Agency Styled Digital Marketing Course

With an agency styled training approach, learn Digital Marketing from Global practitioners with the focus on all-round strategies.
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Agency Styled Digital Marketing Course

With an agency styled training approach, learn Digital Marketing from Global practitioners with the focus on all-round strategies.
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Overview of the Curriculum

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Who can do the course

A great opportunity for students who have graduated and are looking for a career opportunity that has immense scope.
Professionals looking to hone their skills in Digital Marketing and leverage the same to grow their skill sets.
Freelancers looking for an opportunity to earn passive income.
People working from home looking to add that extra skill that will help them boost their income.
Entrepreneurs starting their business and looking to scale it through Digital Means.

Skills you will acquire

  • How to pitch confidently

    Learn how to deliver a killer pitch to your prospect by understanding their requirements and combining 360-degree knowledge of Digital marketing.

  • Master Digital Analytics

    Analytics and statistics are all that matters when you are planning your Digital strategies. Learn the different analytical tools and their importance and keep the right information on your fingertips.

  • How to become a highly paid influencer

    Grow your follower base, increase brand loyalty, network with brands, and learn how you can become a highly paid and a successful influencer.

  • Become an international Freelancer

    Learn how to position yourself as an International freelancer, identify opportunities and to pitch businesses across the globe.

  • Learn to start your own agency

    Are you looking to start your own agency? Our experts will walk you through all the essential of building an online agency.

Earn while you learn from Industry experts

Digital Marketing Platforms and Tools

We will help you to get familiarised with 20+ industry leading tools used by Digital marketing experts and agencies across the country. These tools help you to gain analytical edge and automation power to define your brand journey

Digital Scholar

Course completion certificate from Digital Scholar

Upon completing the 3 months digital marketing course, which involves the conclusion of the entire curriculum and your specializations you will be presented with an esteemed Digital Scholar Course Completion Certificate.
  • Network with global experts
  • Become part of Scholar learning Hub
  • Opportunity to work with Brands and Agencies

Certificate of Internship from echoVME

A few top students from the batch who showcases their excellence and consistency throughout the course will get an opportunity to work with a Digital Marketing Agency who is the industry leader in creating digital strategies for many national brands, echoVME Digital. You will get a first-hand experience to work with them, ideate, and accelerate a brand’s growth. The various streams you can utilize while there are content creation, ad campaigns, Social Media Branding, and many more. And upon completion of the internship period, you will be presented with an Internship Certificate from echoVME.


We bring you world’s leading subject matter experts who have their niche carved in the field of Digital. We have 20+ star trainers on board who will not only help you with various digital subjects but also transform your lives forever. These industry veterans have trained over 10,000+ people through various platforms and are now coming together under Digital Scholar to kickstart your journey.

Guest Lecturers

Abhishek Shah
Abhishek Shah
Founder, Managing Director of Be Positive 24
Leading Branding Expert
Siddharth Rajsekar
Siddharth Rajsekar
Co-Founder of Scion Social
Leading Digital Coach
Deepak Kanakraju
Deepak Kanakraju
CEO of PixelTracks
Leading Facebook Ads Expert
Avi Arya
Avi Arya
Founder of Internet Moguls
Leading Micro Video Mastery Expert
Sanjay Shenoy
Sanjay Shenoy
Co-Founder of PixelTrack
Leading SEO Strategy Expert
Digital Pratik
Digital Pratik
Founder of Digital Pratik University
Leading Digital Marketing Expert
Gaurav Gurbaxani
Gaurav Gurbaxani
CEO of Pragmites Consulting
International Freelance Expert
Kulwant Nagi
Kulwant Nagi
Founder CEO of AffloSpark
Leading Blogging and Content Writing Expert
Mithesh Kothari
Mithesh Kothari
Strategist at White Rivers Media
Strategist and Agency Expert
Shama Hyder
Shama Hyder
Founder and CEO of Zen Media
USA's Leading B2B Marketing Specialist
Rohan Mehta
Rohan Mehta
CEO and Founder of Kinnect
Agency Expert
Shrenik Gandhi
Shrenik Gandhi
Co-Founder of White Rivers Media
Agency Expert
Michael Janda
Michael Janda
Founder and CEO of Riser
Global Design Solution Expert


