SEO for Fashion E-commerce Website

SEO for Fashion E-commerce: 10 Tips to Drive More Traffic

Are you looking for ways to drive traffic to your fashion e-commerce website? In this guide, we'll share 10 SEO tips that can help you improve your website's visibility in search engine results pages and attract more potential customers. These tips will help you get started with SEO for your fashion business, from on-page optimisation to link building and content marketing.

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If you are planning to open a fashion brand in 2022, you’re most definitely on the right track. Statistics prove that fashion is the most popular business-to-consumer E-commerce choice. The fashion market size is set to increase to US$1.1647 billion by the end of 2025, and every day a new fashion store pops up in some parts of the world. However, with that comes a particular problem: the need to stand out from the competition. 

In this era of cutthroat competition, it is extremely important that your eCommerce website attract the target audience effortlessly. For potential buyers and shopaholics to find your website easily, you need to implement excellent SEO tactics into the website. This will allow your brand to be easily recognised and will increase your visibility on search engine result page ranking (a.k.a SERP). Therefore, it will bring in a new set of potential customers or organic traffic to your site. If your business goal is to expand and reach out to people who are not aware of your brand’s existence, SEO for fashion E-Commerce is mandatory for your website!

As a business owner, you might definitely not be aware of the tricks that can get your website ranking higher within no time. Mastering Search Engine Optimization on a professional level isn’t easy, but you can learn to do it yourself without relying on agencies and freelancers. It should also be kept in mind that SEO may take a few months to work successfully. It takes time to craft optimized content, acquire top-quality backlinks and secure authority. It works way better in the long run and is one of the cheapest marketing strategies. 

In this blog, we have covered everything you need to know about SEO for Fashion E-commerce and we have listed 10 proven tips that will help you drive higher traffic to your website and boost sales!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is a parameter in digital marketing that plays a crucial role in improving your website’s SERP ranking for a particular keyword. For any query or keyword, Google can offer thousands of websites with various results. 

However, not all websites can be displayed on the first page of Google. The search engine has an algorithm to churn out the most relevant and credible websites based on their strong SEO skills to be displayed on the first page of Google. Good SEO practice ensures that your website is displayed to a wider audience, which in turn helps in maximised sales and business growth! If you want to catch the attention of binge-buyers and shopping fanatics and dazzle them with your products, SEO is your way to go!

What are the Various Types of SEO?

1. On-Page SEO

This is the process through which the content on your website is optimized. This includes the optimization of keywords, headers, meta titles, images, meta descriptions, body copy and more.  On-Page SEO will work better if your keywords are researched, the metadata is optimized, and internal linking is performed.

2. Off-Page SEO

This is the process through which other reputable websites are linked back to your site. Almost nothing is done to your website. It includes creating exposure, creating trust and ultimately results in more visitors and sales. Off-page SEO works better with the process of pitching articles, competitor research and helping reporters.

3. Technical SEO

This is the process through which actions are performed to help search engines crawl up to your website. It should be kept in mind that this type of SEO is always evolving as search engines and their algorithm become more complex. Special care must be taken, and efforts must be efficient in order to prevent problems with crawlability. Technical SEO works better with a faster website speed, mobile friendliness, and user-friendly and consistent site structure.

4. Local SEO

This is the process through which the focus is on a specific area rather than a collective whole. The main aim is to increase your online presence in your community and the promotion of your products or services to your customers. In fact, it is highly targeted, it is free, and there are greater opportunities to rank locally. Local SEO works better with the optimization of your local profiles, submission of spam on google maps, building local links, and writing tailored local landing pages.

Does My Fashion E-commerce Business Need SEO?

You can have a fashion E-commerce website without SEO. However, if you are keen on improving your brand awareness and building supreme brand visibility, you must definitely resort to SEO implementation for your business.

It is extremely important for E-commerce sites to reach their target audience. The advent of online shopping has been truly revolutionary. People are relying on online purchases more than ever. Statistics have now shown that there will be a 95% increase in online purchases by the year 2040. This will also create another problem which is competition. Then how do you bring in new customers? How do you retain your old customers? How do you make sure that your website gets more customers than any other Fashion E-commerce site?

