digital marketing case study on Tata Motors

Case Study On Tata Motor’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Tata Motors’ digital marketing strategies are generally hyper-local; they try to reach the regional audience and connect with them. They market on multiple social media platforms and on search engines to derive the most out of the digital world.

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Do you know what Tata Motors is famous for, apart from their sturdy and robust cars? Their killer digital marketing strategies give them an edge over their competitors. They’re particularly known for their extraordinary features, and they leave no opportunity to show them.

Digital marketing is essential for all automobile companies, and Tata Motors is one to learn from. In this blog, we’ll highlight the digital marketing strategies of Tata Motors and how they sailed through rebranding and customer satisfaction through the digital platform. In fact, Tata Motors has a total of 3.5 million visits to its website and holds the #1 category rank in the automotive industry. 

Let’s first understand more about the company and its journey as one of the most popular automobile companies in the world.

About Tata Motors

When thinking of Tata Motors, one thinks of a big, established, brand. But, how did that happen? Founded in 1945, Tata Motors still has a monopoly over the automobile industry. It is part of the Tata group, founded by Jamshedji Tata in 1868, which is a global conglomerate now with a presence in 100 countries across 6 continents. 

Tata Motor’s Digital Marketing Strategies

The Tata group has a huge role to play in growing India’s economy. In addition to generating employment for thousands of people, they also added over 4% to India’s GDP in 2018. When entering the digital world, Tata Motors had an advantage because of its popularity. Since it was known among people, its strategies revolved around increasing awareness of its brand and building a strong bond with its customers. 

Tata Motors’ Overall Advertising Strategy:

The Tata Group does not have a uniform promotional and advertising strategy across all of its businesses. Companies create their own marketing and advertising strategies. The following are some of the advertising methods they’ve utilised in recent years:

  • Use of televised commercials
  • Celebrities with a large fan base and a strong social media presence are used to promote products.
  • Newspapers, magazines, and printed journals are examples of print media.
  • Advertisements on the Internet
  • During festivals, sales promotion offers are made available.
  • The coordination of promotional events in many locations throughout the world.
  • Providing sponsorships for well-known events around the world

Why Should Marketers Study Tata Motors’ Digital Marketing Strategies?

Marketers should study Tata Motors’ digital marketing strategies because there’s a lot to learn from them. Here are some of Tata Motors’ strategies that can be a source of inspiration:

1. Branding

All of Tata’s branding strategies and campaigns revolve around factors of trust and reliability. They ensure to keep these constant and common through all their campaigns. This is one of the crucial takeaways for marketers to keep in mind while crafting their marketing strategies. 

2. Vernacular content

They intended to resonate with as many individuals as possible from the available target demographic by using a vernacular marketing approach on both static and video assets. They concentrated on establishing trust among the segmented audience in the most genuine and appealing way possible. Their strategy was to distribute high-impact material that would encourage brand-product recall and, as a result, lead registrations.

3. Keeping it personal

Tata Motors’ digital marketing strategies involve employees’ achievements. This helps establish a personal connection with their audience. People like reading more about the people behind the product they’re about to buy. Digital marketers can learn from Tata Motors and follow a similar approach while marketing for their own brand.

4. Following grids

Tata Motor follows a specific grid for its social media. Although an outdated trend, they are consistent with the grid and maintain their posts to follow the grid. As digital marketers, you can learn from Tata Motors’ consistency on how to keep the grid aesthetic for the viewers.

5. Relevancy

Tata Motors’ posts are generally relevant. They post on all festivals and special days, wishing their audience and making use of real-time content to increase engagement. 

What Are Tata Motors’ Digital Marketing Strategies?

Tata Motors’ digital marketing strategies function on a number of platforms, including social media and search engines. Let’s first discuss Tata Motors’ social media marketing strategies and the different social platforms they market on.

1. Tata Motors:- Social media marketing strategies 

Tata Motors consistently posts on four social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They use social media to highlight their brand values and show snippets of how they give back to the community. They also highlight certain crucial topics and talk about gender equality, malnutrition, clean water and sanitation, etc.

Here’s how they are performing on these social media platforms:

PlatformFollowers/SubscribersEngagement rate
Twitter295.8K 0.01%

Tata Motors:- Instagram Marketing Strategies 

Tata Motors has over 242k followers on Instagram. Their bio says “Tata PUNCH-Proud Official Partner of Tata IPL 2022,’ ensuring relevancy. Tata Motors’ Instagram follows a rather strict grid with 9-post patterns for festivals and special days. Other than that, they often post about their team and their achievements. Most of their profiles are filled with videos and photos of the product — cars. 

According to Phlanx, Tata Motors’ Instagram engagement rate is 0.40%


Tata Motors:- Facebook Marketing Strategies

Tata Motors’ Facebook marketing strategies are somewhat similar to those of Instagram. However, you won’t find the broken posts for grids. Their Facebook posts also include captions in Hindi, which receive a good response in the comments. They have over 4,050,028 followers. 

