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20 Best Youtube SEO Tools to Improve Your Reach and Ranking

Are you looking for YouTube SEO tools? We've found top 20 YouTube SEO tools that can streamline your path to a growing and engaged YouTube following. Let's us know if we missed your favorite YouTube SEO tool.

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YouTube SEO tools are often ignored by YouTubers. Google is revered as the most popular and highly used search engine, but they overlook the fact that YouTube comes strong as the second most popular Search Engine. While you optimize your website and ensure proper on-page SEO strategies and off-page SEO techniques for your website, why not do the same for your YouTube uploads?

Youtube is a compelling platform where you can build a business. Some people run a full-time business with the help of their Youtube channel. Example- Sorav Jain is one of the leading digital marketing coaches on the planet, and they are running a Youtube channel, and through that Youtube Channel they try to sell their courses. 

People run full-time businesses with the platform, they stream games, upload their sketches, and have their cooking shows, and the possibilities are endless! So, now I think you understand that it is essential to post content on it and use some Youtube SEO tools that help you grow your Youtube Channel. 

Why Youtube SEO Matters?

You might be wondering why  SEO for YouTube matters???

The reason behind the question will be revealed to you shortly. However, before knowing it, let’s see what Youtube SEO is,

YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your channel, videos, playlists, metadata, and descriptions to improve your visibility and ranking on YouTube as well as other search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The following is the list of benefits to know why Youtube SEO matters,

  1. Youtube SEO will organically rank your videos in YouTube searches which can do wonders for your video engagement metrics. The higher a video ranks in search results, the more likely viewers will be to watch it.
  2. Proper YouTube SEO management will expose you to a huge audience and gain more viewers. You can use various Youtube SEO tools to increase your organic ranking.
  3. Best SEO practices for YouTube will result in improved conversion rates and higher engagement rates for your videos.
  4. YouTube SEO will lead to your YouTube video receiving ad offers with exclusive access to larger audiences.
  5. A proper and well-optimized Youtube video will make you money with AdSense once you get more engagement on all of your channel’s videos.
  6. Interlinking appropriate YouTube videos to your website will increase your brand’s reputation and authority in search engines.
  7. Structured data can be used to index embedded videos in search engine results pages.
  8. Effective YouTube SEO, such as embedding YouTube videos on a website, can result in YouTube rankings in Google.

Top 20 Youtube SEO Tools For Video Reach & Ranking

1. TubeBuddy 

Youtube SEO Tools - TubeBuddy
Youtube SEO Tools – TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the potent and famous Youtube SEO tools that most big Youtubers use. TubeBuddy provides a lot of features that are important but are not provided by Youtube. Like- keyword research, tags, productivity, analytics, bulk processing, video SEO, and a lot more. TubeBuddy is also on the number because of the analysis they made. 

TubeBuddy provides us with two types of data. First based on our overall channel that data helps you see what day people are coming to our channel. The second is based on your particular video. In that way, you can find out which type of video is working and which video is not working. 

With the help of these data, you are going to run your Youtube channel with more knowledge. Then, you find that tech reviews do not work that great, and tips on computers work better. This is a purely hypothetical example.



AvailablePro- $2.80/month
Star- $9.20/month
Legend- $21.20/month
Enterprise- Contact

2. VidIQ

Youtube SEO Tools - VidIQ
Youtube SEO Tools – VidIQ

This is another popular Youtube SEO tool. They are competitive tools for TubeBuddy. Every Youtube uses TubeBuddy, and if not, they use VideIQ. This tool helps you to rank well on Youtube. This gives you a real-time analysis bar that provides quick analysis without digging deep into that Youtube analysis. 

One of the things that I like about that software is that they give us a Like/Dislike ratio, which is a critical metric for any Youtuber. This metric tells you how much people like your video compared to how much people dislike your video. 

It also has many features like – a Youtube video score, Youtube SEO score, Youtube video view comparison tool, Video tags copy, Youtube search panel, Youtube keyword score tool, Youtube channel CVV report, and a lot more.



