7 Reasons Why Learning SEM From The Right Institute Makes A Big Difference


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SEM is short for Search Engine Marketing, and it’s safe to say that it’s the unsung hero of digital marketing. Every other aspect of digital marketing is more or less clearly visible to the audience, be it content or design. SEM, however, works behind the scenes to bring your online content to the fore, making sure it performs to its full potential. As such, a digital marketing agency needs proficient SEM analysts to be able to provide comprehensive strategies to its clients.

What Exactly Is SEM?

At its core, Search Engine Marketing is basically about running ads on popular search engines in such a way that it is optimized according to the target audience. Since you pay for these ads to show up where they do in people’s search engines, they are also commonly known as paid ads. As we live in the age of smartphones, everyone has access to a search engine right at their very fingertips these days. Therefore, SEM has become an area of primary focus when it comes to digital marketing training, as a vital skill required to elevate a brand to the next level.

 SEM 101

SEM is inherently a performance-based aspect of digital marketing. As with any performance-based technique, there are specific metrics that you will frequently encounter when you’re managing the SEM for a brand. When you take up an SEM course, some of the terms you will learn about in-depth are:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click): The amount you will need to pay every time your ad gets a click. This is a vital factor that digital marketing agencies focus on.
  • Impressions: This is similar to Instagram impressions, in the sense that it is a measure of how many times your ad showed up on a browser window.
  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate): This is a measure of how many people showed up at your website after having seen your paid ad elsewhere. This is effectively a measure of how good your ad performed, in a general sense.

There are many other such metrics that you will be familiarized with as you continue to learn and practice SEM. Learning SEM offers you a technical perspective to digital marketing which redefines the way you plan your campaigns. Therefore, it is a useful skill set to have if you are planning a career in a digital marketing agency.

The SEM Edge

As stated before, learning SEM from a reputed digital marketing institute is a valuable asset to your resume. What can it do for your career? Also, how important is the curriculum itself when it comes to SEM? No doubt, you will want to join a course to learn SEM, and you will have to invest time, money and effort into it. What do you get in return? In a nutshell, you become a better digital marketer all across the board. Here’s how:

It encourages a practical approach to marketing.

This is especially true if your institute encourages a hands-on approach to SEM and digital marketing training. By applying the SEM techniques you learn, you gain practical experience on how to make your brand perform at its best in the online arena.

You learn to ideate and strategize for campaigns effectively.

Most creative ideas can work on marketing a campaign on paper, but whether they can be applied from an SEM perspective effectively requires you to know the nuances of SEM. By learning SEM thoroughly, you learn smart work, by clearly realizing what works and what doesn’t.

The certifications add value to your profile.

Google Ads is one of the most popular tools to manage your paid ads, and you stand to gain certifications from mastering SEM on those platforms. Google and SEMRush are some of the platforms that offer these certifications, making for valuable additions to your resume wherever you apply for jobs. Most digital marketing institutes cover these certificates as part of their packages.

It gives you a good window into e-commerce.

A core aspect of SEM is PLA (product listing ads). Under this module of digital marketing training, you learn how to manage product sales online and market them accordingly. This unique skill set allows you to explore new opportunities in digital marketing.

It promotes adaptable strategies.

Every industry has its nuances and sensibilities. Real estate and education, for example, are two businesses that require distinct approaches in terms of promotion and marketing. Proper SEM training teaches you how to adopt tailor-made approaches based on the client’s requirements.

You learn financial management.

A good SEM course will teach you how to run effective marketing campaigns even on shoestring budgets. SEM requires you to work with what you have in terms of funding, with little room for error. It’s a valuable skill to have in digital marketing.

It facilitates learning from example.

As an accomplished Search Engine Marketing analyst, you learn to look at what the best people in the business are doing right for their brands and adapt your strategy accordingly. Every successful campaign can be a useful case study for you to perfect your techniques.

These 7 reasons should give you a clearer picture of why an SEM certification from a reputed digital marketing institute can work wonders for your career. With some time and effort, you can master SEM and apply it to your campaigns at your agency. There is a world of benefit that comes with taking the time to learn SEM, so sign up for a good course today!

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