How To Grow an Organic Audience
On YouTube – Complete Guide

The YouTube playbook is a guide for those who want to begin their YouTube Marketing journey. The book includes tips on how individuals or brands can use YouTube as a part of their digital marketing strategy and the subsequent steps required to be successful on the platform.

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Every narrative is better said in 24 frames per second – which is why YouTube is the most popular site on the internet globally. After Google, it is the second-largest search engine.

Marketers all over the world are embracing social media and video marketing. Do you want to use social media to increase interaction and use video to increase brand awareness or loyalty? YouTube can help you succeed on both fronts if your Page administrators are familiar with all of the site’s features. YouTube has over 800 million monthly active viewers, so initial impressions are crucial.

YouTube has announced a set of tools to assist advertisers in improving their channels. Many have tried their utmost to maximise the reach of their pages, but just a few have succeeded. That’s why we’ve put up a YouTube tutorial to assist anyone in setting the (virtual) stage for success.

In this playbook, we’ll discuss the following things:

What Is YouTube Marketing?

What is YouTube Marketing

Advertising a company, product, or service via YouTube is known as YouTube marketing. It can include (but is not limited to) the following tactics:

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a large organisation, you need to generate what your target clients desire to sell your business on YouTube. Isn’t it straightforward? It is, as long as you know what your clients want. In addition, you must ensure that the right individuals see your videos. Since YouTube is a search engine, you’ll need to optimise your content for its algorithm, just like you would for Google SEO.

Before we discuss the ways you can optimise your YouTube, let’s talk about the types of YouTubers:

Types of Youtubers

It is essential to know which type of YouTuber you are to tailor your strategies accordingly. There are two types of YouTubers: high frequency and moderate frequency.

YouTube Marketing Guide - Types of Youtubers

1. High frequency

Examples of high-frequency YouTubers are stand-up comedians, lifestyle bloggers, singers, and motivational speakers. These are the individuals or groups who have been using YouTube for years, and it has become their primary source of income. They upload videos to YouTube and complete the silver, gold, diamond, and platinum buttons from YouTube by gaining millions of subscribers.

2. Moderate frequency

These individuals have a defined niche, and YouTube is not their sole source of income. They are individuals who write about software or movie reviews, are educationalists, digital marketers, or cookery show hosts. They use YouTube to drive traffic to their paid courses, create consulting opportunities, gain new clients, create personal branding or make money online.

Examples: Chefs, digital marketers, teachers/trainers, bloggers/vloggers

Role of YouTube in marketing

YouTube is the perfect platform to gain vital visibility, allow people to experience your skills first-hand and develop a sincere fan base across the internet.

YouTube is no less than blogging. Hence, this entire experience is called vlogging. Blogging is all about text and visuals, while YouTube is about scripts, recording, editing, and quality uploads. Today, people like to watch videos more than reading blog posts.

According to Forbes, in 2019, the global consumer internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. According to Small Biz Trends, social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. That’s why you might have noticed that your newsfeed on all social media platforms is cluttered with videos.

There is always a difference between reading and watching. When you write, people are reading your thoughts. But when you record videos, people get to watch your emotions and expressions. The overall video experience is visually appealing.

YouTube is a Google product that allows people to subscribe to your channel. Vlogging gives you the edge of instant intimation by sending a notification to your subscribers once you upload your video. This immediately brings a certain % of your audience to watch your videos. It

engages them in commenting, liking or disliking your content. Basically, even before you promote your content, you have an audience reacting to your content.

The YouTube channel helps vloggers understand the dynamics of good performing videos, watch time and revenue earned (through ads) with the inbuilt analytic system it hosts.

Here’s how YouTube can help your business

1. Staying on top

Rather than beating about the bush or making films of what is already on the platform, you can stay on top by delivering content that is relevant to a laser-focused audience.

Here’s how making a Hindi-language video about digital marketing helped Sorav Jain stay on the first page of search results for a specific search term.

b2b digital marketing tips

2. Go vernacular

The ability to use vernacular languages is the most significant benefit you can get from YouTube.

This factor is the most excellent method to attract a regional audience. You can remake your videos in regional languages to reach a broader audience and educate more people.

3. Pick your niche

You can establish a relevant and loyal subscriber base by first deciding on a speciality. Make a content bucket of what needs to go on your channel after you’re all set. Your videos can’t be all over the place; each one needs to be focused on a specific topic, such as how-to videos or tool reviews. Today, YouTube allows you to go live, allowing you to engage with your subscribers while doing so. They’ll be talking to you and asking you questions about your field.

For example, Sorav posts videos related to digital marketing in the image below. They are all informative and follows the same pattern.

Sorav Jain's YouTube Channel

4. Monetary benefits

YouTube, for many, is a serious business. YouTube is a golden opportunity for everyone who has the skills to face the camera and create some spectacular videos. It isn’t easy to get a break in TV shows, but it is easy to get a breakthrough, on the internet, through YouTube.

