Best ways to make your new brand popular

20 Best Ways to Make Your New Brand Popular

In this particular blog, we are going to take a tour of brand value and find the importance of creating a brand. This is not the end as we will discuss the 20 best ways to make your new brand popular, which is very important to follow, as and when you are starting your business. We will also dig deep into the fact about why brands are important, and the impact of brands on our business.

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Branding is the key to success in today’s business world. You need to make sure that your brand is popular among your customers. But what are the best ways to make your new brand popular? This blog will outline some of the best ideas to build a new brand. We will also dig deep into the fact about why brands are important, and the impact of brands on our business.

What are ‘Brands’?

We all have our names and identities and like to be called the same, similarly, when a name is given to a product or group of products or services, it is called a brand.

Today’s market has become a profit-capturing market, where all entrepreneurs are racing against each other to get ahead. In this sea of millions of products and services, making our business a successful brand is important for the survival of the business as it attracts customers and catches the attention of people.

Best ways to make your new brand popular

With the help of the brand name we can create and stand for loyalty, trust, faith, premium-ness, or mass-market appeal, to the people depending on how the brand is marketed, advertised, and promoted.

In today’s capitalistic market, where there are so many companies producing a similar sort of product, a brand differentiates a product from similar other products and enables it to charge a higher value, in return for a clear identity and greater among the people.

If you have a distinctive brand, you are most likely to survive in the long run, and your business can stand still and continue to function where many similar products around your brand rose and perished over time.

Why is Brand Identity Important to Your Business?

I am very sure that all of us are familiar with one of the greatest consumer product brands, “Apple” and why people are crazy about it, though it’s supernaturally costly. It is all possible because of the effort made by the company over the years to deliver a product that never compromises quality, and now after such a continuous effort, they are picking the fruits.

Why creating a new brand popular out of your business is highly important

So, before we discuss the best ways to make your new brand popular, here are a few points to understand why creating a brand out of your business is highly important to achieving success.

1. Personality

Just like the personality of a person is important to him, and plays a leading role in his success, similarly the brand value of a product act as a personality for it, and lays the statement in front of others.

A brand value is capable enough to evoke specific feelings among the users, and they seem to trust the products because it is coming from that particular brand.

For instance, if a new mobile is launched by companies like Apple or Samsung, no one questions the quality of the product and many people buy them without testing the newly launched product because they trust the company.

2. Consistency

Developing a brand identity gives a message of consistency as well in the market, where people believe that every new product launched will be at par with the previous products, just like the famous wafers brand, “Lays” which launches a new flavor quite often, but then also it’s easy to find the similarity among all.

3. Differentiation

There can be thousands of similar products, who are willing to cut down your sale but the brand value will enable you to stand out from the crowd and maintain consistent sales over many years without being bothered by what others are doing.

4. Awareness

Creating a brand value for our product increases the awareness among people related to our product and whenever a new product is launched, it becomes easy to survive and increase the sales as people are aware of the product before launch and many of the concerned people are eagerly waiting for it as well.

5. Loyalty

The customers of a particular brand remain loyal to the brand and are at a condition of equilibrium, as they don’t want to switch to another brand easily, and the brand can continue progressing for a long period.

We hope after such a vivid discussion, the importance of having a brand value is clear and now you are determined to create a brand for your product, so now we should start the discussion on the 20 best ways to make your new brand popular.

1. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency is dedicated to running brand promotion and sale improvement campaigns, and if you are a newbie to the world of branding and have no idea where you can start, it’s always better to trust the experts. Though you may feel that hiring a digital marketing agency, is a bit costly for your new business, you can choose to go step-by-step and pay for only limited services which you can afford.

There are many digital marketing agencies all around but very few are good and dedicated and you have to be very selective when choosing the agency that is up to the mark from your particular brand. In this regard, I can suggest you go for an agency like echoVME which has a high reputation in the field of digital marketing and have the experience to work for thousands of clients.

EchoVME- hire the best digital marketing agency to make your brand popular

echoVME as an agency is best at what they do and their ROI is very good compared to most of the agencies promising to serve you well. 

2. Create Your Google Business Profile

It is very important to have your business listed in Google BusinessProfile, because it is the first thing users normally check, and it also allows your business to show up in Google Maps results as well. Whenever a person searches for something related to your business, it is a high chance that a resultant search engine page shows the google maps listings.

The most important factor while using your Business Profile is to promote the ranking of your business page through proper local SEO so that whenever someone searches for something related to your business, the search engine page shows your listing at the top.

