9 Easy Steps to Remove Background in Canva

This tutorial is for anyone who wants to create transparent backgrounds without having to use any design software. Here is the easy step-by-step guide to remove background in Canva!

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Transparent backgrounds are the new black and white. They’re sophisticated yet simple, making them a perfect addition to any design trend, whether you’re trying something edgy or trendy! 

Creating one on your own requires some knowledge about editing images in Photoshop (or another photo editor). 

But don’t worry!!

Here’s an easy tutorial to remove the background in Canva so you can create cool-looking transparent backdrops without touching paintbrush-worthy software like Illustrator.

9 Easy Steps to Remove Background in Canva

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can take any image from a romantic couple in front of sacred temple ruins to one that is simply sitting by itself.

The Canva background remover makes this easy for anyone who wants their images taken off without having Photoshop or other design programs handy!

How to remove background in Canva?

Here is the easy step-by-step guide to remove the background in Canva for any image!

Step 1: Log In to your Canva Pro Account

To use the Canva background remover, you need a Canva pro account. But don’t worry!

You can get access for free here if you want to give it a try before deciding on purchasing one-time or monthly plans. There are also options of getting 30 days’ worth at once, too, so that’s an easy way around this problem just in case things go wrong with trying out new software programs.

Canva is a great tool for all your professional and personal design needs. 

I started out using the free version of Canva years ago when it first came out but quickly upgraded because there were so many more features available! 

If you need help deciding whether or not this monthly fee would be worthwhile depending on what kind of projects/designs.

But to remove the background in Canva, you need the pro version!

Login to you Canva pro account

The first step is to log into your premium account.

Step 2: Choose your Template Size

Once logged in to your Pro account, start a new document or edit an existing design.

For this tutorial, let’s use Pinterest Pin as our size is 1000 x 1500 pixels. Canva also has loads of pre-made templates, making designing so much easier than before (I’ve attached some below).

Choose template size

Step 3: Upload your Image

Click on the Uploads option in your menu and select whether to upload an image or video you want to remove background in Canva. Then, pick which file you want from your device for this task!

Upload your image

Step 4: Add the Image to your Canva Template

Now click on the image you just uploaded into Canva, and this will add the image to your design template.

Add image to canva template

Step 5: Use the Canva Background Remover Tool

There are many ways to create designs and templates, but did you know that with one click of the mouse button, you can remove background in Canva from your template? 

There’s no need for complicated tools, just head over to “Effects” at the top right corner, where an option called Background Remover (will be first). Click it once & bam! Your image has instantly been removed.

Background remover tool

Step 6: Go to Effects > Background Remover

Now that you have added an image to your blank canvas, click on the selected images tab.

If there is more than one picture in this group, select which one will be used as background by selecting it with the mouse cursor and clicking anywhere outside the photo/canvas area where text may appear. 

Go to effects to remove background

Go down below menus until reaching Effects > Background Remover tool – wait a few seconds while waiting for its work before moving on to the next step!

Step 7: Make any Adjustments if Necessary

With the background removed, you will now be able to see your image with perfect precision. 

Make adjustments if necessary

Canva does an amazing job at cropping photos perfectly and offers both erase tools for when contrast is low, or colours blend so they stand out more prominently on their terms, as well as restore brushes that help bring back any parts of a photo that have been erased by accident while painting over another area in order correct whatever mistake was made!

Final output

The final output will be like this.

What if you don’t have a Canva premium account?

You can upload your photo to removebg.com and remove the background forever.

Alternate background remover

You can use Canva to upload the image with your desired background.

Upload the image with your desired background in Canva

The image’s final output will look like this.

Final output

Step 8: How to Download your New Images

We’ll show you how to get started with a new background in just two easy steps. Select the download icon on this page and contact high-fiving if you are ready!

If downloading an image that is already formatted as JPG or PNG will work best for what you need, it’s no problem at all – we’ve got plenty available, so try them out before deciding which one suits YOUR needs. Best!.

You have,

  • JPG
  • PNG 
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • MP4 formats.

You can select as per your needs.

Download option

Step 9: How to Make Transparent Background in Canva

You can download a transparent background image by selecting PNG from the list. The most important difference in this step is that you need to make sure the “Transparent Background (PNG Only)” option is selected, so click on it and tick or untick as required for your desired results; then hit the Download button at the bottom right-hand side of the screen!

Transparent background in Canva

You have now created a transparent background image in a PNG file!

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The future is now! With Canva, you can learn to design and publish professional-looking graphics in minutes. Whether for your blog or business card you’ll be ready when people start asking questions like “Where did you get that awesome logo?” 

Canva has made sure that no matter what field someone works within, whether they’re an educator on the front lines making vital connections between policymakers through advocacy campaigns or designers creating innovative products which improve our lives every day.

However, everyone will find their personal use of these tools, whether it’s teaching art classes at kindergarteners level all way up through designing high.

Now you know how to remove background in Canva and I hope your experience with Canva has been an enjoyable one! 

You will need some high-level skills to produce quality designs. Still, it is worth investing time and effort into learning this creative platform because there are endless personalization opportunities. 

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