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Top 10 Work From Home Jobs in India Without Investment for 2024

Many people are looking for work from home jobs, where they may earn money without paying a registration fee or investing any money. Here we will give you the top 10 work from home jobs without investment that will lead you to earn more money.

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Isn’t it wonderful to make money without having to leave your home? Internet employment has been increasingly popular in recent years, with research finding that more than 70% of individuals work from home, with no investment required. Many people are looking for work from home jobs where they may earn money without having to pay a registration fee or invest any money. 

If you’re in the same boat and want to do something similar. Don’t worry, there are plenty of professions that don’t require any upfront costs or fees. To get started with these online occupations, all you need is a laptop or PC and an internet connection. Anyway, without further ado, let’s go through some of the finest ways to make money online, and I am going to give you the top 10 work from home jobs without investment that will lead you to earn more money.

The only effort necessary on your part is hard work and money making effort. Also, if you are much more interested in digital marketing, then check out the online digital marketing course in India to exuberate your knowledge and become a digital marketing expert.

List of Top 10 Work-From-Home Jobs in India Without Investment

Here is the list of work-from-home jobs in India without investment. You can check it out and start working on it today;

1. Blogging is the Easiest Way To Earn Money in India

Blogging is one of the best work-from-home jobs without any investment rather than creating a website for your own. Several people make tens of thousands of dollars via blogging. This is one of the best free online jobs you can perform from home; all you need are some creative writing skills. Many people’s dreams have come true thanks to blogging; you can build a free or paid site that can help you earn a lot of money. 

You can start writing a blog on any subject you’re interested in as long as you produce high-quality content and publish it on your website. To begin blogging, follow these simple steps:

  • Pick a niche for yourself. 
  • Get a domain name.
  • Create a blog and update it with high-quality content regularly.
  • Start using social media to promote our blog.
  • Attempt to create traffic from any possible sources. 

No prior experience or educational background is required for the start-up of blogging. You will also be compensated if you use your blog to promote any affiliate products. The best method to do it is to use Google AdSense, which pays you every time a visitor clicks on an AdSense ad.

There are a variety of different methods to make money from blogging, including affiliate marketing, selling as a space, and selling your products and services. You just need to choose a niche for blogging, which helps you understand exactly when and how to start blogging and become a great blogger.

Blogging - Work From Home Jobs

Depending on your needs, you can do blogging as a full-time or part-time job.  You may start blogging for free using WordPress or other similar platforms. So, if you have talent, this is the ideal free platform for you to earn money without making any investments.

Average Earnings of Top 5 Bloggers in India

Average Salary: In your first year, you can easily earn an extra $500 – $2,000 each month by blogging. After you’ve built up traffic and subscribers in years 2 and beyond, you can expect to earn $100,000 or more.

1. Amit Agarwal

Amit Agrawal is one of India’s most well-known bloggers. He is an IIT graduate and the author of Labnol, a technology blog. Amit is one of the highest-paid bloggers, making almost USD 60,000 each month. Affiliate marketing, sponsored adverts, and AdSense are all key sources of revenue.

2. Harsh Agrawal

The website of Harsh Agrawal is called shoutmeloud. In September of 2008, it was established. It receives around 1.5 million page views every day on average. He is one of the top bloggers in the world, making approximately USD 45,055 on his website as of February 2019. Affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, Propeller Ads, and eBook sales are the main sources of his revenue. Sponsored articles and adverts are among the other contributors.

3. Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma is one of the highest-paid bloggers, with a monthly income of almost USD 30,000 from her site, YourStory. She established this blog in 2008 to offer business and leadership stories from successful entrepreneurs. Her blog is widely regarded as one of the most significant online communities. As a result, she is among India’s top bloggers in terms of earnings.

4. Malini Agarwal

Malini Agrawal’s blog, MissMalini, earns her almost USD 30,000, making her one of the highest-paid bloggers. This blog is one of the most popular and has a large readership. She, too, began blogging in 2008. Her blog is widely regarded as one of India’s most well-informed Bollywood blogs. As a result, it is assisting her in becoming one of India’s top bloggers.

 5. Faisal Farooqui

Faisal Farooqui is another well-known blogger in India who makes a living as a blogger. He started a blog to review different consumer products. Mouth shut is the name for it. In India, his blog is also used as a research tool. Amit is one of the highest-paid bloggers, making around USD 50,000 each month. Affiliate marketing, premium memberships, sponsored adverts, and AdSense are some of his sources of income. 

