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Raymond Digital Marketing Strategies: A Detailed Case Study

Fashion is an industry that mirrors the changes in society quite often. When marketing to fashion consumers, it's important to have a marketing strategy that keeps up with the times and trends. If your campaigns aren't creative enough, you could miss out on a big opportunity. Many businesses neglect the technology aspects of their business. In the fashion industry, technology has changed rapidly. Marketing strategies have to be constantly updated to stay relevant. Thus In this post, we will look at some recent case studies on Raymond’s digital marketing strategies in the fashion industry.

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The fashion industry should take advantage of digital marketing, allowing businesses to reach millions of consumers for a minimal cost. In contrast, traditional marketing only gets a small percentage of its target market. 

Digital marketing is becoming a more popular alternative for brands since it allows them to contact their target audience more quickly and efficiently than traditional marketing.

The fashion industry is difficult to navigate, especially for someone new. There are endless platforms available in digital marketing for getting viewed by one’s products rather than just mannequins and displays in stores.

Today, we will understand Raymond, who became one of India’s most respected brands in apparel manufacturing. Under the leadership of Gautam Singhania, it has risen to become one of the major apparel manufacturers.

The Raymond shop logo

This post will look at how Raymond used its digital marketing strategy to boost its online visibility and maintain its status as one of the greatest fashion brands on the online platform.

History of Raymond

Raymond Group, a privately held textile and apparel company, was founded in 1925. 

Gautam Singhania, the founder of Raymond Group, was a Bengali entrepreneur who migrated to India after Partition. Singhania started selling fabrics from his father’s shop in Calcutta and four decades later expanded the business into manufacturing.

History of Raymond

In 1948, when founded the brand, India’s largest textile retailer and the largest manufacturer and exporter of worsted fabrics in the country. 

The Group’s Parx brand offers premium casual wear, while its Ready-To-Wear line provides luxury casual wear.

Rayon, a fabric and garments manufacturer and retailer, has a network of over 700 stores in over 22 countries. It has three famous brands: Park Avenue, Raymond Premium Apparel, and Parx.

Since Gautam Singhania leads it, Raymond has its manufacturing bases in 50 countries and 100 countries. It has 7.5 million sq. feet of manufacturing facilities in Gujarat and 6.5 million sq feet in West Bengal. Its products are sold in over 150 countries.

It has a reputation for high quality, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service in India. Raymond and its joint ventures are respected leaders in the clothing industry and are brands that enjoy high brand recognition.

Raymond digital marketing strategies

The company’s products range from fabric and apparel accessories to yarn and men’s apparel to home textiles.

One of its successful marketing strategies is The Ready-To-Wear segment, the largest of its businesses, accounting for 89% of total revenues in 2017.


Continue reading to learn how they employed its digital marketing strategy to boost income and establish itself as a trendsetter in the online clothes and fashion business.

Why Should Marketers Study Raymond’s Digital Marketing Strategies?

Raymond’s pricing strategy is to modify the variety of items based on the preferences and budgets of customers. It uses advertisements and product demonstrations to promote their products.

Product innovation, marketing mix, and other aspects of Raymond’s approach are all part of his plan. They offers a wide range of products, ranging from tiny to huge. 

The Raymond shop

This segment aims to understand Raymond’s digital marketing tactics, including how they use digital marketing and outbound marketing to achieve a higher return on investment.

Its marketing strategy is distinctive and different so let us try to understand how they achieved it.

1. Raymond Product Strategy

Raymond is India’s largest apparel retailer, having 490 locations throughout eight Indian states. It has a 1.5 million garment production capacity per year.
It also sells apparel and lingerie that celebrities have recommended.
Raymond sells various clothing, including pants, shirts, coats, suits, jeans, and other items.

Park Avenue Success

Park Avenue’s fragrances and shaving systems are popular among products. It manufactures body care solutions and hair care products under the Park Avenue brand. These are suave and meet current trends.

