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Case Study: Peter England Digital Marketing Strategies

The fashion industry is about more than just clothes - it's also about managing one's image and fashion. In-store, there are mannequins and displays to showcase products. There are numerous platforms to market and promote one's products in the digital world. In marketing, it is important to keep up with the latest trends. While fashion changes, the style of marketing must be fresh and updated. While many brands and businesses have gone online to start their own companies, few have succeeded. Like digital marketing strategies, having the right tools can make your business successful. Thus, In this blog post, we'll look at digital marketing case study on Peter England.

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In pop culture, clothing brands have become popular, especially with the development of television shows and films, such as ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and ‘Love Jones’, which feature stylish clothing by famous fashion designers. These outfits, worn by main characters, are often quickly copied by television shows and film fans.

In the same way, Bollywood has played an important role in promoting fashion in India. People spend much of their income on branded clothing. Because of this, brands have become symbols of recognition.

Apparel companies in India have always tried to balance comfort and fashion. The use of fibre and garment design varied according to each Niche. The textile industry in India has targeted women’s and kids’ clothing and men’s clothing.

We are here with the article about clothes mogul Peter England today.

Peter England is a popular clothing brand in India in this category. As the brand grows in popularity, it has earned the reputation of being the most expensive, and the rich are eager to purchase new collections whenever they are released.

This article lets us unlock all the secrets of how peter England is doing its digital campaign to increase its sales and revenue online. 

History of Peter England 

In 1889, the British Army started looking for quality military clothing in khaki, which they could use during wars. This provided them with an opportunity to grow their business. They had already established their market in London, the capital of England. But they need one in India.

So, they found Peter England in India.

Peter England came to India in 1997, and a few years later, in 2000, Adi Exports was set up. Named after the founder’s name, Adi, this company started manufacturing the Peter England brand. 

Thus Peter England became a well-known brand associated with quality clothing and uniforms. Peter England began producing uniforms more than a century ago, and today it is an industry leader in military wear. The company eventually spread to the civilian world, and now they offer high-quality clothes and accessories for different occasions.

The British military started relying on Peter England to produce their uniforms. When the Boer War ended, the company decided to stay in the clothing business. It sells 14 million garments a year and is distributed by 28,000 exclusive one-outlet stores and 6,500 multi-brand outlets. 

Peter England has its headquarters in Bangalore and Karnataka. It is one of the largest apparel makers in the country. It was founded in 1997 by Peter England, and Aditya Birla Group acquired it in 2000. 

Aditya Birla Group’s Madura Fashion and Lifestyle is undertaking the company. Ashish Dikshit is the CEO of the company.

The brand has been at the top of the league in the men’s apparel category since 2010. It is appreciated for its innovation and lead-positioning strategy.

The brand has always maintained its promise of providing quality, comfort, style, and value.

The brand is not only present in India, but they have also earned the trust of customers in many other countries. The company operates in several other countries besides India.

History of Peter England

The Casualwear line features laundered 

  • Cotton shirts, 
  • Jeans, 
  • Cargo pants, 
  • Graphic t-shirts, 
  • Polo shirts and 
  • Winter clothes. 

Customers can also browse and select from formal wear items from the ‘Select’ line, highlighting the high quality and detailing.

Their finely made undergarments, whether a vest, brief, or boxer brief, can make all the difference in comfort and confidence. They are meant to last, so buying a good pair makes a good investment in clothing.

Good Investment in clothings

What not dress can’t we find in Peter England?

Let’s look at how Peter England has adopted the digital world and grown his business.

Why Should Marketers Study Peter England Digital Marketing Strategies?

Peter England’s marketing strategy mix stands for Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The company has strived to innovate with new products and maintains ongoing correspondence with its customers through social media.

Peter England’s marketing strategies can succeed from two important factors – product innovation and pricing approaches. 

Product Innovation includes introducing new lines, and the design and the pricing are done based on the market surveys. 

Pricing Approaches will Improve the product, and making it more appealing with equal pricing for the quality will make sure people continue using the product.

