Some of the top virtual event marketing ideas

Top 10 Virtual Event Marketing Ideas

As virtual events become more popular, there is a need to teach marketers how to leverage this new trend in marketing. From sponsorships to virtual event technology, there is a whole new world of marketing that is developing and companies will need to learn how to use it to their advantage. This blog will give readers an inside look at the top 10 virtual event marketing ideas.

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This is a unique article talking about a rare topic related to the top 10 Virtual Event Marketing Ideas, where we are going to check out what is virtual event marketing at first, what are its benefits compared to traditional event marketing, and at the end of the discussion, we will discuss the focus point of this blog and try to find out some conclusion.

What is Virtual Event Marketing?

A virtual event is like webinars which are done on digital platforms where people join the event to learn something new. But as digital media is growing, it is getting more and more difficult to gather an audience for virtual events.

With so many virtual events happening across different industries, interests, platforms, etc, it can be hard to reach our messages to the correct audience and it’s equally hard to gather the attention of the audience.

This is where virtual event marketers can prove themselves worthy, as the experts doing virtual event marketing know what it takes to gather a correct audience for any particular virtual event.

Advantages of Virtual Event

1. Greater Number of Attendee Count

It’s common thinking that virtual events are unlike to gather a greater audience but the result is contradictory to this.

When we compare virtual events with physical events, the former does have the upper hand in many aspects. Unlike physical events, there is no need to book a big hall or space to accommodate a large number of people and even their geographical constraints are not a problem under the virtual medium.

Talking about the cost too, it’s comparatively cheaper to organise a virtual event, because expenses to organise are less and the number of people joining the event is more.  

2. Facilitates Attendee Feedback and Review

Feedback is the most important factor for the continuous growth of virtual events, as they speak for quality. Feedback from the attendee will enable us to rectify any area which is lagging and also help us to understand whether the motive of conducting the virtual event was successful or not.

With the help of feedback, we can plan our future projects and analyse which areas people liked and which they disliked and concerning them, we can do amendments for future ventures.

Just like feedback, reviews are equally important as they guide those who are yet to attend the event and don’t know much about the organisers. Such people decide to join the event, which most of the time is paid for, only because they trust the reviews provided by previous attendees.

3. More Value to The Sponsors

It’s an arguable point to be discussed, whether physical venues provide more value to the sponsors as they get space to display their ads and banners, or virtual event does it better.

If I say virtual events, does it better, then again the question arises, how and where. It’s a fact that during virtual events it’s difficult to display ads and banners to the attendee but it allows the sponsors to have a one-on-one conversation with the attendee.

The attendee has to submit a request to join the virtual event, where they offer all their data which can be utilised by the organisers in the best of their interest.

4. Significantly Reduced Expenses

The cost of organising a virtual event can never be the same as a physical event, as in the case of the latter, you have to occupy a space, large enough to accommodate all the desired people and you need to invest in making arrangements for proper hosting.

But in the case of virtual events, there are no such requirements of occupying a physical space neither there are any constraints on how many people can join the event, nor there are any geographical limitations as people all over the world can join the event.

5. Better Learning Opportunities

As already highlighted, the overall cost of organising a virtual event is comparatively very low, which indeed impacts the cost of joining the event which is on the lower side as well.

There is no restriction to the number of people joining when the medium is virtual, just you need to upgrade your service pack.

With all these benefits to enjoy, virtual event is a great opportunity to learn as they have the potential to overcome all kinds of obstacles and spread to a wider number of people.

Even after all these benefits, there is some sort of difficulty faced and if someone is unable to attend the event in time, he or she can always have access to the recording of the session and that too is of as good quality as they want.

6. Saves a Lot of Time

With virtual events, there is no need to create separate batches for a separate group of people, as people from different corners of the world with different knowledge and beliefs can come together and join without having any personal contact with each other.

Another fact is that it takes a lot of time and effort to organise a physical event, which in the case of virtual events, reduces to some seconds that will take to generate the link.

The registration process to join the event too is also super quick in the case of a virtual event as everything runs on an automation basis and entries are registered as soon as they are collected.

7. Brisk Fast Analytics

At any point of the day, irrespective of where you are sitting, at home or office, all the data related to the events are at your fingertips and you can access them or share them at your will.

You can also combine different platforms to reach out to a destination assessment, or go deep down to analyse the success of the event.

You have real-time access to the data related to the number of sessions, the number of attendees, locations of the attendee, have a live one-on-one chat with all attendees, retarget them after the event, and more.

Hope you have acquired knowledge related to the advantages of virtual events, but before we start the top 10 virtual event marketing ideas, we need to gather some more ideas related to virtual events, and now we will discuss a few platforms where you can host your virtual event.

List of The Best Platforms to Organise Virtual Events

Though there are hundreds of platforms which can provide you services to launch virtual events, just for knowledge purposes we have included only 3, which according to us can best cater for your needs.

1. Demio

Demio- a platform to organize virtual events with great marketing techniques.

One of the best platforms to host your webinar available today is Demio, which has given consistent performance throughout the pandemic period and even today it continues to do so.

Demio offers both automated and live webinars, and also comes with a hybrid option where you can combine the two and prepare a perfect presentation for your event.

The platform comes with the features like interactive polls and Q & A during the event, a call-to-action button, document sharing, automated reply, analytics, and much more.

2. Livestorm

Livestorm-a platform to organize the best  virtual events

Livestorm is another strong platform to host your webinars, which have amazing features beyond expectations.

