Best places to buy and sell websites

20 Best Places to Buy and Sell Websites

Looking to buy or sell a website? Here is the list of the 20 best places to buy or sell a website. We've compiled a list of the top website marketplace platforms, so you can find the perfect buyer or seller for your needs. Whether you're looking for a quick transaction or want to get the best possible price for your website, you'll find what you're looking for here.

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Having a website can prove to be lethal in fulfilling our dreams and agenda and after the advancement of the internet revolution with 4G making its roots deeper and 5G is all set to go, the importance of having a website is multiplicatively growing, luring us to write a blog on Best Places to Buy and Sell Websites.

In this particular blog, we will share some insights related to websites and the importance of having a website and also, and we will discuss some important points to keep in mind before purchasing a website.

What is a Website?

A collection of web pages sharing a single domain, which can be publicly accessible from any corner of the world is called a website. Anybody is free to create a website to cater to his own needs or some collective needs, maintain it regularly, to provide services like e-commerce, service selling, portfolio management, social networking, etc.

The web pages within a website are specific pages having information regarding specific areas like the home page and about page, and a collection of such pages creates a website, which is uploaded on a domain, and with the help of a hosting plan, it is made available publicly.

Benefits of Having a Website

In the era of technology where everyone is getting digitalized, the power of having your website can provide uncountable benefits to the holder of the website which is pointed out below.

1. Online Presence 24/7

With a physical shop, you are bounded by the legacy of time, but with websites, there is no such time bounding. A website is fully functional outside working hours, and even when you are sleeping, your website is working for you and making money for you.

Though a website is available 24 x 7, there is no additional pressure of adding more employees or paying the existing ones with overtime, and as an entrepreneur, you are never out of the reach of your clients.

2. It Cuts Costs

Having a website always comes with cost benefits when compared with the traditional system of business, which needs a physical appearance and dedicated employees to function normally.

With a website, you just need to pay for the domain and hosting charges and if you are versed with content management software like WordPress, there is no need to pay anyone else for creating the website or for maintaining it on regular basis.

Even though you are not technically advanced and need to hire a coder for your website, the overall cost which will pay for creating and maintaining the website is much lower and more affordable than the cost incurred in traditional business.

3. Opportunities to Grow

The basic property of a website is to provide growth opportunities as it can be accessed from any corner of the world, giving you infinite possibilities to play with. Also, you can add more web pages to the website containing new products or services or announcing new partnership ventures, and upload videos and images of the products to gain more trust among the users.

Also, you can integrate different analytical tools to the website like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics and keep a record of the viewers and analyze how to improve the performance.

4. Information Exchange

Websites are the simplest and most affordable tools to exchange information related to your company like the upcoming plans, products, and services, or lure customers with special offers.

You can upload a greater number of images and videos so that the customer feels more informed and gains trust in you, and to add to this trust you can use reviews of the old customers to convert the possible customers into confirmed clients.

5. Earn Credibility

Nowadays everybody believes in the fact that a reputed company must have its website for the customers to follow. It doesn’t matter how big or reputed a company is, if it doesn’t have a website people lose trust in them.

A website is serving a digital address for any business and has importance equivalent to a physical address, and in the present scenario, it won’t be wrong to call the digital address a winner among the two.

A website possesses all necessary links connected with a business like its social media handles, phone number, physical address, e-mail address, and much more, and more data inculcate more trust among the users.

6. Advertising

If you are a traditional business owner, it’s very difficult to advertise your business locally owing to the presence of limited tools like display hoarding or circulating flyers, and in some cases going for newspaper ads or television ads which are too costly for a small entrepreneur.

With websites, you can choose how to promote your business with advanced resources like Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and many more. You can also optimize the promotion campaign by selecting the group of people with whom you want the ads to be displayed or selecting the amount to be spent on every campaign.

7. Market Expansion

With your website, the sky is the only limit you can’t achieve as it gives you the ability to explore the entire world’s market and show your authority as an entrepreneur to everybody, what you can achieve.

Unlike traditional businesses where you are limited by the physical boundaries of towns and cities, there are no restrictions imposed on your website and people from all corners of the world can utilize your services if you are willing to do so.

As your site is accessible to anyone all over the world, the ability to break through topographical barriers has never been easier. With digitalization, anyone, from any country or any corner of the world, will be able to find your company and as such, is now a potential customer.

8. Staying Alive in Competition

In the present world where everyone is lured to get digital, and you are reluctant to do so, you are letting an opportunity go by and asking your opponents to surpass you with ease.

As all entrepreneurs are interested in owning a website, you must think on par with them and give your business a real chance of survival.

9. User Insights

There are many tools that give you insights into all the users who have visited your website, google analytics, or Facebook Pixel, and you can diversely use these analytic reports to enhance the performance of your business.

