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I think it’s great if you want to learn, whether it’s this program or learning online for free, whatever it may be. My biggest advice for all of you is that in addition to always trying to learn more, make sure you experiment. In marketing, the way you tend to learn the most, in the long run, is through experimentation. And if you don’t experiment, you won’t always know what’s working or what’s changing. What works now in marketing usually won’t necessarily work in a year or two. Things constantly change, and to stay ahead of the game, you have to experiment. Best of luck, everyone. I hope you all succeed in your lives.

Neil Patel

SEO Expert

Why Digital Scholar

The only agency-styled institute across the globe that strives to help you reach your career/ business goals. The topmost and highly preferred Digital Marketing Course in Chennai.


Agency styled training institute

You will be trained and made industry-ready as the course aims to provide agency-styled training in Digital Marketing. From working in a team to collaborating with other teams, you will get trained in almost everything that is expected of you when you work in an agency. We are the only institute that offers agency based Digital Marketing courses in Chennai.


Partnered by Google and Facebook

Digital Scholar’s digital marketing course in Chennai is fueled by echoVME digital, which is a leading and awarding digital marketing agency in the country. echoVME is a Facebook and google partner agency, and this will aid you in getting certifications from the best of the best in the digital marketing sector. Everyone across the industry recognizes these certifications.


Guaranteed placement assistance

Digital Scholar is in alliance with 400+ national and international agencies and will provide you with placement opportunities in the same. Digital Scholar is the only institute that prepares the students in cracking the interviews and gaining a strong place in the digital marketing industry.

Learning Curriculum

Our Digital Marketing Course in Chennai is know to offer exhaustive training that aids in developing plethora of skills.

Module 1Orientation and Fundamental of Marketing

Students need to get a strong hold of the fundamentals to better understand the digital marketing domain, and Digital Scholar does a fine job of conveying the same.

  • Understand the role of digital with respect to traditional marketing media mix strategies.
  • Understand customer decision journeys, customer personas, and audience tribes.
  • Develop a digital vision and goal for you by learning about the new digital marketing framework.
  • Evolving a balanced digital communication strategy between traditional and digital media.
  • Advertising Promotions in the Digital Age.

Module 2Personal Branding

The process of building your public persona for your target audience is known as personal branding. It entails articulating your values, beliefs, goals, and purpose with attention and precision. If you don't work on your own brand, you'll never be able to stand out from the crowd. With our proven personal brand training, build a strong personal brand for yourself. This has helped numerous students stand out from the crowd and gain organic clients and sales. Our Digital Marketing Course in Chennai is the only one known to offer personal branding training. Find out how to:

  • Create a winning personal brand strategy that aligns with the ultimate desire of your dream clients.
  • Polish your social media profile and optimize your bio to drive maximum eyeballs.
  • Identify your niche using our niche accelerator training and also how to be fully engaged and manage your energy more skillfully online.
  • Consistently generate content and re-purpose it for different social media channels using our 60-days content calendar template, which will help you scale up your online presence.

Module 3Content Writing

Writing is an art, and consumers need to be convinced and persuaded through extraordinary content and actionable CTAs to make a purchase or avail of the services. Persuasive content is essential for lead generation and a high conversion rate. You will learn the following in this Content Writing module:

  • What is Content Writing, and how does it contributes to your website?
  • What is SEO-based content writing?
  • Content Research and Planning
  • Keyword research and its density
  • How to insert the right keywords at the right places in your content
  • Flow & Coherence
  • Discovering your niche
  • Understanding various online content tools
  • What is Plagiarism, and ways to avoid it
  • Automating emails
  • Google My Business
  • Building a strong social media presence
  • Using various social media tools
  • Monetizing your writing

Module 4Wordpress Management

What if we told you you could develop a website without having to learn to code? Well, you surely can. Through wordpress, you can, and Digital Scholar will teach you how to. 

Custom WordPress theme development is a lucrative business for many developers, who sell them on marketplaces like ThemeForest.Freelance designers and developers can also take on WordPress projects and make an extra $1,000 - $5,000+ per month. This module will aid you on how to become a smart website developer and creating a source for extra income. 

