How to Become an SEO Expert

The search engine is the one that can make your brand visible to millions of audiences just by a single click. Every business starting from local to international want to rank among the top of the Search Engine results pages (SERP). Only through thorough Search Engine Optimization, it is possible to bring a website to the top. This requires rigorous work and a dedicated SEO expert who would be able to perform a holistic SEO.

SEO is a part of digital marketing that cannot be taken lightly; increase traffic to a website is to convert and increase sales, increase visibility, spread awareness, reach a mass audience SEO is a key to it all. There are umpteen SEO professionals who are looking to learn more and bring standard practices in the industry to the sites they are working on, but what are those elements that would make one an SEO expert? An SEO expert is someone who can understand the advanced concepts of the search engine and approach every keyword differently. They should be able to make decisions, pick strategies, and have strong analytical skills, but reaching this level takes time and practice. So, an SEO expert

How to Become an SEO Expert: 9 Surefire Tips to Boost your SEO Game

Find the root of SEO:

Exhaustive knowledge about the subject matter establishes you as an expert in the industry. The journey to becoming an expert in SEO should start from here. SEO is divided into off-page and on-page optimization. One needs to understand the part each plays in helping a page rank or gain high traction. In the beginning, SEO might seem jumbled, but everything becomes clear once you gain an overall understanding of why and how it is performed. The four concepts that one should be delving deep into and find the roots of it.

  • ON-page SEO – Optimizing the web page
  • OFF-page SEO – Website promotion via off-page activities
  • Technical SEO – Crawling and indexing
  • Content SEO – Content Optimization on the website

Understands the major search engine:

Familiarising yourself with the search engine could give you an upper hand while working to rank on the search engine. There are simple as well as complicated concepts related to the search engine. Start from the more straightforward ideas and then work your way up to the complex ones.

Strategizes a long-term plan:

An SEO expert has to have a long-term view when the plan is drafted. If things are hurried, the entire process will get disrupted, and the desired results will not be achieved. So, a robust extended plan and the patience to continuously work towards it instead of expecting immediate results would mould one into an expert.

Knows other disciplines of digital marketing:

An expert needs to know about SEO but also other disciplines of Digital marketing. Basic knowledge about the working of Search engine marketing, Social media marketing and content marketing are compulsory to start with. There would be a lot of instances where knowing the other disciplines of digital marketing would come in handy.

Is also a content writer:

Content is a significant part of SEO. One would have to deal with a lot of web content while performing SEO. Even if not full-fledged content writing, an SEO expert should at least know how to edit content in an SEO-friendly. The key is to be a content curator if not a content writer.

Plays the role of an analyst as well:

There are several tools that can be used to set time goals and gather data for an SEO plan. But experts would never rely entirely on the tools to analyze them. They take an overview of the overall data and dissect them to find anomalies that even the tool was not able to identify. The tools that one needs to be thorough with are SEMrush, Moz, google webmaster and google analytics.

Be well-versed at working with Keywords:

There is a vast pool of keywords for a single website. The competitors are also working on the same keywords; this is where the expert’s work can make a real difference. Instead of sticking to the set of rules that are followed by everyone, if it wise to think out-of-the-box and start experimenting with keywords. Instead of working on one keyword like you have horse blinders on, it is crucial to open yourself to changes and work based on results.

Keeps themself updated with the changes:

The search engine is always evolving, even every day. An SEO expert keeps adapting to the changes that are made to the search engine. It is vital to keep updating with even the minutest of modifications done to the algorithm so that the projects can be tweaked accordingly.

Is patient:

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, ultimately optimizing the web page and raking it in the first page of the search engine takes time, a lot of it. So, instead of rushing things and spoiling the entire project, an expert would optimize, monitor and tweak to get the desired results.
SEO is technical; intuition one part and constant tweaking the other. The best way to learn SEO is through a practical-based digital marketing institution that would be able to provide insight into the various concepts as well as give practical projects to work on.


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