Home Furnishing

Raymond also sells curtains and upholstery in addition to luxury textiles for home décor. The curtains come in a range of designs.
Which is another great product where Raymond excelled in the marketing industry, where a fashion icon can also pick up and sell a different category of goods.

2. Raymond Pricing Strategy

Raymond started by targeting women. As time went on, they expanded their reach to men as well. They have developed their products to cater to different consumer groups, and they also maintained the quality to achieve the name of Raymond’s branding.

Under the Raymond name, the Raymond Group caters to a wide range of Indian markets and explicitly pitches its products to a large Indian market. 

The Raymond, Swiss, and Timex brands are also used for marketing the Group’s products.

Raymond and Park Avenue, the flagship of Raymonds, is the most successful branding, with customers receiving their products regularly without compromising their cost and pricing.

When we want to talk about The pricing strategy of suits is to offer different kinds of apparel at varying price ranges. Most of the clothing is priced between Rs 1000 to Rs 10000. 

Ranging from budget to high-end apparel, the company’s pricing strategy is well defined depending on the type of fabric used and the colour they fabricated.

3. Raymond Location and Distribution Strategy

Their’s presence in the apparel industry in India is immense. It is by far the largest manufacturer in the country. However, there are concerns that its market share is shrinking in the world’s biggest apparel market, China.

Raymond is a renowned brand not only in India but in 55 other countries as well. As the largest manufacturer of suiting fabrics, they commands a 60% market share and has 38 million meters of fabric capacity.

They used to be a one-stop shop for apparel, but nowadays, it predominantly focuses on suits, men’s pants and menswear.

Raymond exports its products to more countries than just the European Union. Canada, the USA, Japan and Australia are on the list.

4. Raymond Promotion & Advertising Strategy

Raymond promotes its products in an organised manner. The brand features several taglines and slogans, such as “Complete man”, “Complete family”, “Complete home”, and “Complete life“.

They offers a range of apparel and fashion accessories. Fashion is a large part of the company’s offerings, and it often comes attached with emotions, style and design. These attributes are promoted and brought in via various mediums.

They used to describe the emotional aspect besides function is also being considered. The fabric used is hypoallergenic, breathes well, and is wrinkle-free. 

The buttons on the collar are thermos buttons. The functional aspects include checking the weather, setting a temperature, and checking the time. Another parameter considered in this set of target markets is wrinkle-free, easy to wash, comfortable lining and thermos buttons.

For outbound marketing strategy, Raymond hosts a lot of different types of fashion magazines. These include women’s fashion magazines, men’s fashion magazines, and popular fashion magazines. Raymond’s fashion magazine advertising also reaches those who enjoy fashion magazines. 

For example, They advertises their men’s wear in men’s fashion magazines and women’s wear in women’s fashion magazines.

Raymond’s Marketing Best Campaigns Examples 

Raymond’s marketing campaigns are aesthetic and appeal to customers’ emotions. The advertisements on TV use symbolism to appeal to viewers.

Let’s look one by one!

 #1 Tagline-“Black is beautiful.”

All black collection campaign - Raymond

This TVC is about the colour black. The company took an unconventional approach to the colour of the black collection. Black is the colour of mourning, but black can be the colour of fashion when looking beyond this. If a stain can be weird, then black can.

This attracted many Raymond fans, and the sales pitch increased higher than the normal campaign.

#2 Tagline-” Tailor your style.”

Tailor your style campaign - Raymond

Grey India’s Tailor Your Style is a series of television commercials that tell a story about the great art of tailoring. The campaign emphasises the rigorous attention to detail, delicate stitching, timeless cuts, and flawless finish characterising a tailored suit. It gives a fresh and revitalised viewpoint to the classic craft of tailoring.

#3 Tagline- “Wedding By Raymonds”

Raymond Ltd., India’s largest textile company, has launched the “Weddings by Raymond” promotion. The 360-degree marketing campaign exemplifies the current approach to weddings for its target audience.

The campaign involves couples and their families. They are already married and have children. They are embracing a new definition of equality, a new culture, a new bond, and a beautiful new dream.