  • To choose your domain name and why it is important.
  • How to choose the right hosting service for your website.
  • How to install a wordpress blog without the help of any web developer.
  • 10 must-have things when you need to set up in your wordpress blog.
  • 10 must-have SEO plugins for any wordpress blog to increase your seo ranking.
  • To Customise your website using free or paid themes.
  • How to publish your 1st blog post with the best SEO techniques of 2021.
  • To link your email tool with a wordpress blog to increase your email subscribers.

Module 5Search Engine Optimization

Is your website listed in the Google search results for potential clients and site visitors? 

Learn how to use search engine optimization to get results! Get to the top of the main search engines with your website! We built a 20-step unique structure to crack any blog or website to rank on top of Google's search engine in the shortest time possible after receiving at least 300,000 unique visits every year to our www.Soravjain.Com blog. You'll have a solid understanding of how SEO (search engine optimization) works and how you can use it to increase traffic to your website by the end of this module.

  • Know what is important in a technical audit and how to start one yourself.
  • Boosting SEO with Structured Data Markup.
  • Be able to optimize on-page content with the right keywords & page structure.
  • Understand what a good URL structure is and how you can influence crawl behavior.
  • Finding Places to Get Great Links to Your Site.
  • Know how to use JavaScript frameworks to influence technical SEO.
  • Easily create XML sitemaps to help you better understand content & index rates.
  • Be skilled at marking up your content with structured data so it can extract entities.
  • Be able to decide on the right domain strategy, URL structure, content & keywords while working across multiple countries.
  • Learn Link Building Strategies and get backlinks with over 30+ DA sites without paying.

Module 6Facebook and Instagram Ads

Mastering Facebook and Instagram Ads is the first step toward becoming a professional media buyer. If you do it right, you won't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising to see results. The DIGITAL SCHOLAR'S technique comes into play here. This award-winning strategy shows you how to align your message and objectives throughout the whole digital experience of a new customer. Our digital marketing course in Chennai is known to offer effective training in running Facebook and Instagram ads. At the same time, it assists you in increasing conversions while lowering costs.

  • Understand the new customer journey so you can properly structure your Facebook ad campaigns for success.
  • Structure a sustainable and scalable Facebook marketing campaign that generates less expensive traffic, leads, and sales while also lowering your risk of an ad account shut down.
  • Find out what ads perform best by using Split Tests and optimizing for the top-performing ads to avoid increased costs.
  • Advertise on Instagram platform. Target website visitors, Facebook fans, or email subscribers Custom Audiences and also Target people who are like your existing customers with Lookalike Audience.
  • Drive Ecommerce Sales with Dynamic Ads & Collection Ads.
  • Grow Your App with App Install & Engagement Ads

Module 7Search Engine Marketing

Learn how to use an incredible framework created by the Digital Scholars, as well as a full suite of execution strategies, to ensure that you're constantly running advertisements that reach the proper targets and get the results you need. The team at Digital Scholar has spent over 1000000 dollars on Google advertisements for customers over the years, and they know what works and how to strike those golden keywords. Google Ads could be the most effective growth strategy for your company. All you need to know is how to correctly execute your campaigns. This lesson will give you a tried-and-tested, industry-neutral strategy for driving sustained revenue development for your firm or for your clients. 

  • Set up your AdWords account from scratch
  • Understand PPC temperatures – so you can follow the law of conversion intent.
  • Set up conversion tracking and how to track phone calls from your website
  • Track sales, revenue, and form submissions using Google AdWords
  • Take advantage of competitor reports and customer data in your campaigns.
  • Increase Quality Score and decrease your cost per click
  • Be a master of targeting and A/B split testing. Find the best optimization routine.
  • Scale all types of campaigns – so that you can scale up your campaigns after you've achieved better ROAS and CPA

