Agency Styled Online Digital Marketing Course

With an agency styled training approach, learn Digital Marketing from Global practitioners with the focus on all-round strategies.
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Online Digital Marketing Course with 10+ Certifications

Digital Scholar is an online Digital Marketing course that follows an agency styled approach and with an emphasis on practical learning. With the latest curriculum and industry experts leading the way, you will be undertaking a holistic training that covers all the modules of Digital Marketing for you to study Digital Marketing online.

This online Digital Marketing course covers 10+ modules, each followed by an industry-rich case study, templates, and live projects to help you understand the module in and out. With Digital Scholar, you also get placement assistance to work with some of the top organizations in the field, be a part of one of the biggest Digital Marketing groups, get to learn, network, and work with people of similar interests, and meet all your Digital Marketing goals.

Who Is This Online Digital Marketing Training For?

The online marketing course is perfect for:


For entrepreneurs who aim to expand, develop and grow their business.


Sales and Marketing professionals looking to learn ways to maximize their leads and conversions.


Students looking to equip the right skills and a great career option.


Homepreneurs and Freelancers who want to grow their client base.

Course Covered

Orientation and Fundamentals of Marketing
Digital Marketing is a broad umbrella term for many specializations. So get your basics straight before we begin the Digital journey.
Personal Branding
With the help of this module, build your online persona on all major social media platforms and different channels. Learn to polish those profiles and stand out of the competition.
Content Writing
Content is the fuel that drives any Digital Marketing campaign. So learn from scratch what content writing is, what are keywords, how to write SEO friendly content, and so much more.
Building your domain and hosting is a handy skill to have no matter what profession you are in. Learn how to make your website, add plugins, and other WordPress skills.
Know the secrets of how to rank your website on the top of all the major search engines and get all the relevant traffic to your website.
Facebook and Instagram Ads
With the organic reach of the platforms going down, well-targeted ads can go a long way. Know how to generate quality leads, conversions, followers, and a lot of engagement.
Search Engine Marketing
Learn to set up an AdWords account, track sales, do split tests, and master the art of marketing on top search engines.
Email Marketing
Get insights on how to gain thousands of email subscribers, and how to strategically create a successful email marketing campaign.
Master automation and make sure your business stays online 24/7. Learn how to automate your SMS, emails, leads, and everything else to ensure a smooth online process.
Sales Funnel
Increase your ROI, leverage landing pages, and increase your revenue exponentially with a successful sales funnel strategy.
LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn is deemed to be the largest business-oriented social media platforms on the Internet. Learn to polish your LinkedIn profile and scale your brand in the business world.
Social Media Management Module: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the most influential social media platforms to leverage. Learn the art of hashtags, learn the different analytics, and learn through a lot of real-time case studies.
Instagram Influencer Mastery
Looking for a great career option? Then we will help you crack the code of becoming a successful Instagram Influencer. Learn to grow your followers, polish your bio, and so much more.
Agency Management
Learn to set up an agency, sustain, draft contracts, and the art of pitching successfully.
International Freelancing
Equip yourself with the right industry skills that will help you meet the industry requirements of skilled and professional freelancers.
Orientation and Fundamentals of Marketing
Digital Marketing is a broad umbrella term for many specializations. So get your basics straight before we begin the Digital journey.

Why Learn With a Digital Scholar? Gain Today’s Most In-demand Skills

Digital Marketing is one of the most highly sought after skills in the market right now. Organizations and agencies are looking for skilled Digital Marketing professionals, but there is a huge industry gap that is not being met. Digital Scholar helps you bridge that gap by equipping you with the right skills that will make you industry ready right from Day-1.

At Digital Scholar, you will be working with real-time clients, case studies, and with agencies to get an experience of how an agency works, and what are all the required skills to master to be a professional Digital Marketer.


Flexible start date Flexible online course Flexible online course 90 hours

Learner Career Outcomes

Our learner career outcomes are astounding. From our previous batches, we have whooping numbers to quote about our Scholars’ success stories.

