Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Top 20 Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India in 2022

You need to follow these Top 20 parenting influencers to follow on Instagram in India to get your daily dose of inspiration; whether it’s DIYs, creative ideas, fashion, fitness, blogging, or entrepreneurship, these moms are at the top of their Instagram game.

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Today, motherhood has become a vital topic of discussion in the content creation industry as well. There is no denying that parenting can be a challenging task, and these mommy bloggers do an outstanding job of figuring out just how to do it. Seeing how they balance content creation while also caring for their young children is nothing short of inspiring. This article on the Top 20 parenting influencers to follow on Instagram in India, aims to appreciate all the talented mommy bloggers out there who have given content creation a fresh new perspective and shared their real experiences as moms.

Having a career, a family, and the challenges of daily life leaves you wondering why there are only 24 hours in a day – add your kids to the equation, and it will be difficult to recall the last time you sat down and just focused. On yourself!

 ”Mom Life” is an absolute blessing, no doubt, yet it is vitally important to make sure that you, as a person, receive the time and attention you deserve. 

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Top 20 Parenting Influencers in India

1. Anupriya Kapur

When you look at this mom’s Instagram account, you’ll instantly think of two words: active and fit. In her journey from corporate life to full-time motherhood to working from home, Anupriya discovered that nothing energized her like running – and is spreading that message to everyone she knows. Check out this account for lots of sari fashion and tips on parenting, fitness, and more!

2. Riddhi Deorah

Riddhi Deorah is a certified parenting and life coach with a solid social media presence. Having founded the Easy Parenting Hub, she focuses on guiding mothers and new parents through parenting while also hosting workshops for corporates. Being a mother herself, she is a popular mom-fluencer with 145k followers on Instagram. Currently, she is on a mission to help mothers lead a happy, holistic, and spiritual life.

3. House of Misu

Mitali and Summiya, the founders of House Of Misu, are creative entrepreneurs. One of these two creator girls, Mitali, is also a mother, and she has documented and shared her motherhood journey in the most authentic and beautiful way in the world. In addition, her child has an Instagram account under the name @babykrispy, which is just as wholesome as watching their pictures and videos together.

4. Chhavi Mittal

In addition to being an award-winning mommy influencer, Chhavi is a popular content creator. Our admiration for Chhavi stems from her 2.7 million followers on Facebook and 346k followers on Instagram. She indeed creates a lot of content about parenting on Facebook, which does undoubtedly help a lot of mothers. Her many talents make her a valuable influencer, in addition to being the founder of @beingwoman and cofounder of @shittyideastrending.

5. Saru Mukherjee Sharma

As you glance through ”Diapers and Lipsticks”, you will be inspired by how this mom is not only focusing on her fitness but inspiring other moms to do the same. Mother of Rudraksh, Saru’sSaru’s Instagram is mainly focused on fashion, fitness, and adorable moments with her baby. She practices very fittingly stated in her blog – ”Because you are more than just a mom!”

6. Shraddha Singh

Blogger Shraddha is an Instagram star with a large following who writes about motherhood, fashion, and sustainability. On top of that, she has her own YouTube channel where she focuses a lot on her daily life experiences. Her perspectives on content creation are refreshing as she openly discusses her journey as a mom.

7. Teejay Sidhu

Instagram users may be familiar with the famous account titled ”Twin Baby Diaries” – it captures the world as seen through the eyes of fraternal twins Bella and Vienna. We now have the chance to introduce you to another significant person behind the account – their mother! A multi-faceted personality with various roles to her credit, including actor, TV host, traveller, and more, Teejay shares glimpses into her own life–the fun and family-focused events that take place behind the scenes of her family, twins, and home.

8. Shivangi Goel

Besides being a Pilates trainer, Shivangi is an award-winning mommy blogger specialising in fitness, healthy living, and parenting. It’sIt’s always a pleasure to connect with and engage with her videos since she keeps her content to a very high standard. This blogger’s profile is the place to go if you want to read insightful and entertaining content.

9. Haajra Fareen

You will not find this kind of image on a lot of mom accounts. Haajra’s Instagram account is magical – there aren’t many moms with such lovely pictures. This mommy’s account features beautiful flat lay photography against beautiful backdrops and templates, which will make you smile with the amount of creativity it exhibits! Among Haajra’s many responsibilities as a mom and a teacher, she is a teacher by profession. It is her passion to run ”The Mommy Blog”, and she hopes to inspire you to explore your latent talents as well!

