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How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Free With Tools: 2024 Guide

If you need to construct a higher Instagram presence and loose up extra time for your busy day, you should start scheduling your post. In this article you will get to know the best tool to schedule Instagram posts for free!

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Are you a hunting for free tools to schedule Instagram posts?

That’s great. We’ve got you. Here in this post, we will discuss the various free Instagram tools which are effective and trustworthy out there in the digital market to schedule your posts and keep your posts and leave you stress-free!

In this busy time of a digitally transforming era, one might have a lot on their to-do list on a daily basis. And taking out time just to simply post on Instagram using the traditional way Instagram offers isn’t really worth it when there are effective digital tools which could do that for you.

Operating an Instagram page for your brand might not be as easy as it seems to be as we all know. All the digital marketers, business owners and artists promoting their own work might sometimes definitely need assistance for the same. And Instagram post scheduling tools have been pretty much reliable and dependable for maintaining your brand’s credibility and sustaining the quality of your content consistently. So if at all you are wondering, will an Instagram post scheduler really help you in this – the answer is YES!

Instagram posts

An Instagram scheduler won’t simply post your posting and content effectively and conveniently but also assist you in keeping continuous connection and interaction with your intended audiences and also increase your productivity over time.

As a reputed brand owner, or a newly established business, you might be attempting to grow your brand’s reputation online, just the way your rivals are doing, you might have to make time out to plan and organize your social media strategies for the future.

At the very same time, if you are a social media manager and have planned a lot of quality content ahead of time, you might need the means to publish it and not just anytime, whenever you feel like it. 

Considering all these aspects, it becomes really important for you to make use of Instagram post schedulers.

This industry, however, is not all sunshine and daisies. There is a dark side to it, and that comes in the shape of shady businesses attempting to steal your personal information. They’re also trying to offer you something that isn’t worth your time or money.

Additionally, a free Instagram scheduler tool may also provide you with advice and suggestions on how to curate and edit your posts relevant to your brand’s taste and preferences.

On top of that, having an Instagram post scheduler is that you get to see precisely what you are going to show to your intended audience, with providing the assistance for developing a long-term, effective and consistent post uploading plan for your brand’s Instagram account which will in return result is increasing your brand’s credibility.

Keep all these contexts in mind consciously, let us first get into the basics and fundamentals!

What Is Instagram In General?

What is instagram?

At its most basic level, Instagram is a social networking app that allows users to share photographs and videos with their friends. The software is free to download from conventional app stores, and many young (and older!) individuals have it installed on their devices.

In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, both Stanford University graduates, founded the company, which now has over 200 million members. The firm was bought by Facebook (now Meta), the social media juggernaut, in 2012. The site’s primary principle is photo sharing, but its popularity is due to its photo editing features.

After the Instagrammer takes a photo, Instagram filters (of which there are many) may be applied to the image to make it look like old-school Polaroid prints. Users may build personal profiles, but they can also link them to their current social networking accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share photographs across platforms.

Some of the most popular Instagram features are:

Since its launch, Instagram has created a number of marketing tools, including paid ad alternatives as well as organic postings. 

Let’s look at some of Instagram’s most beneficial marketing features.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories

Instagram’s Stories feature is one of the most recent features. Similar to Snapchat, users upload video snippets to stories, which are viewable for 24 hours before vanishing.

You have unlimited access to Story content for the next 24 hours. Stories appear as little circles at the top of your followers’ news feed.


Instagram Video posts, which are identical to ordinary image posts but allow for up to 60 seconds of video, are surely familiar to you. Apply a filter, create a caption, and identify your location before sharing the post.

Video posts on Instagram receive more engagement than photos.

This is crucial for advertisers expecting to gain from Instagram’s new algorithm, which determines whether or not to show posts based on user engagement.

In your bio, you can link both your username and hashtags.

The following username or hashtag is automatically hyperlinked when you type a @ or #.

This is great news for businesses since it gives them another way to get their fans to connect with their favourite accounts or branded hashtags.


IGTV logo

Instagram TV is a television-style Instagram app that allows users to submit films up to an hour long.

This is excellent news for video content creators, as video marketing is one of the fastest-growing trends in content marketing, with more than 80% of companies using it.

Advertisers may use IGTV to offer longer video content while also informing their followers when a new video is posted.

Instagram live video

Live Video varies from Instagram Video in that it is live. How it works is as follows:

  • When you go live, your followers will receive a push notification.
  • On your Live Video feed, followers may give real-time comments or likes.
  • The video evaporates when you finish watching it (it does not save to your account).