With the help of these tools, you can understand the nature of your customers and keep a record of the changes happening in the market and come up with plans to improve the performance of your business.

10. Use Chat Bots and FAQs

The chatbot feature is an amazing feature available at zero extra cost which can be embedded into the website to improve the user experience of your website. If you are in the middle of the night enjoying your sleep and a website visitor makes some inquiry, the chatbot chat helps you in cracking your deal leaving you undisturbed.

Along with the chatbot, the FAQs section is also handy to have, where you can list the most frequently asked questions, and the viewers can refer to that section whenever they have a doubt related to any product or service.

The above point can explain the utility of discussing the 20 best places to buy and sell websites, the next section will alarm you about the precaution you must take before buying any website, which is equally important to take note of.

Things to be Considered Before Buying a Website

Things to be considered before buying a website

1. Keyword Ranking

Before you buy any website, firmly check the keywords on which the website site ranking among the Google search bot crawlers, because many times due to a wrong keyword promotion a website can rank but it’s not permanent and soon it starts to drop down in ranking.

Before purchasing a website, we should thoroughly analyze the keywords it is ranking and whether they are related to the Niche of your business or not. There are tools like SEMRUSH (paid tool) that can help you to analyze the performance of the website and if you are not in a situation to pay there are many online tools available free of cost to do the job for you with less efficiency.

2. Domain Authority

If you want to earn a lot through your website then a strong domain authority is the key to your success as they help you to get sponsored reviews and high-paying advertisements for your website.

High domain authority is the sign that the website is well optimized and is having high-quality kinds of stuff inside, also lures more digital marketers to come in and collaborate with your website and write guest posts for your products in return for backlinks.

If you want to check the domain authority of any websites then there are online tools available that you can get through google search, and most of them are available free of cost so don’t worry about the cost either.  

3. Facebook, and Twitter

You need to check the popularity of a website on the significant performing social media links like Twitter or Facebook because if a website is missing on these platforms, it’s missing something big and soon other competitors will outperform it.

All these social media sites are strong platforms for the promotion of any website in the digital world without paying any actual cost for maintaining their existence but need to pay only if willing to run advertisements.

4. Demographics

Demographics means the type of audience that a website is targeting to reach, like male or female or a particular age group or area. Demographics is an important area to check because sometimes a website may seem to be highly popular but it may lack the type of audience you need for your business.

For instance, if you are looking to buy an e-commerce website, it must have the most audience who are young and have the authority to spend, and if you are running a news website you want your audience to be educated.

5. Website Design

The website’s design matters the most because it will attract the audience at first, like it is said, the first impression is the last. If there are more options for the viewers, they will check out the one at first which will have a better attraction to their eyes, and later they will check out the content.

It is crucial when the UX of the website is designed, it blends well with the theme of the content if you are creating a website to sell fashion products the colors and images must be flashy and catchy on the other side if you are creating a news reading website the background must be light in color.  

6. Google Panda and Penguin Penalty

Another important thing to check before buying a website is to check if it was penalized by tools like Google Panda or Google Penguin for using illegal methods of SEO because once penalized it is very difficult to restore them and rank them on the search page.

Again, to check whether a website is penalized or not, you can use tools like SEMRUSH, which as told before is a paid tool but does the work nicely.

Now we are in a position to continue the discussion and head to the premium concern of the discussion, the best places to buy and sell websites because I am very sure that your hunger to know more has increased by now, and I must not delay it.

Here is The List of 20 Best Places to Buy and Sell Websites

1. BizBroker24

BizBroker24- best places to buy and sell websites

Mostly high valued websites are auctioned in BizBroker24 as they mostly choose the website with a valuation between $150,000 to $20 million, and they are mostly focused on selling e-commerce websites which can be guessed easily by looking at their website home page. 

2. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers- best places to buy and sell websites

Another big platform for buying and selling websites at number two in the list of 20 best places to buy and sell websites is Empire Flickers which mostly sells websites with valuations between $5,000 to $62,000 and has strict terms and conditions for your website to qualify.

To qualify for the Empire Flickers, your website must have a minimum revenue of $1,000 monthly profit over 12 months and if you qualify this then you can start the listing process.

3. FE International

 FE International- Best places to buy and sell websites

FE International is providing a great opportunity to all who are looking to buy or sell their business running through the website and also allows offers to merge with existing eCommerce, SaaS, or other forms of online businesses. They also help you to start your business and help you to complete all sorts of transactions necessary for you like strategic negotiations, value analysis, post-sale analysis, and more.

4. BuySellEmpire

Buysellempire- Best places to buy and sell websites

With a 93% closing rate the fourth option in the list of 20 best places to buy and sell websites, BuySellEmpire can be the perfect match for what you are searching, as this website has more than 10k buyers and sellers. BuySellEmpire allows you to transact in all sorts of online businesses like eCommerce, SaaS tools, and more and charges a commission between 4% to 10% for their services.

