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50 Interesting Twitter Stats & Facts You Never Heard Before in 2022

Twitter has emerged as a powerful platform for real-time communication and information sharing, making it essential for businesses and individuals alike. Here are some fascinating stats and facts about Twitter.

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Days worth of tweets could fill a ten-million-page book. Didn’t this fact blow your mind? Well, Twitter is such a place that blows people’s minds with the tweets that they read. It is one of the trending platforms across the globe. You can even call it the most happening place where people get information regarding almost everything, start trends, and even make a difference in the world. This blog will take you through a few interesting facts and stats that you might have never heard of before regarding one of the most happening platforms.

Here’s the List of Twitter Stats & Facts

1. Twitter was launched in March 2006  by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams.

2. The first-ever tweet was done by Jack Dorsey.

3. As you all know, hashtags are very famous, especially on Twitter.  They can create an entire movement. The first hashtag (#barcamp)was used in 2007 by Christ Messina. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - First Hastag Used On Twitter - #barcamp

4. 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day, the duration from the first tweet to the billionth. 

5. 500 million tweets are posted each day and 200 billion each year.  That means 6,000 tweets are sent every second, which is equal to 350,000 tweets every minute. 

6. 😂 Tears of joy is the most used and Tweeted emoji. It was used in 14.5 billion Tweets. Other than this emoji 😂, in the year 2020, the sad emoji 😭 was also used a lot. Twitter made a list of th most used emojis in 2020.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Most Tweeted Emoji

Source: Twitter  blog

7. A survey conducted by the Insider Intelligence called ‘US Digital Trust Survey’ noticed that Twitter is in 7th place out of 9 regarding privacy and trust. This Twitter stats show that people are less confident regarding Twitter in terms of privacy and data.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Ranking on Security

Source: eMarketer

8. As of 2020, Twitter is the sixth-ranked mobile app based on monthly users. 

9. Around 550 million users have posted a tweet. 

 10. 44% of all accounts that have been created on the platform have never tweeted once. 

11. An average user has 707 followers. 

12. There are accounts that have zero followers. There are 391 million accounts like that. 

13. 8.5% of users are of the age group ranging from 25 to 34 years.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Users Age Group

Source: Statista

14. The United States has the most number of Twitter users, followed by Japan and India. It has around 73 million users.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Highest Using Countries

15. Though the U.S has more users, it only saw a 9.6% increase in users usage in 2020 compared to other platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Users Increased Stats

Source: eMarketer

16. Accounts can be blocked and removed if the company notices hateful content or conduct. During the first half of 2020, Twitter suspended 925,700 accounts. It is a 6% increase from the last half of 2019. 

17. Most people get news from social media platforms before they get it from traditional media sources. A picture posted on Twitter broke the news even before traditional media could cover it. It was a picture regarding a US Airways flight that crashed on NYC’s Hudson River.

18. Talking about news, 17% of Americans receive news from Twitter. Worldwide only 12% get their information from Twitter. Twitter is behind Facebook, Whatsapp, and Youtube in this area. Instagram is catching up with Twitter as a news source.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter vs Instagram Which uses to access latest news

Source: eMarketer

19. Since Twitter is considered a news platform. There will be media outlets and journalists present and tweeting. 25% of verified users are journalists and media outlets.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Verified profiles for Media Persons
Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Verified profiles for Media Companies - The Guardian

Source: Twitter

20. 10% of U.S. Twitter users make or produce 92% of U.S. tweets. Even though most of the users post rarely, a small portion of very active users has the majority of the tweets. It was also noted that these highly active users are Democrats.  

Twitter Stats & Facts - American Twitter Users Produce Most Tweets

Source: Pew Research Center

21. It is noticed that there are more democrat users than republicans. Twitter users are most likely to lean left in the political area. U.S adult users consist of 65% of Democrats or the ones who lean towards Democratic, and 33% are Republicans or lean towards Republicans. 

22. There are more male Twitter users compared to females. 68.1% are male users. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Users based on Gender

Source: Statista

23. Even though Twitter was there for a long time, it made its first profit in  2017.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter made his First Profit

Source: The Guardian

24. 80% of active users use this platform through their mobile devices. 

25. This platform has an advertising audience of up to 353 million.

26. Users use social media platforms other than Twitter. 99% of the users have or use at least one other social media platform. Businesses can use this Twitter stats to their advantage and remarket on other platforms.

