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Top 20 Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers in 2023 [Free + Paid]

Looking for a comprehensive list of social media analytics tools? Look no further! We've compiled the top 20 tools to help you measure, analyze, and optimize your social media performance.

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Do you have any doubts about the efficiency of your social media strategies? Want to more effectively allocate your time, effort, and resources? If yes, then it is vital to use social media analytics tools.

This post will explore some of the best social media analytics tools, which will help you know the efficiency of your social media strategies and strategize them better.

What are Social Media Analytics Tools?

Social media performance is tracked, assessed, and subsequently improved using web application analysis techniques referred to as social media analytics tools.

Why do you need Social Media Analytics Tools?

In order to assess what is and what is not working, you can use social media analytics tools to build performance reports. Additionally, they give you the information you require to evaluate both the macro and micro components of your social media marketing strategy.

They can assist you with issues such as:

  • Is posting on Pinterest still useful for my company?
  • Which LinkedIn articles drew the greatest interest this year?
  • Should you update Instagram more frequently in the upcoming month?
  • Which social media platform was most crucial in building brand recognition for your product launch?
  • Which of the content have your followers interacted with the most?

How to Choose Right Social Media Analytics Tools?

The functionality that various systems offer varies tremendously. An excellent place to start is by reviewing your present process and looking for any gaps. You may wish to think about the most challenging aspect of collecting and analyzing client data.

Every marketing agency will have unique requirements. But the following qualities are very significant:

  • Data Quality: Not all data are created equal. You will need to compare data from various sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, and your social media analytics tools should support all these data.
  • Available Metrics: You probably want an in-depth analysis of what is happening on your social media accounts. You may use social media analytics to help your business grow when you create a social media strategy.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Every customer has different needs and ways of doing things, and some even have different ideas on what social network metrics are. Your chosen social media analytics tool should provide customization and should be flexible enough to suit your business requirement. 
  • Multi-Client Management: Every client needs help managing many profiles on numerous social networks, and you need more room to keep bringing in new customers. Your social media analytics tool should support Multi-client management.
  • Customer Support: It goes without saying that if you pay for a social media analytics platform, you should expect to get exceptional customer service. You must have proper go-to teams for any queries and help.

Key Benefits of Social Media Analytics Tools

The following are a few reasons why social media analytics solutions are crucial for marketers:

  • Understanding Your Audience Social media analytics tools give marketers a thorough picture of their target market.
  • Marketing professionals can use social media analytics tools to research their competitors. These tools aid marketers in understanding the kind of content their competitors are advertising, the audience’s response, etc.
  • Better Material: You can choose the best kind of content in order to attract more customers by employing social media analytics tools.
  • Campaign and Platform Performance: Social Media Analytics tools help marketers get a clear picture of how well their social media campaigns are doing so they can determine whether the efforts have a positive or negative impact on their products and services.

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Top 20 Social Media Analytics Tools

1. Google Analytics 

Top Social Media Analytics Tools - Google Analytics

The one ostensibly unrelated social media analytics tool is Google Analytics. Despite the fact that Google Analytics’ main function is to analyse the web performance of your website, it also offers a lot of information on social media analytics.

😍 Pros

  • The use of Google Analytics is free.
  • It’s likely that it’s already operational on your website.
  • Delivers details about your target audience.
  • There are numerous online training options available for this social media analytics tool. 

😒 Cons: 

  • A proper tracking system for your social media campaign takes time and knowledge to set up.
  • It is not meant to be used for managing social media and requires some in-depth tool knowledge.

πŸ’° Pricing 


360: On Quote

2. BuzzSumo

Top Social Media Analytics Tools - BuzzSumo

Yet another veteran social media analytics tool is BuzzSumo. It is a social media analytics tool with many other features, such as brand monitoring, social listening, and competitor analysis, in addition to social media analytics.

😍 Pros

  • Free trial is provided
  • Showcases contemporary, well-liked content.
  • Permits the identification of social media sharing themes.
  • Easy to use

😒 Cons: 

  • It’s a tad pricey if you want the full version.
  • Not a social media management tool. You will need more tools if you need that feature.

πŸ’° Pricing


Pro: $99/month

Plus: $179/month

Large: $299/month

Enterprise: On quote

3. Brand24

A 2-week free trial is available for the social media analytics platform Brand24, which has a monthly price of $49.  The software does web and social media analytics across several channels. You can track keywords related to your business, such as the name of the business, the URL of its website, its hashtag, or the name or hashtag of a marketing campaign, and find out how well they perform in social media channels in terms of social media reach, engagement, etc.

