How To Ace Your Organic Linkedin Marketing

This playbook is helpful for those new to LinkedIn and those who wish to leverage the platform for their personal branding. This guide includes steps on how to ace your organic LinkedIn marketing and how you can tailor your profile to ensure maximum reach.

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Your online brand dictates who you are – it goes beyond just your brand’s offerings, products and services. It’s a place for you to build a personal connection with your audience – tell them your goals and vision and how it aligns with their beliefs. It’s what your clients are interested in knowing.

The best way to build your online persona is via social media – and we have a social media platform solely constructed to enhance and promote business connections – LinkedIn. In this playbook, we’ll discuss the benefits of building an organic Linkedin brand profile and, as a business, how you can make the most out of it.

First, let’s talk more about LinkedIn – What is it?

LinkedIn’s branding stresses being a hangout for thought leaders and key decision-makers. Generally, people who use social media to learn something new or share their knowledge find themselves scrolling through LinkedIn a lot more than the other social media platforms.

Now, people find themselves posting and answering polls, reading and sharing entrepreneurial stories, posting job requirements and demands, etc. Increasing your organic reach on LinkedIn is assisted by a particular feature: If you like or comment on a post, the post will be seen to all your followers as well. Due to this, the reach of your post can be multiplied, hence increasing your organic reach.

Fun fact: According to a survey, 122 million people obtained an interview through LinkedIn, with 35.5 million of them being hired by someone they met on the platform. As a result, it’s not shocking that three people get hired every minute on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn poses opportunities for a vast group of people. Be it a student, a job seeker, or a professional. Below is some information on how every individual can make the most out of LinkedIn and do so.

Opportunities on LinkedIn for:

  Opportunities  How to get those opportunities 
As a student  Follow experts and learn from their expertise. Keep your profile constantly polished.
Be on the lookout for internships. Connect with 
– CEOs,
– Colleagues and immediate managers from your prior internships.
– Professors 
Meet like-minded people  Connect with a relevant audience.
Earn recommendations  Grow your +1s on your skillset by requesting people to recommend you.
As a job seeker Apply for jobs Polish your profile and update your profile to “open to work.”
Directly connect with CEOs and HRs.  Follow companies you want to work for
Get seen by employers. Write personalised emails to HR based on your profile and what you’re looking for.
Get references  Request people to give +1s on your skillset
Share articles that provide value to your field of interest 
Constantly update your profile and keep it rich with content.
As a professional  Be a thought leader  Communicate and share quality knowledge about your niche.
Earn followers  Update and post quality content regularly.
Get business contacts and grow your network. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and stay active in them.
Connect with the right people
Be seen by professionals and establish yourself as an industry leader Share your thoughts and post about news in your industry. 
As a busy CEO Build professional relationships Increase visibility
Get fresh talent for your business. Join Linkedin groups and post announcements relating to your company.
Increase the reach of your company. Connect with colleagues, stakeholders, journalists, analysts and influencers.
As an entrepreneur Become an industry leader Build an all-star profile
Get new business deals. Experiment with all of Linkedin’s features:”
Publish more 
Add videos
Use InMail
Tag the right people
Share your entrepreneurial journey.
WIsh people on their birthdays, work anniversaries and promotions.

Now that you know how LinkedIn can help your business let’s go through a detailed process on how you can get the most out of LinkedIn.

Tips for Organic LinkedIn Marketing

1. Polishing your LinkedIn profile

Profile picture:

Your LinkedIn profile photo and background image are your opportunity to make an excellent first impression. You must make sure that they are complementary to one another and that they collectively reflect your personality.

Here’s how you should pose for your ideal profile photo:

As you can see below, the profile picture is formal, shows the face clearly and has a confident smile. The cover photo also compliments the profile picture and speaks about his personality through a single look.

Organic LinkedIn Marketing - Sorav Jain Cover Image LinkedIn

Similarly, look at Neil Patel’s LinkedIn profile photo and cover picture. It compliments each other and does the job at first look.

Organic Linkedin Marketing Guide- Neil Patel Cover Image

Headline / Bio:

Your LinkedIn headline is your chance to catch recruiters’ attention and entice them to visit your profile. Because LinkedIn is also a search engine, keywords play an important role in being found. Here are some ideas to help you develop making improving a great headline: As a professional, who are you? So, what exactly do you do? What outcomes have you achieved?

Check out Neil Patel’s headline – it’s short, crisp, uses keywords and hashtags to increase visibility.

Neil Patel LinkedIn Headline Bio

In another example, Sorav Jain’s bio has elaborate descriptions of his various achievements and skills. He also uses screenshots relevant to his niche.

Organic LinkedIn Marketing Guide -Sorav Jain Bio

Maintain the relevance and freshness of your headline at all times. As your career goals progress and change, keep redefining them. You’ll be discovered by the appropriate individuals and land the right job this way!


Your LinkedIn Summary has two purposes: it improves your search ranking and makes you more appealing to recruiting managers. Your summary should be a quick rundown of your most impressive and compelling work. This is your chance to shine in your summary.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

Take a look at Sorav Jain’s “About” section.

Organic Linkedin Marketing- Sorav Jain About Section

Skills and Expertise:

Hundreds of recruiters are looking for candidates on LinkedIn every day use LinkedIn skills as their critical search criteria! To ensure that you appear in those searches, you must add the appropriate abilities.

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you choose your skills:

This is what a polished LinkedIn section looks like. Have a look at Neil Patel’s skills and abilities and the number of endorsements he’s received. You can start by adding a few of your relevant skills and gaining endorsements for them. Eventually, you can keep adding more skills and hence constantly build your profile.

