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Top 20 Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tools To Increase Conversions in 2024

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps with more than 2 billion active users. The app is used for marketing and messaging purposes. It is estimated that more than 65 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp, which is impressive. The app has many features that make it attractive to users.

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These features include creating groups, sharing photos and videos, and making video calls. In addition, WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to keep users engaged. 

For example, the recent addition of WhatsApp Payments allows users to send money to each other directly through the app. This makes WhatsApp a very powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Before we explore the Top 20 WhatsApp Marketing Tools in 2024, you can use them to enhance your brand presence on Whatsapp. Let us briefly explain why you need such marketing tools and software.

Reasons Why Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Is Must

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is the key to ending with simple promotional offers and brand recognition. It is a quick approach to sending the necessary information to customers and users about your business. However, some prime benefits are as follows.

1. B2B Business Reach: Easy and efficient way to reach customers with business-related information, including offers, services, and product deals.

2. Multimedia Messages Support: Yeah! You can send your business messages through various media options like images, audio, videos, documents, V cards, etc. Sending URLs and website/product links is also easy.

3. Budgetable: Apart from easy and instant reach of business details, you can circulate them at a minimal cost. It is almost a pocket-friendly choice by companies and individual entrepreneurs.

4. Success On Campaigns: The efficiency of blue ticks helps you to understand the open rate and reading of messages you send. This allows you to monitor the watch rate of business messages among users/customers within the success of selling campaigns.

5. Efficiency In Cross-Platform Communication: Many WhatsApp marketing tools allow you to communicate effectively within various platforms. That makes business seamless and easy to reach maximum.

6. Easy-to-Use Application: WhatsApp’s easy-to-use features make it popular among businesses, marketers, and freelancers. It needs no additional plug-ins or training to reach customers and clients anytime.

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Top 20 WhatsApp Marketing Tools in 2024

Whether you have a small business or extensive company ownership, WhatsApp allows enormous depth in marketing your enterprise today. Moreover, the WhatsApp Business application markets were launched in Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, the US, India, and the UK.

The efficiency of WhatsApp Business allows businesses to get maximum utilization as a marketing tool. It brings a good foundation for the overall marketing strategy integrated with the UPI payment option in India (beta version). Now it is not a communication tool but has a selective marketing choice for businesses to create brand engagement campaigns.

Here is the list of top preferred WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Tools, software, and applications used to expand the business. Scroll to learn more about such WhatsApp marketing tools below;

To know more about these WhatsApp marketing tools, Keep reading to increase the conversion for your business and achieve the targets by knowing the best WhatsApp marketing tool available in the market.

1. Wati.io

WhatsApp Marketing Tools - Wati.io
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Wati.io

WATI is a new WhatsApp marketing tool that is making it easy for businesses to use customer engagement messaging on WhatsApp. This tool will help your business to have better sales and improved leads. 

The marketing conversations with this tool will give your company maximum presence with running a WhatsApp marketing campaign. Now business showcasing and reaching current to potential customers is easy. 

WATI makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers and provide them with the information they need. This tool is essential for businesses that want to improve their sales and lead conversion rates. 

With Wati, businesses can reach more people and provide them with the information they need to purchase. Thanks to Wati, businesses can now focus on their marketing campaigns and leave the customer engagement messaging to the experts.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use for business purposes to reach customers via WhatsApp.
  • Multiple agent login efficiencies.
  • Team collaborations with private notes and messages.
  • Quick replies and automated custom parameters.
  • An advanced and comprehensive communication tool.
  • Extensive native integrations.

Website: www.wati.io

Pricing(Billed Annually)

7-Days Free TrailStandard- ₹2380/month
Professional- ₹4760/month

How to set up and send bulk messages on Whatsapp read this article to learn how to use Whatsapp marketing tools.

2. Com.Bot

Com.Bot - WhatsApp Marketing Tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Com.Bot

In the age of digital marketing, businesses need to find efficient and effective ways to reach their target audiences. Wa.Team was one of the top WhatsApp marketing tools that can help companies achieve this goal. 

Wa.Team has rebranded them as Com.Bot and this WhatsApp API bulk messaging software provide businesses with automated customer support, easy integration, and multi-channel inbox capabilities. 

