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Instachamp 100% Instagram Approved Tool for Instagram Automations

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Best landing page builder. We use this at Digital Scholar and saw a growth in conversion rate by 28% with better landing pages. Checkout the marketer pack.


Instagram Growth Stack (Instagram Marketing + Automations - Ultimate Course Bundle)


Marketing Automations Pabbly Connect Get 5% Off [Coupon code: RISHI]


Best Learning Management Platform. We use this at DS for all our courses and have more than 40,000 students on the platform

Host your courses for Free for unlimited students and videos


Best Hosting Plans Starting at 1$/Month

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to get extra 7% off on all plans


Digital Scholar Exclusive Deals

Exclusive 50% off with Digital Scholar for the starter pack. Sign up and see the offer

ShareChat Claim 100% Ad Credit for Sharechat platform

Best Instagram Automation Tool Automate Comments, Stories, DMs

Use coupon code: SORAV1 and get one’s month premium access

Create content with the power of AI. Get first 10,000 credits for free

Learning Management Platform with in-built Zoom Subscriptions

Claim exclusive 50% off
Use coupon code: DIGITALSCHOLAR50

Free Project Management Tool. Save loads of time and increase productivity 10 X. Project management tool used by Digital Scholar

Tools We Use and Highly Recommend

Best Email Marketing Tool. Increased Digital Scholar's sales by 36%

Best Learning Management System to Host Your Courses

Deliver Live-looking Webinars. Automate your webinars and gain more productivity

All in one Webinar Platform. It is an alternative of zoom and has a capacity of 2000 members

Create Contests, Referrals and More. Generate 10x leads by going viral with your workshops, contests and more using upviral

Easily Connect Multiple Applications to Automate your Tasks

AI Powered Content Writing Tool. Get first 10,000 credits for free

Professional Designing Tool. Create professional looking designs. It is used by designers for Digital Scholar

Most Popular WordPress Theme Builder. Digital Scholar's website is created on this theme

Warm Up Your Email and Domain 10x Faster and save yourselves from ending in promotions/spam tab

WhatsApp API for Businesses

Engage with your customers on the world’s most popular messaging app with bulk messaging and automation Options

Create Your Own Affiliate Network and Amazing Checkout Billing Systems

Notable Tools and Deals





All-in-One AI Writing Tool

59 - Lifetime

Advanced Website Widgets


Track Your Competitors


Track Your Competitors

Free Sign Up

Link Shortener

Lifetime Deal - 39$

Hashtag Research Tool

5$/Month Onwards

Payment Gateway

Free Sign Up

Design Tool

499 INR/Month

Marketing Automations

Monthly/Annual Plan

Chatbot+Live Chat

Free Sign Up

Best Chatbot for Ads


Payment Gateway - Ecommerce

Free Sign Up - Get 1500*

Team Management Tool

Lifetime Deal - 49$

Team Management Tool

Apply for FREE lifetime account

AI Based Email Generator

$59 LTD

Ai Based Social Media Content Generator

$69 LTD

Organise and Save Tabs on Your Browser

$59 LTD

Choose when to receive batches of
emails either on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis

$39 LTD

 Simplify your content lifecycle/workflow/blueprints from creation to conversion. Establish domain expertise and drive footfalls on your website with high-quality content metrics unearthed straight from the Google database.

$27/ month

SMS-iT is a platform for brands that want to personalize customer engagement, retain clients and build new sales leads with accuracy powered by 2-way omnichannel messaging and augmented with A.I.

Dashboards and Reports

From $4.5/ month for 1 project