Sorav Jain
Sorav Jain
Founder & CEO of echoVME & Digital Scholar
Leading Digital Marketing Trainer
Rishi Jain
Rishi Jain
The Landing Page & Quora Expert
Karthikeyan Maruthai
Karthikeyan Maruthai
WordPress and SEO Expert
Mary Monica
Mary Monica
Google Ads Expert
Thanveer Ahmed
Thanveer Ahmed
Facebook Ads Specialist
Ashutosh Bhandari
Ashutosh Bhandari
Content Specialist
Social Media Marketing Expert
Ruchi Jain
Ruchi Jain
Instagram Specialist
Ashini Mehta
Ashini Mehta
Twitter Specialist
Nikhil Pradeep
Nikhil Pradeep
Agency Pitching Expert
Arockia Anand
Arockia Anand
Soft Skill Trainer

Curriculum in depth

Our curriculum is co-created with industry leaders to match highest strategic expectations of global businesses. After being in the industry for over 15 years, we have meticulously crafted the curriculum to develop a successful digital marketer in 22nd century. We follow industry execution style to prepare every individual ready to start their journey from day one of our online digital marketing course.


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Live Classes

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Case Studies



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  • Getting introduced to the Basics of Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Learning Management System
  • What is agency style learning methodology?
  • Understanding what personal branding means.
  • Discovering your Niche
  • Profile Polishing
  • Establishing yourself on at least three social media platforms 
  • Introduction to networking
  • How to create content consistently
  • Fundamentals of content writing
  • Content Research and Planning
  • What is SEO based content writing?
  • Keyword research and its density
  • Flow & Coherence
  • Writing engaging content
  • Plagiarism Checking & Popular Tools
  • Understanding Google’s search algorithm 
  • Black hat, white hat & grey hat SEO
  • Technical, on-page & off-page SEO
  • Creating SEO checklist
  • Backlinks and link building techniques
  • Google my business
  • Case study discussion
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads dashboard
  • Creating an audience persona for your brand
  • Understanding campaigns, ad groups and ad posts
  • Creating a million dollar ad copy
  • A/B split testing
  • Understanding  Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking strategies.
  • How to build a custom audience
  • Creating retargeting strategies
  • MASTER Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook messenger marketing
  • Case studies and live projects
  • Ideation of customer journey
  • Setting up of sales funnels
  • Multi channel integration
  • How to track sales funnel effectiveness
  • Lead qualification
  • Case studies and live projects
  • How to write a killer subject line
  • Types of emailers
  • Setting up of email account
  • Understanding email marketing metric
  • Introduction to Zapier
  • SMS integration
  • Case studies and live projects
  • Affirmations
  • Niche discovery formula
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand collaborations
  • Content strategy
  • Using advanced instagram techniques to increase engagements on Instagram
  • Introduction to Google ecosystem
  • Performance Marketing & Branding
  • Understanding Search and Display network
  • What is universal campaigns
  • Building an effective Landing page
  • Ad bidding optimization
  • Youtube advertisement
  • How to kickstart your Youtube channel
  • Recording equipments and Gadgets
  • Identifying content trends through google toolkit
  • Creating Introduction and exit for your video
  • How to create thumbnails 
  • How to write SEO friendly titles and descriptions
  • Youtube analytics and advertisements
  • Monetisation of your YouTube channel
  • Getting Started With Google Analytics 360
  • Google Search console
  • Introduction to Google tag manager
  • Introduction to data studio
  • How to integrate campaigns with Analytics
  • Understanding performance metrics
  • Case study and live projects
  • Introduction to social media platforms
  • Building brand strategy and content bucket
  • The Rise of Voice & Vernacular
  • Understanding content virality
  • Social Media important tools & hacks
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social media reporting
  • Case study and live projects
  • How to build a brand’s presence in quora
  • Fundamentals of quora advertisemnets
  • How to structure your quora answer
  • How to respond to negative feedback
  • What is whatsapp for business
  • Introduction to whatsapp tool box
  • Automation for whatsapp for business
  • Case study and live projects
  • Key agency challenges
  • Basics of client-agency communication
  • Industry specific strategies
  • How to create a pitch proposal
  • Management & leadership  
  • Contract and billing
  • Case study and live projects
  • Identifying freelancing opportunities
  • Building your presence in freelancing portals
  • How to increase your rating
  • Building your freelance portfolio

3 Specialisations

These specialisations are created to power your niche and strengthen your Digital portfolio based on industry demand. You can opt-in for any of the following course to suit your goals post completion of the flagship program.