AvailablePro- $7.50/month
Boost- $39/month
Max- $79/month

3. Youtube Audio Library 

Youtube Tools - Youtube Audio Library
Youtube Tools – Youtube Audio Library

Do you always think about where to get music for our videos? I also believe that, but one day, I found out Youtube is also providing music to creators, and that was the first I used music in my videos.

Believe me, if you are explaining something in your video, adding a little piece at a slow pace helps you catch attention. This is the third-best Youtube SEO tools that you can use to improve your ranking. 

Youtube provides us with more than 1000+ audio tracks. And the best part is you can search for music based on your video. If your video is motivating, you should filter out audio according to it. 




4. Social Blade 

Youtube SEO Tool - Social Blade
Youtube SEO Tool – Social Blade

Maybe, you don’t know about that website. Yes, it is not a tool. There is a website, but this website is unique. This website tells you how much people are making on Youtube and which videos of them performing well. This is an amazing Youtube SEO tool. 

Do you see people revealing their Youtube income on their channel, and most of them were fake? If you want to know the revenue for any popular Youtube channel, you will find it here. Social Blade can even help you find out how much YouTubers are making on the platform. 



AvailableBronze- $3.99/month
Silver- $9.99/month
Gold- $39.99/month
Platinum- $99.99/month

5. Google Analytics

Youtube SEO Tools - Google Analytics
Youtube SEO Tools – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the next Youtube SEO tool you need to consider because that helps you to track the activities that are happening in your channel. This is a free tool that anyone can access, and you just need to connect your Google Analytics account to your Youtube channel. 

Google Analytics can track your YouTube traffic in two ways. You can track users who visit your YouTube channel and users who visit your website from YouTube. I think you should use the Youtube SEO tools for your growth. 




6. LiveCaster 3 

Youtube SEO Tools - LiveCaster 3
Youtube SEO Tools – LiveCaster 3

This is also one of the great Youtube SEO tools. Do you see some people doing a live section but not responding to any of your chat questions? The reason they are not responding is that they are not present in the first place. 

That content is recorded content, and they are live streaming that recorded content with the help of tools like LiveCaster3. This tool helps you to go live with recording so that you can get reachable. 



N/A$9.95/month or $37/year

7. JTV Digital 

Youtube Music Tool - JTV Digital
Youtube Music Tool – JTV Digital

This is a specific tool for music influencers. Suppose you are a singer who creates music for a living. This tool helps you sell your music on Youtube and every time someone uses that music, you will earn a little bit of royalty for it. You can check out this tool. 

This is great to earn a little more with your music because the watch time on the music channel is less. After all, you can’t create 10 mins long music video. This is also a way to get more explorers for your music.



Sign Up

8. Canva

Canva - Top tool to design Thumbnails for Youtube
Tools for Youtube – Canva

Canva is a great tool to create incredible images. If you are making videos for Youtube, you are not good at creating a thumbnail that catches people’s attention. You are going to lose. Thumbnails are also important for SEO and Canva has pre-build templates using which you can create amazing thumbnails. This will serve as one of the great Youtube SEO tools. 

You can design an awesome thumbnail by using this tool. It is easy to learn that tool, and the benefit of that tool is mind-blowing. Most professional YouTubers also use Canva to develop their thumbnail. This is great if you are not familiar with photoshop.



Sign UpPro- ₹499/month
Team- ₹659/month

9. Camtasia 

Camtasia - Best Video Editing Tool for Youtube
Video Editing Tool for Youtube – Camtasia

If you are creating videos for Youtube, you should edit them before publishing. Videos play an important role to optimize your Youtube. There is a lot of content on Youtube right now. If you are not a very good video editor, it is hard to compete because of competition. 

This is a great tool to record your screen. Suppose you create a tutorial video of anything. You should record the screen, and Camtasia is an excellent tool for it. It is also a pre-made template, and you can use that template to edit your videos.