Let’s continue reading about the strategies used by peter England other than product innovation and pricing approach.

1. Peter England Product Strategy

Peter England Product Strategy (PEPS) is a team of technical and functional experts that develop, integrate, and test product enhancements for Peter England Brands. 

PEPS is empowered and enabled by our Peter England Product Owner as a team. PEPS quickly and accurately executes on Product Owner objectives, and the Product Owner is accountable to PEPS for success. This group is primarily responsible for developing new features, enhancements, and fixes on the Peter England website. 

The Peter England Product Strategy team follows the Agile methodology and is architected in a way that facilitates rapid development and integration between Product owners and their development team.

Best examples,

  • Popular Menswear Campaign

Peter England is a well-known premium menswear brand that caters to the anti-fashion crowd. The company takes inspiration from the traditional English polo look – in colours including brown, grey, blues, and red – and blends it with a modern edge.

  • Peter England’s Seasonal Campaign

In 2010, Peter England launched an Elite line. The Elite line offered formal trousers, shirts, blazers, ties and accessories, and casual wear. The most popular were the English shirts, which had several themes over the years, like anti-wrinkle, solids, festivals, and the English line itself.

2. Peter England Price/Pricing Strategy

Peter England falls into the mid-price segment, where customers neither look for the cheapest nor the most expensive products in the market. 

This segment is mostly of customers who are neither too sensitive to price nor the ones looking for fine and luxurious clothing. 

The brand follows a competitive pricing strategy in its marketing mix. It allows the company to reap the benefits of competitive pricing while ensuring profit levels are maintained.

Key takeaway

The marketing strategy for Peter England includes competitive pricing and value for money. The company equates quality with overpricing.

3. Location and Distribution Strategies

The company uses Peter England’s location & Distribution Strategy, A multi-store distribution approach. There are around 400 locations Across the country. The stores are located in several cities. In India, the company is present in over 150 areas.

Peter England is a major apparel company in the United Kingdom and Europe. The corporation owns and runs 3,000 multi-brand stores and several e-commerce platforms. 

More than 4 million people shop at the stores and on the internet. Women and children of all sizes can purchase apparel and footwear from the company.

The vast physical distribution network and easy availability of the company’s products allow it to cater to such a large consumer base.

4. Peter England Promotion & Advertising Strategy

We’ve included the most renowned Peter England Campaigns in this category, and every apparel company should take a close look.

1. Product Plus Brand Imagery

The promotional activities undertaken by the brand include selling quality products that satisfy the needs of the consumers through the “Product plus Brand Imagery”. Through this brand imagery, the company can limit the cost incurred in promotion, hence, increasing the company’s profit.

Product plus brand imagery - Peter England

Peter England, a company based out of Mumbai, India, has perfected the silkscreen process to create a shirt that you can wear every day Without wearing out. The bold innovation of the design is what makes the shirt stand out.

It promotes itself as a shirt brand which stands by the concept of honesty, quality and value. This is popularised through outdoor media campaigns and television as an advertisement.

2. Sponsored Chennai Super kings

Peter England has a male-oriented programming schedule. They have ‘Crime thrillers’ and ‘News’. They sponsored the Chennai Super Kings team in the IPL in November 2018. 

Peter England sponsored Chennai Super Kings

This marketing campaign shifted their revenue generation and brought attention to their brand from those who had not previously overlooked it.

3. Loyalty Program

Peter England's loyalty program

The loyalty program is very important to Peter England, as it helps attract customers and keep them coming back to the brand.

The company offers a variety of rewards to members, including free shipping, free returns, and tips for spending a certain amount.

5. Wedding Collections Campaign

Peter England is the latest company to join the wedding collections campaign, which was launched in 2014 by WeddingWire as a way for brides and grooms to find local vendors for their upcoming events. 

Peter England's wedding collections campaign

Peter England is a London-based men’s fashion designer and can offer the keenest fashions for men’s wedding suits, tuxedos and suits for weddings. The Peter England bridal collection was developed with input from designers and is available in stores across the UK, including in Peter England’s London flagship store, Ireland, and India.