With these features, businesses can connect with their target audiences more easily and convert their e-marketing campaigns into happy customers. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need all the help they can get to reach their target audiences. Com.Bot provides an invaluable service that can help businesses achieve success.

Key Features:

  • Multi-channel and integration are available.
  • One-click e-marketing campaign to thousands of customers.
  • Cost-efficient and time-saving bulk messaging tool.
  • Multimedia support software.

Website: crm.com.bot

Pricing(Billed Annually)

N/APay As You Go- $0.15/Conv
Business- ₹5999/year
Corporate- ₹29999/year
Enterprise- Custom

3. Whatso

Whatso- WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp marketing tools – Whatso

Whatso App is one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools that are never behind in the list. It helps businesses to extend user engagement and drive sales faster. 

The new Anti-Blocking feature helps businesses send instant messages to targeted consumers without worries. This app is very useful for small businesses as well as for those who have enormous clients worldwide. 

Overall, Whatso App is a great tool for WhatsApp marketing, and it is worth checking out!

Key Features:

  • Good to send business announcements, updates, and offers to customers.
  • Easy to customize messages with names, greetings, etc.
  • Import contacts are also seamless from CSV, TXT files, and even copy/paste.
  • Schedule messaging to customers and groups.
  • Filter contacts to have targeted reach for promotion of business.

Website: www.whatso.net

Pricing(Billed Annually)

DemoBasic- ₹2499/year
Standard- ₹2999/year
Professional- ₹3999/year

4. Whappext

Whappext- WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp marketing tools – Whappext

Whappext is one of the unique WhatsApp marketing tools for sending bulk WhatsApp marketing messages at a time. The features even allow you to speak together with current and potential clients/customers. 

Thus ensuring the excellent engagement of users in your business products or services campaign. The best thing is that it requires no subscription fees like other online marketing channels and is very economical to use. 

This makes it affordable for small businesses too. You can target a specific audience with the help of this app and convert them into regular customers without much hassle. Try out this amazing tool for your business today and save both time and money!

Key Features:

  • Easy to use for business campaigns.
  • Allows filter contacts feature to send bulk messages on one occasion.
  • Data security and real-time statistics to improve business reach.
  • Multimedia and multi-language support.
  • Autopilot mode to respond automatically.

Website: www.whappext.com


N/ASingle PC- $125/License
Software + KEYGEN- $399

5. What Sender

What-Sender- Top WhatsApp Marketing Tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – What-Sender

With full-stack features and the utmost UX experience, What Sender is smart bulk marketing messages software that can be a reliable choice. It allows complete customized required features for the user to send WhatsApp messages, including greetings, promotional offers, etc. 

You can easily use this tool from a PC or laptop compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/8, and Windows 10.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and import contacts from CSV and TXT files.
  • Customize messages support.
  • Automatically sending messages at a time in bulk.
  • Simple to filter contacts with drive targeted campaigns.

Website: what-sender.com


AvailableClassic- $3/month
Annual Package- $19.95/year

6. Agnitas

Agnitas- WhatsApp Marketing Tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Agnitas

This WhatsApp marketing tool is effective and efficient for bulk messages. Agnitas is widely used, ensuring minimum cost. The software allows you with features like multimedia and multi-language support. This is helpful to reach a marketing campaign to a wider and more targeted audience.

Key Features:

  • Good to use within cross channels or platforms to send bulk messages.
  • Customization makes marketing campaigns easy.
  • Automatic reply messages to customers.
  • CRM is good for managing client databases.
  • Easy to access statistics to keep updated with campaign success.

Website: www.agnitas.de



7. Viking WhatsApp

Viking Software.- WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Viking Software

The Top 20 WhatsApp Marketing Tools list is incomplete if we won’t add Viking Software. This versatile tool has ample features to send bulk marketing messages and campaigns. Viking supports multimedia formats such as .docx, .xls, .png, etc. 