Free Trail AvailableIndividual- ₹28,369.32/user
Business- ₹28,369.32/user
Education- ₹20,141.94/user
Government&Non-Profit- ₹25,437.72/user

10. Filmora

Video Editing Tool - Filmora
Video Editing Tool – Filmora

Most people who have windows use Filmora to edit their videos. Filmora is a beautiful tool because it gives you a lot of freedom to do with your video. It is a paid tool, and that is why people don’t want to go with it.

But, my suggestion is that if you are planning to do Youtube for a very long time. If you upload high-quality videos, there is a greater chance of getting ranked on Youtube. I think you should invest a little bit in it. Using Filmora, you can easily edit, split or cut videos with ease.



Free Download AvailableMonthly Plan- $19.99/Mo/PC
Perpetual Plan- $79.99/PC
Annual Plan- $49.99/Yr/PC

11. VSDC

VSDC -  Tool to Edit Videos for Youtube SEO
Tools to Edit Videos – VSDC

VSDC is also a video editing tool, but this is a free one. This tool also helps you edit videos, but, essentially you will not get that many customizing templates and that much power to edit videos because they are free. Doing a great SEO for your Youtube channel is also very important. 

If you just try Youtube, you should just go for free and edit videos. The is give essential editing tools if you get familiar with the tools and options in that VSDC. It is going to be easy for you to work with Filmora. 



Free Download AvailablePro- ₹1,633.13

12. Doodly 

Doodly - Animation Video Tools
Animation Videos Tool – Doodly

Are you shy in front of the camera, but still you want to build something? This happens to all of us when we are working somewhere or maybe studying in college and if we show our face people are going to make fun of us. 

If that is your problem, you should use this software called Doodly. With the help of Doodly, you can create animated videos by using your audio. This is not a free tool, this is a paid one, but still, it is an excellent tool if you don’t want to show your face.



N/AStandard- $39/month
Enterprise- $69/month


Youtube Tools -
Youtube Tools –

If you have a podcast, an excellent one, but you want to launch your podcast on youtube. But you are not comfortable showing your face on camera. So, this tool can help you It will take any audio file you have and automatically create video content for your YouTube channel.

It is the best way to convert your podcast into a video because people are also listening to the podcast on Youtube. Getting traffic from another website to your video is also good if you rank your Youtube videos.



14-Days Free TrailPodcaster Plan- $15/month
Content Marketer Plan- $25/month
Agency Plan- $125/month

14. Headliner 

Youtube Tools - Headliner
Youtube Tools – Headliner

This is also another excellent tool to create videos with the help of your podcast. This is also a great way to turn your podcast into a video. You can easily add captions and animation to your video. 

A lot of people prefer podcasts over Youtube. It is easy to create a podcast, and you can make it from anywhere in the world. Maybe you are walking and recording a podcast, but in videos, we need to set studio. We have to wear good clothes; confidence comes into the picture. That is why this tool is necessary for you. 



AvailableBasic- $7.99/month
Pro- $19.99/mo

15. Agorapulse 

Youtube SEO Tools - Agropulse
Youtube SEO Tools – Agropulse

This is a great Youtube SEO tool – Agropulse to manage your Youtube channel. This tool has a Separate inbox to easily organize YouTube comments, spot trolls, and nasty comments, and save standard YouTube replies. 

The price of this tool is high $99/ per month. It has a user-friendly interface, comprehensive reports, all-inclusive reporting tools, and easy collaboration.



AvailablePro- $79/month
Premium- $199/month
Enterprise- Contact

16. CoSchedule

Youtube SEO Tools - CoSchedule
Youtube SEO Tools – CoSchedule

Some YouTubers focus so much on content and forget the same things that come with content and that things are Headline. What will be the title of your Youtube video because it is the first thing that people should read? 

CoSchedule helps you create compelling headlines using the right keywords to maximize traffic to your youtube content.