The answer is simple: through the implementation of quality SEO strategies. Once you have thoroughly optimised your website with the combination of on-page as well as off-page SEO, Google recognises your website as a credible business site and starts promoting your products on its first page. This brings in a surplus of website traffic to your website, resulting in a sharp spike in sales. Once your audience has seen your products for a while, purchased from you and has been satisfied with your service, they’ll recommend your website to fellow buyers. This entire process ensures that your brand value grows with time, resulting in constant revenue generation!

10 Steps To Drive More Traffic Through SEO

Once you’ve learnt how to implement excellent n-page and off-page SEO tactics to your website, there’s no stopping your business. Learning all about SEO on your own can be tricky! You may be directed to unprofessional websites teaching you black-hat SEO techniques that will not only ruin your brand value but also ruin your online business drastically.

To ensure your success, we have curated a list of some proven SEO tips and tricks that will boost your website traffic and drive product sales through the roof! Check them out below and implement them on your website today!

1. Optimization of Product Pages

 It is essential to optimize your product pages with relevant keywords. Here’s how keywords are a defining factor:- Keywords determine the location or the placement of your website when someone searches for something. Therefore it is essential to find and use appropriate keywords. It should also be kept in mind that less appropriate keywords hamper your website placement and distract the customers. Fashion is a highly unstable sector as trends and notions keep on changing. Therefore, specific practices like keyword research, usage of long-tailed keywords and awareness of trending keywords must be done.

2. Categorisation

To prevent competition amongst your own site, you need to pay very close attention to the misapprehension of keywords. In simpler words, misapprehension happens when the keywords imputed by you are used to compete with products from your site instead of other websites. Categorisation of products prevents that from happening. Avoid using the same keywords for different products on your websites.

3. Starting a Blog

It would be greatly beneficial if you start a fashion blog as it can have amazing results. Blogging incorporates SEO into your website. Let’s face it for fashion tips, trends or ideas, the most logical thing to do is go on google through blogging. Not only do you keep your audience informed you also provide a gateway to your own site. This brings organic traffic to your website.

4. Seamless Navigation

It is essential that your website has a smooth and seamless website navigation process. It can be hard for the customers to surf through if the navigation is not smooth. This will cause the user to leave your site without buying anything. To prevent that from happening, it is essential that the navigation is smooth and seamless.

5. User-Friendly and Structured Website

A user-friendly site is easier to surf through. Customers prefer to visit user-friendly sites as it helps them shop easily. Moreover, customers engage well with sites that are user-friendly and well-structured. These are the following aspects of a user-friendly and structured website:-

  • Optimization of Site Speed – Pages shouldn’t take long to load. The site should be optimized and should have the capability of loading pages quickly. There are several ways to optimize the speed of your page.
  • Appearance – The website should be fashionable. It should have a stylish look or feel. To put it simply, your website should be designed in an attractive way. It should have the capacity to grab the customer’s attention. It should increase the engagement of your page.
  • Proper Page Experience – If your page is easy to browse that increases the chances of new customers. There are certain core web vitals that track your page experience. Some of them are First Input Delay, Cumulative Layout Shift, Speed Index, Time to Interactive, and Total Blocking Time. These metrics determine how well your page is doing.
  • Appropriate Actions – It is essential that customers can take action in case they face any problems. Therefore it is important that your webpage has built-in quick action options to facilitate a better customer experience.
  • Proper Theme – If your site has a common theme, it makes it recognisable to your customers. It is quite possible that the user may remember the organized look and come back to buy more products.

6. Analytics

In order to verify if a specific SEO strategy is working out, it is essential to see if your website is serving its purpose or not. Increased sales and accelerated engagement can be determining factors of its success. However, your site may have better potential. There are several ways to check user activity on your website. Moreover, analytics and heat tools provide you with all the data that is required for the improvement of your site. Knowing the essential information and data of your site helps you improve it.

