Major pros and cons of digital marketing career

10 Major Pros and Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing

10 Major pros and cons of a career in Digital Marketing contain most of the things you will ever need to know about Digital Marketing. In this article, we have managed to include details of Digital Marketing, what subject areas come under Digital Marketing and the pros and cons you have to encounter if you are selecting Internet Marketing as a career.

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One of the most awaited and requested blogs, 10 pros and cons of a career in Digital Marketing contains most of the things you will ever need to know about Digital Marketing. In this article, we have managed to include details of Digital Marketing, what subject areas come under Digital Marketing and the pros and cons you have to encounter if you are selecting Internet Marketing as a career.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a series of systematic steps taken for promoting a business through digital means websites, SEO, automation, Social Media marketing, social media ads, etc. In general, we can say digital marketing is the practice of identifying the needs and satisfying the demands of the customer online.

In recent times, the importance of digital marketing in context to any business is mounting and most entrepreneurs are looking into online marketing as an indispensable force to promote their business. 

By the means of digital marketing, a business looks towards attracting more customers, by showing them ads, creating a brand image through social media promotion, or showing them offers or free kinds of stuff.

The world of internet marketing is growing at a fast forward pace and is everchanging and challenging which increases the need to study the pros and cons of a career in digital marketing.

What are the Basics of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing means a digital mode of business promotion and the most important thing to have for internet marketing is the presence of a website and social media handle. Though people may argue that online marketing is possible even without a website or a social media page, and I will not deny it as well but in such circumstances, it can’t be utilized to the utmost level.

Unlike traditional marketing where we need a physical source to run our business and are limited by geographical boundaries and had to wait for the customers to come to us, digital marketing is an ever-changing, dynamic process that gives us varieties of resources to reach our customers and increase our sales.

Also, the reason behind the mammoth success of digital marketing is the fact that people enjoy spending time browsing in internet or checking out social media sites, which allows the promoters, to cash on the interest of the people which makes the scope of digital marketing shine more in the future.

All the pros and cons of a career in digital marketing will enlighten us more about all the basics of digital marketing as you continue to read further in the article below, so let’s check out some cracking fields to work on as a digital marketer.

Top Fields Under Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a broad term and as vast as an ocean with diverse things to try for business promotion and most of them can be operated simultaneously. Different aspects of digital marketing can be used depending on the need of the business and the budget assigned and both should be carefully determined after a proper analysis.

Fields and careers under digital marketing.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO is a very important tool for any business to rank on the google search pages, as SEO instructs the search engine bots about the availability of the website and the related contents.

SEO can be a costly affair, to begin with, and also take some time to show the result, but it is as good as decorating your house internally and externally. There are three different parameters of doing SEO namely – Technical SEO, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO, and all these three aspects have their importance for the website to grow.

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Social media is the power of the modern generation and no person can deny the truth that it has way surpassed the traditional system of media management. SMM covers many features of business promotion like creating a brand name, keeping the audience engaged, generating leads, disbursal of promotional offers, and more.

There are a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc and if you want to grow your career as an SMM expert you should have detailed knowledge of all these platforms.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a form of digital marketing which help you to develop a passive source of income as long as the product’s affiliate link is valid and the product is available for sale on the concerned platforms.

There are varieties of ways to promote our affiliate link we can create YouTube videos, write blogs, or even we can go for paid promotion to various advertising channels, which creates a source of income for us.

Affiliate marketing is completely based on a pay-per-sale basis, which means the greater number of purchases through your affiliate link, the better will be the earnings for you.

4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 

PPC is a part of digital marketing concerned with Google AdWords, where you create ads for the client who can decide to pay only if a viewer clicks on the given link. If you want to be a successful PPC expert you have to be a master of creating amazing copies as well because copies compel the viewers to click on the link provided.

You also need to be tactful on how you can reduce the cost per click for your clients, because the cheaper you can make it for the clients, the better they will pay you for your services.

5. Email Marketing 

Maybe it sounds old to be an e-mail marketing expert, but its importance has never deteriorated. E-mail marketing is an important tool to retarget the audience and supplying of free kinds of stuff like eBooks to selected customers.

There are several e-mail marketing tools like Active Champaign, which allows you to send e-mails in bulk and also analyze the click-through rate and open rate.