😍 Pros: 

  • Enables monitoring of brand mentions on all social media channels.
  • You can produce a report on a social media analytics.
  • Possibility of comparing sentiment for your monitored keywords 

😒 Cons: 

  • Doesn’t offer a platform for managing social media.

πŸ’° Pricing

Individual: $49/month(billed yearly)

Team: $99/month(billed yearly)

Pro: $149/month(billed yearly)

Enterprise: $249/month(billed yearly)

4. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is one of the top social media analytics tools with reporting and analytics features. You can use it to keep track of the accomplishments of your social media campaigns across all of your profiles and websites. It’s interesting to note that you could monitor your competitors’ social media activities. You can also recognize trends and produce social media content that appeals to your company’s target market and gets the best results with the aid of NapoleonCat data.

😍 Pros:

  •  Allows you to evaluate your performance in relation to that of your competitors.
  • Instantly generates customizable social media analytics reports and keeps an eye on key social media indicators in real-time.

😒 Cons 

  • The UI can be better.

πŸ’° Pricing

Standard: $23.25 /month (Billed annually)

Pro: $48 /month (Billed annually)

Custom: On Quote 

5. Sotrender

The daily work of marketers are made significantly easier by the social media analytics and reporting application Sotrender.

Sotrender enables you to contrast the performance of your paid and organic efforts. Almost every firm is investing money in social media advertising right now, thus access to all KPIs is essential. To determine whether your ad expenses are within reasonable limits, you can also look at the normal ad charges (such CPC, CPM) in your industry. One can also monitor the popularity of competitors’ content, organic interaction, and other factors.

😍 Pros:

  • Thorough review of your social media accounts on your own
  • Monitoring competitors’ social media activity, both unsponsored and sponsored (including their CPC and CPM costs)
  • Rapid reporting: obtaining a report takes less than 60 seconds.
  • Delivers unique information, such as the Interactivity Index, which measures every involvement on the profile.
  • Custom reports are available upon request.
  • A social inbox is included with each bundle.

😒 Cons:

  • No LinkedIn analysis is provided. 

πŸ’° Pricing:

Starter: $59/Month (Billed Annually)

Growth: $110/Month (Billed Annually)

Premium: $195/Month (Billed Annually)

Ultimate: $331/Month (Billed Annually)

6. Cyfe

One of the best options for social media analytics is Cyfe. It compiles information from numerous marketing tools in one place.

Because it offers so many dashboards and integrations, Cyfe is a powerful tool. In addition to social media analytics, it also offers tools for advertising, email, monitoring, sales, SEO, and site analytics.

😍 Pros:

  • Publish thorough social media analytics reports.
  • Easy setup.
  • Ready-made widgets for systems like Google or Salesforce.

😒 Cons: 

  • UI may be challenging to utilize.
  • No reports using customized social data.

πŸ’° Pricing

Starter: $19/Month 

Standard: $19/Month 

Pro: $49/Month 

Premier: $89/Month

7. CoSchedule

One fantastic aspect of CoSchedule is that it assesses the success of your social media posts and, based on that research, suggests adjustments and offers concrete recommendations for all of your social media channels.

😍 Pros

  • Great for developing social media plans.
  • Creates news articles for social media.
  • Helpful for task tracking.

😒 Cons:

  • A little pricey for small businesses
  • The UI may be difficult for certain people to utilize.

πŸ’° Pricing


Pro: $29 per user / month

8. Sprout Social

Another one of the best social media analytics tools ever is Sprout Social. Using this all-encompassing social media management tool, you can keep an eye on your social media performance.

The platform provides a tonne of features that may be used to track conversations on social media about your company or evaluate social media effectiveness and engagement. 

😍 Pros

  • Excellent tool for doing analytics for social media.
  • Good social media marketing solution with modern management and analysis options.
  • The application allows for the tracking of social media campaign activity.

😒 Cons

  • Issues can arise when posting to Instagram.
  • Both TikTok and YouTube are not integrated.
  • It is expensive.

πŸ’° Pricing

Standard plan: $99/month.

Professional: $169/month

Advanced: $ 279/month

9. Keyhole

If you’re interested in the hashtag game, Keyhole is a good tool for learning a little bit about the hashtags you use. Keyhole also provides online tracking for accounts, keywords, and URLs. You can also keep an eye on mentions of URLs, keywords, and social media profiles with Keyhole.

Importantly, you may request historical data from Twitter and Instagram, including specifics on the number of posts, users, engagement, and influencers.