2. Become a Freelancer

Freelancing jobs are ideal and one of the best work from home jobs, where one can do a job within their cozy place. Since you can deliver services according to your talents, anywhere and whenever you choose and earn a limitless amount of money based on your abilities. Sounds interesting! You are not bound to work for anyone in particular; you can work from anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you.

The type of freelancing jobs available in the market is for data entry, web development, content writing, web design, and much more. Freelancing jobs are ideal since you can deliver services according to your talents, anywhere and whenever you choose, and earn a limitless amount of money based on your abilities.

Freelancer - Work From Home Jobs

That appears to be exciting! You are not bound to work for anyone in particular; you can work from anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you. Data input, web development, content writing, web design, and many other types of freelancing tasks are available on the market. 

The majority of clients in freelancing jobs are transient. The fact that you can leave whenever you want is a significant plus. Freelancing jobs are one of the best ways to earn money from home because all you need is a set of abilities. You can work for both small and large organizations here, and you will be highly compensated while gaining valuable experience. You can list your services on several freelance websites.

When applying for freelance jobs, there are a few things to keep in mind: first, try to target projects with fewer applicants because there will be less competition, and you will have a better chance of being selected. Second, always check whether the clients have blue verified the payment check before applying; and third, only apply for the job if you believe it is the perfect job for you. 

Note: The average salary for a freelancer is ₹20,999 per month in India.

  • Upwork –
  • Designhill –
  • Toptal –
  • LinkedIn & LinkedIn ProFinder –
  • We Work Remotely –
  • SimplyHired –
  • Dribbble –
  • Fiverr –
  • PeoplePerHour –
  • Guru –

These were the top freelancing platform where you could start putting up your work, and people would approach you if they liked your proposal on the same platform.

3. Earn Money as Online Tutor

If you want to work from home and have a passion for teaching, this is the best option for you. The demand for online tutoring employment is growing every day, and you can earn a decent living by instructing kids online. Because technology has grown so much, you can now educate students online using video conferencing, Skype, and other applications.  

Some of the finest places to teach online and make money include:

  • Vedantu –
  • Byju’s –
  • Pearson –
  • Tutor –
Online Tutor - Work From Home Jobs

The best part is that when you apply for an online tutoring position, you may choose the topic that you are most knowledgeable about, and if you are a subject matter expert, you can also give consulting services. Numerous websites offer this service and can help you earn between $10 and $20 per hour. 

Average Salary: In India, the average Vedantu Online Tutor compensation ranges from 3.7 lakhs for employees with less than two years of experience to 28 lakhs for those with more than two years of experience. At Vedantu, online tutor salaries range from 1.2 lakhs to 5 lakhs. 

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4. Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and most popular ways to choose as work from home jobs for making a good amount of money. I’m sure you’ve heard about this innovative approach to making money.

In affiliate marketing, you must promote other people’s products on their behalf, and you will be paid a commission if any purchases are made. Because of the rise of internet buying, the reach of affiliate marketing is expanding dramatically. 

There are various online shopping sites today, such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Commission Junction, and others, where you may sign up and promote their products while earning a substantial amount of money. To join them, all you have to do is register and create a free affiliate account, then choose the product you want to promote. 

Affiliate Marketing - Work From Home Jobs

Once you’ve completed this, you’ll obtain an affiliation code that you can paste into your blog or share on social media, for example. You’ll be rewarded for any sales created by these relationships now that you’ve finished your task.  By creating a simple website and using affiliate marketing, you may not only earn money but also assist people in purchasing the proper product. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission ranging from 5% to 25%.

Read this article to learn how to start affiliate marketing in India, and below, we have listed the 11 top profitable sites to earn from Affiliate Marketing.

A. ShareASale

This is one of the most well-known and well-respected affiliate networking networks on the internet. ShareASale has approximately 4000 companies listed in its 18-year history.  

As a result, from the perspective of bloggers and influencers, this is the greatest platform for finding suitable product/s for marketing. If your balance is over $50, you can receive your share on the 20th of every month if you use the platform’s digital or traditional payment alternatives. The platform’s drawbacks are insignificant. As a result, it is frequently prescribed by professionals.


B. Shopify Affiliate Program

For quite some time, this has been a popular forum among bloggers and internet businesses. Bloggers, in particular, can make a lot of money by properly leveraging this platform, as Shopify is a terrific selling platform. 