27. Twitter ads can help target a niche audience. It can reach up to 5.8% of the world’s population, who are over the age of 13. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Ads - Subway Canada

Source: Hootsuite

28. Twitter’s ad revenue is up by 15% due to the increase in product launches. In the third quarter (Q3) of 2020, advertisers mean  808 million dollars on Twitter. Most of the ad revenue comes from the U.S, followed by Japan. 

29. Ad engagement of Twitter is up by 27%. Twitter in Q3 of 2020 noticed that users have started to engage with ads more frequently. The cost per engagement is down by 9%.

30. In the last 12 months, Twitter ads were used by 12% of B2B content marketers, and 82% of them used Twitter for organic content marketing.

31. 67% of all B2B businesses use Twitter as a tool for digital marketing.

32. Twitter stats show that they witnessed an average increase of 15% in click-through rate for website carousel ad format and a 24% increase in installs per impression compared to single asset formats. Use these formats to increase your CTR.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Ads Format to Increase CTR

Source: Digital airstrike

33. Everyone likes it when their tweets have been replied to. 77% of users said they felt more positive towards a business or a brand when their Tweet was responded to by the brand. 

34. 40% of users have agreed that they purchased a product or service after seeing it on Twitter. 

35. 2 billion videos are watched on Twitter on a daily basis.

36. Views on videos increased by 62% from 2019 to 2020. It is a 72% increase year over year on videos watch time. 

37. Twitter has in total 1.3 billion accounts. In those, only 330 million are active users. 

38. It is said that 480 million users are bot accounts. 

39. 83% of the world’s leaders are on Twitter.  In India, Mr. Narendra Modi has the most followers on Twitter. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Most Followed Leader - Narendra Modi

Source: Twitter

40. The most popular Twitter accounts as of March 2021, according to the most number of followers, are Barack Obama, followed by Justin Bieber.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Accounts with most Followers

Source: Statista

41. According to Twitter stats, the platform made a list of ‘Most tweeted about People Worldwide’ and 2020 Donald Trump was the most talked and tweeted about. He was #1 most tweeted about 2020. 

Source: Twitter

42. The most retweeted and liked tweet in the year 2020 was the announcement of Chadwick Boseman’s passing away. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - Most Liked and Retweeted in Twitter - Chadwick Boseman

Source: Twitter

43. The most famous and retweeted post of all time is a Japanese billionaire promising money for almost 100 people. The entrepreneur promised to offer one million yen to 100 randomly selected users who would retweet the post and follow his account.  It has been shared more than 4 million times. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - Most Popular Tweets on Twitter

Source: Statista

44. Twitter stats show how people in India used this platform during the second wave of Covid. When they compared Covid tweets posted during April 1 – May 31 and the months preceding it, February 1 – March 31, they witnessed an increase of 600% in the daily number of tweets regarding covid. 

45. Tweets asking or providing help increased by 20x.  During the second wave in India, the #Covid19 tweet was posted 77% more. #Blood and #Plasma saw an increase compared to Feb to March by 72% and 834%, respectively. 

46. While #Covid19 was used nearly 400 million times. According to Pew Research, #Blacklivesmatter was used 3.7 million times per day on an average from May 26 to June 7, 2020. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - Most Used Hashtag - #blacklivesmatter

Source: Pew Research Center

47. In the first half of 2021, the most used hashtag was #valimai.

48. The following Twitter stats will show you how users used Twitter to discuss entertainment, movies, and sports in 2020.

Sitting and at home, people started catching up on shows and movies that they missed during their hectic daily routines. They started watching new releases as well.  There were 7,000 tweets regarding shows on TV or movies every minute. 

Twitter Stats & Facts - Most Discussed Tv shows

Source: Twitter

49. Even though sports events did not allow the audience to be present in the stadium, Twitter became the online stadium of the audience. There were 2 billion tweets regarding sports. Video games tweets also saw an increase of 75% from 2019

Twitter Stats & Facts - Most Discussed Sports Team
Twitter Stats & Facts - Most Discussed Sports Games

Source: Twitter

50. witter was flooded as well. In the first weeks of the lockdown, 500,000 tweets were about cooking and baking almost every day.  29,000 tweets regarding chocolate on a daily average.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Twitter Foods

Source: Twitter

Not just text, emojis were also used a lot.

Twitter Stats & Facts - Top Trending Food and Beverage Emojis

Source: Twitter


Twitter stats can get really interesting. You will find information that will make you wonder if so many people actually took part in discussions, hashtags and retweets. This also tells you how happening this platform is. The aim of the blog was to get 50 interesting Twitter stats. We hope the blog was fun to read through as well as interesting.

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