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Top 6 YouTube Marketing Courses with Certification in 2024 [Both Paid & Free]

Get the skills you need to launch a successful YouTube marketing campaign with one of these top-rated YouTube Marketing courses. Choose from paid and free options with certification to help you stand out from the crowd. With these courses, you'll be ready to create effective videos

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Everyone watches YouTube, regardless of age!!! On YouTube, over 225 billion active users in India watch videos every day, making it the second most popular website in the world after Google. 

A large audience is a great reason to market your business on YouTube. However, shouting about your products from the rooftops without a plan will not get you anywhere. 

As we all know, YouTube is a video-sharing platform that has become a must-have for marketing campaigns. Many businesses have begun to use the platform to build an audience and expand their brand carbon footprint. Whether you’re looking for a new customer or want to broaden your reach, YouTube can be a valuable resource. YouTube is a video-sharing platform that has become a marketing campaign must-have.

Without further ado, here is your comprehensive list of YouTube Marketing Courses for 2024 in India. Get to know exactly which course will take you to the next zone.

What is YouTube marketing?

Promoting a brand, product, or service on YouTube is YouTube marketing. It can include the following: 

  • Making natural promotional videos 
  • Collaboration with influencers 
  • Platform advertisement 

To market your business on YouTube, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a large corporation, you must create content that your target customers want. Sounds easy. As long as you know what your customers truly want rather than what you believe they want, it is a trap that far too many businesses fall into. 

Because YouTube is a search engine, you must optimize your content for the YouTube algorithm, just as you would for Google SEO. You also need to ensure that the right people find your videos. Knowing all these tricks won’t be that easy, in order to learn the tactics, we need to enroll in the best youtube marketing course.

List of Best YouTube Marketing Courses in 2024

Here is the list of the best YouTube marketing courses for you in 2024. Let’s dive into this!

YouTube Marketing Course NameCourse ProviderCurrent Fees
YouTube Mastery CourseSorav Jain – Digital ScholarRs 1499/-
YouTube SEO & Algorithms CourseAlex Genadinik’s (Udemy)Rs 449/-
YouTube Marketing Course – Grow Your Business with YouTubePhil Ebiner’s (Udemy)Rs 449/-
Easy YouTube Google Ads-Marketing – Marketing and Advertising TrafficJun WuRs 449/-
YouTube CreatorYouTubeFree
FREE YouTube TrainingLinkedInFree

1. YouTube Marketing Course by Sorav Jain

YouTube Marketing Course Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain’s YouTube Marketing Course came first on our list because it is completely designed for beginners and professionals who have been stuck with the same number of subscribers for too long. 

Sorav Jain is a Digital Marketing Trainer, Speaker, and Author who has also owned and operated a Digital Marketing Agency for the past 11 years. He currently has 118k subscribers and 6.4 million views, generating 7 lakh rupee INR

The course modules teach you how to analyze keyword research and create a trending video that reaches more people and gains more subscribers rather than asking them to subscribe every time. 

This course teaches you how to achieve 100% organic growth without the frustration of purchasing subscribers and wasting your money. 

The modules are designed to understand how to start a YouTube channel, add channel descriptions and links, choose video titles, and create clickable thumbnails. Having an in-depth module in one pack is the best choice to consider for enrolling in this youtube marketing course.

What will you learn in this course?

✅ Create a highly responsive YouTube channel and get views even if you don’t have any subscribers. 

✅ Understanding of How to Create Videos on a Budget and Convert Viewers into Subscribers 

✅ Grow Your Channel by Becoming a YouTube Partner. Post and optimize your videos using catchy titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails. 

✅ Make money with YouTube videos by monetizing them with advertisements, products and services, sponsors, and crowdfunding. 

✅ Increase your brand’s visibility on YouTube and start earning money while you sleep.

Why should you enroll in this course?

  • Increasing brand awareness and views assert credibility and reputation in your market! 
  • Improve your chances of getting fame with a potential audience 
  • Drive traffic from Google search results and monetize your channel in a variety of ways, 
  • A step-by-step guide to copy and paste the exact formula to get more viewers.
  • five dedicated modules with 47 lessons that bring immense transformation to you.
  • Also, this course offers, Graphic and video templates to help you get started on YouTube with ease.
  • Three additional modules and execution guides to assist you in creating, editing, uploading, and promoting your YouTube videos. 
  • 3+ Case Studies to teach you the exact strategies I used to build my YouTube channels and those of my clients from the ground up. 
  • 5+ Tool Tutorials that will make it easier for us to create and edit videos 
  • On enrolling in this course, students get three bonus ebooks for the YouTube shorts checklist, YouTube SEO checklist, and personal branding secret for YouTube.
  • Course completion certificate at the end of this YouTube marketing course.
YouTube Mastery Course Sorav Jain

Course Details:

Course NameSorav Jain – YouTube Mastery Course
AcademyDigital Scholar
Discount priceRs 1499/- >>>Only you sign up today
Actual PriceRs 6999/-
Duration11 hours
Average Rating4.4
Students Enrollment2000+

2. YouTube SEO & YouTube Algorithms Course

Alex Genadinik’s YouTube Marketing course 2022 came second on our list. This course is designed for beginners and intermediate marketers who want to become YouTube influencers

This is one of the YouTube Marketing courses that includes over 100 lectures on topics such as finding your niche, creating your YouTube channel, optimizing your channel for YouTube SEO, and growing your subscriber base. 

