Tanishq digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing strategies of Tanishq – A Detailed Case study 

Tanishq has been successful in part because of its strong marketing strategy. The company has tailor-made its marketing strategy to appeal to different segments of the market. We will be discussing the various aspects of Tanishq's marketing strategy in this detailed digital marketing case study of Tanishq.

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The Detailed Marketing Strategies of Tanishq 

Tanishq is a luxury jewellery brand selling jewellery in high-end boutiques and online stores. The company has a detailed marketing strategy that includes paid search, display advertising, PR, and social media.

Tanishq also has a strong e-commerce presence that accounts for over 60% of total sales.

The Tanishq marketing strategy revolves around creating a unique and luxurious aesthetic jewellery not typically seen in other jewellery brands. 

To do this, they have partnered with high-end designers and manufacturers to create their designs and bring that to the plate of customers.

Let’s look at how Tanishq used digital marketing strategies to boost its online presence.


Tanishq’s journey began in 1994 by titans, again a tata group of companies with the introduction of 18k gold watches set with extremely valuable gems. The store quickly expanded into a 22k jeweller, with a wonderful selection of diamond and pure gold jewellery.

tanishq poster

Tanishq, an Indian jewellery brand, has swept the country with its innovative products, inventive designs, and skilled craftsmanship. Mr Xerxes Desai founded Tanishq by combining the words “Tan” body and “Niksh” gold ornament from Sanskrit.

Tanishq opened stores in other cities worldwide in 2015, including India, Qatar, and Mexico, but storefronts were quickly closed.

Tanishq celebrated its 150th showroom anniversary in 2014. It expanded its operations to Saudi Arabia in 2014. Tanishq introduced two new sub-brands in 2017: Rivaah, which targets the bridal market, and Mirayah, which focuses on smart-home products. 

Also, In December 2017, the company introduced a new sub-brand called Axis.

Why Should Marketers Study Digital Marketing Strategies Of Tanishq?  

Digital marketing strategies have become increasingly important for marketers as the internet has become the go-to source for information and consumer interactions. 

Additionally, digital marketing provides an opportunity to reach a global audience with targeted messages. Marketers should therefore study digital marketing strategies to ensure their campaigns are successful. 

tanishq digital marketing strategies- goodwill

Digital marketing is cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising. It can be used to create a brand’s image and identity.

To be successful in digital marketing, marketers must understand how digital technologies work and how they can be used to create strong customer relationships. 

Additionally, marketers must clearly understand digital marketing strategies and tactics to reach and engage customers effectively.

Continue reading to look at the complete case study on digital marketing strategies for Tanishq.

Tanishq’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media can be a great way to market your jewellery brand. You can use many strategies to get the most out of social media marketing for your company. 

You can create content relevant to your audience, post photos and videos showing off your products, and create blogs or web pages discussing jewellery design and trends.

One of the main reasons for Tanishq’s success is its strong focus on social media marketing.

Let’s see what they have done to gain more success on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

1. Instagram Marketing strategies

tanishq instagram

Tanishq on Instagram has over 843k active users and used this great platform for promoting products and services.

tanishq - instagram feed

Tanishq is a jewellery brand and these are the Instagram marketing strategies tanishq.

1. Tanishq Uses appealing and interesting images to promote products.
2. Tanishq makes use of hashtags to reach a larger audience.
Tanishq organises contests and giveaways.
4. Develop engaging content for your target audience.
5. They chose a better model with a theme concept for Instagram posting.

Instagram has over 843k followers, and they used Instagram as a great platform for marketing. In this article, we will discuss some Instagram marketing strategies for Tanishq.

tanishq  instagram bio link
  • First off, they managed to improve Tanishq’s Instagram profile. Include a link to the company’s website and showcase some of the products they sell.
tanishq instagram post feed

Post photos and videos that are relevant to your target audience next, using a colour scheme and pattern that coordinate with Tanishq

tanishq jewelry post hashtags

Use relevant hashtags so that people interested in your products can find your posts. For example, for the Raksha Bandhan festival, use the hashtag #sisterbychoice.

With consistency in posting, you can start getting more followers for your eCommerce site.

2. Facebook marketing strategies 

The jewellery brand is looking for Facebook marketing strategies to reach potential customers. 

One strategy for Tanishq jewellers is to create a Facebook page and post about new products, sales, and events. Another strategy is to run social media ads targeting women over 25

Jewellery brand is increasingly turning to Facebook for marketing purposes. Here are some of their strategies:

1. Share photos of new items and collections.

2. Run contests and offer free shipping.

3. Create targeted ads to reach a specific audience.

4. Engage with fans on social media to keep them updated on new products and events.

5. Use Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers directly.

tanishq page likes

They have 147k follow their pages with 145k likes on Facebook by following the above strategies.

tanisq total talking and total likes

They got higher in total traffic on Facebook since they announced the offer at the end of June, and it’s continuing in august 2022 with more than 451k likes overall.

3. Twitter marketing strategies

Twitter can be utilised for various things, including marketing, and it’s common practice to reply to consumers immediately when they point out product defects.

