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With no time in their hands, it is getting difficult these days for people to read. While radio stations are always popular, what people don’t like about it is the advertisements. In the blogging world, people love to read and write. But ever since the introduction of audio blogging, people have started loving it more. Audio blogging is what we call today’s Podcasts. It was not until 2004 that Podcasts have started becoming popular. Nowadays, everyone’s interested in Podcasts.

While some people want to record more, others want to hear more! So how do you reach your listeners and make sure they find your Podcasts at the SERP? This blog will speak about all that you need to know to rank your podcast on SERP. These 16 tried and tested tips to rank your podcast on SERP are a great insight into how you can do yours.

Podcast SEO: Here Are Top Ways To Make Your Podcast Rank

Add the right  Keywords

There’s no doubt in how your content gets ranked on the internet. It is all about the keywords you use. Using the right keywords can help you beat your competitors. There are various tools you can use to find the best relevant keywords for your podcast. However, as a simple and quick tip, always use the words ‘Top Podcasts’ in your title. You should also make sure this phrase is in the description too. Include the right keywords in your title and description and in your podcast to rank it better.

Use Google Search Console

Factually speaking, not everyone is an SEO expert. In that case, how would you know how is your website performing? The same goes for podcasts. The best way to see how your podcast is performing is by using Google Search Console. Use this tool to monitor and maintain your podcast and its performance.

Use Social Media to drive traffic

Social media is a great platform to spread the word about your podcast. The best way to do this is to add your podcast to your Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Tumblr, Vimeo, Stitcher, and Reddit. One pro tip is to create social posts based on each podcast episode by giving your listeners a sneak-peek. This is one of the best podcast marketing strategies.

Use visuals to enrich your content

An eye-catchy yet straightforward visual or cover art for your podcast can be a great way to improve visibility and traffic. Catchy cover art is sure to make people curious about the content of the podcast. This can make people click the podcast and listen to it.

Create a podcast RSS feed

By creating a podcast, RSS feed, you send your podcast to all podcast platforms that will upload your podcast on various channels. This gives better visibility, thus making users choose yours from thousands of podcasts out there.

Keep episodes short

The best way to keep your podcast interesting is by keeping it short. Long podcasts might not suit all sorts of content and might not appeal to many. On the other hand, short ones are sure to create interest and instill curiosity in your listeners. Keep the episodes short. This will make your listeners come back for more.

Keep episode frequency short

The best way to rank your podcast on SERP is to keep your frequency of posting them short. If you upload one podcast today and post another after a couple of months, people might lose connection with your listeners. Hoping that it will create more curiosity is not the right angle to see when it comes to podcasts.

In all your podcasts, make sure to add a website link if you have any. This is a great way to increase traffic both for your website and also your podcast. Having a website makes it easier for your listeners to find all your podcasts on one page. The chances of you getting more followers are more here because they might listen to many other podcasts that are uploaded on your website. A website will help you promote your podcast on other platforms too.

Optimize your podcast descriptions

A thought-provoking podcast description is a great idea to make people listen to your podcast. Use the right keywords in the right amount. Write a short brief on what the podcast is about. Keep it simple yet exciting.

Utilize tags and categories

There are millions of podcasts out there. In such a busy world, how can you make people listen to yours? The best way to be visible to podcast listeners is by adding your podcasts under relevant categories. Categories can be anything from music, art, dance, reading to much more. Put your podcast under the correct category, and make sure you use the proper tags to fit it in to rank well on the SERP.

Many podcasts need copyright law to use someone else’s information or quote some info somewhere. Make sure you get them right before you release your podcast. A podcast with no restrictions is a good one to rank.

Keep your content original

It is good to get inspired by someone’s work but always make sure yours is original. Also, listeners will only rate for original content as it shows a person’s creativity and talent. This will, in turn, help in better ranking on SERP.

Submit your podcast to Google Play Music

While submitting your podcast to various directories is one, submitting your podcasts to Google Podcasts is altogether another great option. The Google algorithm helps rank your podcast on the SERP.

Utilize your podcast episodes to create an email marketing campaign

This is a great option, especially if you are looking to expand your subscriber base. By sending emailers through an email marketing campaign, you remind your listeners about the unique podcast content you have created. If your content is good, they might even end up sharing it with others. This is one of the best podcast promotion strategies that you can follow.

Optimize your show notes

Sometimes, people might miss out on essential information on the podcast. People will like it when you jot down such data and optimize them in notes. This will also improve your ratings.

Stay Passionate

Last but not least, stay passionate and driven to create unique content. Passion alone can drive you to be creative and come up with the best podcasts. 

These are some amazing tips that you can follow to rank your podcast on SERP. Remember, only constant efforts can make your podcast rank, as there are millions of podcasts out there!

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