Placement participants

Minimal salary hike

Highest salary hike

Recruitment partners pairing up

Certificate & Assessments

Digital Scholar not only makes you skilled but also certifies you. Upon successfully completing the digital marketing training, you will be certified with a 10+ valuable certificate to validate the skills you gained in various digital marketing domains. Primarily, you receive an authenticated Digital Scholar certificate from us. You will also be assisted to take up online assessment and receive the following certificates


Shopping Ads Certification


Google Display Ads Certification


Google AdWords Certification


Hubspot Certification


Google Analytics Certification


Search Ads Certification


Video Ads Certification


Bings Ads Certification


SEMrush Certification

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Digital Marketing Trainers

Founder & CEO of echoVME

Sorav Jain needs no introduction. He founded and successfully runs echoVME Digital, and is the leading Digital Marketing Trainer at Digital Scholar. His experience speaks volumes about his training calibre. A session with him is all you need to get started with your journey in Digital Marketing!

The Landing Page & Quora Expert

Rishi is as interesting a person as his niches. An expert in building landing pages that attract and sell, and a Quora expert, he is also an entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer who is on a mission to train and help coaches and consultants successfully set-up their business online. His classes are nothing short of interesting and engaging!

WordPress and SEO Expert

Karthikeyan heads the Development Team at echoVME. Having been in the industry for over a decade, he is the go-to person at echoVME for any website and SEO needs. Learn the tricks shining on Google and ranking on top of the SERP from the best here at Digital Scholar!

Content Specialist

Ashutosh is a published writer, who heads the Content Team at echoVME. With a soft corner for words, and speciality in blogging, social media content and script writing, Ashutosh is an expert in writing and the technicalities of the field. Learn to up the quality of your brand’s communication and the art of persuasion through great content in his sessions!

Social Media Marketing Expert

Charulatha is an enthusiastic social media professional with 5 years of experience in the field. She now steers the Social Media team at echoVME Digital, Chennai, handling clients and the team seamlessly. With Charu, it is not about just learning theory, it is about engaging in activities, discussion of case studies, and practical implementation of social media theories.

Instagram Specialist

Always on the look-out for the newest trend, feature and formats, Ruchi is the go-to Instagram person at echoVME. She has been part of the echoVME family for four years and now heads the Social Media team, pushing them to do exceptionally well in terms of content, posts and strategy. Learn the nitty-gritty of Instagram from the best here, at Digital Scholar!

Facebook Ads Specialist

While Facebook can be a drop in the ocean of Digital Marketing Advertising, Thanveer’s knowledge in Facebook ads is ocean-deep. With more than 5 years of experience in the Digital Ads field, Thanveer has worked with a wide range of clients across the globe. Learn about the A-Z of Facebook Advertising from the expert himself!

Google Ads Expert

Marketing is all about bringing people together to create a strong connection with the brands, and Mary Monica does a fine job in it. With marked experience in the field of digital marketing, she has great skills to invoke all the trainees in running Google ads, analysing marketing strategy, B2B SaaS marketing and much more.

Agency Pitching Expert

Nikhil is the Business Development Head at echoVME, and the man behind the many amazing clients there. A shrewd and a spontaneous professional who knows how to get clients on board, at any given opportunity, Nikhil is excellent in strategically building pitches that clients love! Learn the art of pitching to a client from the Master himself.

Soft Skill Trainer

Arockia is an experienced soft skill trainer and a placement officer at Digital Scholar. Get trained and learn how to tackle questions and get placed in the organisation of your dreams!

Ecommerce Expert

E-commerce holds great growth potential today, and at Digital Scholar, we have Siddharth Pal who knows in and out of the box in terms of digital marketing and e-commerce development. With commanding experience in various sectors of digital marketing and running a unique sportswear brand, Siddharth Pal has excellent knowledge to spill.

Twitter Specialist

Ashini, a social media specialist by profession, is a 280-character-Queen! She is an expert in marketing both content and brands on Twitter! Join to get into the world of Twitter marketing, for it holds great potential for brands to grow!

Guest Lecturers

Founder and CEO of Riser

Michel Janda is the founder and CEO of Riser, a creative agency. Michel Janda knows the art of creating a visual treat through his creative designs. Michel Janda will be sharing his proficient knowledge of techniques and principles that he puts into use to create amazing designs.

Co-Founder of White Rivers Media

Shrenik Gandhi, co-founder of white rivers media, an insightful digital marketing agency. He has the knack for solving business entities with digital marketing solutions. He was featured in the 30 under 30 lists by IMPACT magazine and is a regular contributor at digital marketing conference speeches. He has excellent ideas to impart through his lecture.

