Content marketing is another essential factor that can upgrade a brand’s marketing strategies. For Oliva, we aimed to establish them as an authoritative voice in the cosmetic sector through a content marketing strategy.

We understand the importance of a content marketing strategy and the amount of time and effort required to be successful. We targeted prospects at every stage of Oliva’s journey, from their basic research to their inquiry.

We created content for Oliva to post on different social media platforms and helped them reach and engage their target audience. Through this approach, we made the brand visible and, hence, got them more sales.


  • Create engaging content: The most engaging form of content includes videos and photos. We created quality videos and drove photoshoots to display Oliva’s products.
  • Focus on Instagram: Once we identified that most of Oliva’s consumers were on Instagram, we created an Instagram centric channel for the brand. We created a unique brand experience for Oliva’s followers.
  • Increase traffic on Oliva’s website: Our goal was to direct Oliva’s Instagram followers to their website and increase traffic on their landing page.
  • Funnel-based marketing approach: We built a funnel-based marketing approach to drive awareness, consideration, and sales for Oliva’s online consultation and products.
  • Influencer Marketing: We joined with popular celebrity influencers and asked them to share their skincare routine and experiences at Oliva.
  • Video ads: We adopted a 3-step process for sales and ran video ads.


  • We were able to highlight Oliva’s three main selling points: 1. quality yet affordable, 2. curated by experts and 3. voicing out self-esteem challenges.
  • We reached a large audience on Instagram through influencer marketing, simple routine reels and carousels.


Using a versatile and engaging pictorial and video asset that acted as stand-ins for missing senses, we were able to engage a large audience. Making videos and clicking pictures that appeal to the audience is a massive part of a successful content marketing strategy.

It is essential to drive the audience from Instagram to the brand’s website. This increases the website traffic and helps in better ranking.

In this way, echoVME helped Oliva to become a leader in the cosmetic industry