Marketing CalendarPro- $29/month
Suite- Contact

17. 3Play Media

Youtube SEO Tools - 3Play Media
Youtube SEO Tools – 3Play Media

3Play Media is one of the best Youtube SEO tools to write a caption for your Youtube Videos. It provides high-quality captions because they take the audio from your video and generate captions from it. It helps you in SEO. 

If you don’t love writing extended captions, the caption is an important part of your Youtube video. Then you use this tool.




18. Buzzsumo

Youtube Idea Generator - Buzzsumo
Youtube Idea Generator – Buzzsumo

Sometimes we feel like we lost all the ideas for content then Buzzsumo is one of the best tools to come into the picture. If you are struggling with finding ideas for your next Youtube video. You should check out this tool. 

Buzsumo also tells us which influencer is interacting with your content so that you can collaborate with influencers and build a strong brand. 



AvailablePro- $99/month
Plus- $179/month
Large- $299/month


Youtube Keyword Tool - Keyword Tool
Youtube Keyword Tool – Keyword Tool helps you to find the right keyword that helps you to rank. When we are creating a video the main aim is to rank on youtube and get paid for but we need to be careful by the time of choosing keywords. 

If we choose a keyword that has high traffic and high competition, we are not going to rank because there are a lot of big players on that. is one of the best Youtube SEO tools. 



AvailablePro Business– $199/month
Pro Plus– $99/month
Pro Basic– $89/month

20. Viddyoze 

Youtube Tools - Viddyoze
Youtube Tools – Viddyoze

Every professional Youtuber has a little intro. Intro helps new people find out what we talk about on that Youtube channel, and if you don’t have an eye-catching introduction, you are losing an opportunity. 

Viddyoze helps you to create powerful intros but this is not free. You can create videos in 3 steps. It has an easy image editor. It also has hundreds of pre-made templates, and you can use and build incredible things. 




Youtube SEO Tools Comparision

S NOYoutube SEO ToolsFree TrialStarting Price at
3Youtube Audio LibraryYes
4Social BladeYes$3.99/month
5Google AnalyticsYes
6LiveCaster 3No$9.95/month
7JTV DigitalYes
173Play MediaYesContact


Thank you for reading this whole blog. The main point is never to leave learning because if you keep learning, you will keep growing. Tell me your favorite Youtube SEO tool in the comment section. I hope you like the list of Youtube SEO tools we have mentioned and if you want, feel free to share this blog. 

Youtube SEO Tools FAQs

Q. What is Youtube SEO?

A. Youtube search engine optimization or SEO is important for getting views and subscribers, just like blogging. Write a good title, a great description, and have good tags. Use relevant keywords that people who search would use. Make sure all of these are optimized, and you’ll be one of the top videos on Youtube!

Q. How do you SEO on YouTube?

A. To start with Youtube SEO you need to use a target keyword while renaming the file and on the title of the video. Add a detailed description of your video with the keyword that is relevant to your subject. Classify your video and add a unique thumbnail image to the result link for your video.

Q. Which SEO tool is best for YouTube?

A. Some of the best and free SEO tools for Youtube are Google Keyword Planner, Tubebuddy, VidIQ, Youtube Autosuggest, Google Trends, etc.

Q. Is YouTube SEO the same as Google SEO?

A. No. Youtube SEO is different from Google SEO. You may anticipate further success from your video if it performs well on day one. Google, on the other hand, is the complete opposite.
Compared to YouTube SEO, Google SEO takes much longer.

Q. What’s the best way to use SEO on YouTube?

A. It takes more than just producing video after video to increase your YouTube audience and video rankings. Focusing on quality rather than quantity will help you get better results. You may achieve this by adding video keywords, optimizing your video title and YouTube tags, requesting viewer interaction, promoting subscriptions, and generating a fantastic, captivating thumbnail. This is where Youtube SEO tools come in help. That is how you can consistently rank at the top of your video, or at the very least, get them to appear on the first page of YouTube search results.

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