Top 20 Amazing Social Media Management Tools [2022]


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 Social Media is one of the most powerful keys that any brand can have these days to unlock the door to success. Everyone has access to the internet and it is equal. What one makes of it is what one is. An intelligent brand would definitely use it in the best interests and work its way up the ladder to achieve the brand goal – being visible to all of its customers.

When on the internet, there are many things that one needs to know. Budding brands often struggle in catching up with the already established brands. The online space is ever-evolving. People create and invent tools that help a brand to grow and reach great heights. Tech minds have over a period of time experimented and created programs and tools that support internet users to expand their online presence. 

There are numerous online tools that help a brand to grow and build its image. To understand this better, let us try and get to know about the different social media tools available today.

Social media tools are broadly categorized as follows :  

  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • Social Media Analytics and Monitoring
  • Social influencer marketing

Here’s a list of top 20 social media tools that provide

contemporary businesses and brands the much-needed


1. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is one of the most effective modern social media tools. It falls under the category of social media analytics. This tool helps you to analyze your social media presence. Elements like followers, likes, and other engagement activities are captured from millions of conversations happening around the globe online. It helps you to understand your customers better.

There are three products of Brandwatch :  

  • Analytics – This helps analyze conversations
  • Audience – This is to understand your audience better
  • Vizia – Helps share insights 

 2. Synthesio

 As another social media listening tool, Synthesio helps effectively in monitoring business and its online presence. It provides information on the social mentions of your brand. Tracking likes, views, replies, and re-tweets are also a part of its functions. This tool integrates with AI to provide better insights and information by analyzing your customer behavior.

This tool filters and converts online conversations to understand your customers’ voices. Companies such as Adidas and Aer Lingus use Synthesio.

3. Brand24

Brand24 gives you information about what people say about your brand online. Brand24 covers businesses of all sizes. The mentions feed shows what people say about your brand and you can take action for real on it.  You can engage in a discussion with your customers directly through Brand24. This creates trust in your brand. It has graphs that help you to see the number of times your brand got mentioned online. It allows shows and declines, if any.

Through the influencer store of Brand24, you can pick influencers based on domain and collaborate with them. Another best thing about this tool is that you can see the sentiment of your customers – whether their reaction was positive, negative, or neutral.

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is one of the many listening tools for social media. It is basically a content analysis tool. It helps you to identify from the web all the content that might have the keyword that you have for your website. The results are numeric – meaning, it shows the number of search results. It also gives the numbers of how many times people have shared your blog and the number of times the blog has got tweets.

Another feature is that this tool provides engagement figures of social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Buzzsumo allows you to create alerts whenever there’s a mention of your brand. This helps you track them easily.

5. YouScan 

Powered by image recognition technology, YouScan is a social media listening tool. Detecting trends, analyzing sentiments, and providing access to have smart alerts are some of the many features. It provides access to customer conversations online that helps you take effective marketing decisions.

Brands like L’Oreal, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola use YouScan. This tool also provides a user-friendly interface.

 6. BrandMentions 

BrandMentions is one of the most popular social media tools. As the name suggests, this tool helps in capturing all the information related to your brand when it has been mentioned online. Be it the brand name or the related terms, BrandMentions will pick that information for you from any corner of the web and across all platforms – social media and web.

BrandMentions can also be cleverly used as a tool to know your competitor well. You can analyze their marketing strategies based on the results. And so, this tool by far is one of the favorites of all digital marketers.

 7. Meltwater

 Meltwater is the social monitoring and media intelligence software that helps businesses to understand and influence the audience. It is one of the top-ranked social media tools that help entrepreneurs to foster a better data-driven strategy for customer engagement.

Meltwater is much in demand and continues to evolve in tune with the constantly changing needs of the social media market. The following are a few of the distinct benefits of using Meltwater : 

Improved social media management

  • Access to the online footprint in real-time
  • Easy tracking of competitors
  • Influencers can be identified easily

 Global brands such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and the American Dental Association use Meltwater. 

8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a one-stop social media management tool that helps businesses with managing posting schedules, multiple integrations, and analytics for performance. This all in one social media management platform provides social media management across multiple sites.

Hootsuite allows users to measure the social sentiment around their brands. Results can be obtained easily by language, location, and gender. This provides a multi-dimensional view of a brand’s market segments. The trend in any specific segment can be spotted as well. Real-time data and alerts to notify spikes in volume or sentiment, if any, are additional benefits.

9. Botletter

 Botletter is a service that allows sending newsletters through Facebook messenger. This is an innovative way of reaching out to the intended subscribers and one of the easiest and fastest approaches to get started among Facebook chatbots.

Botletter allows you to drip campaign messages and send newsletters through Facebook. Today, people are mostly engaged with their mobile phones. This ensures almost immediate delivery of newsletters. Customers who tend to spend less time on email and more time on social media can be reached quickly.

10. Crello

 Crello is a new, free graphic design tool that helps to create social media, print, and web images. This is a simplified, robust tool that has 10,000 free templates as well as millions of free design elements and stock images.

 You may either create graphics from scratch or make use of Crello’s freely available, nice templates. Adding, moving, and editing design elements on the graphic are made easy by using drag-and-drop. The ready-to-edit templates and formats enable even those who have no design experience to create an image and promote their brands.

