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Top 20 Amazing SEO Reporting Software Tools You Need

The SEO landscape is constantly changing, and it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. That's why we've put together a list of the top 20 SEO reporting software tools you need to use in the near future. From keyword research to link building to competitor analysis, these tools will help you stay ahead of the curve and dominate your competitors.

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The effectiveness of each brand’s online presence is significantly dependent on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As businesses adopt strategies to increase SEO on their websites in an effort to rank their pages higher in search results, the use of SEO reporting software tools is becoming more and more crucial. While certain static elements can be employed for SEO, most essential metrics are dynamic and necessitate Constant modification. Real-time analysis of what is and is not working for your site using SEO Reporting could be a great way to maximize SEO benefits.

What are SEO Reporting Software Tools?

Every factor that affects how well search engines like Google and Bing rank your website is monitored by a computerized system known as an SEO reporting tool. It is possible to track metrics such as keyword usage, URL compliance, link clicks, and more using SEO reporting software. 

Why are SEO Reporting Software Tools Important for Agency?

SEO reporting software tools prove that your capacity to build a reputation and draw attention is growing. For example, keeping track of the links you’ve obtained will enable you to determine whether other people regard you as an authority on a specific subject.

Additionally, you might be able to use search data to support your content strategy from the outset with the help of these SEO reporting tools, which will help you to

  • Decide what to generate and for whom.
  • Monitoring the outcomes of your SEO efforts is simple.
  • Identify website issues that need to be rectified.
  • Keep an eye on the conversion rate.
  • Count the number of leads and sales.
  • A record of views, backlinks, and social media distribution.
  • Display the work you are doing on your clients’ websites for them.

How to Choose the Right SEO Reporting Software Tools?

As you search for the best SEO Reporting Tool for your website, keep the following factors in mind:

  • A wide range of fundamental reporting features, such as analytics, competition data tracking, location tracking, and backlink monitoring, should be included in the application.
  • The solution you choose must be appropriate for your target demographics and offer reliable local insights and regional statistics for those places.
  • Picking solutions that enable all required third-party integrations and are easily extensible with new software in the future is something to think about.
  • Tools that enable quick and automatic exporting of these reports and support specialized reporting for your cause have a clear advantage over others.
  • Adding features like client integration, white label reporting, automation, top-notch resources, and unlimited export access will be much simpler to adopt and optimize.

Key Benefits of SEO Reporting Software Tools

There are several benefits to using an SEO reporting tool, including the following:

Reduced Duration

Reporting on SEO data can take a lot of time, especially if you are just starting. Automating the monitoring and reporting of your website’s SEO performance using an efficient SEO reporting tool will save you time and effort. You can track your website’s rankings, backlinks, organic search traffic, and more in one place.

Accurate Data

An SEO reporting tool will frequently offer more precise data than what can be discovered through manual research. This is because, as opposed to manual analysis, which is susceptible to human error, SEO reporting systems follow your data using algorithms.

Viewpoints and Recommendations

Tools for SEO reporting typically include analyses and recommendations that may be utilized to improve your website’s SEO performance. Using these insights, which can be presented to you as graphs, charts, and reports, you might identify areas that need development.

Getting one of the top SEO reporting softwares is unavoidable, with so many benefits. Below is a list of the top 20 SEO reporting software tools for your selection.

20 Best SEO Reporting Software Tools in 2023

1. Google Looker Studioβ€Š 


Locker Studio is the latest Google cloud service & one of the best SEO reporting software tools. If you want to improve your Google search ranking, it makes sense to employ this Google tool to do this. The Google tool helps to create engaging reports that are simple to understand and may be customized. You can play with fonts, charts, and graphs with just a few clicks. You can drag and fit visual metrics, but you must pick and apply your own brand to your papers. Link your dashboard using shortcodes to simplify things for your audience. As a result, users are no longer required to log in to Google Locker Studio.

😍 Pros:

  • Reliable templates are provided with strong visuals.
  • Extensive learning material.