Monetisation on YouTube largely depends on the following factors:

For example, there is a huge difference between the audience watching your videos in India vs the audience watching your videos in the U.S. You earn less from the ads for an Indian audience but more from the U.S. Similarly, if your content is catering to kids, you might earn less when compared to teens and adults.

5. Virality

YouTube is the home of the viral video, which is a phrase for a video that swiftly travels throughout the internet to a big audience. Marketers can direct customers to YouTube videos using other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter in the hopes of getting the videos to go viral. Particularly popular videos make it to the YouTube home page, boosting traffic even further.

6. Wide reach

YouTube has millions of users that check in every day, giving it a vast audience. With this in mind, providing your firm with a good amount of exposure on an Internet site like YouTube will not only get you a local audience but will also get your company a global audience. This will not only help your business be advertised, but it will also allow you to reach out to potential clients and future staff.

7. Cost-effective

Most advertising methods like Google ads are fairly expensive. On YouTube, it is more plausible to formulate an organic audience. You can reach a much wider audience with minimum costs. This makes it a sustainable option and one you can practice for the long term.

How to get started with YouTube

A Gmail account can help you create a YouTube channel. You will require two crucial things:

  • An ‘about us’ section (define the purpose of your YouTube channel here, and give a brief introduction of your profile):

Enter a description of yourself, your business, and your channel under the About tab of your channel. Then, on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn link it to your website and your most popular social profiles.

Get started & grow organically on youtube
  • A cover picture should convey ‘The Purpose of the YouTube Channel’
Organic YouTube Marketing Guide- Sorav Jain Cover Image
👉 Introduction video:
You must have an introduction video so that everyone who views your channel can get a good notion of the type of content you post. When someone visits your channel’s home page, YouTube immediately plays the video. An introduction video should be no longer than two minutes long. Neil Patel, a well-known digital marketer, made a video in which he discussed his career as a digital marketer and what one may learn from his YouTube channel.
Organic YouTube Marketing Guide- Neil Patel Bio

👉 Screen-based video:
In a screen-based video, you can record videos explaining a specific process, step-by-step. For example, if you are teaching people how to run Facebook lead generation advertisements, you can make use of this tool. It will record your voice with the mic and record your desktop screen. You can also insert your face by switching on your laptop camera. You can run your presentation on the screen in full-screen mode and record, slide by slide, in case you have great difficulty remembering lines.

👉 Short and crisp videos:
If your videos end up being too long, cut them down into smaller chunks and release them as a series one by one. You can combine them into a single playlist with two takeaways. The first benefit is that you will receive more views. The second benefit is that you will be able to update content on a regular basis, which will keep your viewers interested in your channel.

People seem to prefer shorter videos, based on my observations. As a result, create videos that can answer the questions that your audience is thinking about.

Organic YouTube Marketing Guide - Sorav Jain Portfolio

👉 Interviews:
People can do talk shows with industry experts by holding Q&A sessions with them; these interviews can even be recorded on Skype if the experts are located remotely. People enjoy watching expert interviews because they learn from their experiences.

Organic YouTube Marketing Guide - Interview Videos

Most top performers, such as singers, dancers, chefs, trainers, and influencers from various fields, face the camera and record their recordings. It’s almost like having your chat show. The amount of money you put into your setup is entirely up to you. When it comes to making an appealing output, having a good camera, microphone, tripod, and good lighting comes in helpful. Many individuals record 4K videos on their smartphones.

Here are five products that I strongly suggest for your YouTube studio setup:

👉 Series video/course:
Trainers from all fields are already taking advantage of YouTube’s potential by posting their training videos there. It increases the value of your channel by requiring users to subscribe to view all of your videos. To expand their subscriber base, most experts construct a series and then run YouTube advertisements; one of the most delicate hooks is telling people that they have a full-fledged course available for free on their channel.

This piques the curiosity of a large number of people. Many people subscribe as a result of the expectations you’ve created. And it has a more significant impact if you go live on YouTube from time to time to answer their questions. I see many of them doing that, and their subscription numbers are increasing by the hundreds.

To get all of your editing done, it’s always preferable to hire a professional. However, programs are available to assist you with your first level editing, such as YouTube Creator Studio. Before my editor begins work on the video, I give him the following instructions:

Important considerations:

You can use other social media platforms for advertising your YouTube channels. You could, for example, post a snippet from the original video and include a link to the video in the description. You can also use a call to action button such as ‘Watch Video’ or ‘Watch Now’ in your ad. Users will be directed to your video. You might launch similar advertisements on other networks to expand your subscriber base.

Things to keep in mind while building your YouTube channel organically


YouTube, today, has become a source of entertainment, education, edutainment, and revenue generation for content creators. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. We cannot deny that when we are stuck with a particular process, YouTube comes to our rescue.

You can make the most out of it by following the steps mentioned above and be on your way to growing your business using the power platform – YouTube!

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