Shopify has been a profitable platform because of its compensation when compared to other Affiliate Marketing online platforms. 


C. Affiliate Window (AWIN)

AWIN is one of the major Affiliate Marketing platforms of our time, with over 13,000 active advertisers and 100,000 publishers. It’s a German invention.  

Merchants on AWIN are largely from Europe, and it is used in more than ten nations throughout the world. Since its inception in the year 2000, this has been one of the most bankable platforms ever. Another reason for this website’s rising popularity is its easy user interface.


D. Amazon Associates

When it comes to dependability and brand value, Amazon is a strong rival. It is, without a doubt, one of the largest marketplaces in the world. For every type of shopper, Amazon has a variety of possibilities. As a result, it’s one of the most popular Affiliate Marketing platforms. 

Even for a newcomer in the area of Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Affiliate Marketing has been one of the top choices. You can get up to ten percent of the profit commission here. You have a plethora of product possibilities to promote. 


E. MaxBounty

In the world of affiliate marketing, MaxBounty is a well-known brand. Despite its new name, it has established a good reputation among marketers. The platform was founded in 2004 in Canada to attract and promote Affiliate Marketing. 

It has a track record of 1500+ active campaigns to date. If your account balance is over $50, you can get weekly payments from manufacturers. 


F. Clickbank

This platform is identical to ShareASale in terms of features and functionality. It offers a diverse choice of product categories and suppliers, making it an effective affiliate marketing platform. 

In this marketplace, there is a one of a kind product for everyone. Bloggers can choose from a fantastically diverse range of products on this site. 


G. CJ Affiliate

For Affiliate Marketers, it’s a dream come true. To newcomers, the majority of Affiliate Marketers will recommend CJ Affiliate. 

People looking for online Affiliate Marketing platforms should consider this one as one of the best options. There are a lot of advertising and merchants on this site. As a result, you’ll have a lengthy product list to choose from. 


H. eBay Partners

Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers have made eBay a cluttered jungle. This is one of the most well-known markets in the world. 

There are many different types of products to pick from when it comes to paid promotions. This functionality has contributed to the platform’s rapid growth. This website is constantly crammed with goods sales. It will earn you a twofold commission on every product sale from your promotion for the first three months. 


This website is known as a “blogger’s favourite”. Bloggers can effectively use this platform for ‘Affiliate Marketing.’ Affiliate marketing allows bloggers to make a lot of money. This website is user-friendly for everyone thanks to a simple interface. 


J. Rakuten Affiliate

This is one of the largest markets, selling practically any type of product. This platform’s dependability is unquestionable. 

On this platform, you can promote a wide range of products. It has ties to major leagues such as the NBA. It’s an easy-to-use platform for promoting your business.

K. JVZoo

In 2011, JVZoo was established. This is a platform that caters to the needs of its users. This is one of the platform’s best features. 

You can earn your commission instantly in a variety of ways. This feature distinguishes the website from the competition. Start your advertising right now because there are so many things to choose from. The commission rates could be as high as 50% or more. 

Average Salary: Affiliate Marketing Manager salaries in India range from 1.8 lakhs to 9.9 lakhs per year, with an average of 6.9 lakhs. Based on 12 salaries submitted by Affiliate Marketing Managers, salary estimations have been calculated.

This is also an excellent forum for launching new products. However, one of the platform’s significant downsides is that you can only get paid through Paypal if you sell at least 50 things through marketing. 


5. Make Money with Online Surveys

This may not sound interesting, but it is one of the best ways to choose as work from home job and make money quickly and effortlessly. You would only have to complete out surveys, which would take about 10-15 minutes, depending on the company’s needs.

All of this can be accomplished in your spare time at home. Various MNCs want to know what people think about the products they’ve introduced or are about to launch, so they conduct surveys and pay for them. 

When it comes to the procedure, all you have to do is fill in your feedback and point of view in the survey, then select one of the possibilities that appeal there are many survey firms; simply make a free account with them and fill in the relevant information, and those companies will select you based on your experience and profile.

Online Surveys - Work From Home Jobs

They will then contact you via email and provide you with the survey, which you will complete and be paid for. Depending on the length of the survey and the nation you are in, you might earn anywhere from $1 to $20 every day.  to you. If you want to do this, we recommend creating a separate email address and forwarding the surveys to it. Otherwise, you may be overloaded with daily survey emails.

