Smart Ways To Use Canva

What is Canva?

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that has enjoyed great success since its inception in 2012.  Canva was created by three people who spotted a gap in the market for such a service, and it has since evolved to become one of Australia’s most successful start-ups, with over 130 million monthly users on its platform.

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Remove Background in Canva

With a few mouse clicks, you can transform any image, from a romantic couple in front of sacred temple ruins to one that is simply sitting alone. The Canva background remover makes this simple for anyone who wants to remove their images without having to use Photoshop or other design software!


Create Ebook on Canva

A book can be an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge through writing. It is incredibly simple to create a free ebook on Canva. All you have to do is choose a design for the front of the book and fill in the details. Upload photos, change fonts, add text, and format the cover. Basically, you can do anything on Canva to create an ebook in just a few clicks.


Create Gifs on Canva

Make an animated GIF out of any video or personal clip. Access Canva's GIF from video maker via web or app, then upload and customise your footage. Text can be added to a GIF, frames and effects can be applied, and your creation can be enhanced. When you're satisfied with the final video edit, click Download, then select the drop-down button and select your preferred GIF format.


Create and Sell Canva Templates

Making and selling Canva templates can be a great way to make side hustle. If you want to earn money passively, I recommend enrolling in this Canva Mastery Course.

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