😒 Cons: 

  • Not using automation

πŸ’° Pricing: 


2. Google Search Console


Using Google Search Console, one of the top SEO reporting software tools, you may learn more about your Google search engine ranking and what you need to do to raise it.

Google Search Console, which offers numerous SEO-related tools, presents to you the key indicators you need to monitor to optimize your ranking in Google searches.

😍 Pros

  • Its reports and graphics are fairly understandable and aesthetically beautiful.
  • It has quite deep analysis tools to address your technical problems.
  • Its data archive is extensive and rich. It makes the most of the advantage of being a search engine-developed tool.

😒 Cons

  • Uploads of HTML sitemaps are not permitted.
  • Its research and mobile usage suggestions are dubious.
  • There are times when advanced technical expertise is required, and the tool’s recommendations for solving problems are not always obvious.

πŸ’° Pricing


3. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO reporting tool that enables you to improve SEO performance and increase organic traffic in order to change your search ranking substantially. Although Ahrefs isn’t completely free, it still offers many great features. Some of these traits and skills are adequate for basic SEO reporting. Sometimes you can use them along with other tools.

😍 Pros

  • Using keyword tools explicitly created for websites like Amazon, Bing, and YouTube has been quite successful in this field.
  • For a free toolset, link-building expertise is excellent.
  • Possibility of obtaining regional results based on the target audience’s characteristics.

😒 Cons

  • Only a tiny subset of Ahrefs’ features are available as a free tool.
  • User support for its free tool is not very strong.

πŸ’° Pricing

Lite: Starts at $ 99/month

Standard: Starts at $199/month

Advanced: Starts at $ 399/month

Enterprise: Starts at $ 999/month

4. Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the company’s all-inclusive solution that will meet the needs for reporting and analysis in various areas of marketing analytics. It isn’t technically an SEO reporting software tool, but you can track keywords, and top referrals, establish SEO-related goals, and much more. So, if you were planning to use Google Analytics as your primary SEO reporting tool, it might disappoint you. However, you may monitor a few SEO-related metrics with Google Analytics and create reports to evaluate your SEO performance.

😍 Pros

  • Effective real-time analysis and reporting technologies enable you to act swiftly.
  • Helpful assistance for locating and resolving performance and technical problems.
  • It provides direct support for the Google Search panel, which has total control over the Google search engine.

😒 Cons

  • Technical knowledge is required for the tools that can be used for SEO reporting. A newbie will struggle to learn this topic.
  • Your ability to concentrate only on SEO reporting is constrained by the fewer customization options available to you for reporting.

πŸ’° Pricing


5. SEMRush


SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing are just a few of the aspects of online marketing that SEMrush makes simpler to assess and take action on.

As an SEO reporting software tool, it provides enormous resources and ambitious functionality.

According to SEMrush, companies including Apple, Tesla, Samsung, and P&G support the product.

😍 Pros

  • When analyzing your competitors, SEMrush offers comparison data that is highly valuable.
  • SEMrush is a very helpful reporting tool that makes changing results easy and quick. For non-technical people to benefit from the data, it also ensures that all of the data is visually appealing and simple to understand.
  • It is a tool that is constantly evolving in response to user input and market conditions, enabling speedy adaptation when standards change in the industry.

😒 Cons

  • Due to the limited resources, working on backlinks can often be challenging.
  • It can be a little challenging to utilize SEMRush initially, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the program.
  • Even if reports are presented visually appealing, and the product is Constantly updated, some customers could find it challenging to understand because the layout and interface change so frequently.

πŸ’° Pricing

Pro: $119.95/Month 


Business: $449.95/Month 

6. Moz


The all-inclusive SEO reporting software Moz provides you with all the resources you need to evaluate and improve your SEO performance. Moz offers two different options, each offering a range of services for companies of different sizes. One of these tools, Moz Local, assists local businesses in becoming listed on search engines, while MOZ Pro is used as a comprehensive SEO reporting tool.

