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10 Best YouTube Video Content Ideas in 2023

Looking for fresh YouTube video content ideas in 2023? Check out our curated list of the top 10 trending and engaging video concepts to help you captivate your audience. From entertaining challenges and informative tutorials to thought-provoking discussions and mesmerizing travel vlogs, this list has it all. Get inspired and create content that will keep your viewers coming back for more. Don't miss out on these must-watch YouTube video ideas for 2023!

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Managing a YouTube channel is not an easy task. There is an ongoing juggle of on-time posting, keeping it engaging, and coming up with fresh YouTube video content ideas. Though there is no need to break the YouTube marketing strategies that are working fine, it is always good to refresh your approach and try some new video content ideas. It also comes with a lot of benefits.

Benefits of Fresh YouTube Content Ideas

  • Keeps the audience engaged and sticks around longer
  • Increases the web traffic and social media traction
  • Creates trust among fans, followers, and audiences 
  • Generates more quality leads and pushes ROI
  • Increases the chances of search engine ranking and indexing 
  • Influences audiences to make an informed decision 
  • Boosts search engine rankings and improves performance 
  • Increases brand awareness and creates a loyal follower base
  • Saves cost on digital marketing strategies
  • Attracts more viewers and subscribers 
  • Boosts confidence in self to produce more quality videos 

Every great YouTube video content idea starts with brainstorming. With YouTube videos, quantity triumphs over quality. You need to produce more and more ideas. Brainstorming lets you be creative with your thoughts, and that’s the first step in making great YouTube videos. Here is what you need to consider before investing in an idea.   

Top 7 Ways To Brainstorm YouTube Video Content Idea

Before investing in what you think is a brilliant content idea, there are some things that you must watch out for to ensure you create the best YouTube videos for the audience. Some of the things that you have to keep in mind include: 

Know the Intention of the Video: 

Begin by thinking about the intention behind creating a video. Do you want to share your knowledge? Or gain more YouTube subscribers? Or do you want to attract sponsors? It will help you creatively develop content ideas for your next YouTube video according to the video’s intention. 

Understand your Audiences: 

You must gather as much information as possible about the audience you want to target for the YouTube content. Get your target audience, demographics, age group, interests, and so on. Getting a feel of what the audiences want will help you with relevant content they want to invest in.

Make a Budget: 

You can do all kinds of things with your YouTube marketing. However, you must realize some limitations regarding the budget you have allocated. Everything comes at a cost so ensure you factor in all the costs, make the budget, and stick to it. Take multiple quotes before you pick the vendor for the job if you plan to outsource.

Research Competitors: 

Research what your competitors are doing and analyze what is working for their videos. See the products or services they are showcasing and understand how they convert their ideas into videos. Do not reinvent the wheel. Learn from their flaws and derive creative ideas from their videos and experiences.

Whether it be communication methods, rendering of the video, patterns followed, etcetera, it is necessary to keep an eye on what is trending in the YouTube world. No matter how brilliant your content idea is, if the positioning and look and feel are outdated, there is every chance that users will instead invest their time in something that is trending. 

Manage Old Videos: 

Before creating something new, it is essential to keep an eye out for how you want to handle what already exists. Some video ideas can be timeless and refurbished, and others might need to be started from scratch. Ensure that you do not have repetitions and keep updating the channel space to see that the communication is progressive and relevant.  

Be Ready To Forgo Ideas: 

You will develop many YouTube video content ideas during the brainstorming sessions. However, it might take some time to drill down the best ones. So, never become attached to an idea. If an idea does not serve the purpose of intention, you better sacrifice that idea. Stay focused on the purpose of the video. 

Top 10 YouTube Video Content Ideas [2023]

When a product or service is trying to create footfall on YouTube, different types of content ideas come to one’s mind. However, here is a list of 10 YouTube video content ideas that will work. When done right, these content ideas increase footfall, encourage viewers to spread the word further, let them become followers or subscribers of your thoughts, and even try to take ownership and help you grow further. The top 10 YouTube video content ideas are:  

1. Meet the Team Videos: 

YouTube is a great place to share different types of videos. However, people often like to interact with the team behind making these videos. It is interesting for your audiences to get close and know the team behind the brand or creator. It also establishes the credibility of your brand amongst the audiences. Meet the team could include fun activities the group is into, an introduction to the workspace, sharing unique ideas that your team follows, and so on. This video can showcase your team, create a sense of personalization, and give your customers a view of how the team works on a regular day or during special occasions. 

