Samsung digital marketing strategies & case study

Samsung’s Digital Marketing Strategies: Detailed Case Study

This case study provides an overview of Samsung's digital marketing strategies. Learn more about Samsung's digital marketing strategies. Samsung's innovation comes from its substantial involvement in its employees; it seeks out special talent wherever it can find it and has used digital marketing to brand all its existing and new products. Check out how they used digital platforms to increase brand awareness and maintain their image.

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Before we look into Samsung’s digital marketing strategies, A recent study revealed that Samsung is all set to lead the worldwide smartphone market in 2022 with yearly shipments of 272 million devices. 272 MILLION! Samsung inculcated innovation each step of the way and used smart branding to position itself in the market. Wondering how it happened? 

Samsung's Digital Marketing Strategies

One of the ways  Samsung is so innovative – with multiple product announcements one after the other – is that it is substantially involved in its employees; it seeks out special talent wherever it can find it and has looked at digital marketing as a major opportunity to brand all their existing and new products. 

Let’s find out how they used digital platforms to increase awareness and maintain their brand image.

About Samsung

Back in 1970, Samsung’s electronics division began by producing low-cost TV sets under the Sanyo brand, but through time, it evolved into an innovative firm that has been a pioneer in manufacturing huge flat-screen displays, plasma TVs, and cutting-edge smartphones. 

However, until the mid-1990s, they competed mostly by developing technical components and low-cost manufactured goods for larger brands such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, and General Electric. They were also selling other low-cost consumer products under the Samsung brand, including TVs and microwave ovens, through cheap retailers such as Walmart.

The low-cost-driven competitive strategy served them well until the Asian market meltdown in 1997. At the time, the market for memory chips and other components provided by Samsung to electronics manufacturers was experiencing greater competition, resulting in surplus capacity, while sales of Samsung branded products were also declining.

Despite these facts, the company’s CEO, Yun Jong-Yong, stated that Samsung could make goods that were as good as Sony’s, but because of the brand’s low-end image, their TVs would be relegated to the rear of stores.

Why Should Marketers Study Samsung’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Samsung has managed to gain the market share (and love) of millions of people around the world. Samsung’s key principles include “people, excellence, change, honesty, and co-prosperity.” Samsung has a very rich culture in all of its facilities across the world, with similar and comparable practices. This is due to the fact that they all operate under the same values as previously discussed. Their marketing strategies played a huge role in boosting their sales and gaining recognition online. 

The ‘adventurous’ branding

The goal of brand films is to introduce your audience to your values, visions, and, ultimately, the heart of your brand. Visuals, music, and stories may help you communicate your brand in ways that no other media can.

Remembering the outdoor-focused ad campaigns for a long time, Samsung has been side-reflecting an adventurous concept as a brand image for a long time. In their 2013 marketing film, shown below, we witness 18 risky places in Scandinavia filmed at -31 degrees Celsius with helicopter shots, husky dog sledges, and snowmobiles. Samsung is using the film to market their new Heat Pump, N-Series, specifically for Scandinavia, but it has also been exhibited at exhibits and trade events across the world.

Out-of-the-Box Marketing 

We are all aware that Samsung’s product price strategy is neither A-class or competitive in general. That is where the brand must establish other auxiliary activities in order to make their products and service their technologies in an engaging way. So, basically, they need to think outside the box.

This was their “TV when it’s on. Art when its off” campaign

Above, Samsung’s “Galleried” spot makes picture frames cool again. Regardless of the quality of the artworks, Samsung’s problem is with picture frames – and their enigma. During a day at the museum, art lovers are astounded to see how the valuable artworks inside the frames mysteriously vanish. A swarm of anxious people stare at empty frames where paintings formerly hung. The employees are concerned, but there is an explanation: TV When it’s turned on. When the Lights Go Out.

Clever, funny, strategic: Apple vs Samsung

Before the iPhone X’s release date, Samsung released a new commercial that is totally aimed at criticising Apple. Samsung always comes up with innovative ways to mock apple, but this time, it elevated its concept to a different level. ‘Growing Up,’ created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, relates to everything from storage space to water resistance — and, of course, the never-ending line-ups, which is the funniest part. 

The commercial began in 2007, with the launching of the first-generation iPhone. Erik, the hero, of course, purchases the goods, while his girlfriend Lauren owns a Samsung by 2013. Eric began to experience storage troubles even when using an older version of iOS.

Then, in 2013, when the screen sizes and water resistance are compared, the results are disgraceful. He hence shifts to Samsung, and according to the commercial, he finally “grows up” 

Samsung’s digital marketing strategies 

Samsung’s marketing communication mix includes a variety of channels such as print and media advertising, sales promotion, events and experiences, and public relations. Samsung Electronics employs these channels in an integrated fashion. We have discussed the digital aspect of their marketing strategies below.

Samsung’s social media marketing strategies 

They are continuously working to maintain their popularity, and they must work really hard in order to do so. When it comes to social media marketing, they use Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to help them in generating good earnings as well as making a big influence on users and followers.

Samsung’s Instagram marketing strategies

Samsung India’s Instagram page (@samsungindia) has an engagement rate of 0.05% with an average of 2,137 likes and 15 comments on each post.

Samsung -Instagram engagement rate

Samsung uses Instagram as a way to communicate with its audience and establish a one-on-one relationships. Most of their posts are product-based, talking about the various features of the particular product. 