😍 Pros

  • Calculating ROI and influencer impact.
  • Observing and assessing competitors on social media.
  • A hashtag tracker

😒 Cons

  • Hidden expenses
  • Can be too expensive for some companies.
  • Not easy for novice users.

πŸ’° Pricing

On Quote

10. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is one of the top solutions for social media analytics and monitoring.

Online mentions are taken from a variety of publicly accessible sources, including social media, forums, blogs, news websites, and more, in addition to from across the whole Web. It also provides a wide range of functions that make it possible to analyze your online remarks in great detail.

😍 Pros

  • Offers distinctive reports and practical marketing information.
  • Excellent resource for locating brand mentions.

😒 Cons

  • Pricey 
  • Provides too much data for a single social media marketer. 
  • It makes more sense to use it for accomplishing tasks than social media analysis.

πŸ’° Pricing

On Quote

11. Quintly

With regard to social media analytics for blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms, Quintly can be of aid. There are numerous features available for each platform.

😍 Pros

  • You can keep an eye on your social media initiatives with the aid of personalized dashboards and automated reports.
  • Easy to understand social media analytics.

😒 Cons

  • For smaller businesses, custom plans start at $300 a month, which is prohibitively expensive.
  • The information gathered is too general and unfit for in-depth social media analytics.

πŸ’° Pricing

$449/Month(Billed Annually)

12. Audiense

Audiense is one of the best Twitter analytics programmes. Coolly, it’s free if you have less than 5,000 followers. It gives you a unique viewpoint on your audience.

😍 Pros 

  • If your company spends a lot of time on Twitter, Twitter-specific statistics, this is an excellent tool.
  • Makes it possible to identify nano and micro influences.

😒 Cons

  • Very simple tool with limited settings.

πŸ’° Pricing



13. HeyOrca

A social media planner called HeyOrca is designed for quick and easy client communication. In addition to uploading, managing, and collaborating, it provides social media analytics across a variety of channels. It’s a great choice for companies who frequently produce social media content for clients and have close client relationships.

😍 Pros 

  • An essential social media analytics device that supports advanced agency collaborations.
  • Tracking social media campaigns is easy.

😒 Cons 

  • Does not provide thorough media analytics.
  • The capacity for integration is 😒 Constrained.

πŸ’° Pricing 

Basic: $35/month/calendar

Standard: $59/month/calendar

Pro: $77/month/calendar

14. Agorapulse

AgoraPulse, a veteran social media analytics tool, will help you choose your best content and ascertain what users desire. Everyone understands how much time social media activities can 😒 Consume. However, AgoraPulse is a potent remedy for it.

This tool might help social media marketers save a tonne of time. Almost all of your social networking tasks may be finished in one place thanks to it.

😍 Pros

  • You will be astounded by Agorapulse’s Twitter reporting capabilities. The application provides personalized reports for your Tweets, mentions, retweets, and favourites in addition to other interaction analytics. Social listening is therefore fairly easy for you.
  • You can also schedule or submit content for each of your profiles at the same time. The tool’s Chrome extension allows you to complete all of this at once, saving you time.

😒 Cons

  • The listening features of Agorapulse are only compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, if you’re interested in monitoring LinkedIn and Pinterest, you’ll need to use another software.

πŸ’° Pricing


Pro: US$79/Month

Premium: US$199/month

Enterprise: On Quote

15. Oktopost

Oktopost is committed to helping B2B brands manage, track, and evaluate all aspects of their social media activities from a single platform.

Do you have teams working on social media abroad? Oktopost helps control social media teams from different countries using a single platform. Social media marketing, social media analytics, and social media management are some of Oktopost’s most popular offerings.

😍 Pros

  • You may get even more detailed social media marketing insights by integrating additional technologies like Google Analytics with Oktopost.
  • With the help of Keyhole, Oktopost now offers powerful social listening capabilities in addition to the in-depth research and analysis required to remain competitive.

😒 Cons

  • Sadly, cross-posting to different networks is not supported by the site.

πŸ’° Pricing 

On Quote 

16. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is another useful tool for evaluating the success of your social media marketing.

The app provides you with important data on the effectiveness of your brand awareness campaigns, including brand monitoring, reputation management, business intelligence, and competitor espionage.

😍 Pros 

  • BrandMentions is a great option for all organisations, even small ones, and using it is straightforward even for beginners.

😒 Cons

  • To avoid getting results that include spammy websites or are too general, you will need to include/exclude references depending on keywords.

