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Learn about the successful journey of Digital Scholar Alumni in all types of domains such as Freelancing, Entrepreneurship, and Placement. Get inspired and move to the next level by upskilling and becoming a digital marketing master.




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Siddhant Makes 1 Lakh Per Month As A Home Baker Through Coaching

While bakers today are restricted to offline bakery shops, we have a home-baker who was able to crack Instagram at a rapid pace! With more than 10K followers, Siddhant Jain was able to help his mother spread love with her delicious bakes. Not only this, but he also helped her move to an online coaching platform and earn a revenue of more than INR 1 Lakh Per Month!

If this is not inspiring, we don’t know what is! Don’t believe us? Check out their Instagram Profile:

We love watching our students excel and fly beyond the horizon and we could not resist from sharing this story!

19-Year-Old Coach Sanskar Earns 1.5 Lakh+ Per Month

Age has no number and success has no age limit.
Here’s a live case-study for this!
Meet Sanskar Jaiswal, a 19-year-old (yes, you read that right), who did not fear taking a leap from a typical college curriculum to the ever-evolving industry of digital marketing. After being associated with digital scholar and our courses, he learnt various skills like building landing pages, Facebook ads, setting up an LMS and is currently helping other entrepreneurs as a freelancer on a monthly subscription basis. He now makes INR 2 Lakhs (updated) through freelancing and he is also working on building his personal brand.
Unbelievable, right?
Check out his profile here:

Tanya Gains 100K Instagram Followers In 6 Months

Watch the full video to know how a Makeup Artist, Tanya Puri, went from 0 followers to 100K followers within a span of just 6 months after enrolling for one of our courses!

Minu Makes 5 Lakhs Digitally As An Instagram Influencer And Business Coach

Minu Mathew, a student of our Instagram Influencer Mastery, decided to move from selfies & pictures to informational, helpful and value-based content.

Within no time, she gained 8K+ Followers, brand collaboration opportunities & started to build a personal connect with her audience.