Tanishq tweeter

Tanishq is a jewellery brand that promotes its goods on Twitter. Utilising is all of Tanishq’s Twitter marketing techniques.

  • Popular and relevant hashtags,
  • Highlighting trends in tweets
  • Immediately responding to the criticism.

They currently have 40.1k followers with the help of the Digital marketing strategies mentioned above.

SEO strategies 

Tanishq.com is a well-known jewellery website that offers to people all over the world. They need a website that effectively displays the wide range of products available and boosts total sales.

So let’s look at how well their SEO team implemented SEO techniques.

tanishq traffic


Tanishq has a highly impressive website with 2.4M visits with 1.2M new visitors coming month on month, an average visit duration of 04:08 and a bounce rate of 65.10%.

tanishq SEO

Tanishq has an authority score of 56 with organic search traffic of 12.2M, and the paid traffic of 200.6k comes through 62.7k backlinks.

tanishq - distrubution by country

Also, Tanishq has 11.9M traffic for inserting the right keywords of 104.4k on their website.

top organic keywords - Tanishq

Their top organic keywords have super traffic in the google search engine. Most words are Tanishq with 673k volume, jewellery with 450k volume and mangalsutra desi 368k volume,  where customers directly type it on the google search bar.

Keywords by intent tanishq

Regarding keywords by intent, their informational keyword reaches 48.2% of people, making them gain 34.4k followers with 28.6k keywords on their website.

Tanishq Backlinks

Tanishq has 30.07k following links and has converted leads into sales.

Tanishq Main Competitors

Main paid competitors tanishq

Tanishq’s top three competitors are Bluestone, bhimagold and candere, with higher SE keywords. 

Now, look at the position of the Tanishq competitor for better reference.

Tanishq- CPM

Ads strategies 

top paid keywords tanishq

Also, they have top-paid keywords named tanishq with a search volume of 67300 with 0.22 CPC, which allows them to make 16.44 traffic per day.

tanishq- sample ads

The above-mentioned are the best Text ads of the Tanishq ad campaign. Take a keen look at it if you want to promote like them for your business.

Tanishq Target Segment

  • Product What They Sell

Jewellery comprised of platinum, diamonds, and gold is available from Tanishq. With the help of a tool called a Karatmeter, which determines the purity of gold, it has also contributed to raising public awareness of the impurity in gold.

Experts in the field have examined Tanishq diamonds, and each piece of jewellery comes with a certificate of worth and the TATA stamp of trust.

They name the jewellery with the unique selling name,

  • IVA
  • QUEEN OF Hearts
  • Price What they Offer

Women in the middle class and higher class are the target market for Tanishq. Customers that like beautiful jewellery and are willing to pay a premium price for it buy jewellery from this store.

  • Whom are their Targeting Audience

When a new collection is released each time, they are especially interested in ladies between the ages of 20 and 50.

They primarily target local women through Facebook advertisements; men are not their main focus.

  • Campaign and Ambassador

Nayanthara mentioned Tanishq with several ad campaigns spanning the south of India.

Influencer Marketing

Tanishq uses influencer marketing to sell its products by identifying the best models and influencers for the job.
Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular, so every jewellery business has to work on it.

Some of their big campaigns are#littlebigmoment for marriage events.

#queenofhearts with deepika padkone for unique gifts.

#Foryoumom campaign by Tanishq jewellers with familiar faces for women’s day.

Currently, Tanishq’s brand ambassador is Deepika Padukone and, recently, Nayanthara from the south.

E-commerce Strategy

E-commerce Strategy- Tanishq

They have inbuilt the e-commerce store on their same website. When you check out the store, you have a variety of categories like gold, diamond, earning, rings and digital gold.

Tanishq website page

Once you have selected the jewellery, you can choose categories like gold, rose gold and so on, with the carat 18k,22k or 24k as their selection choice.

Mobile App

Indian fashion major, Tanishq also has a user-friendly and reliable mobile app that gamifies shopping for fashion lovers. 

tanishq app review

The mobile app for Tanishq jewellers meets up to the expectations of our customers, and it gives a better.

Their overall review is 4.6 stars from the customer reviews.

Campaign Strategies

  1. Tanishq presents #RihaavBridesbytanishq

While running continuing marketing campaigns and implementing its most recent efforts, the brand leverages social media platforms like Instagram to lead customers toward its newest offerings.

For example, the #ChainofGoodness postings regarding the plague and wedding season engagement ring both offer a brief historical background in the post description.

2. Tanishq presents #HeeraHoTum

#Heera Ho Tum which means “you are a diamond”, is a term used to honour every woman’s path, which is what this woman has fashioned. 

The movie reminds women that they are already valued as diamonds and don’t need to do anything exceptional to be recognised as such. 

The video encourages women to pause for a second and recognise the amazingness in their daily lives, even in their modest selves.


Finally, Tanishq is a remarkable brand that inspires, motivates, and empowers its customers. It’s a fantastic example of a brand that has developed a strong sales strategy by offering unique products at affordable prices.

Tanishq’s strong identity allows it to thrive in a competitive market with the help of digital marketing.

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