😍 Pros

  • The keyword tracker program works well and is reliable. It also provides some great filtering options.
  • The On-Page Grader has made upgrading content easier than ever before.
  • It offers complex analytical tools for learning about SEO that is easy to use.

😒 Cons

  • The features are tough to switch between. This disorganization puts you behind schedule when doing complex tasks.
  • A higher frequency of data updates would be preferable.
  • Because the limit of some features is relatively low and cannot be easily increased, you must upgrade the full package for a single feature you use frequently.

πŸ’° Pricing

Standard: $99/Month 

Medium: $179/Month

Large: $299/Month

Premium: $599/Month

7. GrowthBar


Growth Bar is a platform that provides content marketing teams with all the resources they need to execute the best content marketing strategies, especially while managing the SEO process. The program offers both a standalone version and a chrome extension, claiming to be favoured by companies like Dell, Cube, and

😍 Pros

  • There isn’t much of a learning curve for more sophisticated requests, and using it is very straightforward.
  • The SEO reporting software tool is continually accessible thanks to the Chrome extension.
  • There are no Constraints on how many of its features can be used. This allows you to behave in any way you choose without worrying about exceeding the limit.

😒 Cons

  • unable to identify broken links. The requirement for new tools or the waste of time and money could arise from this.
  • It lacks complex SEO reporting and evaluation features because it is designed to complete simple jobs quickly.
  • How slowly data updates limits its capacity for quick responses.

πŸ’° Pricing

Standard: $29/Month 

Pro: $79/Month

Agency: $199/Month

8. SE Rankings


SE Ranking offers a wide range of SEO reporting software tools, such as backlink explorer, keyword recommendation tools, competition SEO analysis, historical and real-time position tracking, and more. You can have reports made automatically and routinely emailed to you or your clients or collect and distribute them manually. The use of all SEO-related features, including a ranking tracker, page audit, and link tracking, is also possible. Try this tool if you’re looking for a comprehensive SEO solution.

😍 Pros:

  • Possibility of generating social media and SEO statistics
  • excellent website crawlers and competitive analysis

😒 Cons: 

  • Not enough customization

πŸ’° Pricing: 

Essential: $31.20/month

Pro: $71.20/month

Business: $151.20/month

9. Agency Analytics


An SEO reporting tool made for agencies is called Agency Analytics. With in-depth insights and real-time reporting dashboards, you can amaze your clients while saving time, making more money, and earning more.

You can simply monitor your client’s marketing platforms from a single dashboard. Over 60 channels have been combined into one application to analyse and report on SEO, PPC, calls, Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing. 

😍 Pros: 

  • Easy-to-use dashboard reporting API connections

😒 Cons: 

  • Complicated Pricing (upgrades needed if you want to add more clients)

πŸ’° Pricing:

Freelancer: $10/month/client

Agency: $15/month/client

Enterprise: On Quote

10. Siteliner


Siteliner is one of the most used SEO reporting software tools. Using this free tool, you may evaluate your website to discover any significant issues that could affect its functionality and search engine rankings. Duplicate material, broken links, page power, and reports are a few examples of this.

😍 Pros: 

  • Free, 
  • simple functionality that produces trustworthy reports.

😒 Cons: 

  • It scans less number of pages to create reports.

πŸ’° Pricing: 


11. Rival IQ


Customers can view competitors using the Rival IQ and see how they compare. It gives simple and clear information on keyword rankings and social media.

Utilizing Rival IQ is especially effective when looking at pages from social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

😍 Pros: 

  • No setup fees
  • Flexible reports
  • immediate insights

😒 Cons: 

  • Expensive

πŸ’° Pricing: 

Drive: $239/Month

Engage: $329/Month

Engage Pro: $519/Month

12. Databox


The data visualization feature of this SEO reporting software tool makes it simple to communicate information with your team and stakeholders. Your dashboard can be personalized, and the user interface and application are both simple. One of Databox’s most robust features is its capacity to quickly build reports by pulling data from numerous sources.

😍 Pros: 

  • Reliable integrations
  • highly configurable 
  • offer agency-only plans.

