Instagram Reels Mastery Course

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Learn the secrets of growing your followers & influence using Instagram Reels. Enroll in the Reels Mastery Course now to become an expert in Instagram reels. Then get a chance to learn the biggest and top secrets from leading Instagram influencers in the world.

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Using these strategies, I have -

"Grown my Instagram account to over 250K followers"

"Got a reach of over 2 Million accounts in less than 3 months"

"Got 1000s of Sales for my exclusive courses and generated over 60 Lakhs INR from them without even spending a penny on advertising!"


Reels Mastery Course

Reels Mastery Course by Sorav Jain

A simple step-by-step, tried-and-tested system for growing your Instagram followers like never before

Who is this Course for?

Mid-Level Digital Marketing Professionals

Who wants to be part of a growing community of some of the best minds in the industry

Content Creators

Who want to grow their influence and following on Instagram


Who want to position themselves as a leading content creator

Social Media Managers

Who want to learn an in-demand skill and help brands in growing their influence


Who wants to increase their revenue-generation opportunities, acquire bigger clients

Business Owners

Who want to dive into Reels to grow their audience

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What will you learn in this course?

Get it today to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,195

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Reels Module One
MODULE 1 3 Videos | 20 Minutes

R.A.C.E.U.P Framework

MODULE 2 7 Videos | 58 Minutes

Science of Virality

Reels Set Up
MODULE 3 7 Videos | 31 Minutes

Reels Setup - Creators Mode On

MODULE 4 5 Videos | 29 Minutes

Professional Reels Editing

Reels Ninja
MODULE 5 4 Videos | 27 Minutes

Artificial Intelligent Captions

30 Days Reels Challenge
MODULE 6 30 Videos | 2+ Hours

Advanced Transitions and Editing

Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹14,195 if you enroll today

Bonus 1

Digital Scholar Growth Community

Directly Ask Sorav Jain the most burning questions for your reels

Bonus 2

Reels PPT Guide For 10+ Industries

The only PPT guide you will require to master any industry, be it the real estate sector to restaurant, jewellery, salon, skincare, and more. Download these separate PPTs with 15+ Reel examples under each category!
Bonus 3

Best Biolink/Landing Page tool for Professional Instagrammers

Bonus 4

List of best 20 audios for Reels

List of Best 20 Audio for Reels to help you get viral immediately

Get it today to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,195

This is not it. We are preparing you for the future.

Learn Instagram Automation for Reels before it even launches.

Let us explain, Instagram is launching exclusive automation for reels in next 4 months:

This is the future and you get to learn first-hand with our exclusive Instagram Automation Tutorials and when these automation features are publicly launched, you will be the first ones to execute and make use of them.

10 Videos. Duration: 90 Minutes.

P.S. These features are in the pipeline according to our insider news. It may or may not launch due to technical complexities but you have nothing to lose, as you learn the concepts and prepare for the future anyway.

Don't Take Our Word for It, See What our Previous Students are Saying

“I have grown my Instagram account from 10K to 100K in less than 6 months.”
– Tanya Puri (Make-up Artist)

“I went from 5K followers to over 210K followers on my Instagram in just 1 year.”
– Shivani (Personality & Softskills Trainer)

“I have successfully growm my Instagram account over 27,000 followers in just few months, after joining Digital Scholar.”
– Mish (Instagram Food Blogger)

“I have grown my Instagram over 30,000 followers in less than 6 months”
– Heena Sheikh (Canva Coach)

“I am getting 1000s of new followers every month and already generated a revenue of 5 Lakhs INR in just 3 months..”
– Minu (Instagram Influencer & Business Coach)

“I have grown my Instagram over 1,400 followers to 149K followers in less than 1 year.”
– Riddhi Deorah (Parenting Coach)

If you are struggling to grow on Instagram? Read this..!!

Have you ever wondered how some people can create engaging, interesting videos while others seem to struggle?

Believe it or not, there is a bit of science behind video creation and mastering the art of storytelling.

Finally, a solution for those who are struggling to find the best Reels content!

Do you want more growth but don’t know how or what posts will go viral?

Well now you do. This course is designed with 10 simple steps that anyone can follow in their spare time while also achieving success on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram – doubling your reach without spending any extra effort.

Want to know how? Read on to know more about it.

After I Started Using Instagram Reels

My growth not just doubled, it 10X!

“I used to gain on average 200 followers a week, now it’s over 2000 new followers per week!”

Sorav Jain Followers

Just 3 months ago, I was at around 193K followers. That was the time, one of my Reels went viral and guess happened.

I got insane reach of over 2 million accounts and over time, in just a month, my account grew over 35,000 new followers.

Crazy right? Check this out –

That’s not it. The growth doesn’t stop there.

On Instagram, the Reels have a longer life than any other type of post. This I figured later, when because of the same Reel, in just another month, I got around 22,000 new followers again.

And this is just going on and on!!

Sorav Jain followers
Sorav Jain Followers

You know what’s the best thing about Reel is?

They have a lifespan of WEEKS unlike other classic posts that have a lifespan of 1-2 days at max.

This means that even WEEKS after posting your videos, you could still get views and grow your following. Which means… overall less time spent on Instagram!

How cool is that?
Now you might have a Question,
“How the heck am I supposed to get this right?!”
What do I even create? How do I even create it?
Well, here’s a little ‘Insider Secret’ for ya:

Follow A Recipe!!

You see, there is a recipe to master Instagram Reels that will help you grow your influence and followers like crazy.

And this recipe consists of 50 Lessons that you need to learn in order to get the max out of your Instagram Reels. And if you’re missing even just one ingredient from this recipe, you run the risk of getting “Rejected” by your audience.


So, what if you had a set of step-by-step instructions for building a solid influence on Instagram using Reels from absolute scratch? Imagine if you could follow these steps… EVEN if you know nothing about Instagram Reels!

100% Organic Growth!

No More Asking People To Follow You!

No more wasting time or money!

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because… it’s here.

Reels Mastery Course Trainer Sorav

Know Your Trainer

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is the Founder of Echovme and Digital Scholar, India’s best digital marketing agency and institute respectively. Sorav will train you with NEW strategies and gameplan to understand the R.A.C.E.U.P framework to create viral reels that can change your life forever. He’ll lay the fundamentals right from basics to advanced in 50+ high definition video tutorials for you in developing the content for reels and editing and polishing it in the entire modules in pre-done videos format that will make you an awesome creator.

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Yes, you will be certified by Digital Scholar for completing this course!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, once you pay the course fee, you have full access to all the course content, open to study at your convenience.

The course comes under a single fee of ₹699 only. None of the content in the course comes at an extra cost.

As the course is completely self-paced, there is no set schedule for you to complete the course. You learn at your pace!

No, there is no refund policy as our association is for a lifetime with a lot of learnings and value. For this purpose, we don't offer any refund once the payment goes through.

All the 50 Lessons have been taken by Sorav Jain.

You will get an email and a WhatsApp confirmation from our end, within 5 minutes of the payment completion. In the confirmation message, you will get your login credentials to the LMS where you can watch the course at your convenience.

We have designed the Reels mastery course to be perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts alike. We walk you through creating your own scroll-stopping videos with step by process instructions on what shots work best when making them and using them for ultimate sales tool!

Don't worry, we'll show you how to get the music feature on your account, and lots of different strategies to win over your audiences.

Get it today to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,195