Overall Digital Marketing Strategies

You may be wondering why it is important to understand any company’s digital marketing strategies fully, given that digital marketing has become one of the most significant transformations in recent years, as large and small businesses alike shift their marketing strategies to increase profits by selling their products globally.

We are here to show you how Peter England implemented digital marketing strategies in their business through this post.

1. Website Strategies of Peter England             

His website,, offers blog posts about marketing, branding, business growth, and social media. 

The company has been around for over 50 years and is a leading provider of men’s suits and accessories. 

Peter England knew website marketing inside and out and wanted to share his knowledge with business owners everywhere. 

England says the key to getting to the top of Google search results is hard work and dedication.

The daily average unique visitor for is 2.43 million, and the average time spent on site was 4 minutes.


Then let’s look at the real stats about how peter England succeeded in the website strategies.

Website strategies of Peter England

The total number of visits to the Peter England website is 509.2k, with 254.7k unique visitors. They spend 18:32 on average per day on their site, and their bounce rate (people who visit but do not buy anything) is 72,72 per cent, which is a problem that every company faces because 80 per cent of their profit comes from 20% of their loyal customers.

2. SEO Strategies of Peter England

If you Google the phrase “Peter England SEO strategy”, you will find hundreds of articles talking about things like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and LSI and articles claiming to have answers about how SEO works. 

Unfortunately, most of these articles give contradictory answers, leaving you confused and frustrated.

As a result, we will provide the truth about how Peter England created a successful SEO strategy.

Peter England's SEO strategies

The statistics listed below are from all across the world. The domain score of the peter England website is 45, with organic search traffic reaching 574.7k visits and paid search traffic bringing 15.9k new visitors to the website. In addition, their backlink techniques allow them to achieve visibility of 14.6k.
The website receives 565k visitors in India and has a keyword density of 30.7k.

Peter England's backlink strategies

Most of the best backlinks sites where they have submitted links by peter England are shown in this image.

Paid keyword research,

Peter England's paid keywords reasearch

The stats show Peter England’s top paid keywords, which drive more visitors to their website.

Peter England's Keywords by intent

They use 48 per cent of informational keywords, resulting in 147.3k visitors to their website. However, the 11k commercial keywords bring them far more traffic, with 342k total visitors in the current month.

3. Facebook strategy

Although Facebook isn’t the only social media platform available, it is the most popular. Its sheer popularity makes it one of the most effective ways to promote your company.

Since then, Facebook has evolved to become one of the world’s largest social networks. Its massive popularity makes it one of the most important marketing platforms, with billions of users. 

Facebook’s strategy is essential for fashion brands like Peter England to stay relevant and profitable.

Let’s see what Peter England’s Facebook strategy is and how much traffic and followers they get regularly.

The images below were recently made by Peter England and are used to drive more traffic to the site via Facebook ads, which works well.

Peter England's Facebook strategy - Wedding collections
Peter England's Facebook strategy - Payday sale
Peter England's Facebook strategy - Wedding collections and offers
TimeLikes,New Likes, and Followers
Peter England's Facebook strategy - statistics

Peter England has 1.8 million Facebook fans, 14.5 thousand Twitter followers, and 15.8 thousand Instagram followers.

This is an example of the May monthly report on the number of likes and followers Peter England received and how many visitors newly engaged with them on Facebook.

Facebook progress graphs of Peter England
Peter England's monthly graph of total likes

The monthly report of ups and downs in Peter England’s uploads, likes, and followers earnings is portrayed in this graph.

4. Instagram strategy

Even many small fashion brands worldwide are popularly posting on Instagram with no limits.

Instagram is a platform where brands can promote their products, drive traffic back to their sites, and ultimately drive sales through post reels and stories.

Fashion brands have always relied on visual content, be it in the form of photographs or sketches. However, more and more of the fashion industry is now turning to video as a marketing tool, allowing them to reach customers offline and online. 