6. Content Marketing 

Another great perspective for a digital marketer is to become a content creator, dealing with a variety of content like images, text, videos, or gifs. Many people are willing to hire the services of content creators for their daily needs of images, videos, or text, which can be of industry standards and are ready to pay handsomely for the same.

There is no limit to how much you can earn as a content creator, as you will be paid based on the supremacy of your artwork, and as you grow in experience, the income will grow exponentially.

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Now, as we are enlightened by the different concepts of internet marketing and understood every detail related to it, it is the perfect time to discuss the pros and cons of a career in digital marketing, as it is the most important thing to know before you decide to become a digital marketer.

So, first, we are going to discuss the pros of digital marketing, which will help you to develop an awesome career and help us to fulfill your dreams.

The Major 10 Pros of A Career in Digital Marketing

1. Decent Income Level

The best thing with digital marketing is that you need not be dependent on a regular source of salaried income as there are varieties of sources from which you can generate income through your digital marketing skills.

Along with working for a company, you can also try your luck as a freelancer, manage your website for rendering services, or even you can start your digital marketing agency. The level of income depends on your hard work and quality of work which will increase with experience.

There are shreds of evidence that people are earning more than 30-40 lakhs per annum, and few freelancers are even crossing this bar. As an agency owner, you can cherish being an entrepreneur with no limit to the amount of money you can earn.

Your career and your earnings as a digital marketer will completely depend upon the amount of expertise you will gain and how you can maneuver your resources.

2. Chance to Connect With People Throughout The World

The beauty of the nature of a job in digital marketing is that you get a chance to hang around with people of all diversities from different corners of the world. You will get to know the ideas from different corners and also the marketing strategies of different people.

You may also get a chance to forge a partnership with different types of people throughout the world, which can be a great learning and developing opportunity for you. Also, you can come across new software and technologies which are diversely used in different parts of the world.

As a digital marketer, it’s a very important part of your work to know the diversity around the world because you can’t restrict yourself to any geographical boundaries.

3. Companies Depend on You For Scaling Up

Who knows if you will get the chance to be a successful entrepreneur in the future of not, but one thing can be assured with digital marketing, the so-called big firms and entrepreneurs will be dependent on your ideas and will be counting on you to come up with some crazy ideas, to scale up their business?

The most interesting lob role of the digital marketing career is to act as a social media manager, who has the sole responsibility to decide how the company will carry on the promotion campaign and which platform will suit the most for its promotion.

Digital marketers have a great standing inside companies right now since everyone knows how important the importance of internet marketing and no company can afford to make it a second choice. Working as a digital marketer, you get a great chance to learn insight into the working of different firms, and if in the future you plan to start your own business, all this knowledge acquired can be lethal.

So far, we have completed the top 3 pros of digital marketing, which I hope must seem to be interesting, but it’s just the beginning and we have a lot more covered in the list of 10 pros and cons of a career in Digital Marketing, so you can’t afford to stop reading, just keep going.

4. Every day You Get A New Challenge

The world of technology is evolving like a parasite that doesn’t seem to have an ending, and to make a great career in digital marketing, you need to evolve yourself with every single advancement in the digital world. Though it’s challenging to keep updated, at the same time, it comes with a fun factor as getting a chance to learn a lot of new things.

Digital marketers accept challenges every day in their career

A career in digital marketing can never get boring because there is so much to learn and even more to implement. It’s a kind of never say enough kind of profession because every day, a new platform or software is developed which can increase your productivity.

Digital marketing is a way to provide users with the best experience and to offer them targeted products so that every penny spent by the company can be utilized in the best possible way, which may seem to be easy to talk but in reality, this is much harder than most people think since you can make so many errors to analyze the customers and lead a non-result-oriented campaign.

5. Digital Marketing has Diverse Fields

If you want to be a professional digital marketer, there are varieties of things that you can try depending on your field of interest, and in digital marketing, there is something for everyone.

Don’t think I am overpraising online marketing, as I can prove this with the help of a simple example. Most of the young kids you can see might not be very good when it comes to studies, but when it comes to social media, they know everything about Facebook or Instagram.

