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11 Top SEO Tools for Business (Free&Paid)

Are you looking for SEO tools for your business? Then you're in the right place. Check out this blog. It tells you about the top 11 SEO tools for your business.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is using tools to improve your online presence or traffic for your business. SEO is done to generate organic or unpaid traffic results for your website. Google is the most used search engine. When you look up something on Google, hundreds of pages are shown in the search results, and so are the links. There are different SEO tools for business that helps them grow.

Did you ever go beyond the third or the fourth link in the Google search? Or at least beyond page one? The answer mostly is NO. Well, that is all it is about SEO. In simple terms, SEO means optimizing or adding essential ingredients to your blog so that it ranks in the top five searches in the Google search engine or any other search engine. There are many methods and tools to do this.

But before that, one vital thing that you should know about SEO is that there are three types of it, namely – black hat, white hat, and grey hat. Sounds funny, right? Well, this decides the kind of online person you are. A black hat SEO, in simple terms, contains duplicate content stuffed with keywords and inappropriate backlinks and stuffed with non-relevant content.

SEO tools for business

On the other hand, a white hat SEO is a polished one that has good, reasonable content, relevant images and backlinks, and quality language with detailed attention to grammar and the style of writing. The center space of this is called a grey hat SEO that has a good blend of the right and the not-so-right type of optimization. Grey hat SEO is essential to keep your website balanced.

You may spend hours together writing a quality blog. But what matters is the last twenty or so minutes you spend optimizing it. Now, how you do it depends on the style you choose. Some people use keyword-rich content, while others use backlinks and other things. There are hundreds and thousands of companies out there, and it becomes vital that your website stands first.

Why it is Important to do SEO for Your Brand?

1. Edge Over Other Brands

As mentioned above, there are so many brands out there that are hungry to get to customers. Well, business is all about that. It is all about competition. When you have many competitors, it becomes crucial that you strive hard to climb up the ladder and reach your customers before they get them. SEO tools for business help in aligning this part of your business. It curates and makes your website better so that your brand stands tall among all the others on the internet.

2. For Your Customers

All those customers ever want is comfort. A good SEO helps customers to reach out to you and understand our brand in a better way. Good SEO tools for business also help in developing a good user experience making your website better for your customers.

3. Promotions

SEO helps in social promotion. A brand with good SEO is more appealing to people, and thus they would also be interested in promoting your brand across other platforms. This, directly or indirectly, helps you reach your targeted audience and sales quickly.

Over a while, many companies developed various tools that help in making your SEO task easier. The tools also provide feedback and give suggestions as to how to improve your business. Some tools have metrics that help you analyze the performance that helps you in making informed decisions.

Benefits of SEO tools for Business

There are several reasons businesses should invest in search engine optimization (SEO) tools for business. 

  1. SEO tools help your website rank higher on search engines, resulting in more visitors by showing the analytics and tracking. 
  2. SEO tools for business can help you improve your site’s visibility and earning potential by driving more traffic to your site from targeted search engines by pointing out the issues and errors.
  3. It increases website traffic, leads, rankings, authority, and credibility, as well as sales and profit.
  4. Additionally, SEO tools for businesses can help to identify and fix issues with their website that may prevent them from achieving their full potential online.
  5. Using SEO tools for small businesses will ensure that their website is optimized for both search engines and users, which can help to maximize their online success.

Top 11 SEO Tools for Business That Experts Recommend

Let us see what some of the top SEO tools for business that help are super-handy;

SL No.SEO Tools for BusinessFreeStarting Price at
1Google AnalyticsYes
2Google Search ConsoleYes
3Mangools10-Days Trail$36.75/month
5Moz30-Day Trail$99/month
6Raven7-Days Trail$49/month
7BuzzStream14-Days Trail$24/month
8GuestPost TrackerNoContact
9Screaming FrogYes$209/year
10Web CEONo$33/month
11SEMRush7-Days Trail$119.95/month

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Free SEO tool for Business

Google, with no second doubt, is the most trusted SEO tool for small businesses. Also, since Google is one of the most preferred search engines, what is better than using one of its own tools? Google Analytics helps you find referral sites, set up alerts, create customized dashboards, look at the top-performing landing pages, find top-performing content and, most importantly, compare non-organic and organic visitors.

It provides data on the performance of your organic traffic. This is essential to know how your website is doing. There is much more to do with google analytics. The tool by itself is a vast ocean and gives you immense options to make your webpage the best. Also, Google Analytics is the best SEO tool for business.

Google Analytics - SEO Tools for Business
Google Analytics – SEO Tools for Business


  • Google Analytics is one of the free and best SEO tools for business.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Google Analytics provides us with various insights like Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour, and Conversions.
  • We can manage multiple properties in a single account.
  • It shows real-time traffic data of your website.