Module 8Email Marketing

In the Email Marketing Course Module, you will learn the best email marketing methods that we use to attract thousands of new email subscribers each month and hundreds of thousands of dollars in income each year. We keep track of over 213,000 people and know what works in terms of producing income from them. These days, far too many people are just concerned with social networking. However, as you'll see in this session, email marketing has a number of distinct and significant advantages, which is why every firm should be concentrating on growing their email list, which will be critical to their success. You'll be able to do the following with this module:
  • Unleash your email marketing model, which will help you to plan, send and manage your emails to get the best possible results.
  • Apply the PROVEN principles for successful emails so that your emails are delivered, opened, read, and clicked on.
  • Rapidly grow your mailing list to get the maximum number of highly targeted subscribers in the shortest amount of time using the 10+ easy lead magnet ideas we share during the class. Introduction to Zapier.
  • Setup autoresponders, email marketing copy that helps you increase your open rates by 3x. Get Email Marketing Templates made by Agencies' best copywriters and just plug and play and get started.
  • Learn how to create your first(or next) ebook in less than 10 minutes and generate email IDs by the end of the class, you bet?
  • Turn your email campaigns into a data-driven marketing machine that drives results.
  • Avoid errors that email marketers often (still) make

Module 9Automation

On average, when you enter the field of digital marketing, you will have to deal with at least 20 tools. There are numerous products/apps that you will utilize to run your business more efficiently, and integrating these apps is a difficult task. To keep the work flowing, you'll need to transfer data from one platform to another. Automating chores increase not only your productivity but also boosts the return on investment of your marketing activities. You will learn how to do the following in this module:

  • Connect a lead to an Email marketing platform to an SMS tool.
  • Automate replies to google reviews and comments on YouTube.
  • Send automated Emails and SMS for a successful payment as well as for failed payments.
  • Automate pretty much any workflow and connect multiple apps in a single workflow.
  • Create routers and drive various workflows and create intense automation for your use case.

Module 10Sales Funnel

Every digital marketer should be able to create scalable sales funnels that convert cold traffic into paying customers. At Digital Scholar, we offer a specific module where you will learn how to master the art of the sales funnel. We curated this course module after designing 200+ sales funnels and generating $1 million in sales in 3 months for our training programs. The trainer of this module has also been awarded the One Comma Club Award by Russell Brunson for building amazing sales funnels.

  • Know how to create sales funnels in order to promote your personal brand, business, or organization
  • Understand the XOTF model & know how to set up a proper TOTF, MOTF, and BOTF
  • Use dozens of marketing strategies and proven concepts to generate a positive ROI (return on investment) for your sales funnel
  • Learn the hacks that go on landing pages to upsell, downsell and craft a perfect sales funnel to churn out more money from a visitor.
  • Automate the customer journey, send emailers, SMS, and WhatsApp messages to people who opt-in your pages, and learn how to integrate national and international payment gateways to sell your products.

Module 11LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the world's largest business-oriented social networking site for professionals, and it has a global membership of over 500 million people in over 200 countries. When recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to look for prospects, you may utilize it to show off your skills, expertise, recommendations, and connections. It also establishes credibility in your sector and showcases your accomplishments. LinkedIn is still the most underappreciated social networking tool for generating leads and sales and developing a strong personal brand. Fortunately, top salespeople, recruiters, and entrepreneurs have been using a PROVEN strategy to schedule appointments with their desired clients for years, and you will learn about the same in this course module.

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn Prole to get 10x more visibility and generate leads.
  • Demystify the most expensive paid ad channel and confidently generate huge ROI from your LinkedIn Ads.
  • Scale your audience, avoid your competition, and build wildly effective retargeting audiences.
  • How to send cold LinkedIn Messages and get a meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Automate leads and sales generation Using LinkedIn Outreach tools.

Module 12Social Media Management

Nearly 80% of India's population has access to the internet and is active on social media. Brands are making use of social media marketing to increase their online visibility and reach the unreachable. Through social media marketing, your business can go social and leverage better leads. You will learn:

  • The basics of all the social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) – Planning, Strategizing, Scheduling, and Promoting.
  • Strategies and create a monthly calendar and implement the same for your small/medium or Big business.
  • The best-performing content types are tried and tested with big brands.
  • How to set up all platforms, how to gain followers, and the best means to engage them.
  • How a non-designer can unravel their designing skills using different tools.
  • The importance of #Hashtags and how to make the best use of its reach.
  • Local, national, and global case studies of brands who have aced the social media game with their viral content.