Affiliate Marketing
  • How to create Digital products that sell
  • Introduction to amazon affiliate program
  • How to start monetising your blog
  • How to partner with brands for affiliate programs
  • Analytics deep dive
  • Integrating data studio with marketing platforms
  • Google tag manager
  • Introduction to analytical tools
  • Report generation
  • Data driven decision making
  • Case study and live projects
  • Copywriting vs content writing
  • AIDA formula for copywriting
  • How to write compelling sales copy
  • Write powerful calls to action
  • How to write copies for B2B vs B2C
  • Case study and live projects

11 Reasons Why You Should Join Digital Scholar Today

Industry projects & case studies

  • Run campaigns on various platforms

  • Create and understand marketing funnels

  • Understand how to set goals and budgets

  • Learn to interpret metrics and optimize

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SPR Highliving
SPR Group is a leading premium real estate developer that deals with the acquisition and development of residential and commercial projects in South India.
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Success Gyan
Success Gyan is India's largest organizer (over 150+)of seminars in personal development. The brand is associated with the world's elite leaders...
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Are you ready to build your Digital Future?


Digital Scholar has relentlessly strived to bring in the most for their students. We have built in various support system to make your journey friction free. We have built edge to help scholar
throughout their career.

Feedback Sessions
Our classes don’t just stop at the mentioned timetable hours. But every week, the designated trainer meets the students over a training session personally or over a call and gives feedback on the work done & clarifies any doubts the students might have.
Industry Networking
Students get to network with some of the top industry veterans who will be a part of Digital Scholar as trainers or as guest lecturers. Getting hands-on industry knowledge will help them connect better with the subject and widens their perspective to things.
Community Support
Be a part of a community that is filled with like-minded people wired with similar objectives and the passion to learn. You will be a part of the biggest Digital Marketing Q & A group that consists of amateurs, professionals, and some of the biggest names in the Digital Marketing industry.
Career Support
Your placement is our responsibility. We have an in-house career and placement cell that will help you in your career support by providing mock interviews, resume feedback, soft skills training, and connecting you with the right organization that will help you boost your career.
Lifetime access to DS learning HUB
Your learning doesn't stop at 3 months. As digital marketing is a subject where one has to constantly update their knowledge every few weeks and months, you will be part of DS learning throughout your life. This will include a series of videos, emailers articles, and blogs.
Industry Projects and Case Studies
When we say we have an agency style approach that also includes case studies that are given to students to brainstorm and solve. These cases have been a mind-bender for agencies in real-time, and we ask the scholars to come up with their best suggestions and solutions.

Placement Partners

Through our agency journey of over 10+ years we have built our network with 100+ companies and 50+ India’s best agencies. You will have an opportunity to get placed in some of these biggest companies and agencies across the country to build a career in Digital Marketing.

Student voices

We are the best in the industry to undertake the Digital Marketing training program and here we have our alumni and their verdict on the classroom teaching that they loved dearly.

Students & Professionals

Business Owner

career enhancement cell

We at Digital Scholar understand your objective of making it big in the industry. Hence, to ensure that, we have a Career Enhancement System in place, that will assist you in crossing the finish line successfully.

  • Career Coaching

    We will help you understand and realize your niche, your core strengths and coach you in the right direction.

  • Industry Mentorship

    We have industry trainers and specialists that will mentor you and guide you in the industry specialization you chose to venture.

  • Mock interviews

    Mock interviews will be conducted by our in-house placement managers to prepare you for the D-Day.

  • Placement drives

    We will assist you in getting placed in some of the best agencies and organizations based on your skills and specialization.