This is yet another way for brands to boost brand transparency and authenticity, which is especially important in light of Instagram’s recent algorithm adjustment.

What Are Some Benefits Of Instagram?

Instagram does have a strong engagement rate:

Instagram may provide you with high engagement rates due to its growing number of active users. In fact, Instagram has the most active users of any social networking platform. This engagement rate is over 70% higher than Facebook’s, and the rate of follower growth is 9 percent faster than Twitter’s, which is roughly 0.11 per cent.

People may like and comment on the page in the same way they can on Facebook. Instagram has been evaluated and acknowledged by the Facebook team since its acquisition. There are various choices available to assist you in improving your account’s engagement.

Instagram makes sharing your content simple:

Because Instagram is optimized for mobile devices, you may post content at any time and from anywhere as long as you have Internet connectivity. 

However, you may make your Instagram posts accessible on your other social networking channels as well. To accomplish this, just connect your social media accounts to your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts.

Instagram provides a visual image of your brand:

Instagram is one of the most effective visual marketing mediums for your organization or business. As a consequence, you may use Instagram to share eye-catching photos of your products, perhaps increasing sales. Visual photos in the content have been shown to engage people more than simply text. However, you should not just focus on taking beautiful images. You should also make good use of the caption box in your Instagram post. Postings are proven to draw more engagement when they include an intriguing description as well as a relevant hashtag.

If you can provide amazing visual representations for your advertisements, your audience will be able to connect with you and your products more quickly.

Why Should You Schedule Instagram Posts?

Schedule Instagram post

The goal of scheduling your Instagram posts ahead of time is to simplify your workflow and establish a regular pattern. But there’s more to it than that. It offers additional advantages that may assist you in growing your brand.

Let’s dive into them!

  • Balance is achieved by scheduling Instagram postings
  • Instagram scheduled posts increase engagement.
  • Consistency is achieved by scheduling Instagram postings.
  • Instagram posts may be scheduled to publish automatically.
  • Scheduling your Instagram post will assist you in implementing your social media strategy.
  • Time is saved by scheduling Instagram postings.
  • Instagram ROI improves by scheduling posts and stories.

Now let us understand them better.

Balance is achieved by scheduling Instagram postings

It happens a lot of times that subconsciously you might upload photos or videos of the same kind with the same style and edit. By scheduling your posts on Instagram before, you can examine these similarities and make necessary adjustments as per your requirements. 

It is extremely important to balance out your post for a better-looking Instagram feed. As a brand, you have an image to maintain, and by this, you retain it. Therefore it is important to balance out your post and make your feed look professionally attractive.

Instagram scheduled posts increase engagement

Without having an Instagram scheduler in the picture, there might be possibilities that you might not post on a regular basis! This might hamper your engagement rate and might just bore off your followers.

By scheduling your Instagram posts, you may increase engagement as you might post more frequently. Your audience will be seeing more of your postings, which will increase brand awareness. It also gives them additional chances to remark on and connect with your postings.

This may also assist you in gaining more followers. You’ll draw more individuals to your page if you keep publishing material and boosting posts. 

Consistency is achieved by scheduling Instagram postings

Consistency is achieved by scheduling Instagram posts

As a reputed brand, you need to maintain your brand’s image by having consistency in your Instagram posts. Your feed should always look fresh and updated. By maintaining consistency with your posts, you create a reflection of your brand that you are regular and active all the time for your customers

The filter, colour scheme, and descriptions of your images should all be comparable. This will aid in the development of consistency in your postings.

By scheduling posts, you can ensure that your postings are consistent. You can check how your posts look when they’re all together and make sure they’re all in the same style.

A maintained appearance is of utmost importance in your Instagram feed.

Instagram posts may be scheduled to publish automatically

You had to rely on your phone to upload photographs for your campaign before Instagram supported publishing. This makes managing your Instagram account and effectively posting your material more difficult.

With the Instagram scheduler, one need not have to depend upon the phone to upload content for your social media strategy. Instagram scheduler helps in automatic publishing and keeps you stress-free!

One can post content directly from the desktop or laptop. This streamlines the task because you can store all of your images on your computer rather than on your phone.

Scheduling your Instagram post will assist you in implementing your social media strategy

A social media strategy is not a one-time thing. Your social media strategy evolves and develops with time. By using an Instagram scheduler tool, there is a no-brainer to schedule posts or tweets to the minute and hour if you’ve discovered when you get the most interaction.