πŸ’° Pricing 

Enterprise/Agency: $ 499/Month

Company: $ 299/Month 

Growing Business: $ 99/Month 

17. Meltwater

Meltwater is the go-to social media analytics platform if you want to focus on brand interaction while also keeping an eye on what people are saying about you and your industry online.

With the help of this social media analytics tool, you may establish connections with influencers and assess the results of your PR.

😍 Pros

  • The platform has over a million influencer accounts, and you can easily filter and sort them. This makes it straightforward to identify new, well-known customers who are compatible with your brand.

😒 Cons

  • The number of users that Meltwater will offer is capped, and further users are charged for. Furthermore, the price of necessary services like reporting is flexible.

πŸ’° Pricing 

On Quote 

18. Reputology

The opinion of one customer about your product has the power to sway many more 😒 Consumers. With the help of Reputology, you can monitor and analyze your online reviews so that you can respond to unfavourable 😒 Consumer feedback before it spreads like wildfire.

This social media analytics tool is particularly well-suited for organizations that receive several evaluations on different websites because it enables you to view all of your reviews in one dashboard.

😍 Pros 

  • You can respond to reviews immediately from your dashboard, saving you the time and effort of visiting each review source. This helps you save a tonne of time and ensures that you can respond to issues right away.

😒 Cons

  • It is disappointing that you can no longer reply to Yelp reviews within the software, as Yelp is one of the most popular review sites.

πŸ’° Pricing 

Single Location: $29 – $49 / mo / location

Multi-Location: $10 – $49 / mo / location

Agencies: $10 – $49 / mo / location

19. Hootsuite

With Hootsuite, you can plan and publish your social media posts. Powerful social media analytics can also be produced, helping you to decide more wisely about your social media strategy.

The programme integrates all social media networks, enabling you to manage and evaluate your social media presence from a single place. 

😍 Pros

  • The key advantage of Hootsuite over other similar programmes is that it is linked to more social networks.

😒 Cons

  • A dashboard that has too many social networks and profiles may cause confusion and a cluttered appearance. 
  • Some integrations are less successful than others.

πŸ’° Pricing

Free Trial

Professional: $19/month

Team : $99/month

Business: $499/month

Enterprise: on Quote

20. NetBase

Through NetBase, brands may access social media analytics. This service is used by global brands like Yum!, Coca-Cola, and Taco Bell to track social media conversations about their products and make critical marketing decisions. Based on data from social media platforms, websites, forums, comment data, blogs, news sites, and review sites, the tool assesses customer perceptions of your brand.

😍 Pros

  • You can use it to engage in social listening to discover more about your competitors’ target market.
  • You may monitor your brand to find out when certain critical events occur.
  • Analytics related to the client experience is also available through it.

😒 Cons

  • Netbase Quid takes some time because the different dashboard templates are not as intuitive.
  • The sentiment analysis tool also has important restrictions.

πŸ’° Pricing 

On Quote 


The ideal strategy is to carefully weigh each choice, select the ones that best meet your needs, and then test them out. The ideal social media analytics tool does not exist in a one-size-fits-all fashion.

With the aid of this list, you can discover the functions of each tool, evaluate them all, pick the ones that appear to satisfy your needs, test them out, and reach a solid decision.

Hope our list of social media analytics tools helps you in your social media marketing journey.

Which tool from this list is useful for you? Let me know in the comments.


Q: What social media metrics are crucial?

A: Businesses can leverage the experiences and the social media data provided by them to: 

  • Look for brand and offering-related trends.
  • Recognize what is being stated in talks and how it is being received.
  • Identify the attitude of the customer toward the goods and services.

Q: What is the process of social media analytics?

A: In order to support reasoned decision-making, social media analytics is the process of gathering undiscovered insights from social data, both organized and unstructured. It can also evaluate internet news sources, blogs, and discussion boards.

Q: Why is it crucial to comprehend analytics and gauge the results of your social media?

A: Testing and employing analytics to track interaction, traffic, and sales are the only ways to determine which social networks are most effective. By using this information, you can concentrate more on the social networks that are beneficial to you while removing the ones that aren’t.

Q: What are the four social analytics models?

A: Mentioned below are the four categories of social media analytics.

  • Descriptive analytics.
  • Diagnostic analytics.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Prescriptive analytics.

Q: What methods of social media analytics are available?

A: Social media analytics employs a number of methods designed to draw out certain metrics from social media data. Based on a review of currently accessible commercial solutions, we find sentiment analysis, social network analysis, and statistical methods.

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