A noticeable factor in Tata Motors’ Facebook is the comments. Many posts have negative comments related to their service. Tata Motors, however, replies to each of these comments with a promise of resolution.

Tata Facebook Customer Comment and Reply

As per Phlanx, the engagement calculator, TataMotors’ Facebook engagement rate is 0.06%. 

Tata Facebook Engagement Rate

Tata Motors:- Twitter Marketing Strategies

Tata Motors’ Twitter also features a good amount of content in Hindi to target the Hindi-speaking population of the country. They use this platform to announce and advertise their contests and other competitions. The engagement (in terms of likes and reshares) is much lower on Twitter than it is on the other platforms. 

Tata Motors:-LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

On LinkedIn, Tata Motors has 2,913,026 followers. The content on LinkedIn is mostly inspired by the content on Tata Motors’ other social media channels. Tata Motor’s brand value and awareness push the youth to seek chances here, which explains the growing reach.

Linkedin Marketing Campaign by Tata Motors

Tata Motors:- Influencer marketing strategy

To broaden its audience, the Tata Group uses influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is when a brand works with content creators who already have a huge following and uses their talent to reach out to a new audience. 

As part of its #WeCountOnYou social media campaign, Tata Capital, for example, employed a stand-up comedian, an online fitness instructor, and a computer teacher. It encouraged people to share their positive lockdown experiences in order to boost people’s spirits and develop positive attitudes in the community. Another campaign that was popular was the #GetSetBolt campaign, which utilised influencers. It will be covered in greater depth later in the blog.

2. Tata Motors: Website Design

The Tata Group has a user-friendly website with fascinating material that attracts a large readership on a daily basis. Its website serves as a complete one-stop-shop for all information about the company, including its history, segment-by-segment operations, new product releases, essential business news, and existing employment openings. Their website’s increased responsiveness aids them in remaining at the top of the search results, a sign of effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Tata Motors:- Search Engine Strategies

Tata Motor’s search engine strategies have increased its car sales by 43% and lead by over 60%. (Source

Based on SEMrush’s data, Tata Motors has an Authority Score of 65 and 7.7 million worth of organic search traffic.  

Tata Motors website SEO Campaign - Domain authority and backlinks

Their top organic keywords are Tata Motors, Tata Cars, Tata Motors, Tata Nexon ev, and Tata Nexon. All their organic keywords include the suffix “Tata” in them. 

Top Organic Keywords for Tata Motors

3. Tata Motor’s Paid Marketing Strategies

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Tata Motors used social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to promote their client and their services in order to achieve the desired results. Through these commercials, we were able to attract new leads and convert them into auto sales.

Tata Motors made good use of Google advertisements to showcase the many features and types of Tata Motors vehicles. This raised awareness among potential customers, which in turn increased traffic to their website, resulting in the desired outcome.

According to a study by Similarweb, Tata Motors extracts 14.35% of traffic from keywords on their Google page. 

Tata Motors made good use of Google advertisements

Top 3 Marketing Campaigns of Tata Motors

1. #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow Campaign 

The campaign’s tagline is reminiscent of the well-known line, “We Also Make Steel.” The ad was effective in emphasising the significance and future role of steel. Tata Steel’s role in generating new and innovative products for the future was depicted in the campaign. It refocused attention on steel manufacturing and made people aware of Tata Steel’s significant role. The audience applauded the company’s modern approach.

2. #GetSetBolt Campaign 

One of Tata Motors’ most successful marketing projects, this campaign was warmly welcomed by consumers, resulting in increased Tata Bolt car sales. At a period when most businesses relied solely on Facebook for internet marketing, Tata Motors took a more creative and unique approach. They used a gamification method that was promoted on social media sites like Twitter and YouTube. The ad enlisted the help of four well-known influencers and was themed after a reality show. The ad was successful in generating interest in the Tata Bolt hatchback as well as a positive brand image. On Twitter, the campaign earned over 1500 mentions.

3. Atmanirbhara:– Vocal for Local

The promotion is highlighted by a video that opens with a small boy named Rohan seated in the back seat of a Tata Nexon as his father drives him about town. “Atmanirbharta kya hoti hai?” the son inquires of his father. “What does Atmanirbharta mean?” for example. By demonstrating a variety of jobs to his kid, the father teaches him that Atmanirbharta refers to being self-sufficient in all parts of life and that it applies to people from all walks of life, whether they are a toymaker, a bangle salesman, a scientist, or an ISRO engineer. 


The Tata Group is one of the world’s top multinational companies and a force to be reckoned with. The Tata Group is critical to India’s economy as one of the country’s top private-sector employers, taxpayers, and foreign exchange earners. The organisation has progressed with the times and now mainly relies on technological advancements in its marketing efforts.

The Tata Group, on the other hand, has operational flaws. Some of their marketing initiatives have been ineffective over the years, and they have failed to gain market share in a few categories. Despite this, the Tata Group continues to try to improve and make progress in its approach and operations.

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