Interesting Tips to Create “Meet the Team Videos”

  • Display the brand logo, tagline, and slogan in the video to create brand awareness 
  • Film a staff smiling, serving the customer, or sharing their experience
  • Let people narrate their day-to-day experience, job responsibilities and growth stories
  • Add short testimonials from the brand to showcase their opinion about the brand
  • Showcase the tools involved in filming the video and how they work
  • Add funny bloopers to showcase the fun side and humanize the brand 

2. Unboxing and Product reviews Videos: 

YouTube video content ideas - Unboxing and product review video

Though all products come with a user manual or how-to guide, users like to see it as if someone else is doing it for better understanding. The visual aid of unboxing videos is a hit for users who have just bought a product they are unfamiliar with but want to own. Review videos are the icing on the cake regarding products and YouTube. These videos help make purchasing decisions and make users look like subject matter experts (SMEs) over some time- when done right. With the correct reviews, users tend to consider it the benchmark for an honest product review.  

Interesting Tips to Create Review Videos

  • Choose a niche only based on your passion and area of expertise
  • Ensure to speak slowly and clearly with easily understandable language
  • Add subtitles in the video for better and easy-to-follow content
  • Try to have a studio set-up or proper equipment for unboxing videos 
  • Unbox and review only the latest products in your niche
  • Get to the point quickly, without delaying the unboxing 
  • Explain every feature clearly and use the products whenever possible

3. Listicle Videos: 

Listicle videos are certainly one of the best YouTube video content ideas attracting much attention in the YouTube space. The most beautiful part of such a video format is that it is clear, to-the-point and precise. Whether you are listing “top digital marketing agencies in India” or “top 10 lipstick to buy this summer”, the format cleverly works for all niches. You can have listicle videos for a whole bunch of topics and categories. Make multiple lists and items within a list that viewers tend to find helpful. You can use these kinds of videos to compare the best options available, as a promotional strategy for your product or service, to do assessments on versions and products, and more. However, listicle videos do better when it comes from a review and opinion point of view from a credible source. So, make sure you build audiences’ trust before creating listicles. 

Interesting Tips to Create Review Videos

  • Always list the number (top 8, 10 and so on) in the video title and description 
  • Include the product image on the video screen while talking about it
  • Cover as many aspects as possible about each product or service 
  • Try to review the product or service based on personal experience 
  • Keep the video crisp and short 
  • Always urge the audience to comment on their product at the end. 

4. Tutorials and Educational Videos: 

YouTube is undoubtedly a place people go for information. Also, over the last few years, YouTube has even become a top source of getting free information for all ages. Be it understanding concepts such as digital marketing trends in 2022 simply and effectively or knowing how to do a task with audio-visual aids. Explainer videos are important and attract more attention from viewers. It is also required to constantly update the under for different product versions and provide end-to-end solutions. However, because of the high competition in this niche, you must devise feasible ways to make your YouTube video idea stand out. The most striking thing about making tutorials and educational videos are that they can be created in different formats such as animation, screencasts, whiteboard, recordings, instructor-led and more. 

Interesting Tips to Create Tutorials and Educational Videos

  • Create a catchy video thumbnail and add the topic in the title and description 
  • Keep the video length within 10 minutes 
  • Club all videos and make a playlist on YouTube
  • Cover only concepts based on your expertise and passion
  • Create live sessions and on-demand learning videos 
  • Ensure all videos are well researched and knowledgeable
  • Make use of applications like Loom and Canva to record and design videos 

5. Event Announcement Videos: 

Videos offer much more creativity than a brochure, a poster, or a printout does not have. You can make a splash on the internet on what you are up to and send this message everywhere with easier access to the event directly. Event announcement videos can be a great option when you have something impactful to announce. It can be made in many creative ways. The videos can have graphics, people, and anything you want to be creative about within the audio-visual space. These videos can be helpful when you want to invite users to participate in webinars, Q&A sessions, new releases, meetups online or offline, and more.

Interesting Tips to Create Event Announcement Videos

  • Create a short video recap of previous event video if available 
  • Use the customizable template to make event videos quickly
  • Add event announcement video with relevant FAQs
  • Share some highlights of the event to entice more audience 
  • Give key details in the video such as data, venue, purpose etc
  • Share a closeup shot of people preparing for the video 
  • Add some enticing background sound to the video
  • Humbly invite users to be part of the event 

6. How-To Videos: 

How-To videos are one of the most viewed kinds of YouTube videos on the platform. You can find many How-To videos on YouTube from “how to succeed with Instagram reels” to “how to bake a vegan cake” and “how to choose the best digital marketing course“. Such videos gather excellent viewership because they only offer valuable information. However, it can be difficult to strike a perfect balance between making a YouTube video that is both engaging and informative. It is better to spend a decent amount of time planning such videos and getting them right. 

Interesting Tips to Create How-To Videos

  • Use a high-quality camera to shoot the tutorial 
  • Explain the video in steps with accurate information 
  • Refine the title and description with proper usage of keywords from the video
  • Encourage the audience to try the steps given in the How-To video
  • Use humour, animation, screenshots and more whenever possible 
  • Edit the video and make it as short as possible 
  • Add the video to the playlist if you have created more How-To videos

7. Interviews videos: 

Almost everyone likes the views of a subject-matter expert (SME) and learns a little bit more about their expertise in a particular subject. A sneak peek into their lives, what drives them, any quirks they have, how they became SMEs, and what kind of research they do are just some of the content you can cover as part of your interview videos. Videos that are fun to watch and as informative as they are entertaining can connect with your viewers. Sometimes you may not get an SME of your choice. In such cases, you can collaborate with other YouTube creators and interview them about their expertise. 