  • It provides too much information that can be at times very overwhelming.
  • Because the user interface is continually being modified, Google Analytics usage requires ongoing training.
  • Google Analytics lacks technical support.
  • Google Analytics can’t guarantee that robot visits will not pollute your reports.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console SEO Tool for Businesses

The console has a set of tools and reports that help identify errors or improvement areas in your website. It was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool. It tracks indexing and crawling reports. It mainly focuses on organic visibility and searches for your website. It is one of the most preferred SEO tools for business to check for what keywords and queries they are ranking for. It also detects errors on your website.

Google Search Console - SEO Tools for Business
Google Search Console – SEO Tools for Business


  • Search Console includes some very sophisticated analysis tools to handle your technological issues.
  • It has a large and rich data archive. It makes the most of the benefit of being a tool created by a search engine.
  • Its reports and graphics are both aesthetically pleasing and generally easy to grasp.


  • Its study and recommendations for mobile usage are questionable.
  • HTML sitemap uploads are not allowed.
  • Sometimes, highly specialized technical knowledge is needed, and the tool’s suggested solutions are not always evident.

3. Mangools

Mangools SEO Tool for Small business

Mangools offers the best package and is one of the best SEO tools for business. The three prominent tools that they have created provide all that one needs to optimize their search engine. The KWFinder is a goldmine when it comes to searching keywords for your page. It is the easiest and quickest way to find keywords. It shows the best keywords by showing monthly searches for the word. This tool helps find the right sweet spot that will pull customers to your page.

There is a free and paid version of this tool. The user-friendly interface lets you understand the tool easily. The free tool helps you find three keywords per day. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you should try this tool. You can also try their other tools, namely SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. This is one of the best SEO tools for small businesses.

Mangools SEO Tools for Business
Mangools – SEO Tools for Business


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable excellent support personnel


  • Only basic features are available.

4. Ahrefs

Best SEO Tools for Business Ahrefs

Ahrefs offer six tools for you to optimize your search engine. Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Site Audit, Rank Tracker, Content Explorer, and SEO Toolbar. The SEO toolbar eliminates the need to open a SiteExplorer to have a snapshot of your page’s SEO. With this toolbar installed, you will have immediate access to viewing the domain rating, URL rating, Ahrefs Rank, number of backlinks, number of referring domains, organic search traffic, and ranking keywords.

It is among the great SEO tools for business that saves a lot of time. As you search for keywords, you will get instant metrics for the keywords. Also, with one click, you will get to view all of your metrics, thus helping you in faster decision-making. Try out this tool today to experience the most comfortable SEO work.

Ahrefs SEO Tools for Business
Ahrefs – SEO Tools for Business

😍 Pros

  • Expertise in link building is ideal for a collection of free tools.
  • Possibility of achieving regional outcomes based on the traits of the target audience.
  • In this area, using keyword tools specifically designed for websites like Amazon, Bing, and YouTube has been very effective.


  • A very small portion of Ahrefs’ functionality is accessible via a free tool.
  • There isn’t much user assistance for its free tool.

5. MOZ

Moz - SEO Tools for Business

Founded by Rand Fishkin, MOZ is a tool different from others. It is fast and smart, thus saving a lot of time for you. It is an all-in-one SEO tool for small businesses. It does site audits, rank tracking, backlinks analysis, and keyword research. With this tool, you can see the metrics of any site. You will also be able to check for anchor text and domain authority in seconds.

Get thousands of keyword suggestions along with their difficulty scores and SERP analysis. With MOZ, it ranks higher and drives quality traffic. The tool is straightforward to use, and you will now have more time to run great SEO campaigns. Try MOZ today to learn better about its functions.

Moz - SEO Tools for business
Moz – SEO Tools for Business


  • It provides user-friendly, sophisticated analytical tools for learning about SEO.
  • Updating material has never been simpler than it is now thanks to the On-Page Grader.
  • The keyword tracker application is dependable and performs effectively. It also offers some excellent filtering choices.


  • It’s difficult to flip between the features. Your lack of organization causes you to run late when performing difficult activities.
  • It would be better if data updates happened more frequently.
  • You must upgrade the entire package in order to use a single feature that you use regularly because the limit of some features is rather low and cannot be simply extended.

6. Raven

Raven A TapClicks Company SEO Tool for business

Raven is a trusted tool by thousands of agencies and marketers. This tool focuses on finding out what is slowing down your website. The Website Auditor finds the bug that slows down and prevents your page from ranking in the beginning. When you analyze this tool, it helps check and provides a calculated ranking out of 100. Based on the report, the key result areas are analyzed. The solution to your problems and bugs are provided in the order of severity.

