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Top 20 Tech Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India

There are many people who have tremendous influence over the technology sector. Some are well-known, others are less famous, but no less influential. This blog post will explore the world of tech influencers in India and examine who makes the biggest impact on the industry. We'll take a look at some of the best tech influencers to follow on Instagram and see who has had the most influence in recent years. Stay tuned to learn more!

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The one thing that is constantly changing and adapting around the world is technology. From our microwaves to our smartphones and even our cleaning devices, technology has taken over. All products are not the same and have different purposes. Apart from that, each person’s needs are different when it comes to purchasing something related to technology. This is when Rech Instagram influencers come to your aid.

Tech influencers are those people who have a lot of knowledge about the latest gadgets in the market.  They constantly research the market, past technology as well as present technology. If you are someone who wants to know more about a particular technological product, you should check out the review posted by a Tech Influencer.

We have made a list of the top tech Instagram influencers whom you can follow for the latest updates as well as for assistance while making a purchasing decision. 

Listed below are the Top 20 Tech Influencers on Instagram in India 

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1. Gaurav Chaudhary@technicalguruji2.3M followers
2.Amrelia Ruhez@technoruhez287K followers
3.Shlok Srivastava@techburner2.2M followers
4.Ranjit Kumar@geekyranjitofficial50.1K followers
5.Dhananjay Bhosale@dhananjay_tech521K followers
6.Manoj Saru@manojsaru831K followers
7.Praval Sharma@sharmajitechnical103K followers
8.Yogi Yogendra@technicalyogi96.1K followers
9.Arun Prabhudesai@trakintech438K followers
10Hitesh Kumar@technicaldostofficial85.6K followers
11.iGyaan@igyaan138K followers
12.Amit Agarwal@labnol5,581 followers
13.GuidingTech@guidingtech46.6K followers
14.Akash Paul@technical_sky535K followers
15.Sourav Parui@2uplu6,775 followers
16.Rajeev Gogi Rana@gogitechreal30.3K followers
17.Amit Bhawani@amitbhawani103K followers
18.Giridhar@gadgetgiri12.4K followers
19.Abhishek Bhatnagar@gadgetstouse18.6K followers
20.Harsh Punjabi@technolobe233K followers

1. Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji)

Tech Influencer - Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary is among the top tech influencers on Instagram. He has a following of 2.4 million on Instagram. He is an engineer by education and posts content regarding all things of technology from video games to smartphones.

He has a youtube channel as well where he talks about new arrivals. He also makes unboxing videos explaining all the features, cons, and pros of the product device. He conveys information in an easy and simple manner so that everyone can understand the points. 

2. Amrelia Ruhez (Techno Ruhez)

Tech Influencer - Amrelia Ruhez

Techno Ruhez uploads content related to new arrivals, hacks/tricks, and how to use the products to their best. He has a significant following on youtube, and he has 3.15 million subscribers on youtube.

On youtube, he makes videos such as ‘stop doing these 10 mistakes with your smartphones, ‘ 5 powerful tips to double your smartphone battery, and unboxing videos. His videos and posts on both platforms are enjoyed by all. 

3. Shlok Srivastava (Techburner)

Tech Influencer - Shlok Srivastava

Techburner is a tech Instagram influencer who is known for making content related to technology fun and entertaining while conveying the information that is important. He makes videos and reels that explain or review products and their features.

He covers all sorts of technological devices such as smartphones, laptops, headphones, and games. He even makes videos on hacks and tricks on his social media platforms. 

4. Ranjit Kumar (Geeky Ranjit)

Tech Influencer - Ranjit Kumar

Ranjit Kumar loves exploring almost every new device, and he ensures that viewers learn something new about technology after watching his videos. Geeky Ranjit makes unboxing videos, product reviews or reactions, tips, and advice regarding consuming or purchasing technology or devices.

On his youtube channel, he has a playlist for each product category, making it easier for viewers to find the right video. 

5. Dhananjay Bhosale

Tech Influencer -  Dhananjay Bhosale

Like his bio on Instagram says, ‘ Making Instagram reels fun with knowledge, ‘Dhananjay Bhosale is another tech Instagram influencer who makes content that is fun and interesting. He makes reels or videos reviewing smartphones, earphones, TVs, apps, and other gadgets. Other than reviews, his reels show tricks, tips, and other valuable and in-depth information regarding tech. He holds Q&A sessions so that his audience can ask doubts or queries regarding gadgets or devices that they wish to buy or the ones they are using. 

6. Manoj Saru (Technology Gyan)

Tech Influencer - Manoj Saru

He is considered the best when it comes to tips regarding smartphones. He posts content in Hindi, and his feed is filled with videos or reels regarding ‘iPhone hacks,’ ‘google hacks,’ ‘camera tips,’ and many more. He has a youtube channel where he conveys in-depth information regarding phones, smartwatches, gaming phones, etc. 

