How to Customize LinkedIn URL

How to Customize LinkedIn URLs? [Step by Step Guide]

Customizing/Changing your LinkedIn URL is a great way to make a more professional and memorable impression. In this LinkedIn help guide you will learn how to change or customize LinkedIn URL.

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A LinkedIn URL change is especially beneficial if your name is common, as a customized URL will make it easier for potential customers, clients, or employers to find you. Additionally, a customized URL is much easier to remember than a long string of numbers and letters.

Having a professionally customized URL on LinkedIn is also beneficial for SEO, as it can help you show up higher in search engine rankings. Finally, customizing your LinkedIn URL allows you to put your best foot forward, making the most of the small space you have to make an impact. 

Overall, customizing your LinkedIn URL is an easy and effective way to create a professional impression and boost your online presence.

Why Should I Change My LinkedIn URL?

Changing your LinkedIn URL can help you stand out from the crowd and add a level of personalization to your profile. It also helps make your profile easier to find in search engine results because it provides a unique identifier. 

By default, LinkedIn offers something like “”. But you can change this into something short and straightforward.

When you have a customized URL, it is easier for others to remember and makes it easier for them to refer to your profile. A customized URL can be used on your resume, business cards, and other professional materials. 

In summary, changing your LinkedIn URL can be a simple step to make your profile more recognizable, easier to find, and more professional overall.

Step-by-Step Guide to Manage and Customize LinkedIn URL

Step 1: Login into your LinkedIn Account

Screeshot showing sign in page of LinkedIn

Step 2: Go to your profile by clicking the ‘Me’ option.

Screenchot showing to click on profile pictute at the top of the LinkedIn homepage to access your profile.

Step 3: Click on “View Profile”

Screenshot showing an arrow to click view profile button.

Step 4: Click on the Edit Public Profile & URL

Screenshot highlighting edit public profile & URL to customize LinkedIn URL.

Step 5: Go to the edit your custom URL and click on the pen 

Screenshot showing to click edit button to customize LinkedIn url

Step 6: Customize your URL & click on save. And that’s how you change your LinkedIn URL.

Click the "Save" button to save your new URL


Customizing your LinkedIn URL is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your professional online presence. It makes your profile more memorable and adds a touch of personalization that can leave a lasting impression on potential employers, colleagues, and connections.

Following the step-by-step guide in this blog, you can easily create a custom LinkedIn URL that reflects your identity and expertise.

Remember that a well-crafted LinkedIn profile is an essential tool in today’s professional world, and taking the time to customize your URL is a small but significant step towards making your profile stand out. So, don’t delay – go ahead and tailor your LinkedIn URL today, and start making the most of your professional networking experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Should I put my LinkedIn URL on my resume?

Yes. You should put your LinkedIn URL on your resume because modern hiring happens primarily on LinkedIn these days. That is why you should consider putting your LinkedIn URL on your CV.

2. Is LinkedIn losing popularity?

LinkedIn is not losing popularity, and it will never be in the next few years. It is just entering into a new phase for a better user experience.

3. What is a LinkedIn Profile URL?

LinkedIn profile URL is the page address to your LinkedIn account. It is an easy way to find your LinkedIn profile among thousands of them.

4. Is there a shorter LinkedIn URL?

Yes. LinkedIn provides an option to create short and customised URLs. By default, you can change it to something simple.

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