With the help of your Google business account, you can showcase interesting images and videos related to your business, and people will be overwhelmed to see them and also excited to visit the outlet.

Google business profile the best ways to make your new brand popular

One of the most important benefits that you get with google my business listings is that if your business is listed among the top few names, then you can expect sales to take place 24/7. To add to this you can publish posts and blogs related to your business directly through the google business account.

With the variety and diversity provided by the google my business account to your business and the trust that people have in the name of Google, it is correct to keep this in the top place in the list of 20 ways to make your new brand popular and you too should put one hundred percent to optimize the google my business account.

Also, with the google my business account, there is an option available to promote the brand by the means of paid ads which you can opt for if you are willing to do so, and if you seek my opinion, then I would say that if you are interested to promote your brand you must avail the paid ads option too.

3. Get a Website For Your Business

Another most important and unavoidable thing to add to your business to make it popular is the second in the list of best ways to make your new business popular, which is to have your website, which contains every information related to your business.

A website is a must-have for any business as people have now moved ahead of the age-old traditional system of shopping and most of their decisions depend on their browsing habits. Whenever someone decides to purchase a product from a new brand, the first thing they prefer to do is to go to the website of the brand and make a thorough research.

Get website for business and make your new brand popular

Even to promote your brand you can add all your social media links to your website which can facilitate people to check all the social media posts related to your brand directly through your website and they need not wander around in search of your product.

You can also run paid ads through various channels of Google to increase the visibility of your website and whenever someone searches for a product or service related to your business, your website can list among the top three names on the Google Search Ads page.

4. Implement Search Engine Optimization For Your Business

The option to increase the visibility of your website through paid ads is always available to you but if you want to achieve a successful listing in google search pages without actually paying for ads, then the best thing is to do an SEO for your website or blogs.

Promoting your website or blogs through SEO is one thing for you to promote your business and you need not pay for SEO but the reality is not the same, as Google is not charging anything for SEO but the agencies do charge a good amount of money for doing the SEO of your website or blog.

SEO is a set of optimizations like technical SEO, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO by following Google algorithm which helps search engine bots to locate the content of your website easily and efficiently and show your website among the top few searches on the first page of the search result.

Implement search engine optimization for your business and make google happy to grow brand popular

It is always the best tactic to go for the SEO for your website or blogs if you want to create your brand, as without proper visibility it’s impossible to do so.

For doing SEO you have to optimize all the elements of your website as a part of technical SEO, then you have to write and publish blogs related to your brand regularly, and optimize all the elements of the blogs like heading, sub-headings, images, etc based on SEO factors.

Then you have to earn enough backlinks so that google gets the assurance of the quality of your website and displays your brand name along with the other top brands.

5. Run Google Ads Through Landing Pages

Another important factor for branding at number 4 in the list of best ways to make your new brand popular is to create amazing and attractive landing pages with mind-blowing copies on them so that the brand gets registered in the head of the users.

Landing pages are single-page websites with very limited and in most cases only one clickable link which makes the users register by filling out the form or making the purchase directly by clicking on the payment gateway button.

As SEO is the most important for creating brand visibility landing pages are most important for the collection of data or increasing the sale and the most important factor to create a brand image is to increase the sale and develop a community of loyal customers.

Though one thing you must remember is that landing page promotion is a paid method of promoting your business and must contain only one clickable link because the last thing that we want would be the visitor to click the link and get distracted.

So, to keep the visitor connected with the brand it is always suggested that a landing page must have only one clickable link where he gets the option to either fill in his details or proceeds with the payment.

Another important thing that a landing page must have is a reason to continue, as you have to make the visitors half will be converted into one hundred percent commitment and make him complete the process.

6. Create Listings on The Major Directories and Optimize Them

Another important part is to create your listing in all the possible places in the world of social media and never feel any platform inferior and neglect it. Creating a listing on all major social media platforms is an inseparable part of brand creation and without it, the process remains incomplete.

Though it’s a hectic task to create so many accounts on different social media platforms and also maintain them on regular basis, it is very important to do so, if you want to create a new brand, as you never know where your efforts can be converted into sales. 

Create listings on the major directories and optimize to make a new brand popular

Talking about the most popular social media brands we have Google my business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more, and all of these are equally important.

There are also many directories sites like yellow pages, just dial, yelp, Bing, etc which you can’t afford to miss if you are willing to create a brand name for your business.

