Top 15 Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Top 15 Photography Influencers On Instagram In India [2023]

Dive into the captivating world of photography through the lenses of India's top 15 Instagram influencers. These talented artists have mastered the art of visual storytelling, capturing the nation's rich tapestry of culture, landscapes, and human stories with creativity and finesse. Their stunning images inspire and transport you to the heart of India's diverse beauty

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In today’s time, photography is everywhere. Everybody cherishes and respects photography, from clicking pictures from your phone to having professional DSLRs and wildlife shooting cameras. It is widely and famously known that these enthusiastic photographers travel thousands of miles and cities to have a perfect shot.

It is true that when they say – artists never end up being satisfied with what they’ve done, there is always another shot, and there is always another attempt to make it look better and more professional. Indeed, it contributed to the advent of several Photography Influencers on Instagram in India, who are no less.

Moreover, in the past couple of years, it has been seen that it is not only the people with professional shooting cameras who are called the photographers. The technology is advancing yearly, and phones and other photography equipment like the Insta360 have been easily accessible to the general public.

Gen Zs and other adults can now click on high-resolution photographs with added photographic effects. Take the example of iPhones, per se; these devices are now profoundly capable of clicking pictures and shots, which can be easily used in films and televisions.

With the advent of the Internet, there are now several social media networking sites wherein people are constantly logged in. For a few, social media networking sites are just for gaining social connections. For others, let us say artists, it is for promoting and advertising their creativity and work. Inspiration is everywhere on the Internet now. People and artists can easily find job opportunities from anywhere in the world. Photographers, especially, are now working as freelancers from any part of the country and serving quality and creative shots to several agencies worldwide.

Before moving on to the list of the top 15 photography influencers on Instagram in India, let us first look at a few exciting photography statistics and data.

A Few Interesting Statistics On Photography

  • In 2023, there will likely be 1.6 trillion images shot.
  • Every day, around 93 million captures are made on Android handsets.
  • There are presently 12,458 businesses in the photographic services sector.
  • The value of the photography sector was estimated at $36.42 billion in 2021.
  • In 2023, 93 per cent of images will be taken on a mobile device.
  • Since 2010, camera sales have decreased by 84 per cent
  • When deciding what to buy, 67% of shoppers say a product’s visual quality is extremely significant.
  • There are now 35,300 working professional photographers.
  • Bachelor’s degrees are held by 54% of working photographers.
  • In their first year of operation, 60% of photographers fail. In year two, 25% of businesses fail. Only 15% of students continue through the third year.
  • 90 per cent of users exclusively used smartphones to take images.
  • Only 2.38 million DSLR camera shipments took place in 2020.
  • Every day, 2.5 billion unauthorized photographs are stolen.
  • 75 per cent of consumers make decisions based on product images they view on an e-commerce website.
  • According to 72.2 per cent of retailers, high-quality pictures help them land more listings. 

Aren’t these figures and data interesting? Well, yes, we know! Keeping these insights and context in mind, let us finally dive into the crucial part of this article – Let’s go!

Top 15 Photography Influencers On Instagram In India

1. Kalyan Varma

Kalyan Varma - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Kalyan Varma is a wildlife filmmaker, photographer, and environmentalist. He is one of the most well-known photography influencers on Instagram in India. Kalyan attended P.E.S. Institute of Technology’s Bangalore South Campus to study mechanical engineering. Kalyan is a founding member of the FOSS.IN yearly conference. Since his early years, Kalyan has been actively interested in establishing a community among photographers and animal enthusiasts. He co-founded the Peepli project, a slow journalism venture, in 2015.

Kalyan was one of the founders of the documentary production business Nature InFocus. He has freelanced for Disney+, Netflix, Discovery, National Geographic, and B.B.C. Natural History. He also received the Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award and the National Film Award for his film Wild Karnataka.

2. Rid Burman

Rid Burman - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Rid Burman tops the list of photography influencers in India with more than ten years of expertise. After earning his degree at the esteemed Brooks Institute of Photography, Rid Burman spent a lot of time in New York and Los Angeles as a freelance assistant for well-known photographers like Steven Klein and Mark Seliger.

Since he was a young boy, creative energies have surrounded Burman, finally inspiring him to pursue a creative and innovative career. Burman has taken pictures for most of the top publications and companies nationwide. Rid Burman is recognized as one of India’s most prominent fashion photographers. He presided over the St. Stephens Photography Society as president. as president.