There are plentiful survey companies, just create a free account with them and fill in the details required, and then those companies would select you based on your experience and profile, and they contact you through an email and send the survey. Once you complete the survey, you get paid for it. You can earn up to $1 to $20 a day, depending on the length of the survey and the country you are based in.

6. Become a Content Writer and Make Money

Do you enjoy writing and want to make it a career? As a content writer, you have the potential to make a lot of money. You can earn between Rs. 250 and Rs. 1000 per day if you can write 1000-2000 words each day. Because there are so many people who have begun blogging and need content writers to compose their blogs, the need for content writers is growing all the time. 

You can write for businesses, individuals, blogs, and even institutions if you have the necessary skills. Your salary rises by your level of experience and writing style. According to a survey, in the year 2021, the content writer job was the most popular internet employment from home. 

Content Writer - Work From Home Jobs

There are a lot of webmasters who are looking for unique content, therefore, they hire content writers and are willing to spend a lot of money for it. You would just need to devote 2-4 hours per day to writing 1000-2000 words, ensuring that it is distinctive and entertaining; if it meets all of these criteria, you may sell it for a good price. As a result, if you have a writer inside you, don’t wait to sign up for websites where you can obtain content writing employment. 

Where to begin: Begin to look for websites where you may apply for freelance jobs. Some examples of international sites include: 

  • Fiverr –
  • Upwork –
  • PeopleperHour –
  • Freeup –
  • WorknHire –
  • Problogger –
  • Freelancer –
  • Freelance Writing –

Some options for such Indian sites are:

  • Guru –
  • Writer’s Labs –
  • Thoughtful Minds –
  • Outsource2India –
  • My Writing Master –
  • Assignment India –
  • Project Guru –

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Average Salary: Content Writer’s salary as a Freelancer ranges between ₹ 1.5 Lakhs to ₹ 5 Lakhs.

7. Become a Virtual Assistant & Make Money

You’re probably wondering what a virtual assistant would accomplish and if it’s even viable. Yes, becoming a virtual assistant is viable, and you may earn a decent living doing it. As a virtual assistant, you would operate as a personal assistant for someone online without having to be physically present. 

Graphic design, tutoring, counselling, social media management, video editing, research, and other fields benefit from this. There are numerous companies where you may sign up to work as a virtual assistant and earn between $20 and $100 per hour. Thus, if you have the abilities and are willing to work, this can undoubtedly be one of the best platforms for you to work from home without investing any money. 

8. Earn Money With Micro Jobs

These are quick micro-tasks that take only a few seconds or minutes to perform. It consists of micro-tasks such as searching the web for a keyword, filling unfinished sentences, sharing a page, producing a testimonial, discovering similar photographs, writing a short essay, and so on.

Micro Jobs - Work From Home Jobs

Hundreds of companies, such as Amazon Turk, MicroWorkers, Clickworkers, and others, offer micro employment. You can register with them for free, but you will have to take a few exams in their member area to be chosen for the work. You only need to devote two hours per day to earn $500 to $1000 if you live in the United States or Canada, and roughly Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 if you live in India. 

9. Earn Money from YouTube

Everyone knows how popular YouTube is, additionally to let you know it can also become an earning source for you too. If you are well versed about any topic, you can make a video about that or make a tutorial video, monetize the video, and you would be able to earn a lot of money from YouTube according to the views you get.

The best thing you can do is by starting your own YouTube channel, make excellent videos and become a YouTube partner which will help you earn money. You can make any sort of videos, be it comedy, cooking, dancing, singing, travel, etc., whatever you think that people would like or enjoy. Everyone knows how famous YouTube is, but did you know that it can also be a source of income for you? If you are knowledgeable about a subject, you may create a video about it or a tutorial video, monetize the video and earn a lot of money from YouTube based on the number of views it receives.

YouTube - Work From Home Jobs

You can use social media, SMS, email marketing, and other methods to promote your videos. This will improve the number of views on the video as well as the number of subscribers to your channel. You can apply for the YouTube partner program if you have more subscribers or views. You can also apply for Google AdSense to obtain adverts between the videos, which will help you earn more money. 

After your Google AdSense application is approved, advertising will begin to appear on your videos, and if visitors click on those ads, you will get compensated.

Bonus Tips:

YouTube Shorts

YouTube introduced the Shorts Fund to encourage people to use the new platform. In 2021 and 2022, the fund will distribute another $100 million to Shorts makers. YouTube provides some clues as to how this will function. Importantly, shorts do not require producers to be YouTube partners to get cash. This, like TikTok, attracts new creators to the site. “Anyone can participate in the fund simply by making unique Shorts that excite the YouTube community,” YouTube states. 