Time is saved by scheduling Instagram postings

Your crucial time is saved by using an Instagram scheduler, and this is the most significant advantage for you and your brand. You would not really have to take time out from your dedicated and responsible schedule just to post your content yourself. Rather than posting every day, it’s more effective to plan a few posts at a time.

You also don’t need to be present physically to upload the content. Once you have analyzed when your intended audience is active the most on Instagram, your Instagram scheduler will do the needful. You won’t have to set reminders to publish content since your posts will always reach your audience at the best possible moment.

Instagram ROI improves by scheduling posts and stories

Your Instagram Insights are chock-full of information on your followers, profile, and the success of your stories and posts.  Because you can only see your Instagram statistics from within the Instagram phone app, you’ll either have to keep opening the app to check them or manually copy them to another area. 

By using a too to schedule Instagram posts, you are eliminating this step and having everything tracked on the tool. The tool will provide you with crucial statistics and insights regarding your engagements, interactions, reach and new followers.

Now that we have understood the ins and outs of Instagram and why you should be using an Instagram scheduling tool, let us dive into your question – How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Free With Tools? 

How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Free With Tools? 

Let’s understand the various free tools which will assist you with this. Here are the top tools to schedule Instagram posts!

Social Sked

Social Sked

Sked Social is an Instagram scheduler that publishes your updates automatically. It helps you to plan your feed graphically. This programme enables you to quickly interact with others without regard to team size.

Tool Highlights

  • Schedule posts and they’ll go on air automatically.
  • Regardless of the size of your company, collaboration is simple.
  • Photo editor that is picture flawless.
  • Maintain a queue for consistent posting.
  • Make your own schedule.
  • Templates provide for faster processes.
  • Boost your bio link’s performance.


Sendible logo

Sendible is a programme that allows you to manage all of your social media accounts without having to worry about anything. It helps you to plan, create and schedule Instagram posts and videos with the help of teams and clients.

Tool Highlights

  • Permissions/Access Controls
  • Dashboard of Activity
  • Tracking your activities.
  • Reporting on the fly.
  • Alerts/Notifications.
  • Controlling the Approval Process
  • Publishing that is automated.
  • @mentions.



Tailwind is a programme that allows you to schedule Instagram posts and videos. It also helps to schedule on other social media platforms. It allows you to preview Instagram pin designs in real-time.

Tool Highlights

  • Smart scheduling.
  • Tailwind tribes.
  • Tailwind’s analytics. 
  • Smart loop.


SocialBee - logo

SocialBee is a service that allows you to manage your social network postings and blend material. It allows you to attach each post to a category-based timetable.

Tool Highlights

  • Category Based Scheduling​
  • Pause Categories
  • Re-Queue Posts
  • Bulk Editor​
  • Post Variations
  • Customize for Each Profile



Iconosquare is a social media application that lets you make data-driven decisions for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It gives agencies and brands in-depth analytics.

Tool Highlights

  • Reporting.
  • Analytics.
  • Comments and likes count.
  • Real-time post-performance.
  • Data filters.
  • Hashtag tracking.
  • Follower Growth measurement.
  • Daily lost/ gained followers.



Buffer is one of the finest Instagram schedulers, allowing you to post material to social media sites automatically. It enables you to track your progress and generate reports. This tool aids in the planning and preparation of Instagram stories.

Tool Highlights

  • Buffer’s browser plugin makes sharing easier.
  • Come across text and images, clip and queue them.
  • Your best-performing posts may be viewed, tracked, and recycled.
  • Examine and compare your most critical metrics.


Crowdfire - logo

Crowdfire is an app that can automatically publish on Instagram. This software allows you to find and manage material for your social network accounts all in one location. You may use it to schedule Instagram posts for free.

Tool Highlights

  • Social media post scheduling
  • Multiple Social Platforms are supported.
  • Curation of content.
  • Other Blogs and Websites’ RSS Feeds
  • Recommendations for Hashtag
  • Data from social media analytics is available.
  • Monitoring Social Mentions
  • Web-based listening

Promo Republic

Promo Republic - logo

The Promo Republic is an app that lets you create and schedule Instagram posts and videos. This app allows you to access fascinating library material.

Tool Highlights

  • Publish to Facebook (personal and business accounts), Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.
  • Organize your publication schedule using this calendar.
  • Content templates and handpicked articles library.
  • Manage direct conversations using a social inbox service.

Combin Scheduler 

Combin Scheduler - logo

Combin Scheduler is a free Instagram story and post-management application. This tool makes it simple to plan Instagram content. In the captions of your posts, you may utilize hashtags and tag other users.