Livestorm also integrates content management tools HubSpot and Salesforce with can greatly influence your performance during the webinar. It also allows us to schedule the replay throughout the day, like every hour or after every 3 hours and also enables us to collect live attendance during the webinar.

It too comes with features like live polls, tests, one-on-one conversations with the attendee and much more.


3. WebinarNinja

Webinar Ninja-platform to organize virtual events

A great option to go for, WebinarNinja is the go-to application for many premium service providers like AppSumo, BareMetrics, Bfinance, and more. It’s a well-designed platform.

The platform has some amazing features like built-in email, free and paid webinars, tracking through Facebook Pixel, integration to major CRM systems, running automated replays on schedule and more.

So, it got interesting so far and now to increase the extent of excitement, now we are going to discuss the most awaited part of the article, the top 10 virtual event marketing ideas.

Some of The Top 10 Virtual Event Marketing Ideas

1. Exciting Event Page

The most important part of running a successful virtual event is to have an event page which recharges the viewer with excitement and eagerness to join the event.

The event page should highlight all necessary information related to it and should contain an appropriate colour scheme and images which can gel with the subject of the event.

For instance, you can’t have bright colours for webinars related to spiritual and motivational talk, whereas if you are organising it to teach graphic designing, it should be loaded with vibrant colours.

It is the most important part of the top 10 virtual event marketing ideas, as it’s the first impression that will be made on the visitor and as we know it’s going to be the last as well if we fail to impress.

2. Build Anticipation and Excitement

Way before the event is scheduled to begin, we have to create a sense of urgency, like limited seats, limited time offer, video teasers, reviews and feedback of the previous attendee, and more.

We have to develop an aroma of excitement among all the interested candidates who should decide in favour of joining the event after going through all these excitements.

Build anticipation and excitement that is the best virtual event marketing idea

We should create an environment where people get the feeling that something big is going to be delivered during the event, and they in no condition can afford to miss it. We should also create a buzz that this could be the last time for them to join the event, and in future, there will be no such opportunity at all.

3. Influencer Outreach

Influencers are those having a large number of followers in the digital media, and people like to listen to them by sparing their valuable time. We can hire these influencers to work for us and promote our event among their followers so that a large number of audiences can be gathered for the event.

Influencer marketing may be higher on the price point, but its effect is mammoth, making it an amazing choice in the list of top 10 virtual event marketing ideas.

influencer outreach is one of the best virtual event marketing idea

While selecting the influencers, we have to be careful about their niche, as it must be somewhere close to the niche of the event that we are going to organise, as people with similar choices are more likely to attend the event.  

4. Referrals or Affiliates from Existing or Past Attendees

Have the power of networking into your virtual event by luring your past attendee with offers like cash, discount or bonus, to refer to your program.

There can’t be someone better than those who have previously attended your sessions, to promote your event, which they will readily do if promised something in return.

You can go one step in advance and provide an affiliate option to all your past and present attendees to promote your event through different social media platforms, in return for some affiliate income.

5. Big-Push your Promotions

Promotion is important for the success of any kind of event organisation, as in the case of a virtual event it’s even more important to focus on a promotion campaign which must begin a few months or a few weeks before the actual date of the event, depending on the budget of the event.

But the fifth entry in the list of top 10 virtual event marketing ideas is not just simply doing promotion, but giving a big push to our promotion campaign. We should keep the bulk of our promotion campaign budget safe for the last few days or the last week before the event starts.

Spending a huge budget on the last moments before the event starts ignites the fire among the followers, who were reluctant before, but when they see the ads striking, again and again, they simply fall into getting registered for the campaign.

6. Sponsor Logos

It may sound funny but the sponsor logo is one of the most important things to have for the success of any event, as the big names contained in the list of sponsors develop a sense of trust and urgency among the viewers and also make the event authentic.

When we add sponsors’ logos into the ad campaign, we are actually using the brand image of our sponsors to generate an audience for our virtual event, which makes a difference.

7. Appear at The Top of Search Engine

Seven is my lucky number and it can be yours as well if you follow this entry from the top 10 virtual event marketing ideas religiously.

It may take time for any SEO campaign to show results and for this, you have to start preparing the way before you plan to organise the event. The key to the success of your virtual event is how judiciously you have selected the keywords and how much effort is laid to rank it at the top of the search engine pages.

8. Make Sure Your Emails Get Opened

Emails are important for the success of your virtual event as they can be personalised & automated and even, and we can experiment e-mail success ratio with the A/B testing method.

Personalised e-mails make people feel close to the sender and also develop a feeling of trust between the sender and receiver, which can work wonders for the success of your virtual event.

9. Award Giveaways

Giveaways are a good trick to lure people to join the virtual event, which can be like a free e-book or subscription.

Providing free giveaways is a tried and tested method, which is very successful in gathering an audience for our digital event.

10. Testimonials

To generate trust related to the webinar, testimonials from present and past attendees can be wonderful and can be the last trick to make them feel assured to register for the virtual event.

Testimonials are one of the best virtual event marketing ideas

These testimonials from past and present attendees can be in the form of e-mail, quotes, comments or even a short video, which is a good source of lifting the morale of the people.


Organising virtual events or webinars are developing as a strong source to spread knowledge among others and is even now considered a great source of passive income.

All the above-discussed top virtual event marketing ideas are effective if used wisely and efficiently and there is no need to search for any other source to popularise your event and make it a successful one.

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