7. Create a Business Blog

At number six in the list of 20 best ways to create your new brand popular, is a time taking but effective method to create blogs related to your business and publish them on regular basis, so that the users remain informed about the product and the brand name never goes out of their head. 

You have various methods to publish a blog, like publishing through your website, or using some open source to publish like or or even you can choose the Quora platform to answer people’s questions in favor of your brand.

By the means of these blogs and articles, people will always stay connected with the brand and their loyalty toward the brand will remain consistent because it is more important to sustain loyal customers rather than to create new customers.

8. Share Your Content

Sharing your content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, etc so that the brand keeps on hitting the head of the people and it gets registered in their memory. If you are looking to create a brand it’s then consistency is the key, as there are so many brands and companies trying hard to scroll up, even the slightest bit of negligence can be lethal.

Apart from social media, there are several other ways of sharing your content, maybe you prefer to publish it through your website or you would like to email the content to the registered users, it’s all up to you.

Again, the content you like to share can be in any format as well, like a photo, an image, a video, a blog, etc but the most important factor is consistency, which can’t be ignored at all.

9. Get Online Customer Reviews

The review is the best way to show the values of your product to others, and because there is no personal contact between you and your users, reviews are the best way to create a relationship of trust, between you and your users.

The eighth option among the best ways to make your new brand popular, is customer reviews are like gold jewellery for any business. Whenever we want to purchase any item from a website like Amazon or Flipkart, the first thing we check is the review section of the product, and most of the time we decide to buy or not to buy by reading the reviews only.

Get online customer review to make your brand popular

Another important thing why you should consider the reviews is it gives a ranking factor to your brand website because as per the algorithm followed by Google, better reviews give better value to a website and help to pass the SEO parameters.

10. Monitor and Respond to Reviews

As much as reviews are important for any business, giving a response to the reviews is also equally important as it plays the role of creating a bond between a brand and a customer.

When we give our response to a review, the feel-good factor comes into play and the customer feels as important to the business.

Also, when overs are observing the reviews, and they find that with every review there is a response from the company side, they develop a kind of trust for the brand and get converted into customers.

11. Connect and Contribute on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place where professional people like to hang around and here you can develop a relationship with all important persons related to your business, like you may find some good ideas of promotion, or may join some group with similar motives, or you may hire some expert who agrees to work for you.

Apart from this, when you are on LinkedIn, and post regularly people develop faith in the brand, as most people are sophisticated on LinkedIn and only concerned with their work and don’t like to chit-chat.

Connect and contribute on LinkedIn to make your new brand popular

This group of elite people can prove to be lethal when you are looking for branding your business, as it is always good to sit among the wise company. There are many entrepreneurs and CEOs highly active on LinkedIn and if somehow, they notice your efforts and dedication, who knows you might get a partner or a client.

12. Upload Videos to YouTube and Advertise on YouTube

Promoting your products through video marketing is an amazing way of promotion as it directly affects the thoughts of the people and keeps a long-time impression just like how we remember the complete story of a movie even after a few years.

If you want to promote your business through videos, there are many options Dailymotion, Dtube, etc but the best way to do it without paying anything is to create your brand channel on YouTube. You may have to take an effort to record a video and then edit it, but the returns you will get are worth the effort making.

People like to spend time watching YouTube videos and after the launch of YouTube Reels, the average time spent on YouTube has increased considerably and with this, the chances of promoting your brand through YouTube have also grown.

Another way of promoting your brand through YouTube is by the way of paid ads which are an easy mode of conversion but needs some investment. YouTube gives you the option of showing a complete ad or to show the ad for 5 seconds only but if your target is to create a brand, and not to increase sales through YouTube, then 5-second videos are the best option as they are cheap but effective to register the brand within those 5-seconds.

13. Prioritize Your Business Through Facebook Page

If you miss the largest social media platform in the world, you are missing an opportunity to promote your business as a brand. As we all know Facebook is the most followed social media platform in the world with millions of users all entrepreneurs are looking forward to grabbing the opportunity to promote their brand and you too should follow the same.

Promoting your business through Facebook is simple and easy and you have both paid as well as a free options. The free option will keep you limited with your friends, family, and followers, but with the paid option you can reach a new generation of customers and improve your branding.

During the promotion through Facebook, you get varieties of options, especially if you are going for the paid option, like selecting the audience type or selecting the amount invested in each campaign, adding a call to action with the campaigns, and keeping track of how the campaigns are performing for your brand.  