Module 13Instagram Influencer Mastery

Influencers marketing is the next big thing. Influencers who are relevant to a company's business are becoming easier to find. As a result, more people are looking for ways to get paid to promote products on their numerous social media profiles. So, if you're interested in learning how to become an Instagram influencer, this course module will walk you through the process step-by-step.

  • Learn the art of growing followers on the most popular social media channels
  • Optimize and polish your bio
  • Content generation and video making
  • Hashtag, Stories, and Reels mastery
  • Understanding advanced analytics to make informed decisions

Module 14Agency Management

A company's foundation is built on its employees. We built Echovme from three family members to a 60-person marketing business in less than eight years, generating over $5 million in revenue while serving 100+ national and international clients. Our progress, however, has not always been easy or simple. In this session, we'll go over the mistakes we've made as well as the templates and exact procedures we use to pitch clients, onboard them, and keep them for years to come, all while generating MRR.

  • Set your agency up for sustainable growth through the use of agency strategy, financial management, and ultimately, client pitching templates & sales outreach tools.
  • Using our 6-figure client pitching templates, learn the art of crafting perfect offers and charge for your services.
  • Learn to draft contracts and set up billing for your clients.
  • Learn Industry-specific strategies from our experience and get an advantage over your competitors.

Module 15International Freelancing

Learn how to generate international leads and how to close a deal and make agreements in US dollars. It's crucial to know how to choose your client and know how to be in the right place at the right time, and this course module will teach you the same. Clients will begin to reach out to you if you push yourself to generate exceptional work. This module will train you to become an international freelancer by helping you in establishing relationships with some of the largest Freelance Marketplaces and assisting you in obtaining your first or next overseas customer. You'll also be introduced to Digital Scholar's in-house marketplace, where you can interact with thousands of entrepreneurs looking for digital marketers all across the country. Learn:

  • To set up your professional account on the marketplace.
  • What to charge for your services
  • To create contracts and collect payments.
  • How to and the right team partners to complete the task at hand.


Digital Scholar is the only institute that is known to offer digital marketing courses in Chennai with great specializations.

Module 1Copywriting

We always emphasize that copywriting is the atom of digital marketing. It determines whether a marketing campaign succeeds or fails. Copywriting can help you increase sales, market penetration, and margins. Good copywriting can help you achieve a lot more, and you will learn about the same in this course module.

  • Learn how to structure and write compelling sales copy
  • Understand how to leverage features, benefits, and advantages
  • Learn to research and hack your competitors using our novel product research techniques.
  • Exact Science behind writing copies for Ads, Emailers, Sales Pages, Lead Magnets.
  • Apply the power of emotional drivers, even when writing in a B2B environment, and master powerful call-to-action.
  • Get Pre-made templates made by our in-house copywriters for you to get started from Day1.

Module 2Ecommerce Marketing

In India, e-commerce has changed the way people do business. From US$ 38.5 billion in 2017, the Indian e-commerce sector is predicted to expand to US$ 200 billion by 2026. A surge in internet and smartphone usage has sparked most of the industry's growth. In this 12-hour intense lesson, you'll learn how to either market your own physical items or dropship without having any actual stores or products of your own.

Product Research

  • How to Research the Right Products to Sell If you don't have one.
  • Product Research Spy Tools and Product Pricing Strategies.

Shopify Store Setup

  • Important Pages to Setups
  • Niche Vs. General Store
  • Theme and Important Apps for the store
  • Cart Page optimization and abandoned cart recovery

Product Fulfillment

  • Fulfillment methods - Manual or Automation
  • Learn how to fulfill orders without having any physical store

Module 3Making Money Online

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. After earning over $100,000 in affiliate income, the Digital Scholar team delves into what it takes to get into the affiliate marketing sector using our tried-and-tested approach.

