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Digital Marketing Strategies of Pickyourtrail: A Detailed Case Study

To have a successful travel and tourism website, it is important to have a detailed marketing strategy. There are many aspects to consider when creating a marketing strategy for a travel and tourism website, including the target audience, the website's content, and the overall marketing goals. Here is a detailed guide of digital marketing strategies of pickyourtrail. Check it out

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When creating a marketing strategy for a travel and tourism website, it is important to first consider the target audience. Who is the website trying to reach? What are their needs and wants? Once the target audience is identified, the website’s content can be created with them in mind. 

The overall marketing goals for a travel and tourism website should be to promote the website, generate leads, and convert those leads into customers. 

Pick your trail

To help you better understand these processes, we’ve created a great example of a travel and tourism company with the case study of pickYourtrail.

Continue reading to gain more knowledge about how pickYourtrail runs its business successfully with the help of a strong digital marketing team.


Pickyourtrial was founded by Hari Ganapathy and Srinath Shankarnarayanan. They joined forces to offer a better travel experience with travel and tourism services in Chennai, in collaboration with the parent company, Travel Troops Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.

Pickyourtrail founder

Pickyourtrail is a travel website that allows travellers to build and book foreign trips in the most efficient way possible. 

The platform enables the users to input various parameters, including duration, travel time, reviews, and others. 

The Pickyourtrail platform is pretty cool!!!

The Pickyourtrail website allows people to post their travel plans. Then, the website presents the results with the travel options. They handle all the hassles, such as hotel reservations, activity reservations, etc.

pickyourtrail founder details

The CEO and Co-Founder of the Mumbai-based company Travel Guru are Hari Ganapathy. They have a solid team of 100–250 employees who work together to build a great company, and their yearly income ranges from $5.0 to $25 million.

Why Should Marketers Study Digital Marketing Strategies? 

As entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketers, we are taught to follow proven sales and marketing strategies. 

We study, research, and test what works and what doesn’t work. Yet, many marketers are not tapping into the power of digital marketing. 

This is Why we should know about digital marketing strategies very well.

PickYourTrail: Digital Marketing Strategies

In digital marketing, social media marketing has become an integral part of every business, travel or tourism service company or travel business. It is an important segment of integrated social marketing and has tremendous potential to affect a firm’s bottom line. Social media marketing helps promote travel, tourism and business travel.

Social Media Marketing Strategies of Pickyourtrail

Let’s see how pickyourtrail used social media marketing strategies in a better way to gain brand recognition and followers to get more ROI.

Below are the overall stats that pickyourtrail is maintaining at the moment,

Social Media PlatformsNo. of People Follow
Instagram158k followers
Facebook138k followers
Linkedin15k followers
Twitter3633 followers

Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram has rapidly turned into a great marketing channel for tourism and travel brands. 

It gives travel businesses the perfect platform for promoting their destinations, activities and travel services. 

By featuring photos and eye-catching imagery of these kinds of businesses, Instagram is an excellent platform to grab and keep the attention of their followers.

pickyourtrails instagram
  • Pickmytrail uses couple goals and plans in their instagram post.
  • Pickmytrail uses #whereisthis place puzzle post.
  • Hd video and image of tourism place with best audio on trend.

By following the above tactics, Pickyourtrail have 156k followers with average likes of 2941 and everymonth followers of 3610 for their brand visibilities.

pyt social media metrics

Facebook Marketing Strategies 

Social media marketing is important for all businesses, but the travel and tourism niche has special advantages regarding Facebook marketing strategies. 

Travel and tourism are one of the largest industries in the world, and online social networks allow customers to interact with businesses, read reviews, and post photos online. 

As a result, travel companies like pickyourtrial use Facebook to stay connected with their customers even abroad.

Pickmytrail is Now booking International Trips, Staycations and Domestic Trips in India for Indian citizens, NRI’s, Expats and International travellers. All they have done is insert the link on bio and redirect facebook followers to their site.

Another advantage is they are right better captions in the way of guiding along with the CTA like “BOOK NOW”

PYT fb

This is how they are converting leads into sales through Facebook marketing strategies.

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter was utilized in a variety of ways, including improving marketing and responding to customer concerns. 

The faster one responded the more likely one had not only improved marketing but also had positive customer relations.

PYT book cruise

Twitter marketing strategies of pickyourtrail include using.

  • Using the right hashtags, 
  • Tweeting to redirect links
  • Relevant photography designed and posted 
  • Showcasing the offers and discounts
PYT users

Right now, they have posted 25k tweets with an average of 352 every month and average likes of 2941 every month.