Many brands have seen the value of Instagram and are beginning to integrate Instagram marketing into their overall strategy, and one of them which is currently going successful is fashion brand and industry. 

Now let us understand completely how peter England used its social media marketing team to give the best shot on Instagram marketing.

Peter England's Instagram strategy

Peter England has 169k followers, and 1519 presently uploaded posts with an average of 280 likes and two comments per post, with an average of 2013 video views.

The frequency of posting and the level of engagement through likes and comments will constantly affect the engagement rate; hence Peter England’s Instagram account has a 0.17 per cent lower engagement rate this month.

Peter England's Instagram caption and hashtag analysis

These all are the list of popular hashtags used by peter England to get their followers and brand visibility. 

I hope this hashtag info has given you a better idea of hashtag usage and how frequently one should publish and engage with their customers to maintain a high engagement rate.

Most viewed and liked  Instagram post/story/reels,

5. Google ads strategy

It’s a well-known fact that Google ads strategy is very useful for any kind of business including clothing lines because Google ads strategy helps to increase traffic, establish brand visibility, boost engagement, and drive sales. 

When apparel brands use the Google ads strategy for their clothing line, it works like magic.

Now let’s look at how this magic works with the help of Google ads to increase brand awareness and website traffic.

Peter England's Google ads Strategy

These are some of the best examples of ad text that Peter England has used to increase the visibility of their website and for commercial purposes.
If you are currently working in an online fashion or clothing business, take a close look.

Key marketing strategies takeaway,

  • Peter in England had over 256k impressions and 8965 engagements on Facebook. Throughout 11 posts, 8566 Likes, 92 Shares, and 307 Comments were received.
  • The campaign successfully captivates customers thanks to its timely tweets and fascinating plot. On Twitter and Instagram, the ad was a huge hit.
  • 12410 impressions, 158 media engagements, and 80 profile hits were recorded on Twitter.
  • Promotional tweets received 75 likes and 57 retweets on Twitter. With an interaction of 2149 and a reach of 4935, Peter in England produced 250007 impressions on Instagram. The post received over 2100 Likes and 49 Comments on Instagram.
  • With 76.6 per cent, Facebook had the most interaction, and 23 winners were announced at the end of the campaign for properly guessing.

Peter England’s Competitors

Peter England's competitors

The main paid Competitor of Peter England is

  • Nykka Fashions.

Peter England should increase its investment in paid ad search to beat Nykka fashion.

The main organic competitor of Peter England is

  • Planet fashion
  • Louis Philippe
  • Vanheusen
  • Allen Solly
  • BlackBerry
Peter England's organic competitors

Key Takeaway

Peter England takes great pride in manufacturing most garments, shoes, and accessories. 

The Success Formulae of Peter England are

  1. The quality of apparel manufactured has satisfied thousands of customers.
  2. The skilled and hard-working staff of Peter England aims to create a perfect outfit.
  3. Best Social media marketing
  4. The great digital marketing team
  5. Shops available all over the country
  6. Better inbound and outbound marketing.


One of the most important tools for marketing your product or service abroad is digital marketing. It has become the most popular method for marketers to communicate with customers, regardless of the type of business.

The following are some of the reasons you should invest in digital marketing for your company:

  • It is the most flexible and cost-effective way to communicate with customers. 
  • Customers can be contacted from anywhere on the globe.
    The fashion industry is fiercely competitive, and
  • It is important to establish a global footprint. 

In India, there are numerous fashion digital marketing case studies that assist some firms in making their imprint on the market.

Digital Scholar is here to uncover the most brand case studies to provide in-depth information on how different industries, brands, and businesses use digital marketing strategies.

I hope you enjoyed our blog on Peter England Digital Marketing strategies Case Study. 

Keeping up with the newest trends and advances in this ever-shifting and changing sector is crucial. Join Digital Scholar’s Online Digital Marketing Course if you want to get your knowledge of digital marketing for your fashion brand.

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