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If you are unable to make a decision and are in a dilemma, we invite you to attend a demo class and experience the type of training you will be indulging yourself in.
Talk to our Counselor
They will walk you through the entire curriculum and how it will help you in different aspects of your education and career.
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It is the only agency-styled institute in the country. Other reasons include placement assistance, stalwart trainers, fun learning curriculum, case studies, guest lectures from industry leaders and application of the skills in real life scenarios.

Upon completion of the course, the students will receive a certificate of completion from Digital Scholar along with an internship certificate from echoVME, one of India’s premium digital marketing companies.

We would prescribe 4 hours a week or 2-hour sessions on any two days of the week to keep up to date on the course.

Our education doesn’t end in classrooms. We empower our students with a hands-on approach. From the start, students are placed in an agency environment. They get to test out their learnings in live agency engagements with real-time budgets. echoVME (Digital Marketing and social media agency) as the parent company with 8+ years of experience working with different industries offer our students the ideal opportunity to implement and practice Digital Marketing. echoVME works with top brands like GRT, JCS, SPR, Doosan etc.

The curriculum is outcome based. Apart from the theoretical aspects of the course the curriculum will test you with live projects that prepare you for the agency life ahead and provides full exposure to the ongoings in a Digital Marketing company. It equips you with the expertise to deal with any Digital project that may come your way. We don’t just teach you, we make you industry ready!

Yes, the advantage of having this course online is that there are not any geographical constraints for the students. You can enrol from any part of the world.

All students who are enrolled in college, entrepreneurs and businessmen/businesswomen who want to expand their business, mid-level managers and freelancers in the industry who want to enhance their marketing knowledge would benefit from this course.


Strictly no refund policy before, during or after the course.

We support various modes of payments like Credit/Debit Cards, NEFT, and Direct Deposit.

Demo Classes

Yes, we provide a demo class.

No, the demo class is free for all prospective students. Although due to limited availability of the seats which will be filled on a first come first served basis, it would be best if you enrol fast.

Your faculty will include stalwarts in the various fields of Digital Marketing who are industry practitioners and have a proven track record within their specialisation. We will include guest lectures from Industry leaders like Sorav Jain who is amongst India’s top Digital Marketers.

Course Content and Assignments

You will receive your login credentials after the payment. The course online would be in the form of a live classroom and all the necessary study materials for the class will be made available through the LMS (learning management system).

You can always reach out to our faculty and experts for doubts. There will be dedicated times allotted where students can get their doubts cleared.

There will be assignments after every module that will be validated. Practical exams and quizzes will be conducted regularly.

Only legitimate reasons will be entertained to get an extension. It will be based on the discretion of the faculty members.

Yes, all study materials will be made available to the students though the usage of an efficient platform of LMS (learning management system).

No, there is no need for programming language proficiency

Apart from the course content, the numerous real life case studies, live sessions with world leaders in Digital Marketing along with the practical application of all your skills will help you scale your business digitally.

  • Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Freshers who seek a future proof career in marketing would benefit from the course. Some significant job roles that you can take up and their respective average annual drawings are mentioned below:
  • SEO Manager 2.5 – 5 Lakhs
  • PPC Marketer 5 – 7 Lakhs
  • Inbound Marketing Manager 4-6 Lakhs
  • Social Media Manager 3 – 7 Lakhs
  • Content Marketing Manager 7- 10 Lakhs
  • Digital Marketing Manager 15 – 20 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs

All technical aspects of Digital Marketing will be taught in class. Students don’t require preliminary background technical knowledge. Students are required to have only basic computer knowledge and English proficiency as all modes of communication will be in English.

Yes, Internships will be provided for high- performing students.

Enforcing efficient Digital Marketing Strategies will help scale up your business many folds and reduce the overall cost for marketing. By utilizing the apt digital marketing strategy, businesses can maximize their net spend. Business enterprise can reach more than 1000 people for its products and services for a lesser price than through direct mails and television ads as these costs more.

Since this is an online course, there is no fixed number of students in a batch. The number of students won’t compromise on the quality of the sessions.

Of course, Digital Marketing is the way of the future. Adding this niche qualification to your expertise will heighten your chances in attaining a job in the future.

Dates and Schedules

You will have 3 months to complete the course.

The course starts on 20th April 2020

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