This shows their interest in a digital platform, proving that people with poor educational skills too can make a great career in Digital Marketing.

As a digital marketer, you can try a variety of fields like working as a Graphic Designer, Content Creator, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads manager, Landing page expert, and more.

6. No Boundaries On a Place to Work From

As a digital marketer, the most important thing to you is your laptop and mobile, and it hardly matters where you are sitting and working. Though few companies are forcing employees to work from the office, in most cases, you get a chance to work from the comfort of your home environment.

Working from home has its advantages as there is no pressure of time, you can get up and go to bed of your choice and even plan at what time of the day you are most comfortable working. You are also in a position to fulfil all the emergencies of home and give ample time to your family and friends.

If you move to some other place in search of a job, you have to encounter a lot of challenges, like living in a rented house or PG, struggling with the food available, shifting now and then, and more, but working from home can keep you safeguarded from all such problems.

7. Your Future is Safe

One of the best pros of a digital marketing career is a safe and sound future because even during the tough Covid times, the digital marketing career was rock solid, and it was growing at an accelerated pace.

What so far is achieved under the umbrella of digital marketing is just the beginning, and a lot has to be seen in the coming future. More and more new companies and entrepreneurs are joining the digital media and getting parted with the traditional method of promotion.

As more and more people are acquiring knowledge about the importance of digital marketing, they are more likely to hire experts for their business, which is only likely to increase shortly.

8. You Can Work for Many Different Companies or as A Freelancer

Another great advantage of digital marketing is that it allows you to work for more than one company as, in most cases, digital marketers are working from home, and if you are dedicated and hardworking, you can try this as well to increase your income level.

Even you can choose to work as a free bird, working on your conditions as a freelancer. There are many third-party service provider apps like Fiver, Upwork, etc, where you can register and get opportunities to work without any restrictions and be paid handsomely too.

9. Digital Marketers can Start Their Own Business

As a digital marketer, once you have acquired ample knowledge, you can think of starting your digital marketing institution, working for your clients, and paying no one as a commission.

As a digital marketing agency, you will get a chance to work with a few best companies which will give you a lot of opportunities to learn many new things. Even it’s easy to acquire some foreign clients who can provide you with insights into international trends and requirements.

Once you acquire a reputation as a digital marketing agency, you can charge your clients in the name of a brand and earn handsome income as well.

10. You can Learn Many Skills by Yourself

In most cases learning digital marketing skills are like a test-and-try method whenever a new application related to digital marketing is launched. All the applications launched can be useful or not and can be verified only after testing them, which you can do on your own.

In today’s world, if anyone says he doesn’t know how to operate Facebook or YouTube, it might be a matter of joke, and no one trained them, and it goes the same for most of the applications of digital marketing, making it a self-learning platform.  

All these are the pros of digital marketing in the list of 10 pros and cons of a career in digital marketing, which might have mesmerized and motivated you to choose digital marketing as a career, but there is always a second side of the coin which we must check out.

Now is the time to discuss the cons from the list of 10 pros and cons of a career in digital marketing, which are equally important to know before you make a decision.

The Major 10 Cons of a Career in Digital Marketing

1. Long Exposure to Computer

Sitting in front of the computer or laptop throughout the day can be stressful in most cases, as you have to sit continuously in one place and are unable to enjoy the fresh air outdoors.

Sitting and working in front of the computer can invite kinds of health hazards as well, which sometimes go beyond curable levels. Also, you may develop some irritating behaviour among yourself, don’t want to listen to others, and get angry about small things.

2. It’s a Time-Taking Process

The click-through rate of e-mail marketing is only between 3-4 percent and the same goes for Facebook ads as well. You have to wait for a long for let things start to happen. The result in digital marketing can’t be achieved in one or two days or weeks, but it demands a long period of dedication.

Even if someone is engaged in SEO related job, it’s a tedious task to get the result, which sometimes may take more than 6 months. But this doesn’t mean the result is not scheduled to come, as it will certainly show the results once you waited enough and you have targeted the appropriate audience.

3. Difficult to Determine Your ROI.

As we are working for clients in digital marketing, the most important factor for success is the ROI, which means how much is returned to be expected from the investment made.