Your Facebook page should represent your brand and you should constantly release content for the followers of the page so that they keep in touch with the brand and whenever there is an appealing offer they are lured towards it and complete the purchase without doubting the brand.

14. Engage Your Audience on Instagram

Another sister partner of Facebook, which is even surpassing Facebook in terms of average engagement time with the users is Instagram and without a doubt, it is growing in popularity and is the best option to promote your business.

Though you can run Instagram ads through Facebook but due to the growing popularity of Instagram Reels, we are forced to keep it as a separate option in the list of 20 ways to make your new business popular.

Though it looks simple to create reels and upload them on Instagram if you want to create a brand value you need to be a lot more professional in your approach and for that, you must join some courses online which are very affordable and helpful to make you an expert.

I will suggest you check out the Instagram Reels Mastery Course offered by Sorav Jain under the banner of Digital Scholar, which is cheap as well as effective and thousand of students have given a positive 5-star review for the course.  

Instagram Reels Mastery Course

15. Try an Influencer Marketing Collaboration

Influencers are people who have a huge following on social media and can be useful to your brand to obtain the desired popularity and promotion.

Thousands of influencers are highly popular on YouTube or Instagram and people are crazy followers of them, believing in everything they say. You can also collaborate with some influencers such influencers and make some promotions for your brand, and it will have a similar effect as the celebrities are doing for big and popular brands on television ads.

These influencers are cost-effective to hire and also the fact that they are well known on social media, there is no need to invest heavily in traditional television ads and with an investment of one-fifth when compared to traditional ads, you can promote your brand.

The impact of these influencers on your brand can be decisive and you need to be selective while contacting any influencer and must take care that the influencer is connected to the Niche of your brand.

16. Invest in Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is the growing method to promote a brand and business, and most entrepreneurs are preferring it over the traditional method of advertising it can be audience specific and also optimized as per the conditions which is not the possible case of traditional promotion methods and are having a valid placement in the list of 20 best ways to make your new brand popular.  

Billions of people are on having an account on one or other social media application and compared to television, they prefer to spend more time on these apps.

The Social media application can be a very famous application like Facebook or Instagram or it can be a less famous and newly launched application, every platform is important.

17. Form Partnerships and Networks

Creating a partnership is also an amazing option to improve your brand image, as it can provide you additional funds to run branding and promotional campaigns also if you are selective in the choice of partners and managers agree with some famous person or brand, it can do a lot of goodwill to your brand.

Another great way similar to partnership is to create a network of entrepreneurs who can promote your brand and in return, you also promote their brand, like a tit-for-tat relationship where both the brand gets a mutual benefit.

It is always a better option for promotion as there is nothing to lose, and you need not pay as well and fits perfectly in the list of 20 ways to make your new brand popular.

18. Attend, Host, or Sponsor Local Events

You should learn from the marketing campaign of brands like RedBull, who are investing 30% of their income on brand promotion and a bulk of it is invested in organizing local sports events where the brand is heavily promoted.

You can think of a similar idea for your brand as well and host a local event related to your brand where you can make the people participate and also promote the brand, such kind of event have a long-lasting impact among the people and they have a better opinion about the brand. 

19. Run E-mail Campaigns

Though many people believe that e-mail marketing is an old method of business promotion, it is still affected and most of the big brands are using it for their promotion.

E-mail marketing can be used to run varieties of campaigns, like sending e-books, gif cards, welcome videos, offers, and many more, which can be effective to convert the receiver into loyal buyers. The thing which can’t be achieved through typical social media advertising is possible through e-mail marketing as you can structure retargeting according to your choice.

Through e-mail marketing, you can also run competitions and special offers with selective customers who are valuable to your business and earn the trust of your loyal buyers.

20. Join Online Communities

One of the best ways to get a leg up is to offer a hand up to others and the best way to achieve this is to join communities and groups relevant to your business or industry on different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, and Facebook, as these communities offer people good advice and suggestions when they have problems or questions.

Maybe this option is kept at the last position in the list of best ways to make your new brand popular, but it’s inferior to none and equally important for creating a brand of your business.


It is very important as a new entrepreneur that you understand what exactly is needed by your business and do the needful also as a new investor you should understand the value of creating a brand. All the above mention options are in the list of 20 best ways to make your new brand popular, not like which one is better but if you are dedicated to creating a brand, you have to follow as many of them as possible.

All of these options are equally important to follow and you should follow as many as possible and must remember that creating a brand it’s a time taking process which can’t be achieved in a week or month, but you have to be patient to achieve success.

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