Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies

Tesco’s Digital Marketing Strategies: A Detailed Case Study

Tesco is an English multinational food and general merchandise retailer with offices in Welwyn Garden City and Birmingham. In 2011, Tesco was the world's third-largest retailer based on gross revenue and the ninth-largest based on revenue. This Case Study is about Tesco's digital marketing strategies to increase sales and customer retention. Read on to know more about Tesco's marketing strategies

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The corporate philosophy of Tesco is primarily one of cost leadership with a focus on accessibility, choice, and customer satisfaction. Tesco is well-known both domestically and abroad for emphasising cost, comfort, and value. The supermarket chain’s continued prosperity depends on the Clubcard since it attracts repeat customers who increase sales. 

This case study will discuss Tesco’s digital marketing strategies and how they are working to increase sales and customer retention.

About Tesco

Tesco is an English-headquartered retailer. The corporation serves tens of millions of clients each and every week, has 7,000 locations worldwide and employs over 500,000 people. Although grocery retail is the company’s main line of operation, it has expanded into the retail banking and assurance sectors.


In 1919, Jack Cohen established Tesco as a collection of market stalls in London’s Hackney neighbourhood.


After Cohen bought a cargo of tea from T. E. Stockwell in 1924, he initially used the moniker Tesco by combining those three initials with the first two letters of his last name. The first Tesco store opened in Burnt Oak, Barnet, in 1931. His company quickly grew, and by 1939, he owned over 100 Tesco locations nationwide. 

Since the early 1990s, Tesco has expanded internationally, operating in 11 different nations. The business left the US in 2013, but as of 2018, it is still expanding overseas.

Tesco has expanded its business since the 1960s, entering new markets like books, apparel, electronics, furniture, toys, gasoline, software, financial services, telecom, and internet services.

Tesco’s SEO Strategies

Tesco’s Website Strategies

All companies today need to make sure their websites are optimised for search engines. Let’s take a look at how Tesco does in search engines and the outcomes they can expect.

Tesco’s website has an authority score of 75, receives 31.5 million visitors from organic search, and 14.4K visitors come from paid search.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies -DA


Below, you can see some of the tools they use for website analytics and tracking. 

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies -WP tools

On a website’s main server, an SSL certificate file is installed. It is simply a data file that contains the public key, the owner’s name, and other information. Without an SSL certificate, TLS is unable to encrypt website traffic.

The SSL Certificates that Tesco installed are listed below.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies -SSL

Tesco’s On-page SEO Strategies

They post around five blogs every month which is majorly written by their employees.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies -Blogs

Tesco’s Off-Page SEO Strategies

Off-site ranking factor optimization refers to improving how search engines and users perceive a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority.

The website of Tesco has 22.7 million monthly visitors and prioritises 2.8 million keywords.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies -off page seo

In the table given below, you can see that Tesco’s backlinks have increased since March 2022, after a sudden and drastic dip in Jan-Feb 2022.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies - Backlinks

Tesco has always gained more backlinks than they have lost. 

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies - New and lost backlinks

Business and industry as well as arts and entertainment, are the two key sectors that make up the majority of Tesco’s backlinks. Others include the internet and telecom, news and people and society.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies -categories of reffering domains

Tesco’s Social Media Strategies

Tesco has multiple profiles on Facebook and Instagram. They have a separate Instagram account for each of the different categories and countries that they exist in.

Tesco’s Google Ads Strategies

Tesco also employs many Google Ads strategies to get more traffic from the online medium. They have 1 paid keyword that brings them 1.6K worth of traffic and costs $435.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies - ads keywords

As you can see below, their estimated traffic has increased from May 2022.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies - ads search trend

The graph below shows the trends in paid keywords. They experienced traffic in their keyword in January, June, and July.

Tesco's Digital Marketing Strategies - ads traffic

Tesco’s Target Audience

Tesco’s target demographic is those who are interested in deals and sales, value variety and are cost-conscious. Tesco originally positioned itself as a high-volume, low-cost retailer with the goal of catering to all socioeconomic groups. However, later in the 1990s, it changed its positioning to one that not only offers low-cost “Tesco Value” items but also premium range products under its “Tesco Finest” range.

Tesco’s Best Campaigns


#FoodLoveStories acknowledges the social and emotional components of eating, which are now more important than ever for so many people. It offers solace. You have some power over it (assuming everything works well!). It’s safety. We are all brought together by it.

That theme has been continued in the most recent #FoodLoveStories instalment, which highlights the pandemic’s ability to bring people together via food.

After the shutdown began, @Tesco swiftly released a number of advertisements depicting lockdown victims. One was a family cooking their beloved grandma’s lamb meal in each member’s home using a video messaging app. After that, they all gathered for a virtual supper and sat down to eat. Of course, the concept was that they could maintain a connection through food even if they were physically apart.

The advertisement was produced in four days using the same video-call technology as the commercial. That is pretty amazing for a TV commercial that was of broadcast quality. Because of its quickness, @Tesco was able to hold a mirror up to numerous individuals as they prepared for lockdown.

The more quickly businesses grasp our reality and take action, the more memorable and powerful their message will be. This is where brands can stand out.


These tactics were employed by Tesco to safeguard and enhance its standing in the digital market. If you want to create a digital marketing strategy for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

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What do you think of Tesco’s web marketing tactics? Please share with us in the comments.

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