How To Improve your SEO Ranking In 2022 [11 Simple Tips]


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Google’s SEO ranking is uncertain and keeps changing along with the trends. 

The changes come along with the emergence of new algorithms and shift in the technologies and the

Search engine optimization has evolved to a significant extent. 

Given all that it boils down to one question of how to improve SEO ranking on google 

Like every year, in 2022, there are a few new SEO techniques that we need to be mindful of to make sure that the websites rank well. 

With the updating and a considerable change in the shift of google ranking, we will be discussing what are the new SEO techniques that you can implement to make the website rank better. 

We will also discuss a few SEO techniques that are constant and will always be a significant factor that contributes to SEO ranking, which you can make use of in 2022. 

Here’s the List of 11 Ways to Boost your SEO Ranking

1. Check on the Website Analytics 

No matter any year or whenever you try to optimize your website and boost SEO, the main key is to understand the analytics of your website.

This will help you understand the areas that your site needs to improve and also keep a tab on the areas that the websites are doing well. Few primary and necessary things we need to analyze are as follows. 

Analyze the URLs.They are the basic and foremost thing that can control the domain authority. Usage of keywords in URLs can also boost the ranking to a reasonable extent. 

Look for the average time your visitors spend on your site page. Analyze the pages which are doing well and not doing well as well. Try to implement the entities of the page that are doing well into the pages that have less readability time. 

Understand the source of the traffic and try to build up content that would suit their needs, thereby keeping them hooked. 

Analyze other factors like the bounce rate, backlinks, usage of a meta description, anchor text, Javascript and many more. 

2. Gain Idea on Core Web Vitals 

Core web vitals are the new updates involved in google ranking. It measures real-world metrics like loading time of the page, first input delay from the user, and page layout shift aka stability. 

If you’re thinking about how to improve SEO ranking on Google, then you need to be mindful of the core web vitals which are going to be a major ranking factor in 2022. 

Core web vitals are on their own designed to provide SEO ranking tips and to optimize your website for better. 

Core web vitals takes into account three kinds of factors. They are the largest contentful paint, first input delay, cumulative layout shift. 

They are aimed towards developing a website that is more user-friendly, and this is going to be a ranking factor that is a win-win both for your website, and the users. 

3. Make Use of Visual Marketing 

Youtube is the largest search engine on its own. Googling something you would have noticed that many noticeable suggestions are from youtube. 

Include short videos on your website. With the number of short videos and reels available on social media, it is given that the attention span of people is to a minimal extent and make use of video marketing to drive traffic and improve the ranking. 

Usage of high-quality and relevant images are also a good way to drive traffic to the website, thereby boosting the SEO of the page. 

4. Use Social Signals as a Way 

Social signals are basically the metrics calculated from social media engagement. These are real user engagements like the likes, comments and shares of the social media platforms. 

How social signals affect the SEO or google ranking factor is not known, but it is indeed found to play a role as a significant ranking factor in the ways to boost the SEO of the page. 

5. Optimize and Refurbish Site Pages

Optimizing the old content has a 60% higher visibility rate. Add images and visuals in the old post and republish it. It will significantly drive traffic to a good extent and increase the SEO ranking on your page. 

Generally, long-form content ranks better and extending the blog post to 900 to 1500 words can also be an excellent way to increase the website traffic and boost up the SEO ranking. 

Voice searches are predominantly carried out by many search engines. Right from using for google searches to surfing through OTTs; voice search is in usage. 

Makes use of frequently used voice searches as keywords to be inserted in your website. 

Generally, the voice searches are carried out in full phrase and usage of ‘ what, where and why are used unlike searches carried out by typing on the net. 

7. Make it Mobile-Centric 

Mobile searches are more commonly used to surf the web in comparison to desktop searches. 

It is expected that by 2025 almost 73%of the internet searches will be carried out by mobile. 

Hence, it is advisable to optimize the website in such a way that it suits the mobile users. 

Google takes into account the mobile page load speed of the website as a major factor to determine the google ranking. 

There are many tools like the Pagespeed tool, which will help in optimizing the web suitable for mobile search. 

Backlink building is a powerful way to boost SEO ranks. 

A few effective ways for backlink building can be enabling share options for your content, approaching publishers and bloggers to hyperlink your content into theirs. 

Backlinks like editorial backlinks, guest blogging backlinks, backlinks from videos, tools and much more can be made use of to build a strong backlink for your website. 

9. Make Use of Snippets 

Have you noticed that as soon as you google something, you might see a small text under the title giving an idea of what the article is going to consist about?

Snippets are a gist or a small piece of information from the whole of the content on the website. 

Snippets are inserted in the form of meta descriptions while publishing the post. 

They are like a cliffhanger, which keeps the audience’s interest twirled up to surf through the blog and website. 

10. Keywords are the Key

Yes, usage of the right keywords in blogs and websites are the basic SEO tactic and is something that will always be a robust way to make websites rank higher.

Use the right primary and relatable keywords with good search volume and optimize your page accordingly. 

Insertion of keywords is the basic SEO ranking guide that you will read or hear about anytime you try to optimize the website or the page, and it is necessary to get a good idea of the usage of the right keywords. 

11. Content Matters 

Last but not least, strong content is necessary for the audience to be hooked to your site. Make the content relatable and relevant to your target audience. 

Refurbish the blog content if you think it can be improved. Improve the quality of your content and provide quality content because at the end of the end, even if you climb the ladder of ranking, google content is what will regulate leads for you. 


So that’s it for my guide to improving SEO ranking.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

What tip from today’s post are you going to try first?

Do you want to try to create backlinks for your website?

Or maybe you want to use a social signal.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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