5. Digital Acquisitions

Digital Acquisitions- Best places to buy and sell websites

Digital Acquisitions is active since 2010, working as a channel between buyers and sellers, supplying premium websites to the buyers on one hand and guaranteeing a high return to the sellers.

6. Exchange

Exchange- Best places to buy and sell websites

Backed by the famous Shopify Marketplace, Exchange is a perfect place to buy and sell eCommerce businesses, providing an opportunity for the sellers to choose between public or private listings for their website and also allows you to set your price if you are unsatisfied with the valuation made by Exchange.

But it only allows businesses running under Shopify to be bought or sold, and when you click on the “Sell your Business”, it collects revenue and traffic-related data directly from the Shopify Account.

7. Business Exits

Business Exists- Best places to buy and sell websites

Business Exits prioritizes its customers and try its best efforts to sell websites at the highest possible value, by selling the websites through the bidding method. Only websites with valuations of more than $2 million are listed in the auction of Business Exits and only the highest bidder can acquire the business.

8. Latona’s

Latona's- Best places to buy and sell websites

Initially, Latona’s was a mere domain name seller but soon they transformed their business to sell eCommerce sites, SaaS products, Portfolio websites, and more, but to quality to be sold under Latona’s platform the annual transaction of your website must be above $20,000.

9. Digital Point Forum

Digital Point Forum- Best places to buy and sell websites

If you are not willing to pay any brokerage for selling your website or your annual profit is not up to the level which others are demanding, Digital Point Forum can be the best place where you can list your website for sale without any terms and conditions.

10. Flippa

Flippa- Best places to buy and sell websites

With more than 1 lakh registered buyers and completing more than 2.5 lakh transactions, Flippa is a perfect fit for the 20 best places to buy and sell websites. Flippa deals in all kinds of products like domain search, SaaS, eCommerce business, and service providers.

11. Founders Advisors

Founders Advisors- Best places to buy and sell websites

Only if your website’s annual income is $w million or above you are qualified to list your website to be sold through Founders Advisors, as they mostly deal with websites related to software, healthcare, etc. 

12. Motion Invest

Motion Invest- Best places to buy and sell websites

There are no mentioned criteria for selling a website over the platform of Motion Invest making it a useful option among the 20 best places to buy or sell websites, charging a commission between 15% to 20%.

13. Freemarket

Freemarket- Best places to buy and sell websites

Another good option in the 20 best places to buy and sell websites is Freemarket which allows less established websites with relatively lower domain authority and only charges 5% as commission. 

14. MicroAcquire

MicroAcquiring- Best places to buy and sell websites

MicroAcquire mostly targets start-ups and SaaS products and doesn’t charge anything for listing your website but if as a buyer you need special preferences, and need to crack an early deal, they can choose their premium plan starting at $290 per annum.

15. SEDO

SEDO- Best places to buy and sell websites

The fifteenth entry in the list of 20 best places to buy and sell websites, SEDO stands for Search Engine for Domain Offer, has over 19 million listed domains for buyers and sellers, and also has over 2 million registered customers.

16. SideProjectors

side-projectors- Best places to buy and sell websites

SideProjectors is a free community marketplace where low-budget eCommerce businesses, SaaS products, Start-ups and list their business for sale and sell without paying any commission.

17. QuietLight brokerage

QuiteLight Brokerage- Best places to buy and sell websites

So far QuietLight Brokerage has sold more than 600 websites and is mostly concerned about a high-value website, educating sellers to build a unique strategy to sell their website at the maximum prices possible.

18. Transferslot

At number eighteen in the list of 20 best places to buy and sell websites, Transfersolt is a marketplace community of trusted sellers and buyers offering services to buy or sell websites. They also offer a leading hand to their top 5 selected buyers by giving them a lead over buying the top 5 listed projects and if not show interest, the listing of websites is made public.

19. WeSellYourSite

Working since 2006, Wesellyoursite is a premium website seller interested in websites with an annual profit between $100,000 to $5 million and deals on a variety of websites.

20. BlogsForSale

Blogs For Sale- Best places to buy and sell websites

BlogsForSale is the last listing in the list of 20 best places to buy and sell websites, mostly focused to sell blogs, but also shows interest in dealing with eCommerce businesses and SaaS products.


Websites can be handy for your successful venture as an entrepreneur and if you are interested in buying a pre-existing website, you must analyze it from every angle and don’t regret buying it. With the hope to prevent you from making losses, we got the inspiration to create this article about the 20 best places to buy and sell websites and hope it creates value for you.

But as we all know that these existing websites come at a price point which is much on the higher side, and if you don’t want to invest so much, it is suggested to learn website building and business tricks on your own, for which the 4-months advance digital marketing course offered by Digital Scholar can be really helpful.

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