  • Learn to identify the problems in the market.
  • Generate affiliate links and promote using funnels and ads.
  • Organic ways to promote affiliate products without making the top mistakes people still do.
  • Earn a passive recurring income when you master this module.
  • Setup Google Adsense.

Tools Covered

Is this right for me?

If you are looking for:

  • A theory-centric course that doesn’t teach you to be industry-ready
  • A course that doesn’t offer 100% placement assistance
  • A course that doesn’t offer 20+ certifications and training from some of the best marketers in the world

Then Digital Scholar’s Digital Marketing Course in Chennai is not for you by all means.


On completion of the course, you will be encouraged and assisted to crack 20+ valuable certificates in different domains.

Duration of the course

3 Months

Weekend Batch (Online)

Saturday: 7pm – 9pm | Sunday: 9am – 12pm


Last date of enrollment

6th November for Batch 11

What Our
Students Say?

Enriching and inspiring experience here at Digital scholar.The team is so passionate and dedicated that makes learning more informative and I look forward to more at Digital scholar..Thank you digital scholar to motivate and keep up the momentum of learning.

Alka Mehta

Real time in depth learning. Classes are interesting and on point. Love the classroom set up. Good vibe and energy. Learning taken to a new level. So far the best Digital Marketing training centre in Chennai.

Meghna Nichani

Digital Scholar is great place to learn Digital Marketing in Chennai. They provide 3 months certification course and first hand agency experience. They also guarantee placements assistance and help to understand all the traits of the industry thoroughly.

Bala subramani

Great trainers, amazing classroom session , awesome guidance. My tutors were Sorav, Karthik, Ashutosh and they were really fantastic.

Disha Mary

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Upscale your career/ business by becoming a top-notch digital marketer

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Do you provide study materials and notes?

You get access to all the study materials(PPTs, PDFs, e-notes, cheatsheets & knowledge-based videos) on the LMS for a lifetime.

2. What is the Digital Scholar's digital marketing course fee in Chennai?
The original fee structure is 75,000 + Taxes. Price after 50% discount- Early bird offer Price: Rs 39,500 (Can be paid in two instalments)
3. Do you provide an internship? How does it work?

Yes, we provide a guaranteed internship with an earning potential with our parent concern agency – echoVME. This is a task-based internship, and Digital Scholar is the only Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai that offers internship opportunities along with the course

4. How long is the internship?
The internship is a part of a 3-month Digital marketing course where the students will get to implement what they learn in the classroom.
5. Can I get a job if I join Digital Scholar's 3 Months digital marketing course in Chennai?
Our digital marketing course in Chennai is known to provide 100% placement assistance, and we have been able to place 350+ students with national and international brands. Making you industry-ready is our primary objective, and our placement cell is dedicatedly working for the same.
6. What would be the pay scale after the course?

It depends on the post, location, and experience in the field of Digital Marketing. We have placed candidates who had an initial package of 25k per month, and there have also been candidates who have got a package of 36k to 40k per month. Digital Scholar offers the best digital marketing course in Chennai as most of our students have upscaled in their careers.

7. What do I do if I miss out on a class?

You can inform us beforehand, and you will be allowed to attend the particular classes you missed with the other batch of students. In some cases, you might be provided with a recording of the class.

8. Are you affiliated with any university?

We are not affiliated with any university. We are official partners of Google and Facebook, and we believe in skill-based learning.

9. Is this a PG / Diploma course?

This is not a PG or Diploma course. This is a professional course, and Digital Scholar offers Digital marketing training in Chennai.

10. Do you provide practical learning?

Yes, practical learning is provided. You will be having live projects, case studies, and trainer-curated assignments after each module.

11. Why Digital Scholar is the best digital marketing course in Chennai?

Digital Scholar’s digital marketing course in Chennai is known to offer the best agency-based training. Our course module is extensive, and the students will get exhaustive digital marketing learning.

12. What is the genuine review of the Digital Scholars Digital Marketing Course in Chennai?

We have a google rating of 4.9 stars by  1,748 students. Our digital marketing course in Chennai has a high rating and amazing reviews.