It will allow you to have easy filtration to reach the targeted audience. Report extraction and sorting of customer databases are also worthwhile for managing e-marketing campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use for sending bulk messages to customers at once.
  • Multimedia support attaches Docx, images, png, and vCards to messages.
  • Simple to sort and add contacts to send messages instantly.
  • Good to carry targeted e-marketing campaigns.
  • Personalized inbox to reach clients individually too.

Website: sites.google.com/site/vikingwhatsapptools


Demo₹ 6840/Per Year

8. Sirena

Sirena- best WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Sirena

The foremost efficiency to sending WhatsApp bulk messages comes with Sirena. The WhatsApp marketing campaign tool is best to give your business better messaging management. This helps in increasing conversions and real-time communication with potential clients. 

However, no personal chats are available in this marketing software, but they allow adding brand loyalty to your business globally.

Key Features:

  • A shared inbox is easy to access by all employees or teams.
  • Automated replies and messages.
  • Tracking the marketing campaign and potential customers.
  • Multiple media support.
  • Multiple channels and integration to clients.

Website: sirena-the-first-crm-for-whatsapp.soft112.com



9. Vepaar

Vepaar - WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Vepaar

Business multitasking is common when it comes to customer reach at maximum. Therefore Vepaar is the perfect semi-automated e-marketing tool. It is efficient in CRM and lets you have easy broadcast lists. 

The tool is highly scalable to manage WhatsApp marketing campaigns with bulk multimedia support.

Key Features:

  • Instant bulk messaging tool.
  • Featured-rich and customer-reach e-marketing efficiency.
  • Useful to create a WhatsApp store with links, products, and categories.
  • Gathers customer feedback and is helpful in the real-time poll for business.

Website: www.vepaar.com


AvailableBasic- $50
Pro- $150
Premium- $300

10. WAAM-it-Blaster

WAAM-it-Blaster- top Whatsapp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – WAAM-it

If you want budget-friendly and comprehensively designed WhatsApp marketing tools, go with WAAM-it-Blaster. It will give customers an easy-to-use way to send unlimited and personalized messages. 

The software lets you with multi-language support in up to 60 languages, which is the power to reach clients worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Intuitively designed an e-marketing campaign tool to send bulk WhatsApp messages.
  • Multiple languages and multimedia support.
  • Unlimited customized messages efficiency.
  • Automated and scheduled messages.
  • Easy to import contacts from CSV, XLS, and text formats.

Website: www.waam-it.com


N/ABasic- $577/year
Pro- $737/year
Ultimate- $997/year

11. Wigzo

Wigzo- WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Wigzo

Wigzo’s cutting-edge technology bridge the gap between online shoppers and eCommerce businesses to boost sales and improve customer relations. It has been seen that a staggering 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned, which is a huge loss of revenue for eCommerce businesses.

Wigzo’s automated solution helps recover these abandoned carts by sending personalized reminders and notifications to customers on WhatsApp. In addition, Wigzo also allows businesses to manage end-to-end customer communication on WhatsApp, making it easy to resolve queries and complaints. 

As a result, businesses using Wigzo can expect a significant increase in sales and improved customer satisfaction levels.

Key Features:

  • Integration for social media channel automated e-marketing campaigns.
  • Create, post, and strategize content with real-time auto analysis.

Website: www.wigzo.com


Trail AvailableContact

12. RapBooster

RapBooster- Whatsapp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – RapBooster

You can efficiently conduct your e-marketing campaign for your business now with RapBooster. This is one of the leading open-source WhatsApp bulk messaging marketing tools to give your online business a definite kickstart. 

It offers the efficiency to send personalized messages to all customers instantly. The software supports multimedia formats like texts, docs, images, videos, and audio.

Key Features:

  • Bulk messaging on WhatsApp groups and customers is easy.
  • Import and fetch all targeted customers from .txt, CSV, and excel files.
  • Auto-replies and schedule message efficiency.
  • Easy to use for chat, replies, and managing client queries.
  • Multimedia channel and multi-accounts adding.