Organic Linkedin Marketing Guide - Skills, Tools, Industry knowledge


This is where you can record your academic background and achievements while studying. You can acquire an all-star profile ranking and appear on search lists by optimising your schooling section.

It also helps you find people with similar educational backgrounds to you and connect with them to begin networking.

Here’s how you can add your education level to your LinkedIn profile:

Education Linkedin

Work Experience:

As part of your prior internships or jobs, you must give information about the organisations with whom you have worked. This can help recruiters understand more about your professional past and establish your credibility. This is what your work experience section should look like:

Organic Linkedin Marketing Guide - Rishi Jain Work Experience


Including your accomplishments as part of your professional experience can help you stand out from the crowd. While the rest of your profile focuses on what you’ve accomplished, this section focuses on what you’ve done. Include any awards you received as part of your Digital Scholar course and provide evidence in the form of numbers.

“I assisted XYZ client in gaining 10k more Instagram followers in three months,” for example.


On your Linkedin profile, you’ll undoubtedly highlight your best qualities. Your potential employers will want to learn more about you from the folks you’ve worked within the past. You can include recommendations from mentors, managers, or academics in your resume.

These references will show your recruiters that your work was valued and loved by professionals, and they will have a better grasp of what you can provide.

Organic LinkedIn Marketing - LinkedIn Recommendations

Languages known:

You should (rightfully) brag about your language abilities to potential employers. LinkedIn provides a dedicated “Languages” section on your profile under the “Accomplishments” heading that makes exhibiting your language skills easier. Choose a level that corresponds to your degree of proficiency, and make sure to emphasise your language abilities throughout your profile.

2. Increase your leads

LinkedIn can be used to locate people who are interested in your product or service; in other words, your ideal clients. LinkedIn will show you the people you’re most interested in targeting if you’ve created a profile for your firm. You have much greater access to people who have the necessary expertise and experience, as well as the financial means to purchase your product or service or invest in your business.

Create groups:

Creating groups is the first step in getting closer to your target customers. You must build groups, add members to them, and, most importantly, keep track of them. After you’ve completed the process, you can continue to create material and begin attracting members. You must also make an attempt to locate popular material that will sell like hotcakes in the group. If you post any trendy content, there’s a good probability that the members of that group will react to it.

Jumpstart your connections:

Jumpstarting your initial connections with people you already know will give you a good headstart and initial reach. LinkedIn prevents you from connecting with people who are more than one degree removed from you. The greater your range of potential connections for automatic outreach, the more relationships you have to begin with.

3. Post engaging content

Make it a two-way street:

Unless and until you don’t interact on others’ posts or don’t post engaging content, your LinkedIn isn’t going to get enough engagement.

Here are some types of posts that get engagement:

Creating polls or urging people to like/comment by expressing their opinions is a great way to increase engagement on your posts. People also prefer video content over long and never-ending texts.

Tell stories:

It’s vital to include stories in your content mix if you want them to become viral.


They’re people, after all. It causes people to develop feelings for you and regard you as more than a business stooge.

In addition, storey posts have a unique quality: they foster trust. People can relate to you when you tell vulnerable stories. And have faith in your own sincerity.

So, how can you make a compelling story post? Try:

Organic Linkedin Marketing Guide - Prachi Jaiswal
Inspirational stories

Post videos:

Attracting and engaging your target audience is one of the most difficult aspects of marketing.

Video content is one of the most effective ways to do both on LinkedIn. Why?

Simple. Because it engages all five of the senses. If you watch the video, you’ll see one of their freelancers demonstrating how she led a client team to their highest revenue earnings in five years.

Can you imagine the impact of hearing those words spoken aloud in a video rather than reading them in a text-only post? The problem is that many marketers believe that professionals function solely on the basis of rationality.

However, whether you’re in the B2B or B2C world, your audience is made up of people, and people enjoy engaging content.

And what sort of content engages people more than video? None. According to studies, LinkedIn video content generates 3X the amount of interaction as plain text posts. That alone is a compelling argument to begin sharing video content on LinkedIn.

4. Deliver value

For audience engagement, a successful content strategy necessitates the exchange of valuable content. Simply put, if you want LinkedIn members to engage, you must provide value in the form of helpful, inspiring content. Stay hyper-focused on what matters most to your audience to do this.

5. Use hashtags

Hashtags help LinkedIn arrange material so that users can find it quickly. When you utilise industry or topic-specific hashtags in your postings, viewers who are interested in such topics will be able to find your content quickly.

Not only will this increase the likelihood of your post appearing in someone’s feed, but it will also allow you to appear in search results.

6. Show your expertise

LinkedIn is a great place to showcase your thought leadership. Because LinkedIn focuses on business, individuals are eager for new knowledge and ideas to share, which you may provide as an industry expert.

It’s all about the exchange on social media. Because your audience is swapping interaction for the value of your content, thought leadership can be quite effective. Make use of your experience and connections in the industry to develop high-quality content that provides consumers with helpful information. These thought leadership pieces can have a large reach if you’ve established your contacts and taken the time to identify what type of content your audience is looking for.

Industry knowledge is simply that: a valuable resource, and organic LinkedIn is all about providing value and expertise. Another fantastic benefit of using your connections in your thought leadership is that it broadens your audience even further. If someone has submitted a quote, tag them in the post and encourage them to share it with their networks.


Organic LinkedIn marketing is a great approach for businesses to connect with their target demographic. Because of LinkedIn’s professional focus, it attracts a population that is ideal for many brands, and you should take advantage of this.

You can instantly expand your audience by developing a genuine profile that reflects your brand voice and engages your industry with valuable content. This allows you to deliver your message to a specific, engaged audience, giving your brand more authority and introducing it to potential customers.

Organic LinkedIn marketing could be a terrific alternative for you if you’re wanting to increase your social media results.

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