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"Use These Simple 'Plug n'Play' Copy Formulas To Get More Leads, Sales, Subscribers, and Fans"

How everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, sales, and profits... no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

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If You Want To Make Your Copies Unstoppable

You Need To Learn How To Write Emotionally-Compelling Messages That Drive Someone To Take Action

There are a lot of materials available on the internet, which shows you how copywriting used to be done. But there have been some drastic changes in the past year in online businessses which require some subtle changes.

In Copywriting Mastery, you’ll discover what it really takes to produce winning copy in TODAY’S new-age market.

Please Note: There’s no way you can watch these 10 modules and over 6 hours of content– and not immediately begin hammering out better ads, organic posts, emails, and copies in general.


"The #1 Reason Your Funnel Isn't Converting Your Copy.."


If You’d Like To Start Taking Copy Seriously In 2024, Copywriting Mastery Is A Fast And Proven Way To Learn

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"Hi, My name is Rishi Jain and I HATE writing"

But I know how important copywriting is. Without great copy, I wouldn’t have been able to sell any of my courses (… and more importantly: I wouldn’t have had such an impact on their lives.) So I had no choice. I had to learn it.

I clearly remember how hard it was at the beginning. And I don’t want you to experience endless hours in front of a screen, with a blank document open, staring at a blinking cursor and NOT knowing HOW to start.

I felt HORRIBLE and OVERWHELMED during those moments. That was…

THE REASON Why, I Created Copywriting Masery Course

I don’t want you to feel Horrible, Overwhelmed, and Frustrated.

Thanks to the Copywriting Mastery

You NEVER EVER have to spend countless hours thinking about how to frame your copy!

Never Ever!


And You'll Get Over ₹4,999 Worth Of Copywriting Frameworks and more completely for FREE!

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Research - R.R.P.T Method

Research - R.R.P.T Method

Art of Writing Headlines

Art of Writing Headlines

Copywriting Frameworks

Copywriting Frameworks

Features vs Benefits

Features vs Benefits

Defining Your Customer Avatar

Defining Your Customer Avatar

Five Psychological Principles

Five Psychological Principles

Copywriting for Landing Pages

Copywriting for Landing Pages

Secrets of Email Writing

Secrets of Email Writing

Formatting Rules

Formatting Rules

There’s One Key Ingredient Keeping Your Business Mildly Successful Instead Of Wildly Successful: Copywriting

You’re about to find out why your own words are the #1 thing standing in the way of increasing your revenue, effortlessly selling your products/services, and helping more people write better.

Copywriting = Selling

I'm 100% sure that Copywriting is the most Valuable Skill you can develop in business.

What I'm trying to tell you is this:

You don’t need to spend 2 years learning copywriting. After completing Copywriting Mastery you can pretty much instantly write banger copies.

Copywriting Mastery helps you create high-converting sales pages, upsells, follow-up emails ad copies and much more…


And You'll Get Over ₹4,999 Worth Of Copywriting Frameworks and more completely for FREE!

Get Lifetime Access for just ₹2,999

Introducing: The Copywriting Mastery

Learn to think like a Copywriter

Getting into the copywriter's mindset is so important, we don’t write a single word until you understand this. These lessons alone are game-changing.

Writing Headlines

Headlines are often underestimated, But that is what grabs your Customer's attention in the first place. We will show you exactly how to write those catchy Lines which Hooks your audience instantly.

Cold Email Writing

Learning to write a damn good cold email pitch is what takes salespeople from low performers to top performers. This training has transformed sales teams and businesses alike.

Writing Sales Pages/Funnels

The #1 thing people come to me for help with is sales pages…..those notoriously long behemoths that sell things online. I’ve got some great strategies and formulas to follow that will make sales pages way simpler to manage and write.

Go from Zero Knowledge to a Skilled Copywriter.
Rishi Jain - Co-founder of Digital Scholar

Know Your Trainer

Rishi Jain

Rishi will help you through the step-by-step process, hand holding you through various complicated tools and the “Zen System”- a powerhouse of the best digital ecosystem suitable for all people and make it look like a cheesecake for you!

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And much, much more!

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In CASE There's Anything I Missed, Here are Some Commonly Asked Questions!

No, once you pay the course fee, you have full access to all the course content, open to study at your convenience.

The course comes under a single fee of ₹2999 only. None of the content in the course comes at an extra cost.

As the course is completely self-paced, there is no set schedule for you to complete the course. You learn at your pace!
No, there is no refund policy as our association is for a lifetime with a lot of learnings and value. For this purpose, we don’t offer any refund once the payment goes through.
All the 30 Lessons have been taken by Rishi Jain.