Website: www.rapbooster.com



13. Q-Sender Pro

Q-Sender Pro- Whatsapp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Q-Sender Pro

To send bulk WhatsApp messages to most customers, use the Q-Sender tool. This is one of the effective Whatsapp marketing tools that give your business campaign an effective reach to potential clients simply. It provides no risk of spam or duplicitous messages and is sent automatically. The scheduling of messages is also good with this bulk messaging and marketing tool.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and customize messages.
  • Automatic scheduling of bulk messages.
  • Simple to switch between multiple accounts for an effective e-marketing campaign.
  • Import contacts easily.

Website: q-sender.pro


N/A1 PC- $20

14. Hubspot Marketing Automation

Hubspot Marketing Automation- Whatsapp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Hubspot Marketing Automation

For easy yet smart targeting of the audience, the HubSpot Marketing Automation tool is best. This is last but not least in the count with remarkable features. The software allows you to have the worth of efficiency to run an e-marketing campaign within a wider reach. 

It can custom-sync this WhatsApp marketing tool with more than 650 integrations and channels. The software is truly a powerpack tool that gives a personalized experience to reach your clients. It is a time-saving and easy-to-use e-marketing bulk messaging tool.

Key Features:

  • Give multimedia efficiency.
  • Easy to use and manage ads, live chats, email marketing, salesforce integration, etc.
  • Multi-language content and multiple applications support.
  • Creating, scheduling, and sending social media posts and messages is instant.

Website: www.hubspot.com


AvailableStarter- $45/month
Professional- $800/month
Enterprise- $3600/month

15. Interakt.shop

Interakt- WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Interakt.shop

Use the Interakt tool for the utmost advance messaging to the maximum number of customers. It helps savvy clients with reliable e-marketing campaigns with multimedia promotional messages, including greetings, images, videos, etc. The tool comes with a thoughtfully designed interface and good customer support.

Key Features:

  • Efficient to add unlimited WhatsApp numbers to reach most customers.
  • Personalized inbox to manage messages and clients.
  • Allows individual replies to customers’ queries.
  • Easy to categorize clients with needs into groups.
  • Multimedia and multi-language support.
  • Easy to track e-marketing campaigns.

Website: www.interakt.shop


14-days Free TrailStarter Plan- ₹999/month
Growth Plan- ₹2499/month
Advanced Plan- ₹3499/month

16. Pickyassist

Pickyassist- Whatsapp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Pickyassist

This is one of the most popular WhatsApp bulk message sender tools. It allows for unlimited bulk messages to reach all clients and customers. This will enable the potential for the business campaign on WhatsApp. Within multiple features, Pickyassist gives constant reach to customers.

Key Features:

  • Multi-language functionality.
  • Hassle-free bulk messaging.
  • Multiple account switch support.
  • Easy to share links and create an instant database for customers.
  • Automatic group posting and messaging.
  • Scheduling text messages, images, videos, etc.
  • Real-time reports of messages and campaigns sent.

Website: www.pickyassist.com


7-Days Free TrailSmall- $5/month
Medium- $10/month
Large- $25/month
Unlimited- $35/month

17. flow.ai

flow.ai- WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – flow.ai

If you are searching for a cost-efficient WhatsApp API bulk messaging marketing tool, flow.ai is the best option. It offers many useful features to reach customers in one click and let them know about your business. 

However, it gives the efficiency of sending 20 messages per minute, which is up to 5000 customers reach per day.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and send bulk messages with no credit limit.
  • Good for businesses to sort customers and add them into categorized WhatsApp groups.
  • The multimedia format supports messaging tools (text, audio, images, and videos).
  • Allows for 100 messages to unknown contact and 3000 to known customers.

Website: www.flow.ai



18. Postoplan

Postoplan WhatsApp Marketing Tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Postoplan

For small to midsize businesses, Postoplan is the perfect WhatsApp marketing tool to give enterprises maximum engagement of clients. Apart from sending bulk messages, it even helps you get into social media marketing campaigns. 

It gives you the best efficiency to send bulk e-marketing messages to customers in real time just within a click. This is helpful to build a brand image more precisely.

Key Features:

  • Bulk messaging and SEO tool for social media marketing.
  • Easy to customize messages and e-marketing campaigns.
  • Simple to filter and import contacts to make a market-relevance list.
  • Anti-spammer software.