Weddings by Raymond Campaign

This campaign is told through the eyes of an outsider. The story is inspired by Indian weddings, which are often stereotyped – for example, a Punjabi wedding lasts three days while a Malayalam wedding lasts less time – but the campaign takes a different approach and tells the story of the various cultures and ideas that are celebrated during Indian weddings.

#4 Tagline -” Unlimited #Sherwanis”

Raymond, the fashion label, has ventured into the menswear segment with a new commercial that features its ‘eclectic’ range of clothing. The commercial features a man who tries to live up to the stereotypical expectations of what a man should wear on occasions.

The fashion brand is positioning itself at the forefront of a new wave of fashion. It aims to redefine the movement for a new generation. The new Ceremonial collection explores the many facets of traditional dressing and nudges the stylist to experiment more.

Unlimited #sherwanis campaign - Raymond

The series of 4 films have a distinct visual style where we have looked to highlight the product in a surreal way.

Overall Digital Marketing Strategies

We all know that digital marketing has become one of the most significant transformations in recent years; as large and small businesses alike shift their marketing strategies to increase profits by selling their products globally, you may be wondering why it is important to understand any company’s digital marketing strategies fully.

We’ll show you how Raymond utilised digital marketing methods in their company through this post.

1. Website Strategies of Raymond     

Raymond publishes marketing, branding, business development, and social media articles.

The business has been in operation for more than 65 years and is a leading supplier of men’s suits, women’s furniture and many other flagships such as park avenue, Godrej.

Raymond was an expert in website marketing who wanted to share his knowledge with other business owners.

Hard work and perseverance, according to Raymond, are the keys to getting to the top of Google search results.

Now let’s look at the real stats about how they succeeded in the website strategies.

Website strategies of Raymond

The total number of visits to the Raymonds website is 105.7k, with 102.2k unique visitors. They spend 00:28 on average per day on their site, and their bounce rate (people who visit but do not buy anything) is 17.83per cent, which is a problem that every company faces because 80 per cent of their profit comes from 20% of their loyal customers.

2. SEO Strategies of Raymond

If you Google the phrase “Raymond SEO strategy”, you will find hundreds of articles talking about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and LSI, and articles claiming to have answers about how SEO works. 

Unfortunately, most of these articles give contradictory answers, leaving you confused and frustrated.

As a result, we will provide the truth about how they created a successful SEO strategy.

Raymond's SEO strategies
Organic search positions - Raymond

The domain score of the Raymonds website is 44, with organic search traffic reaching 222.5k visits and paid search traffic bringing 15k new visitors to the website. In addition, their backlink techniques allow them to achieve visibility of 20.4k. The statistics listed below are from all across the world.

SEO metrics of Raymond

The website receives 222.5k visitors in India and has a keyword density of 2.7k.

Most of the best backlinks sites where they have submitted links by Raymonds are shown in this image.

Backlinks of Raymond

The stats show Raymond’s top paid keywords, which drive more visitors to their website.

Raymond's keyword by intent

They use 47.1% of informational keywords, resulting in 16.4k visitors to their website. However, the 112 navigational keywords bring them far more traffic, with 146.2k total visitors in the current month.

3. Facebook strategy

Although Facebook isn’t the only social media platform available, it is the most popular. Its sheer popularity makes it one of the most effective ways to promote your company.

Since then, Facebook has evolved to become one of the world’s largest social networks. Its massive popularity makes it one of the most important marketing platforms, with billions of users. 

Facebook’s strategy is essential for fashion brands like Raymonds to stay relevant and profitable.

Let’s see what Raymond’s Facebook strategy is and how much traffic and followers they get regularly.

The images below were recently made by Raymond and are used to drive more traffic to the site via Facebook ads, which works well.

They has 135k Facebook fans, 16.7k Twitter followers, and 217k Instagram followers.

Facebook strategy - Raymond

This is an example of the May monthly report on the number of likes and followers Raymond received and how many visitors newly engaged with them on Facebook.