 11. Sprout Social

One of the first known one-stop platform for scheduling and managing all of an organization’s social media accounts, Sprout Social is simple to use. It is touted to be a central hub that helps you to manage all your social media accounts effortlessly. It allows juggling between Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and even more, at once.

This high-end professional social media management tool doubles up as a robust data analysis tool as well. It enables you to quantify exactly which content works best for which followers. You can sort by different geographic and demographic measures to achieve this. Sprout Social offers 3 types of plans, namely, Team, Premium, and Deluxe.

12. Buffer

Providing users a high level of clarity and convenience required for achieving their business objectives, Buffer is among the best social media management tools available today. The factor that makes Buffer stand apart is the fact that it allows you to make use of its interface for managing all of their social media accounts. You may schedule, create, and repurpose posts, and assign various permissions and tasks to your team members.

Buffer has three different sections for making navigation easy. These sections are Publish, Reply, and Analyze. Buffer is user-friendly. It enables real-time analysis and facilitates Google Analytics integration. Global organizations like Business Insider and Nike use Buffer.

13. Sendible

Best suited for teams that manage social media for several different clients, Sendible proves to be an excellent tool for voicing a brand to enhance brand awareness. This fully optimized tool for digital marketing is any marketer’s first choice. Having all the features any brand would require for engaging with its target audiences, it helps to keep the audience engaged.

Sendible has exceptional SMM features such as easy scheduling and posting, preview posting, most relevant content queuing, and post tailoring. Its built-in functionality supports multiple users. This robust SMM tool helps businesses to improve the efficacy of sales teams and enhance their customer service.

The following are a few of the key features of Sendible : 

Reputation monitoring

  • Multiple social network publishing
  • Customer engagement
  • 360-degree brand building
  • Schedule posts

14. Canva

Canva is an intuitive, powerful design app for graphic creation and photo editing. Visuals are getting increasingly more influential on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. This necessitates marketers to come up with the best graphics and beautiful visuals for attracting attention and enhancing brand visibility.

With a lot of design tools, templates, and tutorials, Canva helps users to create almost whatever they conceive in their minds. Even marketers with limited experience can generate stunning content and accomplish a larger following. This cloud-based design tool with its easy-to-use interface enables users to effortlessly create visuals ranging from logos through infographics.

15. Oktopost

Oktopost is a great social media management platform for B2B enterprises. It allows them to monitor, manage, and measure all of their social media activities and interactions. Features in Oktopost, such as ‘amplify’ and ‘collaborate,’ help businesses to enhance their marketing venture by making use of third-party applications.

This application includes robust data analytics, content curation, discussion tracking, and post scheduling. These facilitate increasing productivity while identifying significant weaknesses.

16. Fastory

Fastory is an online graphics editor that facilitates creating static or animated stories effortlessly. It allows digital marketers to craft amazing Instagram stories and share them with anybody, everywhere. You can create branded content for your Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat stories using Fastory.

The robust menu of content options available in Fastory includes quizzes, games, videos, articles, surveys, and chatbots. For creating an engaging story, you just need to select the animation, upload a photo or video, and add your logo.

 17. Planoly

Planoly is a modern visual planning tool that allows Instagram users to build calendars for planning their content, schedule posts, curate content for others, and analyze engagement. Planning and scheduling your posts can be done from your computer as well as a mobile phone. Planoly empowers you to share your story on digital and social platforms.

Planoly is an official partner of Pinterest and Instagram. It enables businesses to perform their social marketing strategies effortlessly and seamlessly by simplifying the process.

 18. Hubspot

Hubspot social media management software is a suite of tools for managing social media accounts. It aims at saving time by prioritizing your most valuable social media connections across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

The various features in Hubspot include monitoring mentions, sharing and publishing content, and reporting to understand engagement levels. You can also get insights into how these lead to actual business metrics. This tool allows you to combine sales, customer service, and marketing efforts into a single robust weapon for growing your business. Hubspot is used by several companies like Accenture, Trello, and SendGrid.

19. Quuu Promote

Quuu is an effective social media tool that provides suggestions regarding content that you can share in social media whereas Quuu Promote allows promoting content by suggesting it to regular Quuu users. This hand-curated content promotion platform reviews and approves an article with the help of a real person. When the article is approved, it will be added to Quuu’s huge distribution network.

You just need to create the social media post that you want to share with Quuu users and choose the specific interest group that matches your content. Quuu takes care of reviewing your post and sharing it on social media effectively.

20. Keyhole

Keyhole, the extensively used social media monitoring tool, has a desktop as well as a mobile version. This app allows users to enter keywords, URLs, and hashtags for tracking their performance across various social media platforms. Keyhole provides data that enables social marketers to engage and be aware of active conversations in their accounts. Tracking your campaign performance is also possible.

With the powerful social media analytics and reporting for your account, you can monitor all your accounts in real-time. You can optimize your posting schedule as well. Keyhole helps to understand the engagement rate, number of posts, and the reach and impressions that have been generated by your hashtags.


Partnering with the right digital marketing company and choosing the social media management tool that suits your unique business needs is crucial. It helps to maximize your brand reach and enables engagement with the right people. You can achieve your intended media goals and business objectives by selecting the perfect social media management tool.

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