SEO Strategies

If you are looking for the best free SEO tool for a travel website, you should know there’s a lot to discover. 

First of all, you should understand that various tools are available, and each serves a different purpose. 

But if you’re a newbie and you’re not familiar with the specifics of SEO, you’re probably no better served than by something simplest yet which works well enough. 

So let’s see how their SEO team performed well with the SEO strategies.



Pickyourtrail has a DA of 51 with organic search traffic of 235.8k, and the paid traffic of 25.6k comes through 56.5k backlinks.

PYT - backlink types

These all are the list of websites where pickyourtrail is preferably backlinking.

PYT organic and paid

Also, Pickmytrail has 169.2k traffic for inserting the higher search volume keywords of 40.5k on their travel and tourism website.

pick your trails - Top organic keywords

Pickyourtrail Main Organic Competitors

pyt- maing organic competitors

Pickmytrail’s top three competitors are Sotc, dpauls and flamingo travel, with higher SE keywords. 

Now, look at the position of the Pickmytrail competitor for better reference.

pyt top paid keywords

Their paid keywords have super traffic in the google search engine of about 135k with one single keyword of “Maldives package”. Most of the keywords for which pickyourtrial is getting more package is Maldives packages, Maldives resort, and Maldives honeymoon.

pick your trails sample ads

Those mentioned above are the best Text ads of the Pickmytrails ad campaign. Take a keen look at it if you want to promote like them for your business.

Pickyourtrail Target Segment – Facebook ads

There are a few different ways to segment your audience by their preferred trail. You can segment by activity level, geographic location, or type of trail. 

By segmenting your audience, you can create targeted content that will speak to their specific interests.

If you’re unsure where to start, try segmenting your audience by activity level. This is a great way to identify your target audience’s interests and connect with them deeper. 

By segmenting your audience, you can create targeted content that will speak to their specific interests.

In this way, pickyourtrail,

  • They are targeting the audience between the age of 20-35 with the couple/honeymoon package.
  • They target an audience between 18-40 with the friend’s packages.
  • They are targeting an audience aged 20-60 with the family packages.
  • Also, they target the audience with the company packages within the age of 18-50.

The company operates in 500+ cities across India and has a partnership with hotels and restaurants to 5,000 pin codes all around the country, including hill and beach locations in India.

Influencer Marketing

If the goal is to attract new readers, followers, or customers, then influencer marketing might be a good option for your small business. 

The strategy works even if your small business doesn’t have a large marketing budget.

Influencer marketing uses the power of well-known personalities to get the word out about a product or service.

One such personality is Neeraj Chopra, they have created such an interesting video by making Neeraj Chopra throw a javelin underwater. 

This shows that Pickyourtrail has such a strong digital marketing team, where they catch up new trends and do moment marketing.

Mobile App

Every hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction or business can design its mobile app where pickyourtrail is one of them. 

For tourists, an app can be more than just a digital brochure or a way to book a vacation. 

pickyourtrail o

It can act much like a concierge, helping visitors with directions, finding the closest local restaurants, or booking a spa treatment. 

For businesses like travel and tourism, an app can help promote their services, letting users browse menus, prices, availability and make a booking.

Pickmytrail used its interface better by combing both UX and UI, giving the user a better experience in person.

Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is a great marketing tool for any travel-related business. It creates a demand for your product and showcases your expertise, authority and credibility. 

The world is inundated with content, so you need to differentiate your company from the masses with the data.

  • Places to visit.
  • For whom the places suits, for example like couples, parents, family and friends.
  • Provided the best call to action in their post.

A large number of visitors travelling every year results in an increasing demand for accommodation which drives growth for the tourism and hospitality sector. You can implement the following tactics in your travel and tourism website.

Unique Findings

  • Pick Your Trail’s revenue rate in 2018 was nearly $9.5 million, while the number of items sold increased by 115 per cent (2018-2019). 
  • Pickyourtrail.com’s customer base increased by 300,000 in the year’s first half. 
  • The company’s NPS score of 72 attests to its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • They have a better website design and higher loading speed with user-friendly navigation, which allows customers to convert leads into sales.


Pick Your Trail got more traffic to its website by using the proper digital marketing strategies.

By understanding how digital marketing works and using the right tools, businesses can increase their reach and boost their bottom line.

So, if you have started a business online and are trying to implement better digital marketing strategies for your business, then check out our free digital marketing course and if you’re satisfied with agency-based training, non-expiring certification, and internship by the time of learning the course, you can go for digital marketing course from the Digital Scholar.

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