3. Varun Aditya

Varun Aditya - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Varun Aditya is an environmentalist and wildlife photographer from India, Varun Aditya. On January 19, 1991, he was sure he had been keenly interested in photography since childhood. After completing his education at Dr. G.R. Damodaran College of Science, Varun soon attended photography workshops and courses. He frequently read newspapers and publications to grasp the photographic technique better. After first placing in a 2013 Nat Geo contest, he was allowed to collaborate with Panama and photographer Michael Melford. Tim Cook, the C.E.O. of Apple, posted a photograph of Varun Aditya that was his captivating image of elephants.

4. Ihana Dhillon

Ihana Dhillon - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Ilhana Dhillon, a famous Indian actress, debuted with the release of Hate Story 4 in Bollywood. She is one of the most popular photography influencers on Instagram in India. In addition to her career in Bollywood, Dhillon debuted with the release of Hate Story 4.

She was ranked sixth on the list of Chandigarh’s Most Desirable Women. 2010 she co-hosted the TLC channel’s Jewels of Royals with actress Liza Ray. She appeared in the critically and commercially successful Punjabi film Blackia in 2019. She worked on the web series Kasak, for which she received a nomination for the 2020 Filmfare Best Actress OTT Award. Ilhana is also the creator and proprietor of Chandigarh’s Art Glam Studio, a salon for lashes, tattoos, and nail art.

5. MissMalini

MissMalini - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Ms Malini is an Indian businesswoman known as a best-selling author and among India’s finest photography influencers. She was born on May 26, 1977. After graduating from Delhi University’s Maitreyi College, she finally moved to Mumbai. She used to be a radio host on Radio One in Mumbai, India, and now she oversees digital content for Channel V India.

She started publishing updates about Bollywood in 2008 after launching She has hosted many television shows, including Tech Toyz on CNN-IBN and Style Police on U.T.V. Bindass. IMPACT ranked her #1 on its list of the 50 Most Influential Women in Media, Marketing, and Advertising for 2017. According to Cosmopolitan, she won the Editors’ Choice Awareness Influencer of the Year 2020 award.

6. Shaaz Jung

Shaaz Jung - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Shaaz Jung is a seasoned wildlife photographer and director of photography. He is well-known for being a large cat tracker and naturalist. Shaaz, who completed his studies in economics at the University of Utrecht, left his job to pursue his creative and photographic interests. Shaaz is descended from the Central Indian royal dynasty, a region renowned for its stunning scenery and animals.

He is now more well-acknowledged in wildlife photography as a celebrity in South India and East Africa, where he leads specialist guided tours. For a National Geographic feature film about melanistic leopards, he now serves as the director of photography. Woah! Moreover, he is one of the reputed photography influencers on Instagram in India.

7. Rema Chaudhary

Rema Chaudhary - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Another super-talented photography influencer in India is Rema Chaudhary, who works in Mumbai, India. Google, Gucci, Nike, Forbed Japan, Dior, Dove, and many more are just a few of her customers. After completing her education at a Massachusetts photography school, she returned to Bombay in 2012.

Rema Chaudhary believes a particular emotion constantly comes up while clicking and shooting, inspiring her to connect creatively. In addition, she also comprehends that the background and the subject make the perfect pair. Rema’s photographs are renowned for consistently capturing a feeling and mood. The Lightness of Being, Chaudhary’s debut solo workshop, is now making its way to Mumbai’s Method Artspace.

8. Viral Bhayani

Viral Bhayani - Photography influencers on Instagram in India

Viral Bhayani is an Indian director of photography who is a professional photography influencer on Instagram in India and impacts the film industry. He started out as a journalist and aimed for worldwide acclaim. After earning his degree, he started selling insurance and worked as an upworker at several media outlets, although he had always dreamed of being a famous photographer.

When he was 21 years old, he was granted the opportunity to produce a monthly South African magazine on Bollywood. Later, he started to put his team together and develop a business that distributes photos to other media. He is presently the most well-liked picture blogger, and numerous Bollywood celebrities are familiar with him.

9. Shreya Sen

Shreya Sen - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Shreya Sen is a well-known photography influencer on Instagram in India who is renowned in the photography world. Surprisingly, she received her training from acclaimed fashion photographer R. Burman (as stated above). She captures weddings across all of India as well as those that take place in other countries.

In 2011, Shreya Sen began her photographic career and became well-known in the industry. She is interested in wedding photo sessions because she thinks she can accurately convey emotions and tell stories in a certain way. In addition, she has authored articles and worked for well-known companies, including Elle, Filmfare, and Vogue. She presently resides in Mumbai with her spouse and works there.

