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Not long ago did the world of traditional marketing rely on door-to-door sales with 100s of the workforce knocking on 1000s of doors just for a single conversion. Not to mention, the amount of junk leads that a salesman has to filter out to find that one quality lead. The process was tedious and time-consuming but an effective one. But within 8-10 years the way you look at marketing has taken a gigantic turn. Everything and everyone is digital.

Digital marketing has come a long way to the point which AI, AR, and personalized marketing are the future. If you don’t catch up to the trend and exist at the same level as your competitors, you are losing business. Also, numerous other benefits come along; you get to improve your ROI and bottom line with continuous digital marketing.

Here are a few reasons why taking your business to the digital world is crucial:

  • Reach your audience in the place that they currently are in.
  • A massive amount of quality leads for your business is a possibility now.
  • Digital is measurable. Know when to show a definite set of audiences your brand’s messages.
  • You can reach your audience on a global level.
  • Reach your audience 24/7 online. Chatbots have revolutionized the business world and given you a chance to deliver personalized messages to your potential customers 24/7.
  • Marketing strategies that give you the right space to experiment and find the right platforms that can communicate the best to your audience.
  • Target and retarget your audience and make them aware of your product or service.

There are numerous opportunities in the world of digital marketing. From brand awareness to lead nurturing, everything can be achieved with the right digital strategy in place. Perform interconnected digital marketing that links your brand in mediums such as social media, search engines, video sharing platforms, networking platforms, blogging and vlogging. Even though digital marketing has not wholly swept off traditional marketing, it has proven to be effective in so many ways. In a nutshell, there is a vast pool of audiences that can know your brand better just by the touch of their mobile phones— the ball is in your court to choose the relevant tools and communicate to your audience. 

A digital marketing road map for your business:

Identify your audience:

First and foremost, it is essential to know who all your online audience. Only when you narrow down on an online audience, you would be able to pinpoint on a digital platform for your business. If your audience is professional LinkedIn users, then it is only wise to locate them and target them using LinkedIn marketing. This applies to the other platforms as well.

Perform SEO consistently:

Everyone, including your competitors, desires to be at the top of the SERPs. The average time it takes to rank the keywords would be between 5-6 months approximately. Patience is the key here. But once you start ranking on the top of the SERP, you would be able to bring the right audience to your website, in turn, driving high ROI.

A website that resonates with your brand’s vision:

Even if you are able to drive a great amount of paid or organic traffic to your website, an outstanding webpage is what converts. Some tools allow you to analyze the areas that work among your audience and gives room for improvement.

Do quality blogging:

Blogging is an inexpensive way to bring traffic to your site automatically. Start a blog for your website and promote it on other social media platforms. Blogs add value to your audience; that is what is necessary for them to visit your site and stay on it longer.

Social media is the storm:

It can help you create a highly targeted audience and engage them regularly. It is a great tool to develop a personal bond with your audience. They tend to know you better and, in turn, trust you better.

Google is the key to selling online:

Do not forget the power of Google marketing. Be it search, display, or video advertising on Youtube, it is critical for your business to start performing Google ads.

Wondering where to start?

If you are a startup with a budget that can be allocated only for your digital marketing and not for an employee, then you should spend some time, learning digital marketing and doing it for your business, yourself. There are crash courses, advanced courses and strategy-based courses that can bring the best practices to the table. You can look for a digital marketing course that offers real-time projects as a part of the curriculum. You can look for classroom training that offers real-time projects as a part of the course curriculum.

If you are a business with a set goal in place, then our suggestion would be to find the best digital marketing agency in town that syncs with your vision and hand the job over to them. There are two main advantages of joining hands with an agency, among the vast sea of others: You can save a considerable portion of the money that is going as salary to the employees that you hire. You can entrust the role to an agency as they would’ve covered various domains and would know the best practices in the industry; basically, they know what would work and what wouldn’t.


Every brand is unique and needs an approach that is solely curated for it. Merge with the trend and come up with a smart plan for your business that can ultimately aid your brand goals. Do not forget your audience. It is clear that they are present online, but where can you reach them is the tricky part.

So, if you are a small business trying to generate quality leads, a multi-national company trying to increase your ROI, a teacher who was to make money via teaching, or an NGO trying to save the world, YOU NEED TO PERFORM SOLID DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN.

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