Free Online Notepad with Auto Save

Digital Scholar’s free online notepad is now available in your web browser for writing and editing your important document. Digital Scholar’s free online notepad is a great choice for those needing an AdFree online notepad that is easy to use without any word limit. You can access your browser with all active tabs open using this tool. It works exactly like a word document, but the thing is you are comfortably doing it on web browser and you can switch between them.

This simple online notepad has an AutoSave feature that enables users to restore their text as a draft as long as you are not refreshing the window at any cost. This tool is absolutely useful for the developer, which can convert your text into HTML codes. Additionally, you can undo & redo, play with the headlines, include images, add as many links as you like, and design your own signature for emails.

If you want a notepad that enables you to write, edit and convert text to code without storing your personal information then you must try Digital Scholar’s free online notepad for a better experience.

Have fun taking notes!!!