😒 Cons: 

  • This is not a stand-alone SEO tool.

πŸ’° Pricing: 

Professional plan: starts at $169/mo

13. Mangools


Mangools is a very user-friendly SEO reporting software tool that might make sharing specific information with your team much easier. Keyword research, site audits, SERP tracking, and backlink analysis are all included in the Mangools bundle.

Monitoring the changes in your website’s ranking for specific keywords is one of Mangools’ most useful capabilities. This could help you assess whether your SEO efforts enhance your online visibility.

😍 Pros: 

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable excellent support personnel

😒 Cons: 

  • The features are really basic.

πŸ’° Pricing: 

Basic: $29.90/Month

Premium: $39.90/Month

Agency: $79.90/Month

14. SEO Powersuite


With a total membership of over 2 million, SEO Powersuite has made a name for itself as a venerable legend in the SEO sector. The SEO reporting tool has debuted one of the market’s most thorough website auditing capabilities.

For a single flat charge, you can monitor as many client websites as you wish (per year). There is no limit on the number of clients, tracked keywords, backlinks, pages, or reports. Excellent for companies with a sizable customer base.

😍 Pros

  • The SEO PowerSuite is very useful and can work in several sections.
  • It is a versatile tool that may be used for anything, including web browsing and client reporting.
  • Link Assistant, a unique feature of this tool, assists in completing off-page strategy.
  • The process is made incredibly simple, and you save a tonne of time by categorizing the backlink potential.

😒 Cons

  • The SEO PowerSuite’s primary flaw is that it is not a cloud-based application.
  • Domain Strength could be enhanced and made more thorough by incorporating fresh perspectives.

πŸ’° Pricing:


SEO PowerSuite Professional: $299/ year

SEO PowerSuite Enterprise: $699/year

15. Synup


Analytics, review monitoring, and automated listing management are all provided by Synup, a veteran SEO reporting tool. Synup makes it simple to decentralize individual location administration and centralize communication, depending on the needs of your team. It manages hundreds of sites with ease.

😍 Pros

  • provides 42 sites with immediate data syncing.
  • 150 new locations for data transmission.
  • Create a Google My Business account.
  • White-label reporting is a choice.
  • Provide reputation tracking and SEO reports.

😒 Cons

  • They require an annual commitment and charge a predetermined monthly fee.
  • There is an extra charge to submit to the other 150 websites.
  • The authority ratings of a few of the websites in their network are low.
  • Compared to businesses of a similar nature, the price per site is higher.
  • They are unable to ensure the success of a listing update.
  • Work exclusively for US- and Canada-based businesses.

πŸ’° Pricing:


16. Geckoboard


Geckoboard lets you quickly turn data into an intuitive, clear visualization by changing the type. Instead of displaying data in your application’s standard visual form, Geckoboard enables you to switch the visualization type to a pie chart, bar chart, gauge, number widget, column chart, line chart, text widget, list, or leaderboard.

😍 Pros 

  • an extensive knowledge library that is open to the public.
  • Provides user self-help tools like video tutorials.
  • Geckoboard can combine data from various other apps into a single dashboard.
  • simple UI

😒 Cons

  • No mobile application solutions
  • There is no support for ad hoc reporting.

πŸ’° Pricing

Starter: $35 /Month

Team: $159 /Month

Team plus: $275 /Month

Custom: On Quote

17. SEOptimer


SEOptimer, an SEO reporting software tool, promises speedy outcomes. The tool provides reports and recommendations in line with the key search engines’ ranking criteria, that aids in technical optimization.

The tool provides efficient SEO reports, especially for start-ups and digital businesses. 

😍 Pros

  • It can quickly gather information and produce a report.
  • It offers reports with a clear interface and reports with powerful images. As a result, it has become a very user-friendly tool.

😒 Cons

  • The Crawling Page restriction can cause issues if your website has many pages.
  • The limitations on keyword density are so lax that the technique used must be changed.
  • They don’t have a mobile application. Thus, it isn’t always possible to utilize it.