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, the course will teach you how to promote your videos to increase views, how to choose the best video length to maximize engagement, and how to monetize your videos. The most effective YouTube marketing course available 

YouTube Marketing Course Alex Genadinik

What will you learn in this course?

✅ Create a large and successful YouTube channel with a large number of views. 

✅ Get your YouTube channel to increase. 

✅ Boost the number of people who view your YouTube videos

✅ YouTube can be used to sell products or services. 

✅ Create a YouTube audience and brand. 

✅ Promote your channel and individual videos the same way a marketing professional would. YouTube ads for SEO 

✅ YouTube monetization with an updated version.

Why should you enroll in this course?

  • You will learn how to monetize your YouTube channel with a newly updated monetization report from YouTube.
  • This course includes the bonus of,
    • Several freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises are included to make the course more interactive and valuable. 
  •  After you finish the course, you will receive a personal invitation to my Facebook community. 
  • After you finish the course, here is my list of 50 business success skills. 
  • This course is suitable for Entrepreneurs who want to build a brand on YouTube and get leads
  • Aspiring YouTube stars taking an interest in YouTube SEO, YouTube advertisements, and creating great videos 
  • Course completion Certificates at end of this youtube marketing course.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 

Course Details:

Course NameAlex Genadinik’s YouTube Marketing 2022: YouTube SEO & YouTube Algorithms
AcademyUdemy by Course Envy
Discount priceRs 449/-
Actual PriceRs 3499/-
Duration11 hours
Average Rating4.4
Students Enrollment2968
Sign upYouTube SEO & Algorithms

3. YouTube Marketing Course – Grow Your Business with YouTube by Udemy

YouTube Marketing Course Phil Ebiner

Phil Ebiner’s YouTube Marketing course, grow your business with YouTube came in third place on our list. YouTube ads are an excellent and inexpensive way to promote a new video or channel. Many new YouTubers are forced to hire influencers or freelancers without YouTube ads. As a result, YouTube ads are less expensive and more legitimate to increase views. 

This course will walk you through the various types of YouTube ads and their benefits and drawbacks in multiple situations. 

This Course Module is designed to show you how to get pennies on the dollar views. When you run ads for a penny per view, they are less expensive because so many of your viewers subscribe and watch multiple videos, so you end up averaging nearly more petite than a penny per view. You can grow your YouTube channel this way with YouTube ads. 

What will you learn in this course?

✅ Learn How YouTube can help you grow your own business and brand. 

✅ Learn how to set up real-world marketing funnels with YouTube. 

✅ With YouTube, how you can increase your revenue and gain more customers 

✅ Increase the number of views and conversions on your YouTube channel by optimizing it. 

✅ How to Create YouTube advertising campaigns to promote your brand and products. 

✅ How to Retarget you with YouTube ads website visitors. 

✅ How to Place your video advertisements on competitors’ YouTube channels or specific videos. 

✅ How to Improve your video production skills with bonus video production lessons. 

Why should you enroll in this course?

  • You will discover six different methods for using YouTube to create a marketing funnel. 
  • How to Increase the Number of Views and Conversions on Your YouTube Channel and Videos 
  • Learn about the different types of videos you should create for your target audience. 
  • Create YouTube ads to promote your business. 
  • Generate Visitors to your website that can be retargeted using your YouTube ads. Place your YouTube ads on your competitors’ channels and videos.
  • Set up your own YouTube channel.
  • How to Conduct YouTube Keyword Research 
  • YouTube analytics can assist you in growing your channel. 
  • This module will finish within 5 hours of watching the video. Also, course completion certificates will be provided right away once you finish this youtube marketing course. 
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee to be considered when enrolling in this program. 

Note: The above listed are highlights of the course which are to be considered strongly before enrolling in this course.

Course Details:

Course NamePhil Ebiner’s YouTube Marketing, grow your business with YouTube
Discount priceRs 449/-
Actual PriceRs 3499/-
Duration11 hours
Average Rating4.4
Students Enrollment1275
Sign upGrow Your Business with YouTube

4. Easy YouTube Google Ads-Marketing – YouTube Marketing Course

YouTube Marketing Course Jun Wu

Jun Wu- Social Media Influencer’s -Easy Youtube Google Ads-Marketing and Advertising Traffic came fourth on our course list. This course will let you learn how to get started with YouTube Marketing, the best ways to get your video seen, techniques for increasing traffic to your YouTube channel, and how to measure your success. You’ll also get the opportunity to create your own YouTube videos and schedule them so you can track your progress.

What will you learn in this course?

✅ How to Create Google Ads and YouTube Channels 

✅ How to Conduct Research in 15 Minutes.