Website: postoplan.contenive.com


7-Days Free TrailStart- $1.9/month
Business- $6.9/month

19. Yellow.ai

Yellow.ai- WhatsApp marketing tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Yellow.ai

WhatsApp Business is a great way to connect with your customers on the largest messaging app in the world. With yellow.ai, you can get your own WhatsApp Business account and deliver a truly multi-channel experience to your customers. 

yellow.ai is best suited for small businesses, low-scale enterprises, and academic institutes. It gives reliable efficiency to save contacts and send bulk messages instantly. 

As a result, you can provide your customers with the best possible customer service and build strong relationships with them.

Key Features:

  • Applicable with multiple accounts.
  • Easy to send bulk messages with multimedia support.
  • Multi-language efficiency.
  • Simple to filter contacts and send messages instantly.
  • Extract contacts from WhatsApp groups and details.

Website: www.yellow.ai


21-Days Free TrailContact

20. Gallabox

Gallabox - WhatsApp Marketing Tools
WhatsApp Marketing Tools – Gallabox

Through WhatsApp Business APIs, chatbots, and multi-agent shared inboxes, Gallabox assists businesses in increasing lead generation and revenue. Using this application, you may send WhatsApp marketing messages using the official API.

You can also use Gallabix to create custom messages for your target audience. With Gallabox, you can easily reach your target audience with the perfect message. It is an essential tool for any business that wants to stay connected with its customers. Gallabox is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. 

Gallabox is an easy-to-use, affordable, and effective way to reach your target audience. Get started today and see the difference Gallabox can make for your business.

Key Features:

  • Super easy to use, similar to texting on WhatsApp.
  • Customize the chatbot flow as you desire – no tech effort is needed
  • Create customer segments based on attributes and past behavior
  • Get actionable campaign analytics – sent, delivered, read, and replied to metrics

Website: www.gallabox.com


Free Trail AvailableGrowth- ₹1200/month
Scale- ₹1800/month
Pro- ₹3000/month

WhatsApp Marketing Tools Comparison

Sl No.WhatsApp Marketing ToolsFree TrialBasic Plan
5What SenderYes$3/month
7Viking WhatsAppNo₹ 6840/Year
13Q-Sender ProNo1 PC- $20
14Hubspot Marketing AutomationYes$45/month

The Final Verdict

Time to wind up the content on the best-performing WhatsApp marketing tools. However, such software is endless to be counted still, allowing you to reach your customers easily. The fact is WhatsApp marketing is still free of cost. 

And We know that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and is also a great platform for marketing. This article listed 20 bulk WhatsApp marketing tools that can help you increase your conversions in 2023. If you want to learn more about these tools and how to use them effectively, join an online digital marketing course to upskill

But, using such advanced software to send bulk WhatsApp messages in just one click comes with minimal cost plans. These tools allow you to send multimedia support messages to attract a targeted audience, including text greetings, audio, short clips, videos, documents, and images. 

If you have a small business and want brand recognition via WhatsApp, go with any pocket-friendly and highly scalable e-marketing campaign tool.

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Thanks for reading!


1. What is WhatsApp Marketing tool?

A WhatsApp marketing tool is a web tool designed to convert WhatsApp into business leads and clients. Using this tool, you will be able to create WhatsApp groups, broadcast messages, create reminders, manage contacts, and schedule messages.

2. What is the best WhatsApp marketing software?

Every WhatsApp Marketing tool has its pro and cons. Before deciding on any tool you need to understand your requirements. But the best WhatsApp marketing tools are Wati.io, Interakt, Whatso, Com.bot.

3. How can I send a message to 10000 contacts on WhatsApp?

There are various WhatsApp marketing tools in the market that will help you send messages to 10000 contacts.

4. Is it legal to send bulk messages on WhatsApp?

Yes, it is legal to send bulk messages on WhatsApp. You can use various WhatsApp marketing software.

5. Is WhatsApp Promotion legal?

WhatsApp Promotions are 100% legal, but there are a few rules to follow. First, the post must be related to a Brand. Second, the Brand must be officially affiliated with the Brand. Third, the promotion must be in line with how the Brand is perceived. And lastly, the promotion must not contain any illegal material.

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