CEO and Founder of Kinnect

Rohan Mehta, founder and CEO of Kinnect, a notable digital marketing agency. Rohan Mehta is an agency expert who is solely dedicated to running a huge team of 350+ people and provides top-notch services for contemporary marketing solution. His ideologies and tactics to run an agency are something that the scholars need to get insights into.

Founder and CEO of Zen Media

Shama Hyder, founder and CEO of Zen Media. She is a top-notch digital marketer and a very fine entrepreneur. She was ranked as the one among 'Top 25 entrepreneurs under 25' in the business week column. Shama Hyder is willing to transfer knowledge on marketing and business to the Scholars'.

Strategist at White Rivers Media

Mithesh Kothari, strategist at white rivers media. Mithesh Kothari believes that customer engagement and understanding is the key to greater marketing and has great expertise in the field. He specialises in various digital marketing sectors like social media outreach, brand positioning and much more. There is a lot to take away from his lectures.

Founder CEO of AffloSpark

Kulwant Nagi, founder and CEO of afflospark, a creative marketing agency. He is a leading blogging and content writing expert who will pave the way for budding bloggers to reach their ideal stage in blogging. His guest lecture will spill a lot of insights for the scholars and bring out the bloggers in them.

CEO of Pragmites Consulting

Gaurav Gurbaxani, CEO of pragmites consulting, internet consulting. Gaurav Gurbaxani is known for his skills in generating international leads for freelancing and is willing to share the knacks for the same. His lecture is nothing short of highly driving and optimistic for young freelancers.

Founder of Digital Pratik University

Digital Pratik is the founder of Digital Pratik University. He is a leading digital marketing expert who provides insights on personal branding and digital marketing coaching. He has great values to add to make brands stand out and create a great connection with the audience through contextual content marketing and digital automation. Scholars will have a lot of techniques in digital marketing to take away from his guest lecture.

Co-Founder of PixelTrack

Sanjay Shenoy, Co-founder of PixelTrack digital, a renowned agency. He has the ability to put across marketing techniques in simpler ways and helps provoke the marketer in everyone. He will teach the Scholars the art of creating engaging content and SEO optimization at its best.

Founder of Internet Moguls

Avi Arya, founder of internet moguls, an award-winning digital marketing agency. He is a leading micro-video mastery expert and has commanding skills to share on the same. He is credited for creating a 100 million dollar revenue for his clients. He is willing to convey a lot of insights on social media, digital marketing and revenue generation.

CEO of PixelTracks

Deepak Kankraju, CEO of PixelTracks and is a renowned digital marketer. He has great experience in running Facebook ads and can share great tactics and insights on the same. He has the reputation of handling a fortune 500 companies as his clients. He is also a TEDx speaker, and his lecture will be nothing short of a treat for the scholars.

Co-Founder of Scion Social

Siddharth Rajasekar, the co-founder of Scion social, has come a long way. His thirst for never-ending learning and passion for freedom is astounding. He has great knowledge to share with the scholars in niche picking and making the best out of digital. His mentoring guest lecture will add tremendous value.

Founder, Managing Director of Be Positive 24

Abhishek Shah, founder and managing director at 'be positive 24', an award-winning branding and film company. He has a plethora of interests and is a management and strategy advisor. The fact that he is a writer and a life coach as well is an added benefit to draw the Scholar's attention towards his lecture.


1. How much does this advanced digital marketing course fees cost?

Please reach out to us to know all the details regarding the course schedule, the fees, etc.

2. What are things included in an online course?
3. How long is this online digital marketing training course?
4. What competencies will you gain?

With our extensive set of carefully crafted modules, you will be learning the different modules of Digital Marketing that includes Content Writing, SEO, SEM, SMM, Ads, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Client Pitching, agency management, and so much more.

5. What are the other courses available at Digital Scholar?

At Digital Scholar, we only have one Online Digital Marketing program. We do not have any other course.

6. Is this course really 100% online? Do I need to attend any classes in person?

The course is 100% online, and there won’t be any need to attend any class in person.

7. Is there a test at the end of the course?

At the end of every module, there is a test that will help you get the course certificate from the relevant platform.

8. At the end of every module, there is a test that will help you get the course certificate from the relevant platform.

The courses begin at a fixed date for everyone who has paid the fees. So once the payment is made, you can begin the course on the given date along with everyone else.