Email Marketing Secrets: From 0 to 1,000 Subscribers in 30 Days

Grow Your Email List To Over 100,000 Subscribers By Using These Email Marketing Secrets"

Thinking… “email marketing is dead!” is the most crucial mistake business owners can make in 2024.

With a daily growing list of subscribers, even small business owners can generate over 6-figures with email marketing alone each year. Using these secrets, you can set up your automated sequences just once, and your money-printing machine is ready to generate passive income for you. Read on to know more about it.

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Using these secrets, I have -

"Grown my email list to 200,000 subscribers!"

"Converted 5% more leads for my agency!"

"Sold 1000s of my exclusive courses & generated 50 Lakhs INR from them without even spending a penny on advertising!"

And guess what, I did this on complete Automation

Why Email Marketing Is the Most Powerful Sales Channel?

Over 85% of people use email daily, and 74% are willing to open marketing emails. Email is an almost free marketing channel that you can fully automate to generate an endless sales stream for your business.

Compared to paid advertising on Facebook and Google, email is the only channel entirely in your hands. No fear of algorithm changes, rising costs, and ad account rejections.

Why Should I Care About Email Marketing?

With the increasing number of subscribers coming to businesses through email communications, it’s no wonder that even a small business can generate over 6-figures each year from their own email marketing strategy.

How Do I Use Email for Marketing?

With email marketing, you have to set up your automated sequences just once, and your money-printing machine is ready to generate passive income for you.

There are hundreds of free and easy-to-use email automation software tools around.

All you have to do is start building your list and keep your subscribers happy with engaging emails. With a solid system, you will turn your leads into paying customers in days.

With a proper email marketing strategy you can always:

The #1 Mistake That Most People Do

Email marketing is extremely important in keeping your brand top of mind and bringing customers back to your website.

However, it can also be quite complex due to the sheer amount of variables that affect it. When open rates and click-throughs aren’t what you expect, we start to ask ourselves questions like:

“Did they receive it but didn’t open it?”

“Did they open it but didn’t like it?”

“Why are they unsubscribing?”

…lots of others as well. The most common mistake I have seen people doing is not following a proper roadmap.

Sending random campaigns that lacks personlization, using too many promotional words, ending up in the spam/promotional tab of your audience are the worst scenerios that can happen to you in email marketing.

Now the most important question that people often ask me is- “What should i do to end up the inbox of my audience?”

The answer to this is quite simple!

Follow A Roadmap

You see, there is a roadmap behind every succesful email marketing campaign. And this roadmap consists of 30 Lessons that you need to learn in order to get the max out of your email marketing. And if you’re missing even just one step from this roadmap, you run the risk of getting “Unsubscribed” by your audience.

So, what if you had a set of step-by-step instructions of inititaing successful email markting campaigns from scratch? Imagine if you could follow these steps with… EVEN if you know nothing about Email marketing!

No More Ending up in spam or promotions!

No More Fear Of People Unsubscribing you!

No more wasting time or money!

Imagine for just a moment...

Once you get the game & the rules, you never have to stress on it ever again, right? Once it’s done… it’s done! Every perfect email sent will give you crazy ROI and engagement.

In fact, we (and our students) use the exact same exact strategies for growing our email lists and here we are with over 200K Subscribers! Isn’t it great to build something once and get it to work for you for years?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer. Because… it’s here.


Email Marketing Secrets

Email arketing Secrets by Rish Jain

A simple step-by-step, tried-and-tested system for getting the best out of your email marketing campaigns

What will you achieve at the end of this course?

It’s time to give your Email Campaigns (and your bank account!) the high-performing makeover it deserves! Just like it’s done for me and my past students:


In less than 2 years, I have grown my Email list over 200,000 subscribers and still growing at a rapid pace.

Our best campaign has given us a ROI of 4% with a ticket value of 499/- INR that is 40 Lakhs INR of revenue generated and that on complete automation.

“How cool is that?”

Active Campaign Email Opens Analytics

This is one of our campaign that we sent on new year regarding the lifetime deal of a SaaS product.

We got insane 39% open rate with 3,200 people opening that campaign. People went crazy after seeing our offer and…

…guess what happened?

Pabbly revenue dashboard

We sold 49 subscriptions in just 2 days generating us 2.17 Lakhs of revenue.

Isn’t it crazy? Who doesn’t love a good deal, but the point is, it needs to be aligned with you customers requirement.

But how to do that? How to make sure that you are not just sending campaigns, you are delivering something of crazy value and in a way that your customers can’t ignore it?

Read on to know how!

See what's waiting for you inside once you enroll…

Email Marketing Module - One


Email Marketing Module - Two

Getting started with email marketing

Email Marketing Module - Three

Lead magnets to grow your list 100x

Email Marketing Module - Four

Email marketing tool set-up

Email Marketing Module - Five

Marketing automation

Email Marketing Module - Six

List clean-up

Email Marketing Module - Seven

Email warming-up strategy

Email Marketing Secrets will Put You In CONTROL Of Your Revenue…A Side income that will help you live the life you deserve

With 35 Lessons and over 6+ Hours of Rich-Content in the course, you’re bound to become a Top Email Marketer!

Wait! That’s not it, We have got more for you…

We have 3 power packed bonuses for you. Enroll now to unlock these Bonuses Worth ₹14,997

Bonus 1

Create Your Ebook With Templates In Less Than 10 Minutes

In this bonus, you will get access to 100s of templates and a complete tutorial on how to make an ebook for using as a lead magnet in less than 10 minutes.


Bonus 2

Warm Up Your Domain Using Artificial Intelligence

This is a complete bonus module in which you will get to learn how to warm up your domain using AI to build a reputation and have a higher delivery rate.

Bonus 3

Complete Email Deliverability Checklist To Land Into Primary Inbox

Landing your email in the primary inbox of your potential audience is a very crucial part of email marketing. If you are not landing there, you might miss out on potential customers.

In this checklist, you will get a step-by-step process from crafting an email to sending a campaign in order to make sure that you will not just land in the inbox, you get their attention too!

Rishi Jain - Co-founder of Digital Scholar

Know Your Trainer

Rishi Jain

Rishi will help you through the step-by-step process, hand holding you through various complicated tools and the “Zen System”- a powerhouse of the best digital ecosystem suitable for all people and make it look like a cheesecake for you!

OK, Let's Recap!

Email Marketing Secrets Course by Rishi Jain
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