πŸ’° Pricing


18. Nightwatch


A handful of the popular search engines that receive daily rank tracking updates and reports from Nightwatch include Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and even DuckDuckGo.

Additional capabilities of the SEO reporting software tool include a technical site evaluation tool, keyword suggestions, interfaces with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and a report builder.

😍 Pros

  • With Nightwatch, you can create highly customizable, automated search engine ranking reports that let you monitor rankings for many different cities across the globe.
  • Night Watch is the best keyword-tracking software for small businesses.
  • It is reasonably priced while providing all the features and details.

😒 Cons

  • There is no mobile application for this tool.

πŸ’° Pricing

Starter – $39 per month.

Optimize – $99 per month.

Agency – $369 per month.

19. Dash This


Dash This works with more than 34 of the most well-known marketing tools, thanks to the option of combining all the tools into a single report. You can also integrate your own particular data by connecting Google Sheets or uploading CSV files.

😍 Pros

  • Data is presented in a visually pleasing way.
  • Updates to the dashboard are easy.
  • Direct integration to popular marketing data providers.

😒 Cons

  • The price is determined by the number of dashboards (reports). This may be advantageous for internal marketing teams and smaller agencies, but it may be too expensive for larger organizations that need to publish numerous reports for various clients.

πŸ’° Pricing

Individual – $39 per month.

Professional – $129 per month.

Business – $249 per month.

Standard – $399 per month.

20. Raven Tools 

top seo reporting tools - raven

It is a specialized SEM and SEO reporting software tool with features for link building, rank tracking, marketing reports, competitor analysis, and backlink verification. One of Raven Tools’ reporting capabilities is a drag-and-drop builder that can merge multiple data streams from various platforms. The program integrates with a number of data connectors for importing data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, YouTube, LinkedIn, MailChimp, CallRail, and other sources.

😍 Pros

  • When it comes to reporting to clients, this software performs exceptionally effectively. 
  • Adwords, Analytics, and Search Console integration are simple.
  • We can track keyword rankings using the keyword tracker tool.
  • We can find and fix website faults by using the website audit tool. We normally do this for all of our clients once a month.

😒 Cons

  • Sometimes there are inaccuracies in the reports, like module overlap.
  • The keyword tracking feature makes it difficult to follow the ranking evolution.

πŸ’° Pricing

Small Biz – $49 per month.

Start – $109 per month.

Grow – $199 per month.

Thrive – $299 per month.

Lead – $479 per month.


An SEO reporting tool can thus satisfy the specific objectives of what your digital organization wishes to track, monitor, and derive. Based on these reports, you can also decide on how frequently you’d need to use independent platforms and third-party integrations to implement SEO. While you might start with the fundamentals, you can also use a combination of the platforms and SEO reporting software tools mentioned above to fulfil different requirements for an enhanced search engine ranking.


Q: What do local SEO reporting software tools do?

A: Businesses can use local SEO reporting software tools for local search engine rankings. This suggests that businesses can evaluate their performance in various geographical areas.

Q: Are there any SEO reporting software tools for businesses?

A: Yes, a number of SEO reporting software tools designed specifically for businesses exist. These tools enable businesses to monitor their client’s website rankings and produce in-depth reports on their SEO initiatives.

Q: What functions do SEO reporting tools serve?

A: With the use of SEO reporting software tools, businesses can keep an eye on their website’s ranks in national and international search engines, identify any potential SEO issues, and improve SEO performance.

Q: How do you read SEO-related reports?

A: Looking at the SEO score displayed initially will allow you to determine how well your site is optimized. The other components to consider are the number of tested elements that passed, the number that carries warnings, and the number that failed. The list box will display any tests that were run with unresolved results.

Q: What details should be included in SEO reporting software tools?

A: Here are the six elements that each SEO report ought to include.

  1. Goal accomplishment and conversion rate of traffic.
  2. Traffic to websites.
  3. Information about page speed.
  4. Time spent on site and bounce rate.
  5. Rankings and links.
  6. Future Suggestions and the Action Plan.
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