Every month, YouTube will “call out to thousands of artists whose Shorts got the highest interaction and views,” rewarding them with reimbursements from the Shorts Fund and asking for feedback on the platform, according to the company. If a creator is approved for a payout from the fund in a particular month, YouTube says they can earn between $100 and $10,000 per month, based on their short’s success. 

Confused about how to start a Youtube channel?

YouTube Marketing Course

Here is a course for you it will help you learn from scratch. You can try out the YouTube Marketing Course by Sorav Jain. Build you’re own youtube channel and start earning money by working from home without investment.

10. Become an Online Seller

When compared to traditional selling, the trend of internet selling is radically different. E-commerce has become a recent trend because traditional selling only allows you to sell your goods to your local market, however, internet selling allows you to sell your product to everyone in the country. 

Online Seller - Work From Home Jobs

This online marketing approach has been adopted by several online retail platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Jabong, and others. You would simply put the products to their websites, and when a buyer orders the product, these websites would handle the payment, processing, and delivery, among other things. 

If you want to start selling online, all you have to do is sell these things using any method you like, such as email marketing, social media, or any other platform. You are compensated for each product you sell. However, there are two ways to sell online. However, there are two ways to sell online: either develop your website and offer the products or become a seller for any other shopping portal. 

As previously stated, the second way is more advantageous because you also gain existing customers of the renowned web. They allow you to register for free, and you are not limited to selling things from a single brand. You may do this whenever you have free time, and it will help you earn money. 

You may become an online seller by following these simple steps;

A. Select a Product Line

The first step is to consider the product you want to sell on the internet. There are no limitations on the type of product you can create because there is a platform for anything these days. You may choose something you’re enthusiastic about, such as art, or you could start a ‘buy and sell’ business. You may, for example, sell bespoke presents online to meet the growing demand. 

B. Locate an Appropriate Platform 

While you can build your website to sell things online, you can always use an online marketplace to save time and money while earning a lot of money. The benefit of using an existing web platform is that you won’t have to spend as much money on advertising. Simply look for a low-cost, reliable option. Simply find a low-cost, trusted platform like Flipkart, and you’ll be ready to offer your products to buyers. 

You can also download the EarnKaro app, which allows you to acquire a variety of offers and make profitable connections for things you enjoy from partner sites such as Myntra, Ajio, and others. 

Online selling is governed by the same laws as any other type of business. Before you start your firm, you’ll need to have your GST number, PAN card, bank account information, and other important paperwork on hand. 

D. Your Products Should Be Listed 

It may appear difficult to list your products online, but with the help of user-friendly apps, you can now do so with ease. To upload your goods, you can scan barcodes or utilize the product matching feature and custom templates. You’ll also have to fill in the pricing, quantity, and other details of the product you want to sell. 

The store is typically responsible for the product’s delivery or shipping. You can select an appropriate shipping option and strike a balance between the product’s availability and the needs of your clients. 

E. Connect Your Bank Account

The final step in this procedure is to link your bank account to the internet platform of your choice. This will ensure that you receive payments from customers and retailers on time and that you are not overcharged.

When you make a successful sale, the merchant will deposit the money into your account after deducting a small fee. You can easily earn up to Rs. 30000 per month by investing roughly 2-3 hours every day in internet selling. Nearly 2 million merchants sell on some online retailers, accounting for 40% of their total sales. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that internet retailing is a boon that will not be phased out very soon. So, what do you have to lose? Set up your internet business now and start earning big money in no time! 

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These are the top 10 work from home jobs in India without investment that you can accomplish from the comfort of your own home and with no investment. Not only that, but there are other ways to get money online, such as video royalties, domain traders, website flipping, getting paid by playing games, online consultants, and many more alternatives like these.

But if you take the technology to play around in your hand, then you should uplift yourself intaking more knowledge in digital marketing course so that you can earn more with the following job roles which are highly demandable. 

  • Master in Sales funnel
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Video Editing
  • Project Management

These were some legitimate ways to generate money from home without investing. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid the scams that individuals engage in when they ask for money. Instead, go for anything that has high reviews and is a trusted source. We are confident that this post has assisted you in learning about the greatest sources of income, which will allow you to supplement your fixed income every month.

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