Tool Highlights

  • Planning Ahead and Instant Posting
  • Publishing is completely automated.
  • Changing the image size.
  • Tagging of locations.
  • Mentioning Hashtags and Accounts
  • Uploading Stories in Bulk


Planoly - logo

Planoly is an app that lets you plan and schedule content for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It aids in the analysis of your company profile data. This programme makes it simple to generate and edit postings on social networking websites.

Tool Highlights

  • make calendars to plan content and curate other people’s material
  • assess engagements and schedule posts
  • assemble an Instagram team


Onlypult logo

Onlypult lets you schedule Instagram posts and videos on the social media platform. LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and other platforms are all supported by this application.

Tool Highlights

  • Dashboards for scheduling and monitoring.
  • Draft revisions
  • Posts are automatically deleted.
  • Managing multiple accounts (up to 40)
  • Analytics that are useful.


SEMrush logo

SEMrush is a service that helps you schedule Instagram posts rapidly. It allows you to alter photos before sharing them on social media.

Tool Highlights

  • Create engaging and innovative PPC campaigns.
  • Take Your Content Marketing to New Heights.
  • Create Reports That Your Team Will Enjoy.
  • Analyze and track the effectiveness of social media.
  • Overview of the Domain
  • Track your location.
  • Analysis of traffic.
  • Search for keywords.

Smarter Queue

SmarterQueue logo

Instagram Scheduler Smarter Queue allows you to manage your stories and photographs. You may use this feature to share more than ten photographs in a single post. With just one mouse click, you can add frequently used hashtags, captions, and emojis to your posts.

Tool Highlights

  • Curation of content. Publishing.
  • Evergreen Recycling.
  • Posting Strategy
  • Categories.
  • Customized Posts
  • Library of Media
  • Search for images


Later logo

The Later Instagram marketing software makes it simple to organize your social media posts graphically. With this free scheduler, you can easily schedule Instagram posts, videos and stories.

Tool Highlights

  • Instagram Auto-Publishing 
  • Locate and distribute the appropriate stuff.
  • Make traffic flow. Track sales.
  • Determine what is important for your content.


Hootsuite logo

Hootsuite is a service that allows you to schedule Instagram posts and videos directly from your computer. It is one of the finest free Instagram schedulers available, allowing you to make high-quality Instagram stories.

Tool Highlights

  • Create and publish posts.
  • Maintain control over all of your channels.
  • Prepare for future campaigns.
  • Keep track of all incoming communications.
  • Examine your results.

Now that we have dived into the tools, let us have our eyes on a few crucial Instagram statistics you should be aware of.

A Few General Instagram Statistics

  • Instagram is the world’s seventh most popular website.
  • Instagram is the 9th most searched phrase on Google.
  • Instagram is the fourth most popular social media network.
  • Only 0.1 per cent of Instagram users use the platform exclusively.
  • Instagram is the world’s second most popular app.
  • Every month, 1.22 billion individuals use Instagram.
  • Instagram’s readership is dominated by those aged 18 to 34.
  • Instagram is Generation Z’s preferred social media site.
  • Males and females are almost equally represented in Instagram’s viewership.
  • India has the world’s most Instagram users.
  • India is also the fastest-growing Instagram market.
  • Instagram is used by 5 per cent of American youngsters under the age of 11.
  • In the United States, 14 per cent of Americans had never heard of Instagram.
  • 59 per cent of American people use Instagram on a daily basis.
  • Adult Instagram users spend approximately 30 minutes each day on the platform.
  • Weekly, 9 out of 10 Instagram users view videos.
  • Instagram Stories is used by 500 million accounts every day.
  • After seeing a brand in a Story, 58 per cent of users say they’re more interested in it.
  • The completion rate for Brand Stories is 86 per cent.
  • At least one company is followed by 90% of Instagram users.
  • Every month, the typical Instagram business account gains 1.69 per cent more followers.
  • Business accounts are updated 1.6 times each day on average.
  • On Instagram, 57 per cent of users enjoy seeing polls and quizzes from companies.
  • Instagram business account posts have an average engagement rate of 0.83 per cent.


Summing up, Instagram scheduler tools might just end up being the best decision in your business and success journey. Make sure to visit the sites of the above-mentioned tools and examine which can benefit you the most.

We hope the above-mentioned comprehensive article on how to schedule Instagram posts was useful for your knowledge and time. What do you feel regarding the same?

Do let us know in the comments section below. 

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