Facebook metrics of Raymond

The monthly report of ups and downs in Raymond’s uploads, likes, and followers earnings is portrayed in this graph.

4. Instagram strategy

Many tiny fashion brands worldwide are now widely publishing on Instagram with no restrictions.

Instagram is a platform where brands can use post reels and stories to market their products, attract traffic back to their websites, and eventually drive sales.

Whether in the form of images or illustrations, visual content has always been important to the fashion business. However, the fashion sector is increasingly using video as a marketing tool, allowing companies to connect with offline and online clients.

Many brands have recognised the significance of Instagram and are starting to incorporate it into their overall strategy, and one of them is currently succeeding in the fashion industry.

Let’s look at how Raymond used its social media marketing team to give Instagram marketing its best effort.

Instagram strategy of Raymond

The engagement rate is constantly affected by the frequency of posting and the level of involvement through likes and comments; as a result, Raymond’s Instagram account has a 10.73% higher engagement rate this month.

Hashtags of Raymond

This is a collection of Raymond’s most popular hashtags for gaining followers and increasing brand awareness.

Raymond's hashtag list

I hope this hashtag information has given you a better understanding of hashtag usage and how often you should publish and engage with your customers.

Most viewed and liked  Instagram post/story/reels,

5. Google ads strategy

It’s widely known that the Google AdWords strategy is effective for any type of business, including clothing brands because it helps to improve traffic, develop brand visibility, increase engagement, and drive sales.

It’s like become miracle when clothes businesses employ Google advertisements to promote their clothing line.

Let’s look at how this works with Google advertisements to boost brand awareness and website traffic.

These are some of the best examples of ad text that Raymond has used to increase the visibility of their website and for commercial purposes.

If you are currently working in an online fashion or clothing business, take a close look.

Key Marketing Strategies Takeaway

  • By targeting young men with similar interests, Raymond was able to gain more customers using Facebook Ads. They used these ads to show users deals near the targeted users at specific locations.
  • The Facebook Lead Ads campaign targeted men aged 21 and 34 living nearby four stores in Rajasthan and Gurugram.
  • Raymond targets ads based on the type of clothing the viewer is interested in or has recently purchased. They also targets ads based on gender.
  • Raymond Tailors targets those in Asia, specifically Malaysia and Indonesia, who are looking to have their suits tailored to fit them perfectly. This is thanks to their mobile app and SMS, which allows users to take their measurements without visiting the tailors in person.
  • They has increased its sales by 78% and in-store traffic by 58% since implementing Lead Ads. This can be attributed to the company’s improved marketing efforts that have targeted the right people.

Raymonds Competitors

Raymond competitors

They should increase its investment in paid ad search to beat the following competitors.

The main organic competitor of Raymond is


Success Formulae of Raymond 

Raymonds takes great pride in manufacturing most garments, shoes, and accessories. 

The Success Formulae of Raymond are

  1. Thousands of clients have been pleased with the quality of the garments produced. 
  2. Raymond’s talented and hardworking staff strives to design the perfect outfit.
  3. The most effective social media marketing.
  4. A fantastic digital marketing strategy.
  5. There are shops all around the nation.
  6. Improved inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

Bottom Line 

Digital marketing is one of the most important tools for selling your product or service globally. Regardless of the sort of business, it has become the most preferred method for marketers to communicate with clients.

The following are some reasons why your business should invest in digital marketing.

  • It’s the most adaptable and cost-effective method to communicate with clients.
  •  Customers can be reached from any location in the world.
  • The fashion industry is very competitive therefore having a global presence is essential.

Various fashion digital marketing case studies in India help some businesses establish themselves in the industry.

That’s why Digital Scholar is on a mission to uncover the most brand case studies to provide in-depth knowledge of how various industries, brands, and businesses employ digital marketing strategies.

I hope you enjoyed our case study on Raymond’s digital marketing strategies.

Keeping up with the latest innovations and changes in this ever-shifting and changing digital marketing industry is necessary. If you want to improve your knowledge of digital marketing for your fashion brand, register in Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing Course and get a better ROI on your online business.

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