✅ Copywriting for your Landing Page that Gets Tons of Opt-Ins leads

✅ Tutorials for all types of video ad campaigns. 

✅ How to Analyze Data in 5 Minutes to Scale Your Campaigns 

✅ Examples of YouTube Ads with the Highest Conversion Rates 

✅ How to Use Keywords, Placements, and Topics to Reach the Most Effective Audiences 

✅ Concentrate ONLY on the Targeting, Audience, and Google Ads Settings that are important, rather than wasting your time and money. 

Why should you enroll in this course?

  • The Course will make you understand how to run ads; that’s why I created this introduction week for you. 
  • The Course will explain the simple math behind running ads, the difference between Facebook vs Google Advertising, 
  • The module defines clearly the different types of YouTube Ad formats and which one to use for your business. The first time, the 13 biggest YouTube ad mistakes cost beginners a fortune when running ads.
  • And the final module reveals a review of the steps of Running YouTube ads so that you make sure to do it right the first time. 
  • All of these modules will be finished within 8.5 hours of watching the video, and course completion certificates will be provided right away once you finish this youtube marketing course. 
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee to be considered when enrolling in this program.

Course Details:

Course NameJun Wu- Social Media Influencers -Easy Youtube Google Ads-Marketing and Advertising Traffic
Discount priceRs 449/-
Actual PriceRs 3499/-
Duration11 hours
Average Rating4.7
Students Enrollment246
Sign upEasy YouTube Google Ads – Marketing and Advertising Traffic

5. YouTube Creator -YouTube Marketing Course

YouTube Marketing Course - YouTube Creators

The YouTube Creator Academy Lessons from YouTube took fifth place on our course list, which is accessible to the learners, and you can take it anytime. 

YouTube Creator Academy Lessons include channel foundations, content strategy, production, channel optimization, money and business, and YouTube policies and guidelines. This youtube marketing course will be helpful if you don’t want to spend money on any course.

What will you learn in this course?

✅ You will learn how to build and maintain a  YouTube audience. 

✅ Learn about the powerful techniques for success and how to create a YouTube music channel. 

✅ Learn how to use tools like YouTube Analytics to gain critical insight. Finally, able to express yourself and connect with others on YouTube. 

Why should you enroll in this course?

  • Course exams allow students to put their knowledge of the lessons to the test. 
  • The lessons are categorized as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. 
  • After completing the lesson, students will receive a letter of completion. 
  • Understand copyright law and how to create thumbnails and descriptions. 
  • Learn how to create a YouTube business, define your brand, and promote your business. 
  • Understand the YouTube Partner Program and how it can help you earn money. 

Course Details

Course NameThe YouTube Creator Academy Lessons
Average Rating4.6
Sign upYouTube Creator -YouTube Marketing Course

6. FREE YouTube Training -LinkedIn Learning

YouTube Marketing Course - LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning YouTube courses took sixth place on our course list, including techniques like creating and managing a YouTube channel, developing a YouTube strategy, and SEO. This YouTube marketing course will be helpful if you don’t want to spend money on any course. 

What will you learn in this course?

✅ Discover how to advertise on YouTube using ad campaigns and how to set ad budgets. 

✅ Understand how to create a social media strategy and carry out a social media campaign. 

✅ Learn how to optimize your paid, earned, and owned media by refining your content mix. 

✅ For one month, students can use LinkedIn Learning for free. 

✅ If they purchase the paid version of LinkedIn Learning, they will choose from a broader range of programs. 

Why should you enroll in this course?

  • Exercises clarify the topics covered in the programs. 
  • Chapter test questions allow students to assess their understanding of the courses. 
  • After completing the program, students will be awarded certificates. 
  • The courses are classified as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. 
  • The courses are available on a tablet and a mobile phone. 
  • Learn how to make thumbnails, leave comments, and use other insider tips and tricks. 
  • Within the courses, students can make notes. 
  • Question-and-answer forums assist students in resolving their concerns. 

Course Details

Course NameThe LinkedIn Learning YouTube marketing courses
Average Rating4.5
Sign upYouTube Training -LinkedIn Learning

Key Takeaways 

As we all know, YouTube is one of the most usable social media platforms in our day-to-day life, even though its algorithm changes every year. People who update with the flow of the YouTube algorithm have been getting good results at running ads and getting enough passive income.

A key component of YouTube marketing is Setting up a YouTube account, running ads, doing keyword research, and high converting ads to reach the landing page and create a product-selling campaign.

As we’ve previously stated, online classes are the quickest approach to expanding your digital expertise. It’s no different when it comes to learning about YouTube marketing. You’re likely to find one or more that are a perfect fit for your needs in this list of the best YouTube marketing courses in India and certifications. 

I hope this article has helped you choose the best email marketing course online and learn in-depth from the comfort of your own home. If you like to know more about Digital Marketing, check out the three months online digital marketing course in Chennai. We’d want to hear from you in the comments if you have any suggestions or queries. 

Remember, Learning is Earning!!!

Catch you all with a new article soon!!!

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