Neil Patel Wishes for Digital Scholar

Neil Patel’s Best Wishes for Digital Scholar

Receiving Neil Patel's best wishes, Digital Scholar marks a significant milestone. A shared vision for the future of digital marketing unfolds.

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At Digital Scholar, we’re all about inspiring and nurturing tomorrow’s digital stalwarts. So when Neil Patel dropped us a shoutout video wishing us Digital Scholars the very best, what a surprise it was!

Neil Patel Talks About Digital Scholar

For the uninitiated, Neil Patel is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital and a New York Times bestselling author, among many other laurels to his name. In the past few months, Neil Patel and Sorav Jain have successfully collaborated to create content for digital marketers, through interviews and the like.

 In addition to wishing us the very best, Neil also shared some gyaan on how to stay on top of one’s game as a digital marketer. 

The biggest nugget of advice that he shared with us can be easily summarized in just 3 of his words.


Constantly keep yourself updated, and apply what you learn regularly, he said. He may have read our minds, as that is what Digital Scholar’s curriculum is based on!

As a follow-through to this advice nugget, he also added that the mark of a true digital marketer is being open to experimentation. Neil made a valid point by establishing that, in a field as dynamic as digital marketing, what works today might not work tomorrow. Agencies have to continuously innovate their approach to marketing solutions to stay relevant in this competitive field. That’s why our agency-based curriculum comes in handy to prepare our students to conquer the digital world.

Neil signed off on the note that digital marketers like himself are always available on their platforms to clear doubts and provide counsel to aspiring marketers. His passion was visible through his speech, and the Digital Scholars were thrilled and super stoked to receive his wishes. The comments on the Instagram post were unanimously positive and thankful. 

Receiving Neil Patel’s wishes was indeed a heartwarming moment for all of us at Digital Scholar. With his stamp of approval, we hope to guide and nurture more digital marketers to soar and succeed in the field. Visit our website to learn more, and sign up for a free demo class if you want to let your inspiration take wing!

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