You may go ahead and fix them. If you wish to leave a few things as such, you are good to hide the findings. You even have the option to share your report. Raven is one of the best SEO tools for businesses that help you fix your SEO problems easily. It is one of the many small business SEO tools that help you fix your webpage.

Raven - SEO Tools for Business
Raven – SEO Tools for Business


  • This SEO tool performs amazingly well when it comes to reporting to clients.
  • The keyword tracker tool allows us to monitor keyword ranks.
  • Using the website audit tool, we can identify and correct website issues. Once a month, we typically perform this for all of our clients.


  • It is challenging to track the ranking evolution while using the keyword tracking feature.
  • The reports occasionally contain errors, such as module overlap.

7. Buzzstream

BuzzStream -SEO Tools for Business

Hundreds of the best marketers in the world use Buzzstream. This is one of the SEO tools for small businesses that provides insights into your campaigns. One of the perks is that you will get a fully customized report. You can now keep track of all your conversations. The tool saves all your emails and sets up reminders to follow up. The LinkBuilders in BuzzStream helps you monitor your links and help reach a wider crowd.

BuzzStream - SEO Tools for small business
BuzzStream – SEO Tools for Business


  • This SEO tool can help you manage your link-building and outreach in one place.
  • It has a user-friendly design and saves a lot of time.


  • Costly
  • It can be slow and there are no pre-built campaigns available.

8. GuestPost Tracker

Guest Post Tracker- SEO Tools for Business

When it comes to making it on the top of Google pages, what is a better thing than playing with guest posts? This tool helps you work on your guest posting process. The tool takes care of outreach, the whole writing part, and the publishing process. As true and good as it sounds, white-hat links are difficult to get. This tool helps you get it in just a few clicks.

The tool helps you find sites that need content. You can write and outreach it by yourself. When you subscribe to the ultimate version by paying, you get access to finding the guest post writing to your niche. Explore more about this tool to get the best of it.

GuestPost Tracker - SEO Tool for Businesses
GuestPost Tracker – SEO Tool for Businesses


  • It has some cool features like SEO tracking and guest post tracking.
  • Provides customer support.


  • Only Domain Authority 20 or above is accepted.

9. Screaming Frog

ScreamingFrog - SEO Tools for small business

The basic and primary understanding of SEO is crawling websites to acquire information and understand tactics to help you develop your website. This SEO tool enables you to analyze and audit onsite SEO for URLs. In the free version, you can download and crawl up to 500 URLs. In the paid version, you get to check for unlimited URLs. Now find broken links, audit data, analyze page titles and discover duplicate content easily.

Additionally, you can also extract data with XPath and generate XML SiteMaps. Some of the biggest brands, like Amazon, Apple, and Disney, use screaming frogs. What about you?

ScreamingFrog - SEO Tools for small business
ScreamingFrog – SEO Tools for Business


  • Saves hours of time by providing the same degree of information as a bespoke crawler.
  • Free version available


  • It can crawl only 500 URLs in the free version.
  • The interface is a bit complicated for beginners.

10. Web CEO

Web CEO - SEO Tools for Business

Another widely used SEO tool for small businesses is the Web CEO. They have several tools that will help optimize your website. Their tools include a rank tracker, keyword researcher, technical audit, SEO analysis, internal links, backlink checker, traffic analysis, and so on. As the name denotes, it is a full package of all that you might need to get your website to the right place. You can choose between their monthly package or a yearly package depending on what suits you best.

Web CEO - SEO Tools for Business
Web CEO – SEO Tools for Business


  • It is easy to use and has a flexible pricing structure.
  • Provides suggestions to improve your site.


  • Complicated interface.
  • More information from the tool can be overwhelming.

11. SEMRush

SEMRush - SEO Tools for Business

A seven-day free trial is all that you need to get convinced to use this tool when compared to all others out there. What’s with them, you ask, well, they help you work on everything that you need to optimize their webpage. Right from Organic research, organic traffic insights, keywords research, backlink analytics, rank tracking, and site audit to the search engine sector, SEMrush has got it all covered.

Besides SEO, they also have other categories and respective tools that help you stabilize your webpage on the whole. They’ve been in the market for ten years now and have been doing a tremendous job. Check out their website now to know more about their SEO and other interesting tools.

SEMRush - SEO Tools for Buisness
SEMRush – SEO Tools for Business


  • You can get a huge database from SEMRush.
  • Semrush offers more tools in one place than any other platform.
  • All the metrics you might possibly need to assess keyword and backlink chances are provided by Semrush.


  • The traffic data you get with Semrush is a rough estimate only. 
  • One of Semrush’s biggest drawbacks is that it only gives you data for Google.


The above-mentioned are some of the top-performing and most preferred SEO tools for business as of 2023. Every tool is unique in its own way though all aim at making your website the best among your competitors. You can either use one or more to compare and see which tools work the best for you.

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