Though you can check the ROI when you are running a campaign on Facebook Ads Manager or Google AdWords, it can’t be claimed as 100% accurate, and for many other tools, it’s not possible to calculate the ROI to the precision level.

Most companies while given the task of digital marketing, are only concerned about the ROI, but in most cases, it’s a false assumption only.

So, these are the top 3 cons in the list of 10 pros and cons of a career in digital marketing, which might have alarmed you after reading the pros, and if you are willing to learn more, we have more coming for you, which is continued in the further discussion, so stay connected.

4. Creates Some Negative Public Opinion

Most of the digital marketing practices are done from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, which most people use for enjoyment, but as digital marketers, we are interfering with their enjoyment.

That is why many people regard digital marketers as spammers or trollers who are just interfering in their personal life. As apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Google collect the user’s data and store every small detail related to them, many people don’t like this and consider it a breach of their privacy.

In some cases, especially when we are targeting local demographics, it can backfire on the brands and whitewash their reputation in place of building it.

5. Digital Marketing Campaigns are Very Easy to Copy

The most irritating part of digital marketing is your precious idea being stolen by someone else, which is very common in the world of digital marketing.

You might have observed one company coping with the ad of another, or making a comedy out of it. This goes the same in the world of digital marketing as well where people are mostly concerned about stealing your idea and making money for themselves.

6. Don’t have Full Control

As digital marketers, we have to plan on different ideas and promotional strategies, and also whenever we do an ad campaign, we try to optimize it to the best of our knowledge, but everything doesn’t go as per plan. A few of our campaign achieve high ROI, whereas a few fails to gel with the audience.

This is the nature of a digital marketing career, and we can’t predict success but dedicatedly work to achieve it. We can only plan on a marketing campaign, but its success depends on how well it carried the message to the people.

7. Choosing The Wrong Niche Can be Problematic

Niche is someone’s specialty and as a digital marketer, you need to select your Niche very wisely and cautiously. As discussed above there are so many trends to choose from under the banner of digital marketing, but choosing a Niche that you are not enjoying working on, will only lead to total disaster.

There is no point in choosing a career as an SEO expert if you are unlikely to be a content writer or choosing a career as a graphic designer when you don’t have any ideas about colours, it can put your career in a doubtful situation.

Whenever you are choosing your Niche, it should be something that you are passionate about and because your friends are doing it. You must remember whichever Niche you are selecting; you have to marry it for your life-long, and probably you won’t get a chance to revert.

Choosing an appropriate Niche is an important part of the 10 pros and cons of a career in digital marketing because if selected wisely, it will act like a Pros, and otherwise, it will be a Cons for you.

8. Never Stop Study

As we all know that the world of digital marketing is changing rapidly and as professional digital marketers we can never afford to stop studying. Every day new applications and software are being launched, if we don’t keep updated, we will lag behind our competitors and lose our hold in our field.

As with the above point, this is also an important part of the 10 pros and cons of a career in digital marketing, because, on one hand, we get the chance to keep learning and educating ourselves, but on the other hand, sometimes it becomes too difficult to stay updated.

9. Being a Digital Marketer Can be Stressful

As a digital marketer, you have to innovate regularly as the companies are always expecting exceptional results from you and most of the time thinking out of the box and coming up with some great ideas is quite difficult.

Because of this continuous pressure, you may find yourself stressed and, in the course, you may disturb your health as well, being one of the greatest demerits of digital marketing.

10. Presence of Many Fake Digital Marketers

Many so-called digital marketers claim themselves as experts but in reality, they know very little. Such people are dangerous for your career as a digital marketer as they flooded the market with job seekers on one hand and damage the rates as well.

Since digital marketing is quite popular nowadays, people feel like it’s a piece of cake to become a digital marketer, and just by watching a few how-to videos on YouTube, they know everything about digital marketing, which is far from reality.


I hope the above-discussed pros and cons of a career in digital marketing are helpful to you to understand digital marketing and now you are in a position to go decide whether to go for it or not to go. Ever is your decision, it’s always a welcome one, and if you are affirmative and willing to learn digital marketing, I want to remind you to go for the 4-month advance digital marketing course offered by Digital Scholar, which is owned by the world’s number one digital marketing influencer Sorav Jain, whose achievement as be easily verified, just browse his name.

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