Off late, Samsung has posted a series of posts highlighting the 

Samsung’s Facebook marketing strategies 

When you access Samsung’s Facebook page, you will discover that it has over 16 million fans and that its cover image clearly indicates the latest planned Samsung announcements or products. 

facebook home page- Samsung

Scrolling down will take you to the posts that Samsung has published on this fan page. No one is permitted to post on Samsung’s Facebook page. Customers, on the other hand, can comment on their blogs and provide feedback.

They post on a regular basis and typically receive a large number of comments on each of their postings.

Samsung -digital marketing Facebook customer interaction

Samsung’s Twitter marketing strategies

Samsung not only rules through its Facebook page, but it also has a sizable fan base on Twitter. The frequency of posts on this site is extremely high. 

Samsung-Twitter home
Samsung-twitter home

The engagement rate of Twitter is 0.10% and they receive an average of 12,077 likes and 3,472 retweets on each of their posts.

samsung -twitter

Samsung’s SEO strategies 

Samsung Customer Care Department has evolved naturally in SEO, and it now has a small but powerful in-house staff overseeing SEO, SEM, and content. Because the SEO team is in charge of the internal search platform, its major purpose is to translate what consumers search for into genuine meaning and intent.

Their constant SEO efforts have ensured that they get a steady increase in their website rankings and keywords. They receive a YOY increase in organic traffic of 4%. Their keyword ranking position, too, has increased by 12% YOY

Let’s study their SEO strategies in detail

Website overview

With a worldwide brand in such a competitive field, Samsung has taken a broad view of the entire customer journey across several departments, from mobile devices to home appliances, to achieve the greatest potential improvement in online performance.

They have been more effective at improving ranks and generating sales by taking a step back to study user behaviour and purpose and then optimising on-site SEO.

Samsung has an almost perfect website with a high domain authority of 93. The rest of their statistics too are extremely high and rated ‘amazing’ by Ubersuggest.

They have over 6,666,167 organic keywords, 102,927,027 organic monthly traffic and 96,177,850 backlinks.

samsung-seo metrics


The top 5 organic keywords include

  • Samsung 
  • Samsung galaxy s21 ultra
  • Samsung galaxy 
  • Samsung tv
  • Samsung galaxy s9
top organic keywords -samsung
Top organic keywords

Samsung’s Top Digital Marketing Campaigns


Samsung India launched #IndiaReadyAction, a statewide digital campaign encouraging Gen Z and millennials to defy prejudices about India by filming and sharing films of Real India via their smartphones. The month-long campaign #IndiaReadyAction will encourage Gen Z and young millennials in India to contribute up to 60-second movies showcasing their vision of Real India, which will break any prejudices about the country that may exist around the globe.

The campaign was launched through a video:

Sports partnerships

Samsung sponsored the Olympic Winter Games in 1998 and will formally support Olympic Games and Olympic movements for the following eight years, which will only help Samsung’s global reputation. From 1998 through 2010, Samsung was the official sponsor of the telecommunications equipment category.

Sponsors of the English Premier League club Chelsea FC, the Premier League is well-known around the world and draws a large number of fans from all around the world. In 2008, Samsung also inked a six-year collaboration agreement with Mexican football team Club Deportivo Guadalajara, providing plasma and LCD screens for the team’s new stadium Estadio Chivas, indirectly promoting the brand.

They continued to sponsor different sports teams around the world in the following decades. In India, they have brand ambassadors for every product category.

Aamir Khan is the brand ambassador for mobile phones, Priyanka Chopra is the brand ambassador for home appliances, and Olympic Gold Medalist Abhinav Bindra is the brand ambassador for consumer electronics. 

Samsung digital marketing strategies -priyanka chopra
Samsung digital marketing strategies - Abhinav
Samsung digital marketing strategies - I am Samsung

Aamir Khan has appeared in a number of commercials, including Next Is What, Wave, and the Galaxy series. He is renowned in the industry as Mr Perfect, and they are exploiting this to demonstrate that their mobile phones are perfect. Also, because Samsung is an Olympic sponsor, the image of Abhinav Bindra, the first Indian individual gold medalist, was used.


Another campaign that illustrates Samsung’s usage of social and online communities to sell new goods is #OverToYou.

Samsung provided 12 notable bloggers, athletes, and YouTubers with Galaxy S4s so they could produce content and share it with their audience.

These 12 people were exhibiting the potential of the new technology by utilising the S4 to create a unique, thrilling video. The videos were obviously shareable, giving Samsung some extra visibility outside of its typical marketing platforms.

samsung's digital marketing strategies - over to you

Digital line

Another ad aimed at Apple fanboys, this time by generating a digital queue in anticipation of the Galaxy S4’s introduction in New Zealand.

Samsung’s own followers may join the queue online 12 days before the phone was released by posting details of the S4’s new features as they were revealed each day on their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

The more their friends retweeted, commented on, “loved,” and shared the content, the higher they climbed the queue. It’s simply highly incentivized word-of-mouth marketing that also pokes fun at the company’s main competitor.


As can be seen, Samsung has joined the realm of online marketing to promote its products and brand. Do you wish to develop your own strategy?

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What do you find most appealing about Samsung’s campaigns? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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