Salem RR biryani digital marketing strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies of Salem RR Briyani: Case Study

The purpose of this case study is to examine how Salem RR Briyani has used digital marketing to grow its business. Our team will examine Salem RR Briyani's digital marketing campaigns and make recommendations for improving its online presence.

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Salem RR Briyani’s digital marketing case study explores the strategies and tactics used by the company to increase its online presence and visibility. 

Through a combination of effective SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing, Salem RR Briyani was able to increase its web traffic by nearly 60% in just six months. Considering it’s the restaurant’s brand, marketing on the website won’t be very important, rather than focusing the marketing statistics on social media!!

This case study will examine the strategies used by Salem RR Briyani and provide insights and tips on how other businesses can use similar tactics to achieve similar results.


Salem RR Briyani is a restaurant chain with over 20 years of experience in India. In recent years, Salem RR Briyani has expanded its reach through digital marketing and has a greater presence on social media to promote its cuisine.

Salem RR Briyani’s Story

No dreamer is too small, and no dream is too great. Salem Ramen has come a long way since its beginning nearly two decades ago. There are older restaurants and unique destinations with older styles of operation, but Salem Ramen continues to be known throughout the growing city of Chennai, especially among younger eaters.

The early years were tougher times, but R.R. Tamilselvan single-handedly made Empire possible, and with his family, he ran the business with grit and fervor. 

Exotic dishes like biryani and chickens were served at affordable prices, which dragged the attention of the Big shots to foot over SalemRRBriyani restaurant. They maintained excellent customer relations to deliver all visitors a unique client experience; their fantastic passion was behind it all.

They Advertise their brand by showing the right words like,

  • Quality Briyani
  • Soft and tasty
  • 100% Halal Meat
  • No Chemicals

Want to know more about who is the founder of SalemRRBriyani???

Check out the tweet to know more about him!!!

Digital Marketing Strategies of Salem RR Biryani

Social Media Marketing Strategies

To create an effective social media marketing strategy, there are a few key points that need to be taken into consideration. First, it is important to identify your target audience’s social media platforms. 

Then, you need to create engaging and shareable content that will appeal to your audience. It is also important to consider the timing of your posts and how often you should post.

Video and photos should be used effectively in a restaurant’s social media strategy to incite the desire to eat your food.

1. Instagram Marketing Strategies of Salem RR Briyani

Salem RR Briyani is a restaurant in Chennai, India that has found success by marketing its business on Instagram. The restaurant has over 20,000 followers on Instagram and uses the platform to share photos and videos of its food. 

They also use Instagram to interact with their customers and followers, which has helped them build a loyal customer base. Salem RR Briyani’s success shows that with the right strategy, businesses can use Instagram to reach new customers and grow their business.

salem RR biryani page views

The average daily likes for Anjappar are 40, with 20k followers and 344 posts.

Building brand visibility on Instagram is no problem for Anjappar since he is a well-known biryani seller!!!

RR biryani hashtags

These are the list of hashtags used by Anjappar for promoting their post.

A list of Anjappar’s top 10 Instagram hashtags is presented below.

Hashtag list salem RR biryani

Their recent trending videos

2. Facebook Marketing Strategies of Salem RR Briyani

Salem RR Briyani is one of the most popular brands of biryani in India. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has a strong presence on Facebook. 

Salem RR Briyani’s Facebook page has over 1k followers and is a great platform for the company to engage with its customers. The Restaurant uses its Facebook page to promote new products, offers, and competition.

salem rr biryani twitter following

They also consider their customers before considering a post, and more importantly, they have their own color plate that looks attractive.

rr biryani post

As with Zomato and Swiggy, they have a webpage where customers can place orders directly.

website order salem RR biryani

3. Twitter Marketing Strategies of Salem RR Briyani

Their tweet on Sun news makes the audience remember Salem RR briyani once again. 

This way, they often show their presence with the help of influencer marketing.

Salem RR also became viral after telling his own story in #NeeyaNana.

By watching out this video, many youngsters got inspiration with the story of Mr.TamilSelvan.

SEO Marketing Strategies of Salem RR Briyani

So let’s examine how effectively the Salem RR Briyani SEO team used SEO strategies.

salem RR biryani Traffic
DA of Salem RR biryani

Salem RR Briyani has an Authority Score of 0 with organic search traffic of 7.8k through 203.7k backlinks.

Note: Authority score will be higher only when there is quality content with proper backlinks.

But in this case, there is no blog post on Anjappar’s website, focusing only on Branding their cuisine.

Salem RR Briyani’s Domain Authority

Moz, an SEO tool, determines a website’s domain authority based on site characteristics, including backlinks, site consistency, page load time, traffic, and the average time the visitor spends on each page.

Salem RR Briyani’s website now has a Domain Authority score of 1, according to Moz. However, this score has the potential to increase.

DA rr biryani
audience distrubion RR biryani

Also, Salem RR Briyani has 7.8k traffic for inserting the right keywords of 58 on their site.

Who are the competitors for Salem RR Briyani?

The list of main organic competitors is Anjappar, Thallapakatti, kalyana veetu briyani.

Salem RR BriyaniTarget Segment

  • What Product did Salem RR Briyani Sells?

RR Briyani sells a product that has become popular among the locals. The product is a type of rice known as kaima or parboiled rice, which is said to be more nutritious than other types of rice. 

salem rr biryani website

Briyani also offers other products such as spices and curries, but the Kaima rice has become the most popular item on his menu.

  • Salem RR Briyani Price and Offer

Salem RR Briyani’s website is completely displayed with a rate chart based on the items they are proving on their menu list.

  • Salem RR Briyani Geo-Targeting Audiences

Salem RR Briyani is targeting the audience with the following packages.

The people most motivated to be covered are between the ages of 18 to 50+.

rr biryani Salem audience

Salem RR Briyani prioritizes males over females when it comes to gender. 

Influencer Marketing Campaign by Salem RR Briyani

Influencer marketing with actor Vignesh.

RR biryani influencers

Salem RR Briyani has chosen perfectly the local and well known actor for their branding. 

Mobile App Marketing Strategies of Salem RR Briyani

There is no mobile app currently available for Salem RR Briyani anyways; they have been partnered with the business partners of swiggy and zomato.

swiggy RR biryani

Salem RR Briyani gets the highest review of 4.0 by 500k customers ranking from swiggy.

Mentioned above is the list of special items available at Salem RR Briyani.

selam RR biryani zomato

They are also featured in the list of Brilliant Briyanis listicles, among other big-shot briyani sellers.

RR biryani ordering app

Campaign Strategies by Salem RR Briyani

ordering food using  sign language

In the event of a lockdown, Salem RR Biryani by Tamil Selvan provides Indian Sign Language support to its customers by making the suppliers learn the Indian sign language in-depth fully.

It is a new technique that is not commonly used in restaurants!!!

Salem RR Biryani

What we should appreciate from Salem RR Briyani is they have their own delivery service. That is , they are not dependent on zomato or swiggy to gain more attention from the biryani lovers.


Salem RR Briyani has succeeded in several digital marketing strategies, according to a recent assessment of Salem RR Briyani’s digital marketing strategies by Digital Scholar.

Look at this graph; it only shows direct searches from search engines.

salem RR biryani

Thus, they may concentrate more on content marketing like blogging with hot topics like cooking recipes, referrals, and social media marketing by concentrating more on Facebook, Twitter, and display ads.

I would appreciate your feedback if we missed anything important to be included in our forthcoming edit.
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