Learn To Automate Emails, SMS, Successful & Failed Payments And A Lot More"

Use Proven Workflows to Convert More Visitors into Customers and Make the Existing Customers pay 2x more

By automating your funnels, you will improve conversions, multiply your results, and drive more revenue from the leads you already have..!!

₹6,999  ₹7,599
$85  $97

Using marketing automation, I have -

“Increased my sales funnel conversion rate by 50% using automated email sequences.”
“Scaled up my business to over $100,000 in revenue by following up with prospects completely on autopilot.”
“Generated 100X ROAS by running an automated marketing campaign in less than 12 hours.”
And guess what, I was chilling the whole time..!!

This course will help you stay in touch with your customers wherever they are, on autopilot

Email Marketing

Deliver valuable content straight to your audience's inboxes

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Reach your prospects on their mobile phones while they’re on the go

Coversion Ads Automation

Conversion Ads Automation

Nurture your leads in real time from the conversion ads campaigns

Marketing Automation can help you streamline sales and marketing processes, from start to finish!

360° Automation

By setting up automated email flows paired with chatbots and SMS to advance leads from stage to stage of your sales process and close more deals

Transactional Emails

Sending automated emails triggered by user behavior to deliver valuable information to your customers at key moments of their journey (failed & successful payments)

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Make every customer feel special with personalized messages and lightning-fast responses

Say No To Repetitive Tasks

Using automation to keep time-consuming tasks on autopilot and get the time you need to focus on high-value work

The #1 Mistake That Most People Do

Marketing Automation are extremely important in keeping your brand top of the mind of your potential customers, and improving user experience.

However, it can also be quite complex due to various factors. When sales and click-throughs aren’t what you expect, we start to ask ourselves questions like:

“Did they face any challenges in the sales journey?”

“Did I made any mistake?”

“Why are they not buying?”

…lots of others as well. The most common mistake I have seen people making is not following a proper roadmap.

Setting up random workflows that lacks personlization, using too many promotional words, ending up in the spam/promotional tab of your audience, getting worse CTR than expected are the worst scenerios that can happen to you.

Now the most important question that people often ask me is- “What should i do to make my system foolproof?”

The answer to this is quite simple!

Follow A Roadmap

You see, there is a roadmap behind every successful marketing campaign. And this roadmap consists of 30 Lessons that you need to learn in order to get the max out of your marketing automation. And if you’re missing even just one step from this roadmap, you run the risk of burning money and spamming your audience. So, what if you had a set of step-by-step instructions of initiating successful marketing campaigns from scratch on complete autopilot? Imagine if you could follow these steps with… EVEN if you know nothing about marketing automation! No More Doing Repetitive Manual Work! No More Fear Of Messing it up! No more wasting time or money!

Imagine for just a moment...

Once you get the game & the rules, you never have to stress on it ever again, right? Once it’s done… it’s done! Every system will give you crazy ROI and engagement. In fact, we (and our students) use the exact same exact strategies for growing our businesses and here we are with over 200K Subscribers and a lifetime of money making machine! Isn’t it great to build something once and get it to work for you for years? Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because… it’s here.


Marketing Automation - Volume 1

Marketing Automation Course Online

What Will You Achieve At The End Of This Course?

10,000+ Apps, infinite possibilities

From lead gen to customer emails, Marketing Automation Course by Digital Scholar helps you manage your entire funnel – so you get more conversions and less chaos.

It’s time to give your Marketing Campaigns (and your bank account!) the high-performing makeover it deserves! Just like it’s done for me and my past students:

email list building with automation

In less than 2 years, I have grown my Email list over 200,000 subscribers and still growing at a rapid pace. 😃

Our best campaign has given us a ROI of 4% with a ticket value of 499/- INR that is 40 Lakhs INR of revenue generated and that on complete automation.

“How cool is that?”

Pabbly Connect

We recently hosted one event at Digital Scholar for Mother’s Day and we started running ads one week before.

Everything was completely automated, from invites, registrations, booking confirmation to reminders as well!! It’s a lot of manual work that you might wanna skip 😜

In that one week we used almost 240,000 tasks which was one of our highest usage in such a short span of time, and …guess what happened?

We got a huge turnout of over 65% with over 3,500 live participants over zoom and youtube combined.

Pabbly revenue

We also sold 49 subscriptions in just 2 days generating us 2.17 Lakhs of revenue, again on automation!! 🤑

Isn’t it crazy? Who doesn’t love a good deal, but the point is, it needs to be aligned with you customers requirement.

But how to do that? How to make sure that you are not just spamming your customers, but you are delivering something of crazy value at the right time and in a way that your customers can’t ignore it?

See what's waiting for you inside once you enroll…




Life Changing Operators


SMS Marketing


Email Marketing


Transaction Based Automation


Lead Ads Automation

Know Your Trainer

Rishi Jain

Rishi will help you through the step-by-step process, hand holding you through various complicated tools and the “Zen System”- a powerhouse of the best digital ecosystem suitable for all people and make it look like a cheesecake for you!

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Ok, Let's Recap!

Marketing Automation Course Online
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In CASE There's Anything I Missed, Here are Some Commonly Asked Questions!

No, once you pay the course fee, you have full access to all the course content, open to study at your convenience.

The marketing automation course comes under a single fee of ₹6999 only. None of the content in the course comes at an extra cost.

As the course is completely self-paced, there is no set schedule for you to complete the course. You learn at your pace!

No, there is no refund policy as our association is for a lifetime with a lot of learnings and value. For this purpose, we don’t offer any refund once the payment goes through.
All the 30 Lessons have been taken by Rishi Jain.