 It is slightly difficult to get ranked via backlinks. However, once you secure a backlink, it will help your website tremendously. Inbound links through various relevant sources affect the ranking of your website. It accends it during search results. Inbound links require backlinks from an industry-related website. This is where things get difficult. The easiest way to secure backlinks is by approaching influencers, bloggers, guest authors, events, and interviews from the industry.

8. Avoid Isolation of Web Pages

Isolated web pages can create a significant amount of problems. Firstly, it restricts the spiders to move freely and makes the website invisible in the search engine. The website should be thoroughly linked together so that the spiders are able to move freely and make your website visible as a search result. If your website isn’t visible on the search results chances are that there are isolated web pages. To prevent further problems, it is better to conduct an SEO audit.

9. Visuals

This should be of paramount importance. Online shopping relies on how accurate a product suites the customer. Better and detailed visuals ensure that your customer gets satisfied and chooses to buy the product. The visuals should be of high quality, and they should be dynamic. It should be believable and should give the customer a good visual experience. This factor is very important as most brands use this as a way to drive up more traffic.

10. Mobile Friendly

The rapid expansion of mobile users has truly been a boon to e-commerce websites. It is significantly easier to shop from phones than from laptops or computers. In fact, a report has stated that about 67% of mobile users prefer shopping from their phones. Therefore your website should be mobile-friendly, and this also allows you to rank significantly higher on google searches. There are several ways to check the site’s mobile friendliness.

Other Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Fashion E-Commerce Website

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, there are other ways to optimise your site as well. You may try out a combination of all these tricks to boost maximum traffic to your website

1. Use Google Analytics to find out what terms were used by your customers to find your website.

2. Google Search console allows you to see how often your website appears on your customer’s search results.

3. Creating a landing page allows your user to choose what they are interested in. This creates better engagement and helps your business grow. The data collected from the landing page helps you create tailored content for your audience. You can use this data to create specialised promotions and messages for your ongoing marketing. In case you do decide to make a landing page make sure to add a sign-up form. This allows you to send automated welcome emails, promotions and campaign details to all new visitors.

4. Digital ads or banner ads bring in a significant amount of traffic. They are specifically designed to drive traffic to a website or a landing page. However, special consultation is needed from an agency to plan out an effective strategy to boost traffic.

5. Email Marketing is one of the most powerful techniques of outreach. Newsletters can inform customers about new campaigns and about new products on your site. This is generally successful to drive back old customers. Promotional Emails can be used to highlight sales or specific events. In any case, email marketing allows you to drive in traffic.

6.  The main aim of using social media to promote your business is to bring in new customers. Therefore it is essential to select the correct social channel. Not all social channels may be appropriate for your website. Research must be done in order to determine the correct channel.

8. Running an affiliate marketing program can also help you drive significant traffic to your fashion brand. Most people are inclined towards buying affiliate products. You can also network with affiliate marketers to improve the visibility of your website and establish a significant amount of brand authority!

9. You can also leverage social media and influencer marketing techniques to create brand awareness. Many small to medium fashion brands work with social media influencers to improve brand awareness and boost sales. Collaborate with a fashion-based influencer and give them a referral code to increase purchase rates and establish credibility for your fashion brand and website.

Final Thoughts

Search Engine Optimization is of paramount importance for fashion e-commerce sites. The increase in smartphone users has allowed e-commerce to flourish and with that, there are complexities, challenges and problems. This is where SEO is relevant it is essential for your business to stand out from its competitors. It is also important for you to bring in more customers. To ensure the continuation of your website, it is essential for you to convert your stream of visitors to returning customers. SEO does exactly that it brings in new customers and helps you engage with your old customers. Moreover, unlike paid promotions, organic marketing strategies have long-term benefits and sustainability. This can only be accomplished via specific strategies using SEO. The tips given above are tried and tested methods. These methods are used by top e-commerce sites and are suggested by top SEO analysts. Once your strategy kicks in you too will realise the massive difference and why it is used by businesses to stay ahead in the game. If you want to learn more about SEO and gather expertise over this field, refer to some of the best online digital marketing courses to master the art of SEO skills.

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