7. Praval Sharma (Sharmajitechnical)

Tech Influencer - Praval Sharma

Another tech Instagram influencer who gives tips in Hindi is Praval Sharma. He has a youtube channel as well with 1.69 million subscribers. His content is mostly regarding mobile phone reviews, and he does unboxing videos, and videos comparing two devices, and he also giveaways. He gives the latest updates related to smartphones and the tech world on his Instagram handle.

8. Yogi Yogendra (Technicalyogi)

Tech Influencer - Yogi Yogendra

Technicalyogi does regular unboxing videos. He gives reviews on smartphones, cameras, earphones, and other accessories related to technology. He even makes videos on digital marketing and offers tips on how to make a career on youtube and how can one buy online on EMI without using a credit card. His youtube channel has 1.37 million subscribers. 

9. Arun Prabhudesai (trackintech)

Tech Influencer - Arun Prabhudesai

Arun Prabhudesai started Trackin Tech to provide knowledge to everyone regarding business, technology, and startups. He uploads videos regarding reviews, unboxing of products, opinions, comparisons, and news or information related to launched or ready-to-launch devices or gadgets. He does giveaways as well.  He also has a youtube channel with 10.1 million subscribers. 

10. Hitesh Kumar (Technical Dost)

Tech Influencer - Hitesh Kumar

Hitesh Kumar posts content in Hindi regarding reviews on smartphones, tech news, tips, and other information related to gadgets. He has a youtube channel with 1.96 million subscribers. 

11. iGyaan

Tech Influencer - iGyaan

iGyaan reviews smartphones, earphones, smart home electronics, laptops, and many other tech devices. A youtube channel with 1.04 million subscribers and iGyaan does Livestream, pc builds, and gaming videos. The aim of the page and channel is to share elements and information regarding technology and provide tips and tricks. They also website where there is information regarding almost all tech-related elements.  

12. Amit Agarwal (Labnol)

Tech Influencer - Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is among those tech Instagram influencers who run a blog, and he is known as the first professional technology blogger in India. His content is majorly on giving solutions for problems related to tech. Microsoft awarded him with the  “Most Valuable Professional” for five years in a row. 

13. GuidingTech

Tech Influencer - GuidingTech

Guiding tech makes content related to phones, tabs, laptops, and other tech gadgets. Guiding Tech has another page on Instagram named GT Hindi, and both pages have a youtube channel. The videos on the channel are related to reviews, how-to videos, comparisons, tips, and other information that viewers should know that will make their work easier, such as ‘top 7 best free photo editors on android in 2021’.

14. Akash Paul (Technical Sky)

Tech Influencer - Akash Paul

Akash Paul is a tech Instagram influencer who keeps the content crisp and understandable. He shares tips and tricks for Android devices. His content aims to teach or inform his audience about the latest features and websites/ apps that will help enhance their work. His videos also help the viewers decide what device to buy in their budget range. He has a youtube channel with 1.18 million subscribers. His youtube videos are engaging, fun, and very informative. 

15. Sourav Parui (iT Creators)

Tech Influencer -  Sourav Parui

Sourav Parui is one of those tech Instagram influencers who make videos and content on any new gadget in the market. He covers almost all tech gadgets, right from attachable lenses for phones to innovative styling gadgets for men. IT creators test out the products before reviewing them.  Overall the page and channel are a go-to guide for devices. 

16. Rajeev Gogi Rana (Gogi Tech)

Tech Influencer - Rajeev Gogi Rana

Gogi tech has videos on unboxing, reviews, and first impressions related to the products or devices. The content covers tech products like phones, smartwatches, laptops, and many more. He has a youtube channel with 2.49 million subscribers, and there are playlists for each brand and model. 

17. Amit Bhawani 

Tech Influencer - Rajeev Gogi Rana

Amit Bhawani posts content that is in-depth and unbiased. The way he conveys information is simple and up-to-date. He talks about all types of technology and gadgets. He has a youtube channel as well. 

 18. Giridhar (Gadgetgiri)

Tech Influencer - Giridhar

Gadgetgiri is among the top tech Instagram influencers who speak Tamil. He talks about consumer tech products in understandable and straightforward language, and the content is regarding all types of tech products. And he suggests devices that viewers can buy in particular price ranges. 

19. Abhishek Bhatnagar (gadgetstouse)

Tech Influencer - Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek posts videos on how to use the device or gadgets to their full potential and suggests to his viewers which product to buy that will be helpful in their day-to-day life. He also gives the latest updates regarding the tech world, gives tips, and explains the features of tech devices. 

20. Harsh Punjabi (technoble)

Tech Influencer - Harsh Punjabi

The last tech Instagram influencer is Harsh Punjabi. He does unboxing videos, tells about the new features, updates, and giveaways, and gives tips and tricks on how to use a device effectively. He also has a youtube channel. 


These are the top tech Instagram influencers that you can follow to learn about the latest updates, news, and features in the tech world. It is always advised to know about the product before purchasing. Follow them to gain knowledge regarding technology and for tips or tricks that will make your life easier while handling technology. 

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