10. Yuvika Abrol

The talented and passionate content creator Yuvika Abrol is a standout content creator. Comedian, mother, and lifestyle influencer Yuvika Abrol create compelling content. She makes a lot of videos with her adorable son, and they are so wholesome as well as fun to watch.

11. Juhi Bansal

After working in the corporate world for several years, Juhi found happiness in her true calling in fashion! One piece of advice this mompreneur gives fashionistas everywhere is to try something new every single day! She is known for her creative approach, and her fashion choices prove it. Besides working full-time at Ahmedabad University as an Associate Director, this mom of one blog about travels, health and fitness, is an example of how to chase your dreams with lots of hard work and passion.

Top Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India - Juhi Bansal

12. Ishna Batra

I would like to point out that Ishna’sIshna’s stunning beauty never fails to inspire me! Besides being a mommy of two, she writes about fashion, lifestyle, travel, and motherhood. She creates lots of content with her kids in her videos, and it’s all adorable and exciting. In addition to that, she also hosts some insightful live sessions on her page, which I appreciate.

Top Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India - Ishna Batra

13. Smriti Khanna

With a follower count of over 1.1 million on Instagram, she really aced the content creation game. Besides being a content creator, she is also a mommy who continually shares personal stories about motherhood on her page. It’sIt’s lovely how she provides us with a glimpse into her family’s life through her contents.

14. Jhilmil D Saha

YouTuber Jhilmil is a beauty blogger who offers a variety of makeup advice! Her Instagram feed shows the different looks she tries, tutorials and reviews, as well as makeup and beauty products that she uses. Aishani, her baby girl, appears in her feed now and then as well. If you are looking for inspiration on how to make time for your passions amidst a busy schedule, you should follow this mommy influencer.

Top Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India - Jhilmil D Saha

15. Harpreet Suri

With her vibrant personality and upbeat outlook on life, this joyful mommy loves fashion, beauty, and nothing more than coffee. Having two children, Arhann and Aayat, she has a very organized and active family, as evidenced by her Instagram profile.

With her stories, she gives you a glimpse of her everyday life to provide a little more inspiration about how you can reach your goals when you have babies at your side. Of course, her username, Mom Wears Prada, emphasizes the fact that this mom is set to set some primary fashion goals – and her daughter is following in her footsteps!

16. Ritcha Verma

Taking to Instagram every day, Ritcha shares photos from her travels and high-fashion days as well as moments she shares with her daughter, Aryaa. Her website explores motherhood, fashion, lifestyle, and other topics of interest. Ritcha is a communications professional who runs a website. Check out her lifestyle hacks for plenty of great advice!

Top Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India - Ritcha Verma

17. Esha Dhingra

She has an impressive family of content creators, and I adore it. She produces entertaining videos with her kid as well as her husband. Most of her content revolves around her daily life experiences, food, lifestyle, and much more. Seeing her have a unique take on viral trends is always entertaining to me.

Top Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India - Esha Dhingra

18. Komal Narang

With this account, it is hard to describe anything but ”HAPPY”! Are you starting to see why? Colourful, fashionable, and charming, Komal’s performance (appropriately titled, ”myhappinesz”) oozes colour, fashion, and warmth. Following this, mom to young Ivaan is sure to add some colour to your Instagram feed!

Top Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India - Komal Narang

19. Dimple D’costa

The content of Dimple’s post will likely resonate among many mothers. A budding creator, she creates videos and content for kids. On her profile, you will find everything from unusual toys to exciting activities. Her profile is a great place to get some inspiration for your little ones if you want some new ideas.  

Top Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India - Dimple D'costa

20. Parul Kakad

 Parul is one of the people I often refer to as a superwoman! Her Instagram account @mumbaimummy is dedicated to everything motherhood. She is a mother of four kids. Throughout her memoir, she shares candidly her parenting experiences and her journey as a mother. Parul is not only a wonderful mother, but she is a passionate content creator and entrepreneur as well.

Top Parenting Influencers to Follow on Instagram in India - Parul Kakad


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 20 parenting influencers to follow on Instagram in India to help you raise your child the right way. These parenting influencers have a huge following and have built a strong rapport with their followers through their engaging content. 

They have been able to inspire a lot of parents with the knowledge and information that they share daily. Moreover, they have been able to provide a very different perspective to parenting and have been able to help a lot of parents raise their children.

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