Interesting Tips to Create Interview Videos

  • Write the script in advance and prepare for the interview 
  • Question about the problem, solution, and opinion about the subject
  • Research about the expert and view their videos on other platforms
  • Be an active listener without interrupting when the expert is talking
  • Be more polite, humble and curious in your approach 
  • Shoot the footage professionally with great visuals and audio quality 

8. Funny and cute videos: 

Videos that make people laugh get billions of views and are shared a million times. Nobody hates funny and cute videos. Also, such videos can help people relax after a long day at work or when they need mood upliftment. When you talk about serious business, funny videos have great potential to promote a brand. On the other hand, adding humorous elements to challenging subjects like politics and news can be a huge plus. People tend to connect well with the video when there is humor involved. No matter, if you like to make cute cat and dog videos or love to capture funny kids’ moments, creating funny and cute videos, can be a great YouTube content video idea. 

Interesting Tips to Create Funny and Cute Video

  • Use a video editor that supports recording, adding memes, voiceover and more
  • Add an essential element from the funny video to the thumbnail
  • Create a comic title and exaggerate some absurd moments from the video
  • Add funny voices over, scripts and memes 
  • Edit and merge videos to make them funny and interesting 
  • Animals, babies, bloopers, parody, and lip-sync are all great video ideas 

9. Positive Videos: 

Energies that spread positive energy and motivation are excellent YouTube video content ideas. Creating inspiration, motivating users with positive messaging, and encouraging them to believe they can achieve anything they set their mind to are all great content ideas. Let users do things by themselves (DIY videos) while guiding them step by step. This video form helps users get their hands dirty while listening to you. These videos can include arts and crafts, repair work, motivational speak, spiritual and emotional help, and so on. Getting motivational speakers on your channel to establish credibility and authenticity is a great idea. 

Interesting Tips to Create Positive Videos

  • Set a positive tone, background, and sound
  • Add inspirational quotes and punchlines in the video.
  • Share the positive message with an anecdote or story
  • Give solutions for common issues people face in their daily life
  • Talk about successful entrepreneurs that made their dream a reality    
  • Share steps-by-step suggestions for achieving a goal
  • Always empathize with the audience when imbibing positive messaging

10. Q & A Videos: 

The question and answer session is an excellent format for YouTube videos and live sessions. It helps the audience know the YouTube creator or a brand on a personal level. These types of videos are engaging and have a one-on-one format. Consider having your viewers ask questions and provide videos dedicated to answering these questions. It is a video marketing strategy that can engage viewers and give them a sense that their voice matters. Sometimes, you can even bring in experts to answer these questions. The AMA (Ask me anything) is a format that is also growing in popularity. For maximum engagement, create hashtags surrounding the Q&A sessions so viewers can easily access the videos. 

Interesting Tips to Create Q & Q Videos

  • Take as many questions as possible and be honest with the answers 
  • Share some personal secrets to keep audiences engaged and motivated
  • Talk about your produce and address audiences’ issues
  • Always apologize if the audience points out any mistakes in any previous videos
  • Do live stream Q and A to establish credibility amongst the audiences
  • Create a promo video to let people know you are doing a Q and A session

All of these are excellent and powerful YouTube video content ideas. After you decide on your niche, here are some basic things to keep your video professional. 

Checklist For Creating Professional YouTube Videos 

  • Tools: Before recording, check if you have the necessary equipment such as a quality camera, dedicated microphone, highlighting hardware, tripod, etc.
  • Background: Go with a plain, neat, clear set when shooting the video. You can go for a green screen as a background. It will give a professional feel to the video. Also, make sure there are no reflections or disturbance in the background. 
  • Editing: When aiming to create videos for marketing, it's good to opt for a simple editing style. Cancel the noise, adjust lighting, remove pauses, add background music, etc., will help.
  • Sound: Invest in a good microphone that performs well. No one likes fuzzy, unclear noise in the background video. Focus on getting your audio clear and precise.
  • Script: Keep your script simple yet attractive. Use simple words and keep the speech flow smooth. Deliver the speech in a calm and composed manner.
  • Length: Decide the video length in advance. In the era of reels and stories, people these days enjoy short videos. However, your video will attract a big audience even if it is lengthy, provided it has valuable information.
  • Plan: From writing the script to shooting the video, you will have to write down the entire process of making a YouTube video. It will help you avoid too much rework. Also, learn about the best time to post on YouTube.


YouTube is a fantastic place to showcase your creativity and talent. However, you need to update and upgrade from time to time. Learning digital marketing from experts is always great, and YouTube is no different. 

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