10. Hari Menon

Hari Menon - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

One of India’s top landscape and photography influencers on Instagram in India. He is from a tiny Indian hamlet in Kerala. He has been practising his craft for more than ten years. Hari began his professional life by taking pictures for books and publications. Many people consider Hari Menon one of the nation’s top travel photographers. His images have appeared in several travel publications, including Lonely Planet, Incredible India, and Jade.

He has maintained a three-year presence among the top 100 photographers online. In June 2021, Hari Menon also began his adventure into the NFT industry after being invited to one of the markets. Undoubtedly, Hair Mohan is among the best photography influencers on Instagram in India.

11. Mallika Singh

Mallika Singh - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Born on September 15, 2000, Mallika Singh is a renowned photography influencer in India and an Indian television actress. In the 2016 season of Janbaaz Sindbad on Zee TV, Mallika Singh portrayed the character of Aameen. She first began to become known and famous at this point. Mallika performed several well-known and recurrent characters, such as Bhudevi, Lakshmi, and Sita. She is one of the most recent artists to emerge from India. She has also collaborated with numerous Mumbai-based studios and is actively involved in photography.

12. Himanshu Khagta 

Himanshu Khagta - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Another photographer from the Indian Himalayas, Himanshu Khagta, is among India’s top Instagram photography influencers. In 2011, Himanshu got a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from Shimla’s Dayanand Public School. Khagta, who was up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, frequently depicts mountains and villagers in his works.

His photographs and stills repeatedly show a mood of quiet and tranquillity in contrast to our current metropolitan life. Numerous magazines, including The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, B.B.C. Travel, Condé Nast Traveler, and Outlook Traveller, have used his photos. Furthermore, a photograph by Khagta was a finalist in the people category of Smithsonian Magazine’s 6th Annual Photo Contest in 2008.

13. Dabboo Ratnani

Dabboo Ratnani - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Indian fashion and advertising photographer Dabboo Ratnani is another top-notch photography influencer on Instagram in India. Dhaporshankh Ratnani is his real name, which very few people know of. We are sure you have all seen his celebrity photoshoots at least once on Instagram. When he was younger, in Gujarat, he engaged in photography. Since 1994, he has operated independently.

Since then, he has worked in advertising for many companies. His yearly calendar, released for the first time in 1999, features many famous people he has photographed. He served on the Miss India pageant jury in 2006. The N4M List of the Top 10 Indian Fashion Photographers included Ratnani in 2020. He has also taken cover photos for publications, including Better Homes & Gardens.

14. Dayanita Singh

Dayanita Singh - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Dayanita Singh is a well-known Indian photographer. She has been renowned in the industry for decades of expertise and knowledge. She was born in New Delhi on March 18, 1961. As a result of a fortuitous encounter with tabla musician Zakir Hussain, who asked her to take his picture, this is how she made her first journey into photography and bookmaking.

Following this, she was essentially persuaded that she needed to pursue a profession in photography and may do well in it. She views Zakir Hussain, who gave her a lot of advice, as her guru. Her work Museum Bhavan has been displayed in the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in New Delhi, the Hayward Gallery in London, the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, and the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago. Whoa!

15. Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai - Photography Influencers on Instagram in India

Another photographer and photojournalist on our list is Raghunath Rai Chowdhry, also known as Raghu Rai. He started working as a photographer in 1965, and a year later, he started working for a newspaper in New Delhi called The Statesman. Rai served as the photo director for India Today. His works, Raghu Rai’s India: Reflections in Color and Reflections in Black and White, are well-known. Moreover, he is one of the oldest photography influencers on Instagram in India.


So here they are! The top 15 photography influencers on Instagram in India are right before you!
As stated before, with the development of the Internet, several social media networking sites have emerged where users are consistently signed in. Some people use social media networking platforms to make social relationships. It is for other people, let’s say artists, to advertise and promote their originality and work. Inspiration is everywhere on the Internet now. Anyone around the globe may readily discover employment prospects for themselves or their work.

The photographers are mainly employed as independent contractors from any location in the nation, supplying several international agencies with unique and high-quality images and undoubtedly contributing to the emergence of the best photography influencers in India.
We hope this article has assisted you in considering your expectations and time! Are you aware of any other photography influencers on Instagram in India?

Please let us know in the comments section below!

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